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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Flashback - One Mean Teen

"One Mean Teen"

This piece is an oldie. You might even recognize the spanker, as variations of her appeared a few times in my earlier works. In this piece, though, she's a bit younger than usual; I envisioned her in her late teens, but her youth doesn't make her any less of a formidable spanker, as you can see!

Since my early youthful spanking fantasies, I have always been a bit besotted with the idea of 'teen spankers', such as babysitters (one of my favourite fantasies growing up), sisters, friends' sisters, cousins, classmates or even girlfriends. The idea of a boy being spanked by a girl close to his own age yet who is still totally 'dominant' over him is as much of a 'hot button' for me as the more traditional 'Auntie' spanking fantasy, for some reason.

I wonder if it had to do with my own teenage sexual urges? I was often confused when I was younger that I found myself inexplicably attracted to the more 'mean girl' types at school; that 'bitch' everyone else hated was the one I found often gave me 'funny feelings' I couldn't explain! Also, as I got older, I realized that while my friends were usually dreaming about winning the heart of (and making out with) that pretty girl sitting across the classroom, I was instead mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to be spanked to tears by her!

But enough embarrassing self-analysis for now; let's move on to the art piece...

There's something about the way the spanker here turned out that I really like; I think she has a real 'don't mess with me' look and 'tood' (i.e. attitude) while still looking believably young and 'realistic'.

When I originally made this piece, I remember adding the skateboard in the background to belong to the spankee... but now I'm wondering if it might not be her skateboard instead, making her something of a 'tuff skater chick'; something of an 'Avril Lavigne type'?

Regardless, her ripped jeans, sandals and crop-top give her quite a casual look, fitting the domestic lounge room type setting; this is likely either her home or his that the spanking is taking place in.

And what a spanking this would be! She's using what a friend and I have forever come to refer to as the 'Up and Over' position; that is, where the spanker puts one foot on a stool or chair or other object, then drapes the spankee over their one raised thigh. With a smaller/shorter spankee, this can even lead to them being totally suspended in mid-air, dangling over the spanker's thigh with their feet off the floor. Even if their toes do still touch the ground, it's a very helpless and rather scary position to be in for a spanking, and one that definitely - in my mind, certainly - re-enforces the physical and mental dominance of the spanker to the spankee even before the first smack lands. (perhaps more on this position later, if it strikes a chord with my readers as it does me?)

I'm not quite sure what I envisioned this pair's relationship when I first made this piece... it was quite a while ago! I suspect the intention was that she might be his 'babysitter', which certainly still works for me today. However, in looking at this piece again, I see other possibilities. Perhaps she's his 'mean' sister, stepsister or cousin? Perhaps she's his sister's best friend, who's been given permission to spank her bratty brother (or perhaps his sister doesn't know, but her friend is gonna spank the brat anyway!). Perhaps she's the sister of one of his friends, and she's giving him a taste of what she gives her brother while their mom is out?

That raises the question of: being she's younger than many typical spankers, does she have 'permission' to spank this boy... or does she even need it? If she's his sister, cousin or babysitter, has mom already given her leeway to spank him whenever she feels appropriate (his, her and mom's opinions might all vary on when that is, of course)? Or is she taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity to give him the walloping she's always wanted to but never was allowed? If she's his sister's friend, did his sister ask her to do this, offer her 'spanking privileges' of her 'little bro' just because they're friends, or is this happening behind his big sister's back?

I do find myself wondering why he's nude apart from his underwear (stretched almost to breaking point around his ankles!)... is that part of the reason for his spanking? Was he heading for the pool (a possibility if he's at a friend's house) or about to take a bath/shower? Was he in bed or on his way there? Did she catch him doing something very naughty in just his underwear... and worse, was he thinking about her when he was doing 'it'? Or did he start of fully-clothed but she has insisted he strip for his spanking at her hands, in order to fully convey his 'naughty boy' status and her dominance? Did she strip his clothes off for him... either because he was too slow or refused, or just because she knew she was stronger than him and was angry enough to do it?

