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Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Year Older

"Happy Birthday Banjo", by Jean-Phillipe Cors (aka JPC, circa 2003)

It was my birthday the other week (October 2nd, to be precise), a fairly uneventful one by even my standards, but birthdays always make me think of spanking (though really, what doesn't?).

I'm sure many a 'vanilla' got their first adult spanking as a birthday tradition/rite of passage/party game, while being naughty at any age on your birthday (complaining about gifts, food, guests, generally acting like an entitled "It's my party!" brat) surely doesn't exempt the birthday boy/girl from a hot red bottom, does it? I still remember (a long time ago now!) turning 21 and receiving a silly over-sized wooden 'birthday card' in the shape of a giant key, which my family and friends all passed around and signed; being a hopeless lifelong spanko, my first thought even then was "I wonder what a birthday spanking with that thing would be like?"

Due to a more busy "real life" these days, this year I didn't get to run a contest or anything fancy this year as I'd considered (since the 2011 one was such fun!), nor have I done a new birthday-themed art piece.

Instead, I wanted to share something very special to me. It was first posted at my old Yahoo group way back in the early 2000's, but I felt it deserved a proud place here on my new blog, where it can be seen and enjoyed by all.

Over the years, especially when I was on Yahoo and much more active (I was at college!), I've received some wonderful birthday "gifts" from fellow spankos and followers of my work. There are few, however, that I prize more than this one.

Custom anything is a real joy for me to both receive and create, be it artwork, a custom spanking video or audio clip/message, a personal spanking story written for a friend, or just a captioned pic with a fun message attached. Sometimes these are things you commission yourself, sometimes they are co-operative projects/ideas with fellow spankos, and sometimes they are a gift from a friend. The artwork posted here, however, was totally unsolicited and unexpected!

Back then, I had just discovered the art of JPC (Jean-Phillip Cors) and totally fallen in love with it. Sadly, I found very little F/m work by him, and even those were usually smaller and lower resolution than his F/f pieces (that are far more widely known then and today). His girls are IMO the "cutest" in any spanking art ever done, and as spankers this is even more unique and wonderful. I could just imagine them giggling and tittering while smacking a boy's bottom or watching it be spanked by one of JPC's slightly older, more strict-looking ladies.

Anyway, I'd likely posted my instant love of JPC's art on spanking art MSN or Yahoo groups (back then, one of the a major gathering places for online spankos). I can't remember if I'd contacted JPC directly or not to tell him how great I thought his work is, but if I did it was almost certainly just a silly gushing fan mail.

I was surprised when, having mentioned my birthday on my Yahoo Group, I received the above sketch in my email inbox. Not only was it a brand new F/m JPC artwork (happy days!), but it was one done especially for me and even featuring me!

Whatever the origins, it's a an absolutely fantastic piece, filled with so many of my favourite JPC touches that often reoccur in his works:
  • Smirking, giggling young ladies who look delightfully cute.
  • Hot older ladies with the knowing, satisfied looks of experienced spankers.
  • A clearly blushing and embarrassed spankee, who looks nervous about the chances of more spanking to come.
  • Spankers (and witnesses) clearly having FUN, while the spankee is very probably not.
  • An otherwise sense of cosy normalcy, reality and domesticity; this is a "real world" spanking.
  • Sexy/cute but still realistic/everyday clothing; everyone is dressed believably yet all of them still look hot.
  • A lady wearing adorably prim-looking "librarian" half-eye glasses perched on her nose.
  • JPC's awesome "stars = sting" visual effects around the spankee's spanked bottom; that always makes me both smile and wince!
  • Passionate pencils; although JPC has coloured many of his works, I have a real love for "raw" black and white sketches like this.

Aside from these great JPC trademarks, there are also many unique elements I personally adore, too:

I love the seated bespectacled lady's stockinged legs under the table (something has always made the think that if only one of the women in this picture gave a spanking, it was her), though my favourite figure in the whole piece is the blonde young girl in the flared jeans and 'boybeater' vest standing directly behind the spankee; not only is she insanely cute, but her beaming smile and expression of "OMG! Look at that!" really lights up the whole picture and paints a vivid picture of the scene's tone and mood.

The girl to her left with the shorter dark hair kinda reminds me of spanking actress Kailee Robinson or actress Krysten Ritter. Either lady can give me a bare-bottmed spanking, birthday or otherwise, any day of the week!

Note the girl on the far left peeking over a book? The blushing spankee's hand position makes me think he's trying to cover himself because she's been trying to slyly sneak a peak at "down there" when the sting in his bottom causes him twist or move!

The two ladies at the table appear to be friends, and I like how the one on the left is eying the cake and drinks (from the looks of the table and some of these expressions, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair bit has been drunk by the party guests prior to the birthday spanking), while the one on the right is almost looking at the camera ("us"), to say "Yes, we spanked him, and it was a good one!"

