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Friday, 27 September 2013

Art - Denim Sensations

"Denim Sensations"

Not long ago, I posted this piece and this piece, two artworks dealing with younger spankers... and that's the topic we return to with this piece today.

Being "outnumbered and overpowered" is a big fantasy of mine, especially when accompanied by multiple spankers, and here we see a young man who's found himself in just such a predicament with a trio of smirking girls who appear to be around his own age or only slightly older. From his tearful expression (and rosy red nether-cheeks), it seems like he's getting a good bottom warming indeed; no wonder it's taking help to hold the poor boy still!

There's a good chance one of the girls is his sister/step-sister. If so, perhaps he sassed or disobeyed her while her friends were visiting, and (to his horror) they offered to pitch in and help their friend give her brother the hot sore bottom he deserved! Or perhaps he'd been acting too big for his boots around the house, and so 'big sis' waited until mom was out before inviting her friends over to gang up on the brat and teach him a lesson to remember?

Alternately, maybe he didn't actually do anything at all to deserve a spanking, but his sister's friends were visiting and the trio got talking about him, and one thing led to another... one of the girls mentioned him having a cute butt, one mentioned wanting to see him get a spanking, and thus 'big sis' decided to give her friends a demonstration! Or perhaps the three girls just got bored hanging around the house on a rainy day, listening to music or studying for school, and decided to go find 'little bro', drag him out of his bedroom and have some mean fun with him and his poor tender bottom?

Of course, it's entirely possible that the main spanker here is not his sister, or related to him at all. She could easily be his sister/step-sister/cousin's best friend, a girl who's had her eye on him ever since she first saw him while visiting the house or in school (she's always intimidated him enough to stay out of her way, however). Maybe she took a dislike to him, or maybe the opposite, and she found him really "cute", but for a while now she's been fantasizing about pulling his pants down, putting him across her lap and smacking his bare bottom until he kicked and cried like a little boy!

Maybe she shared this desire with her friend (his sister), who - amused and loving the idea of her brother getting spanked by someone other than her (or mom) - agreed to help her gal pal get the boy over her lap. After enlisting another friend to help (in case of a struggle), they confront the boy one day when mom is out and sis announce that he's going to get a spanking... from her best friend!

Or perhaps three of his sister's friends have conspired and plotted this "spanking ambush" in secret, not telling his family (in case they disapprove) and instead making sure to pay the surprised boy a visit when he's home alone...

Or just maybe, going back to an idea floated in 'One Mean Teen', one of these girls is his (regular) college-age babysitter, who's enlisted the help of two of her babysitting friends to come over and help restrain him for his first painful taste of 'Babysitter Discipline'?

In the commentary (and comments) for the previously-mentioned two artworks, I discussed the idea of a spanking scenario where a girl takes an "interest" in a friend's brother, and somehow conspires to get the boy over her lap, either deservedly so or through cunning manipulation... and either with or without his sister knowing about it. An anonymous commenter has since mentioned several times (I presume it is the same person... I wish I had a name to call you by, as you've got some great ideas) in recent comment post their fondness for scenarios dealing with "his sister's/cousin's friend(s)" and/or groups of girls overpowering and spanking a boy. That scenario was definitely a major reason for posting this piece now!

This particular artwork, however, is actually one I started several years ago, and only finally got to polish up and post now. The main inspiration for it, however, was one of my all-time favourite Ann Madison sketches, that features a boy being spanked across five girls' laps!

While in my artwork I cut down the number of spankers to a trio of close friends, I found my mind wandering to the idea of how the sensations a spankee experiences during an OTK spanking is often greatly influenced by the attire of the spanker. An OTK session from a lady wearing shorts (bare legs) is a very different experience sensually-speaking compared to spending time over a pair of thighs clad in a wool skirt or nylon stockings. And a spanker wearing jeans can mean a different sensation again, as you wriggle and squirm against the denim fabric.

Thinking on this, I combined the ideas to attire all three spanking friends here in jeans, albeit different styles and colours. For the boy across those six female thighs, he'll be experiencing an inescapable plateau - a tabletop of varied denim sensations - to buck and bounce and writhe his own thighs, hips, groin and tummy against!

No wonder the other two girls need to help hold him still!

But with all that friction - as his frantic struggles no doubt increase as his poor bottom gets hotter and hotter - of his bare fleshy parts squishing and grinding against that coarse denim, let's hope he doesn't have any humiliating "accidents"!

If you look closely, you might notice that the unfortunate boy's penis is currently nestled between the spanker's jean-clad inner thighs. Was this a random result of his agonized gyrations, or a deliberate ploy on behalf of the girl(s), I wonder?

Most importantly of all, though, is the elephant in the room here that I've left until last to ponder: when the blonde girl in the middle is done spanking him, will she swap places with the other two so he can be spanked by them as well?

For those wondering, Miss Hanson and friends will be returning soon (I've had enough requests for a likeness of Principal Ramirez to ensure her appearance, too!), but I've a lot to catch up on after my recent break from posting!


  1. I rather think they are a girl band who are unhappy with their event co-ordinator. He was supposed to arrange 3 rooms at the hotel and instead got only one. Whilst it was obviously a large room they were still very angry at having to share a room. He was made to sleep on the floor and the next morning was spanked into action yet again.

  2. Great pic Banjo. You seem to have got most of the interpretations covered. I like the idea that he had come home from college and his sister (left) ex-babysitter (middle) and high school sweetheart (right) have taken it upon themselves to remind him that he's still just a naughty boy who needs his bottom spanked regularly!

