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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Quick Fantasy - Assignment Due

"Looks like someone might be staying back after school with Miss Hanson..."

I had so much fun writing the expanded "new boy at school's welcome paddling" fantasy that I found my mind wandering onto other similar scenarios. Like this one, below...

It's Friday and you're sitting in your last class for the day, looking forward to the weekend... your first week at your new school has been a rather trying one and it will be good to take a break.

As the last bell rings, your teacher, Miss Hanson, nonchalantly announces that all students are to turn in their assignments before leaving, as they are due today.

What assignment? Your tummy churns; being only here a few days, you didn't even know about any assignment being due, much less have had the chance to have written it!

Nervously, you wait until everyone else has left, each one depositing their papers on Miss Hanson's desk as they pass by and head out the door, until only you and your teacher remain in the classroom.

"Is there something you wanted?" she asks you, raising an eyebrow.

You gingerly approach Miss Hanson's desk to ask about this assignment you've only just learned about, only to have her tap the pile of papers on her desk and explain that yes, there WAS an assignment due today.

"Just place it on my desk with the others," she instructs.

You're confused, and try to explain how there's no way you could have done the assignment when you didn't even know about it. After all, this is your first week here and nothing was mentioned about this by her these past few days.

"I set the assignment two weeks ago," Miss Hanson explains. "I don't see the need to keep reminding my students every day of their homework."

You don't know what to say or do. Expecting you to hand in a paper right now is borderline crazy! You ask if she can give you an extension on the assignment, perhaps even the same two weeks the rest of the class got to write theirs?

Your new teacher shakes her head. "If you had asked earlier in the week, I might have been able to do that, but the assignment is due today. Asking for an extension the day a piece of work is highly unacceptable."

You don't know what to say, beyond repeating that there's no way you can hand in something you haven't done.

"Then we have a little problem, I'm afraid," Miss Hanson tells you. "You see, we have strict rules at this school that if any assignment isn't handed in on time, the student gets paddled."

You grab the nearest desk as your legs turn to jelly and your blood to ice water.

"Now, I know you are new and you didn't know about the assignment until a few minutes ago, but I don't think there's anything in the school rules to allow for that situation. And a rule is a rule, I'm afraid. I can't just go ignoring them because a student asks me to, even if I am inclined to agree with their reasons."

You plead desperately with her to understand the ridiculous unfairness of your situation... surely the rules can't be so strict that you have to be punished for something that wasn't your fault?!

Miss Hanson seems to think about it for a moment. "Alright. You will need to stay back here after school, anyway," she tells you. "I will call home for you and let them know you'll be late."

You silently pray Miss Hanson won't say possibly WHY you will be late home during that phone call!

"Normally in this situation, I would paddle you at four o'clock then send you home, but before I have to do that, I am going to bring this matter to Principal Ramirez and see if she will allow me to let you off the hook, since you're new here. I can't promise you won't be paddled, but I will present your case to her for you. It's the best I can offer, I'm afraid; the final decision will have to be the Principal's, you understand. Now, wait here while I go and see what I can do..."

Nervously, you sit down at a desk and wait in the empty classroom alone, while Miss Hanson leaves to call your house and speak to the school Principal. Looking up, you can't help but find your gaze transfixed to Miss Hanson's large, polished wooden spanking paddle that hangs next to the chalkboard...

So, folks... what do you think the result of Miss Hanson's discussion with Principal Ramirez will be?

1) It is decided that you do not need to be paddled, but you must complete the set assignment by the end of the following week (one week less than the rest of your class got). However, if it is not done then, you will receive an extra severe punishment (possibly even from Principal Ramirez herself!) for abusing your teachers' generosity.

2) The verdict is that, due to your unusual circumstances, you will not be paddled... but you must still stay back after school today and receive a bare-bottom handspanking over Miss Hanson's knee instead, since you really should have taken the initiative to find out about any work due this week.

3) A rule is a rule at this school, no exceptions! Miss Hanson will have to paddle you soundly after class, just as any other student would be in this situation. Anything else would be unfair to your fellow students. Maybe next time you'll think to take the initiative and find out what work is due yourself and not rely on being reminded by your teacher?

4) Something else (a combination of the above or something entirely different)?

