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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Art - Summer Scorcher

"Summer Scorcher"

Here in Australia, we've recently had something of a heat wave. For me, for some reason, hot days always make me feel more 'spanky' than cold ones, which is ironic considering that spanking is probably the best way in the world to keep warm (for both parties!).

In this piece, I suspect the woman here is someone tends to finds herself feeling more 'spanky' when the weather is warm too... though in her case, it's likely that a hot summer's day makes her palm itch! No doubt the sight of young men in skimpy clothes or swimsuits during such weather doesn't help reduce her special 'itch' either...

The scenario shown here is fairly open to interpretation, even though there are clues as to what may have happened scattered about.

The woman's sun hat on the sun-lounge suggests that she was reclining there, reading a book and enjoying the warm weather beneath the shade of her umbrella. However at some point, somehow, the young man now sporting a blazing red bottom and sprawled on the ground gave her cause to call him over for a hot hard spanking! This now-freshly-spanked young man's relationship to her - and the events that caused his spanking - presents a range of possibilities.

They could be a couple, with him as her boyfriend or young husband. She could be his aunt (or even his young stepmother). Or she could even be a next-door neighbor, and he was over doing some chores for her to earn some extra money for college.

Indeed, he could have been working in the garden, mowing the lawn perhaps, for this sexy neighbor (or his authoritative Aunt, or bossy stepmother) when the spanking occurred. Did she insist that he work out there in just his shorts, or was that an unintended but 'fortunate' (for her!) consequence of the hot weather?

And if this 'yard work' scenario was the case, did she spank him for messing up his mowing or gardening... or did she just take advantage of him being nearby when the heat brought on her 'spanky mood', ordering him firmly over her lap for a smacking, with a threat of non-payment (if he's the next-door neighbor college boy) or of an even worse spanking later tonight (if she's his auntie or mommy) if he refuses?

Alternatively, if he's her boyfriend or husband - or her stepson or nephew - he might just have got in trouble spilling her drink on the way to her. He might have just not been fast enough bringing it when called upon (she expects prompt service from her cute 'cabana boy')... though this may or may not have been just an excuse, if she wanted a reason to smack his cute bottom today anyway!

Or perhaps, since she was reading and relaxing, he really did bring this spanking on himself... making too much noise with his stereo, for example, while she's trying to relax in the garden would surely be a spankable offense, whatever their relationship, right?

Of course, if he's an unrelated 'neighbor boy' she might have just caught him peeping over the fence at her in her skimpy summer clothes... naughty, naughty!

Finally, there's the possibility that it was he who was reading out here on the sun lounge rather than her. Perhaps he was supposed to be doing yard work and she caught him slacking off with a book and a cold drink instead?

Or perhaps he was just innocently relaxing out here by himself when she emerged from the house, aroused by the sweltering heat and 'on the prowl' for a juicy round bottom to spank! Seeing him there, face down on the sun bed, quiet and obliviously lost in his book, her wicked palm began to itch...

Whatever the cause, she's now even hotter and sweatier than before, but an icy cold drink pressed to her glistening chest cools her down and makes her sigh with relief (or is that post-spanking bliss?).

For her poor spankee's part, he (now equally dripping with sweat) is certainly feeling very sunburned on one part of his anatomy, as he tearfully crawls - shorts tangled around one foot but otherwise naked - towards the shade of the umbrella.

Maybe if she's feeling generous, she'll place that frosty, ice cold bottle against his burning red bottom to help him cool down too? Maybe if he asks her very, very nicely...

What do others think is the scenario here? And does hot weather make you or someone you know feel more - or less - 'spanky'?


  1. Just awesome and the old fashion ping pong paddle, love it!

    1. It's not an implement I love as much as some others, but it suited the combination of A) 'around the house' implement and B) something really 'stingy', both which I felt suited this scenario and pic.