  3. Lovely picture and I do like a group spanking. I'm going to go with sister here, and I think sis is the girl wearing no 65 on her shirt. I actually have the idea that each girl gets to have a turn in the middle, that way he gets properly roasted.

  4. I'm going to go against the grain here. None of them is his sister/stepsister/babysitter. The blonde is his girlfriend and he's been treating her pretty shabbily recently. She found out he was cheating on her with another girl and she and her friends decided he needed to be taught a lesson. Inviting him over on the pretext of having sex with him, she confronted him with the accusation of cheating and he admitted it, then, when she cried, said it was "no big deal" and she'd been neglecting him lately so he found someone else to satisfy his needs and he was breaking up with her. "Oh no you're not!" she said. "Not yet!". "Yes I am" he said. "What are YOU going to do? Cry some more?" "No!" she said ominously. "YOU'RE the one who's gonna CRY!". Her friends grabbed him from behind and they overpowered him and stripped him, wrestling him over their laps on the couch. She maide sure his cock was between her legs, clamping her thighs tightly around it while her friends held him down. After she's done spanking the daylights out of him while he blusters and threatens them, the others will take their turns, using her hairbrush and the belt from his pants, never letting him go until he's begging and sobbing in complete submission, apologizing frantically and promising there will be no thought of retribution on his part. After a substantial time sniffling and crying, naked on display in the corner, they escort him to the front door and shove him out, still naked and red-bottomed and lock the door. After a few minutes of him frantically pounding on the door while passers-by enjoy his public humiliation, they toss his clothes to him and bid him goodbye.

  5. I'm going to go along with Michael M's suggestion of a girl band, since the three girls here somewhat put me in mind of Brit popsters The Sugababes, in one of their former line-ups (from left to right, Mutya, Heidi and Keisha)! True, a studio setting would better support this interpretation than the domestic setting we appear to have here, but maybe what's happened is that the girls have made a surprise call on an adult male who's been pestering them with pathetic fanmail in which he's been foolish enough to include his home address. His delight at seeing his idols on his own doorstep soon turns to fear as the girls shove him into his lounge, strip him, humiliate him and take turns in giving him the spanking depicted in the piece! With his bottom aflame and his penis sore from denim friction, the babes are teaching him a lesson not to be so pathetic, to grow up and to leave fandom to their armies of teenage girl admirers!

  6. I agree with Aunty Andrea. The girl on the left is his sister. In this case his younger sister. He has made up lame excuses in the past to spank her purely for his own pleasure. Now she is getting her revenge with the help of 2 of her friends. There is just something about the look in her face that seems to say "I've been waiting to do this for a long time." I also believe they are taking turns administrating the blistering and he will indeed suffer that humiliating "accident" at some point. It is just a matter of who's lap he is across when it happens.

  7. Love it and would switch spots with him in an instant....great pic

  8. Hi Banjo
    It's me again....you can call me bad lil brother. I am the one that related the story of my sister's friend,Suzy, coming to our house when she knew I was alome and stripping me before a long spanking. I love smirking girls!! She took forever to strip me too, seemed like the better part of an hr. Guess she got her jollies by playing cat and mouse. First we wrestled and she got my shoes and socks and I broke free and hid in our basement. She walked to the front door and,slammed the door, to make me think she had left. As I got to the livingroom, she sprang on me again getting,my shirt this,time in the struggle. Even after I was down to just my underwear, I got away again, and she seemed to take a lot of pleasure in finding me again and getting those off me too. Then, I fought free once more,, and she was forever tring to find me and capture me for the long horrible spanking she had plannned for me,,smirking all the while. You have captured a lot of that in this great piece-pure brilliance Banjo

  9. Brilliant artwork! My only wish is that you would do a series... like Overbarrell does for M/F spankings. If you would do a 10-15 panel series (my favorite would be a babysitter spanking her charges, or similar) it would be an INCREDIBLE gift to the spanking community! You did a few of these a LONG time ago in your old yahoo geoup, but would LOVe to see one with current art technology!!!

    1. Question . Where do you see over the barrel's work ?

    2. He has 6 yahoo groups. #6 is the most current, and has the most sophisticated stories. Google "Overbarrell's yahoo groups" and you'll find it.

  10. I've actually as an older sister spanked my brother along with my best friend, Mary. Little brother had a crush on her which of course we both were aware of. So only two spankers but this drawing reminds of that occasion.

  11. I really like OTK scenarios with more than one spanker. It especially fits when the spanking is not for punishment, but rather "for fun." You have another piece, I think it's called "Three Cheers For A Jock," that I like a lot that is similar.

  12. There is just a bit of a family resemblance between the boy and Ms. 65, and the blonde doing the spanking looks older than the others. I think the "sister, former babysitter, and friend" scenario is the most plausible.

    I can also imagine him being an employee, at some sort of upscale hotel or guesthouse. Perhaps the girls are three other guests who have either coerced him over their laps. I could see him having given them bad service or been caught peeping on them, and they now have enough dirt on him to get him to submit to their cruel whims. Perhaps they planned this, tricking or tempting him into breaking the rules on purpose? Its also possible that one of the girls is the boss' daughter, and she and two of her gal friends decided to take advantage of the cute employee.

  13. Three sexy girls on a couch,with a naked man, on their laps? What's next too do? Let's spank, this waxed, hairless dude? Smooth as a babe, or baby you say? Let's play, who's, got diapers, powder too, or pins, a baby top, he looks hot! Baby food, might thinks it rude or crude? Who cares? We got him too! Amanda.

  14. I love the smirks on the girl's faces.And the fact that they are casually dressed. I love the realistic domestic setting