Even without any implements, she's showing him that she's no pushover! This teen may be young, but she has a hard hand, a strong arm and the attitude and determination to make this poor boy's helpless bottom burn beyond belief!

I'm curious, as always, what others think of this piece - who is she, do you think, and what happened to cause this spanking? - but also on the general subject of 'teen spankers' (compared to the 'barely eighteen' type spankees that are so prevalent in x/f spanking genres). Do you think they that younger spankers can give 'convincing' spankings themselves? And am I a rarity in my youthful fantasies, or did others here too look longingly at that sweet, pretty girl... or that 'tuff goth gal' with the pierced nose... or that smug, 'queen bee' bully who always tormented the less popular students - across the aisle in class and think "I wonder what it would be like to be spanked by her?".

Note: for my long-time followers, this picture was originally presented to my old group with the name 'So Mean At Just Eighteen', if I recall correctly... which still kinda fits, though I prefer leaving the characters' exact ages up to viewer interpretation, I suspect I was partly inspired by the then-breakout 'Spanking Teen Brandi/Jessica' websites!


  1. I am lucky enough to have this scenario as a real event in my life. I got spanked hard by my cousin when I was 14 and she was 16. She had just started work and was a lot "older" than me. I believe that I had shoplifted some small thing and she discovered it.
    Forty years on still meet up at family occasions and we both get on very well. I am pretty sure she remembers the whole thing but neither of us mention it.

  2. Wow, so much to think about with this pic. As much as I love a hairbrush-wielding old harridan whacking away with gusto at a naughty boy's bottom, there's alot to be said for a younger spanker. I always enjoy the unhidden glee your babysitters/older sisters etc seem to take in their disciplinary role, this young lady especially judging by her smirk (and nipples!).
    All your possible scenarios are hot but I really like the idea of her 'giving him a taste of what her brother gets when her mom is out' - love the idea of a girl who takes up spanking early and delights in disciplining all the males in her life from then on. And no doubt mom is happy to fuel her fetish!

    1. @QBuzz
      Glad you noticed how she's rather "enjoying" herself here.... openly gleefully dominant young ladies like her are perhaps my favourite of all spankers.

  3. I love younger looking girls spanking older boys or boys in the same age. I think, this is the most humiliated situation for every boy, when the girl who spanks him, is taller, stronger or has the permission from the parents of the boy. This is really my most favorite fantasy. If this picture shows an otk spanking, it would be perfect.


  4. A past girlfriend of mine called it foreplay, I learned then and there, it was more than that. Laying across her lap, having my underpants pulled down when she said she would not, feeling the sting of her hand, squirming and kicking and saying I had enough, well she really warmed my bare bottom, I danced around the room and just looked at her. She was smiling and said her mother told her, spankings keep a man in line. I had trouble sitting, we got married and yes to this day spankings have become a part of our life, some for foreplay, and some for not.

  5. Ordinarily, I prefer the OTK position, but I admit this one is pretty cool. It also has the advantage of emphasizing the subordinate status of the spankee, as he is pretty helpless. I also prefer the "Mom" type spankings, with an obviously older woman spanking a younger boy, but I admit a fantasy of "cousin" spankings, where my slighty older cousin is spanking me after blackmailing me with threats of telling my mother I was peeping at her while she was changing or showering or something. I like to think that this one is something like that, except now she spanks him whenever she wants to (and he kind of likes it)...

    1. @Smuccatelli
      Thanks! There's something so blatant about an "up and over" spanking in terms of spanker-spankee power dynamics, IMO. Hard to argue who's "boss" when you're dangling helplessly in the air over someone's thigh like that! :)

  6. I too prefer OTK but just once would love to be in this position...being a switch, I would love it if an older woman came in and spanked her for taking him on her knee without permission!?
    Love the scene of a younger lady doing the spanking, and yes babysitting is a perfect scene. I love hand spankings as well.