  2. Hot in more ways than one. she must really care about him to work up such a sweat on a hot day. poor boy. LOL

    1. I originally intended him to be just sprawled on the ground feeling a bit sorry for himself, but looking at the piece after completion, he really looks like he's trying to crawl his poor hot bottom into the shade now... 'poor boy' indeed!

  3. Banjo, your commentary offers a pretty exhaustive rehearsal of the scenario possibilities, all of them exciting and intriguing. Personally I'd go for a hybrid idea of him being a college-kid neighbour hoping to earn a little vacation money doing garden chores for the hot lady-next-door... but having found himself falling short of her standards! A great seasonal piece with which to mark your return to your blog... I just love how she's slick with spanking sweat! Colin

    1. @Colin: I've always been very fond of the 'spanked by the hot lady he's doing summer chores for' scenario. Something about the idea of her being a relative 'stranger' (but perhaps someone he's had a few naughty thoughts about!) but taking a firm hand with him nonetheless really appeals to me. Add a touch of possibly 'coercion' due to financial reasons for him being there, and yeah... a hot scenario in more than one way!

  4. Girl I´m gonna make you sweat (Inner circle)It´s cold here in Germany and I need some warm thoughts.This is the right topic and Ilike it very much. Well done.


  5. Amazing artwork to return on Banjo. The lady is hot (in more ways than one...if he is her husband then from her look of post-spanking bliss he'll soon be put to work between her legs tending to her hottest and sweatiest place).
    And if she is kind enough to apply her cool drink to his blazing behind then there maybe a certain 'excitement' on his part...hope she has another ice cold drink to apply to his bulging front!

    1. @QBuzz:Thanks! I'm glad her look of 'bliss' is conveyed... I wanted her to look hot (yes, in more ways than one) but also with an element of "Phew, I really needed to do that!" Love the mental picture of her 'cooling down' his front! Oooh!

  6. Seems like an awfully hot day to "work up a sweat" spanking someone. Couldn't she just take him inside and spank him with the air conditioning cranked up full blast and then send back outside to finish his assigned work? I mean, who cares if he gets all sweaty, with the salt from his sweat burning his sore ass. If he's lucky, he might get to take a shower after she's satisfied that he's done all his yardwork...

  7. Great stuff and welcome back.
    Being outside,in the sun and near a pool with my attractive wife in a swimsuit, gets me in the mood to go over her knee fora leather sandal spanking.

    1. LOL! I can certainly imagine why you'd find yourself having such thoughts those occasions! Of course, if you'd been in the pool first, her sandal would really sting!

  8. PS - My Other in the dated implement vote would be the Bathbrush.

  9. I'd say he's either her husband who was doing lawn work and disturbed his wife with the mower or possibly the gardener. I'm not a fan of spanking in hot weather. In some ways it's almost as unpleasant for the spanker as it is for the spankee. You get all hot and sweaty, yuk! Cold weather is the ideal time to spank.

    1. @Aunty Andrea"As much as I feel 'spanky' during hot weather, I certainly wouldn't want to be squirming and kicking on a really sweltering day! But... Aunty, does that mean that the 'safest' time of year to visit Clarkstown is when the weather is really hot? Do clients at the Spank Shop tend to get off lighter in summer than in winter, I wonder...? :P

  10. She may have spanked him with hand, table tennis bat and one of her flip-flops, his butt looks sore enough.

  11. This is super HOT! What a Goddess! Sweaty. Beautiful.

  12. Beautiful woman. One of your bests, and that's saying something!

    I like to think that he was just about to finish whatever it was he was doing outside, and looking forward to getting away from the heat. But now he has a whole 'nother level of heat to deal with.

    Something tells me that this is neither the first nor the last time this woman has spanked him, not sure why.

  13. Looks like it's been almost 3 years since the last comment!
    Just want to say I love this pic, how she's cooling off, enjoying a drink & he's in pain at her feet.
    I like o think she spanked him for ogling at her.