PS To clarify, #2 and #3 means you probably still gets a one week extension to do the assignment, but #1 is the only way you're getting that extension AND going home unpunished!

What do you think will the verdict be?

You can give the reasons for your answer or leave further thoughts on the scenario in the comments section.


  1. I voted for #4 but for some reason it showed #2 instead.

    Miss Hanson comes back with the principal and informs the student that his objection is completely unacceptable and, for having the impertinence to object to his entirely deserved paddling by Miss Hanson, he will also be punished by Principal Ramirez afterward. He is required to bend over her desk, pants and underwear down at his ankles and Miss Hanson administers 30 hard paddle smacks this time, leaving him sobbing helplessly as the principal watches smugly. As he tries to rise and pull up his pants, Miss Hanson stops him and reminds him that the principal will be adding her punishment as well. He protests vigorously, begging that he can't take any more but a sudden, searing pain cuts him short. Principal Ramirez has a short, heavy braided leather whip in her hand and she informs him he will get 100 strokes of the whip for his temerity. Instructing Miss Hanson to hold the boy's arms so he can't escape, the principal whips his helpless bare ass to a bloody mess, leaving him bleeding and bruised beyond belief. The skin on his buttocks and lower thighs is broken in many areas and is oozing blood. He will need to be taken to the emergency room but he has learned a good lesson and will not miss any more assignments...

    1. @Smuccatelli
      Ouch, mate! And you thought I made Miss Hanson too severe? LOL!

      Given your comment on the last post, I'm shocked that you didn't choose #2 though (which right now seems the most popular choice)! :)

    2. I would have chosen number 2 but I wanted to be facetious this time, since your reply to Emily in the previous post mentioned that you like "unfair" (and apparently harsh) punishments. I figured this would be as unfair and harsh as I could imagine (and point out how ludicrous some of these punishments can be). Unless they stripped the poor boy, strapped him to a spanking frame and whipped him in the schoolyard in front of the student body, this was as "unfair" as I could think of. BTW, I originally intended the principal to use a bullwhip, but that would have been ridiculous, wouldn't it?

      Now a nice, long, handspanking over Miss Hanson's lovely lap on his bare bottom, ont the other hand...

  2. Cut him some slack, however rules must obeyed. So spank his bare bottom and give him a week (Wish I was Her student)

    1. @NaughtyBob
      Sounds fair to Miss Hanson! :)

      "I know you think this isn't fair, but at least it's not the paddle. And you DID get that extension, didn't you? So stop making such a silly fuss, young man! It'll be over soon!"


  3. #2 over her knee....please as hard and as long as she wants!

  4. I vote for #4.
    He gets an extension without being punished. However, being so priviliged (and troubling the teacher and the principal to review his case) he is expected to do a really good work with the assignment. Of course, the standards can always be set at such high level that he will fall below them...
    If he does, Miss Hanson can come up with the punishment she finds suitable e.g. ad hoc OTK handspanking followed by scheduled paddle session or caning by the principal. That will teach him not to seek excuses and ask for privileges :-)
    Miss Hanson is stunning, I wonder how does Ms Ramirez look like...

  5. @Robertc
    I like the idea of a reprieve but with "extra high standards" set for his work due to the extension, as it seems both fair (he DID escape punishment and got some leeway, right?) and unfair too (he's got less time than his classmates and is being expected to do better than them). In such a case, though, I wonder if Miss Hanson - having missed out on spanking him - might have already decided that he'll "fall short" before she's even seen his work? :(

    I also very much like and support the idea (suggested by you and some others) that a spanking (be it an OTK handspanking, paddling, or whatever) from Miss Hanson might be followed up with a trip to the Principal's office too, since he got her involved in the matter!

    Glad you like Miss Hanson; I like how she turned out too! I'm rather itching to do a Principal Ramirez pic too now, as I have a definite idea of what she looks like in my mind (although she's much stricter than Miss Hanson, I'm afraid).

    (as an aside, I always enjoy your comments, Robert... I've missed them!)

  6. Definitely 4: he gets paddled for not doing his homework and then Mrs Ramirez puts him over her knee for daring to question the rules in her school. You did say she's even stricter after all ;)
    Love this scenario, wish i'd gone to a school run by paddle-happy slightly sadistic ladies.

  7. I choose an over the knee hand spanking. Although, knowing Miss Hanson, she will be quite adept at it, and it will be quite severe.