    Many thanks,

  7. As much as I love 'Auntie' and 'Stepmommy' spankings, scenarios with younger, teen spankers dealing with boys just below (or just above) their own age are also very powerful for me. For some reason, I find a measure of relationship 'displacement' in this context all the hotter, e.g. if the spanker is 'his sister's friend' rather than 'his sister' herself. She's spanking that brat with either the implied or explicit permission of her friend, his sister - even though the boy's mother may not have delegated her daughter authority to grant others permission in the first place (if you see what I mean)! There's much to love about this classic piece. I must admit it had never occured to me that the skateboard might be hers rather than his, but I'm sure that she has *something* to do with the absence of his clothes (save for those underpants). Most of all I love her smug, tight smile... pleased with herself, perhaps, for managing an 'Up and over' with such agility and expertise! This indeed takes me back to those 'Spanking Teen Jessica' days, but with a delicious Banjo inversion to hit the F/M spot! Colin

    1. @Colin
      re: the skateboard... me neither until posting this as a Flashback! :)

      I think I like the "sister's friend possibly without permission" angle the most too, on reflection.

  8. yeah that turns me on too all those fantasies, the worst (for the boy) of that position is that his balls and penis dangle there helpless!

  9. @Smuccatelli, NJSpank and Anonymous
    OTK is certainly awesome (and my personal fave too), but nothing in a spanking says "pwned" like being "up-and-over"-ed, IMO. Whether F/x or M/x, it really asserts the spanker's dominance and strength... and the spankee's total helplessness! :(

  10. This really brings back a haunting memory for me. When I was 13, my sister and a couple of her college friends were sunbathing, and I was teasing them alot. I heard one girl (Paula) tell my sister she wanted to spank me. On hearing tjis, I bolted out the back door, and stayed away for a few hr until they left. A few wk later, Susie, a tall brunette that was the other friend that day, stopped by when I was home alone. She asked if my sister was home, as she left something there and needed to pick it up. I replied that she and my mom were in town shopping and would not be back untill supper time. She asked if she could pleaae go look for it in my,sister's room and I said "sure". I was so naive....After a few minutes she came out of the room with an evil smile and said she found it. I said good, and was walking toward the door to let her out when she surprised me by saying that Paula should have spanked me that day, and she wished she could have seen it. I started nacking out of the room as she pressed toward me. Still with the evil smile she said she was going to spank me herself right then. I said no and the wrestlingatch was on. Her being alot taller and stronger then I thought , she soon got me down and held my legs while she took my shoes off. I was fighting as hard as I could and then she pinned me in schoolboy hold and was gettingy shirt off . I broke free after that,but she tackled me from behind and was undoing my pants and taunting me by saying " look who is getting bare and soon will be trapped over my knees and getting,a brat spanking hee hee" I was scared and fought her to escape but she held me down firmly and got me nked and twisted my arm behind me. I was starting to cry and trying to get away. She loved it and kept smiling and taunting "Ooh poor lil boy, getting beat up and stripped by a girl. Now I am going to spank you good." She got me on her lap and quickly locked me in the straddle knee position and spanked.for several minutes. I thoight it would never end,and then she let me up. I said I was going to tell on her and she said I was going to pay for that. Then she caught me and spanked me again. Evercsince then, whenwver she came over, she always had that evil smile at me. I am wishing for alot more pics/stories with this theme in the future please. Thanks so much for this blog

    1. @Anonymous
      Thanks for relating such an awesome story from your past! I really love the fantasy of a "sister's friend" spanking, and even more so if it's not actually with anyone's permission! And you got to experience it for real! Sounds like a terrifying experience for a poor boy at the time, though!

      Given how much I like the scenario, you can rest assured I will be doing more art, stories and articles on this dynamic/theme!

      Feel free to comment or drop me an email any time!

  11. An older sister would love to put her brother in his place in front of his girlfrind.As long as she has the right to discipline him the humiliation factor is actually worse than the pain.Perhaps his girlfriend will now know what to do when he misbehaves

    1. @Anonymous
      I like that idea: "Please, sis! Not here! Not now! Not in front of my girlfriend!"

  12. This is the hottest thing I have seen or read....especially the "sister's friend" theme. So good....and so clever. Please please more of this one

  13. Could be a babysitter who is going to use her sandal next