I also love the younger girl on the far left side of the picture, in her baggy cargo pants with her hand to her mouth to suppress her chuckles, a mixture of amusement and enjoyment on her laughing face. Her other hand, thrust into her pants front pocket, makes me wonder just HOW much she is enjoying herself (especially with the way she is turning away from the other guests), I have to say!

The only questions left by the piece is whether the birthday spankings are over or just begun... if the other guests are going to get a turn to smack the birthday boy's bottom too?

It's a piece I always loved and one of my most treasured birthday presents ever, and I'm pleased to share it publicly with my loyal blog followers here now. JPC, if you're reading this, thank you again for such a wonderful and unexpected present; I remain thrilled and humbled, even all these years later. Thank you for the chance to be spanked by your wonderful ladies, mate!

So yeah, it's my birthday, folks... but this year the gift is from me to you. I hope you like it as much as I did all those years ago, when we were all a lot younger.

More Awesome JPC Art
Heresy Warning: mostly F/f art!


  1. Happy Birthday Banjo! Wishing you a very red behind and many happy returns!!! JayJay!

  2. Hey Banjo! Happy birthday! Hope you're getting (or got) a real b-day spanking this year!

    Re: the pic: I think he's already gotten his birthday spanking from one or both of the seated ladies. He may get more, but he'll have to ask for it one way or another. Complaining about his gifts or the cake or whining about something else might do it...

  3. I'm sorry it's so late, darling, but many happy returns from myself and Kimmy. I haven't ever seen this JPC piece before and I adore his art. There never needs to be an excuse to display his work.

  4. Happy birthday, Banjo. Thanks for sharing this great drawing.

  5. Happy birthday and thanks for the work you post

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Banj! If you didn't get a birthday spanking this year, here's to hoping you realize JPC's vision for you next October.

    btw, our birthdays are only a week apart - I wonder if all Libras are inclined to spankoness?

  8. May I add my belated wishes for a happy birthday. I can see why this tribute piece by JPC still gives you a buzz, and I'm fully in agreement with your entertaining and detailed commentary on it.

  9. Hi Banjo. I'm quite a few days late to this, but I hope you had a great birthday. And I'm a long-time fan of JPC as well - there's a playfulness to his work that makes it fun as well as sexy. Like you I always hoped he'd do more F/M drawings, and after I chatted to him a while back I seem to remember a 'For Underling' post appearing on his site :).

    I agree with your analysis that the girl-or-boy-next-door look of his characters makes these scenes more effective. His women tend to wear trousers too - I'm not sure why that appeals to me, except that it's relatively rare in spanking art.

    Anyway, once again a very belated Happy Birthday to you - may you enjoy very many more, and long may you continue to post!

  10. Happy BDay good friend. Wishing you the best. Here is a new scenario: Boy gets tricked by mean gjrl and blamed for something he did not do. But, he is spanked bare and she taunts him and watches it.

  11. No more kinky updates Banjo ? : /

    take care !

  12. So... Banjo's dead, isn't he?

    1. Well let's hope not. If anyone knew I thought it might be you, Emily. Perhaps your comment will draw him out of hiding.

    2. *blush*
      Hey folks. Just give me a day or two; I've got a lot to catch up on, so it might take a while to re-link with everyone, get my old email address checked out and get back into the swing of things... but I've decided to resuming blogging pervily again after a much-needed break. No big fanfare, just new fun spanky art and stuff I'm flattered that people still enjoy so much. Thanks so much for the concern and kind words, my friends. I've missed you and this place. :)

    3. Great to hear you are back, Banjo...but um a few days? Thinking perhaps Emily may need to send you a more forceful prompt :)

    4. Heh, thanks Mark... and yeah, took me longer than I thought to get my online back into gear again, but hopefully by the time Easter is here, you'll see some new stuff. Been re-rendering a piece just today, in fact... :)

  13. Yay!! You're back !! So glad you are well...was worried. I still have alot of good ideas for you. My username is badlilbrother. I am the one that had thenordeal at 13 with my big sister's friend Paula, 5'10 redhead that overpowered me.

    1. I remember ya well, and look forward to getting back into things. Always love to read your ideas and comments!

    2. Bad lil brotherApril 18, 2014 6:56 am

      In that case here is another.. An gf of his older sister knows she spanks him when parents are away.bSo when he calls and tells this friend that answers to get his sister on the phone. She tells him she is in the bathroom and she will tell her any message. He.says he will be.later coming back from his friends. She assures him she.will deliver that message. Then when big sis asks who called.she said it was a robo call of some sort. Then later when little bro finally gets home.she is ready to kill. He said I called to tell you I was going to be late...ask Suzy.Suzy replies "I never got a call from him,just that robo call I mentioned. This gets him a lesson taught over big sisters knee. Later je approaches Suzy and womders aloud why she did not deliver the messge as promised. "Why pass up a chance to see you get spanked by Ann?". "You mean you were watching my spanking?" he responds. "Oh yes" she smirked.