  8. When the principal phones the young man's home his lenient father and new, rather strict stepmother are not there. Instead his older stepsister answers the call. She's just out of college and has full authority over the young man while the father and stepmother are way.
    The young man's stepsister is very disappointed to hear that he hasn't completed his assignment. She tells the principal that the stepmother had reminded the young man before school on Monday to ask about any upcoming or on-going assignments and she (the stepsister) had ask about these assignments just two evenings before. She and her mother had been assured by the young man that he had no pending work.
    The stepsister insists that Ms Ramirez and the principal impose the maximum punishment -- and she assures them that he will be punished as well at home for failing to do as he was told and for his dishonesty.

  9. Smuccatelli and I both think along the same lines. As soon as I read that she was going to ask the principal I just knew the principal would want to discipline him for wanting to not follow the rules.

  10. I love brenli's idea, only have the stepsister come to the school and help. can you imagine how embarring it would be during and the next day as all the Girls in school tease him because he can't sit down, lol

  11. I'm with Robertc – you get a week, no punishment, Ms. H talks about fair and what's best for you and "must do your best." Then she's gunning for you the rest of the school year, knowing she'll get her chances to recoup those swats ten-fold – and how! Plays it cool, bides her time, but when she's got you bent over she makes up for lost time in a hurry. Oh and trips to see Ms. R are plenty frequent as well, whether included in a group of troublemakers, low tolerance for stepping out of line, or miscommunication and misinterpretation – possibly with after-school time as well. Notes and calls home, however, are the day before she keeps you late – not when the powers that be can get a good look at her work!

  12. I somehow think there's going to be more than one or two students deliberately not handing in work :).

    1. Me,me,me.

      I vote for 2 to have the chance to kick and sob on her lap under her hairbrush.

  13. What about other themes like: a neighbor girl gets a boy in trouble so she can witness his otk spanking? Or, boy gets chased down and wrestled out of his clothes forcefully before his spanking?

  14. So I voted for #2. After talking with the principal, I do think that she would be gentle. There is such a thing as following the rule while applying it in a certain way - letter vs spirit.

    Was thinking though that our hero is not the only one in detention that day. Perhaps a few sullen girls who are in detention get to watch the 'punishment'. And of course on the walk home they want to give him a proper welcome.....(could be spanking, or something else...)

  15. Oh so many of my fantasies involve a stern teacher with a paddle in her hand.

  16. Miss Hanson looks like Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)


  17. Number 3 Definately!! Miss Hansen should come back from the principals office wiggling her big ass & tells him to take off all his clothes! She gets out a stool grabs the paddle & the crying little boy, sits on the stool & drags him across her sexy legs! Then she lines the paddle up & drives it fullforce right into his bare little ass nonstop while he is bawling!! She then loses her temper & tells him this is what happens to naughty little boys here & really lets loose with the paddle knocking some sense into him while he is screaming for 15 minutes! She drags him over to the wall & shoves his head into the corner & orders him to stay there while he is sobbing! Super Hot! (I wouldn't want to misbehave in her classroom!)

  18. I voted fro No 4 other. It is not his fault that he did not know the rules but ignorance of the law is no excuse. His punishment should be a suspended sentence and should he commit another offence he will receive the two punishments concurrently on the same afternoon.

    In the meantime the phone call home means that his Mother will be displeased and will paddle him anyway.


  19. Inasmuch as Miss Hanson knew the due date of her assignment she is fully culpable. Given that she has had her eye on you, she is gunning for giving you a bare bottom spanking. Thus she didn't remind you. Going to Ramiriz' for permission, confirming the actions she's about to take only cover her butt while adhering to protocol.

    So, once the proprieties are dispensed with, the young Miss Hanson returns to class to take on her new prey. Stripping you of anything below your waist she positions you across her lap, which be the looks of the short white skirt is nothing when she's sitting in her chair. The hand spanking ensues and it is intense. The pain spreads as do Miss Hanson's thighs. Warmth comes as well as some strange arousal to both of you.

    Suddenly, OMG, there standing in the doorway is Ramirez. Principal, that Ramirez is and having given some thought to the matter of Hanson not reminding the new student, Ramirez chastises Hanson ordering her over her desk while picking up the pointer.

    So there stands a young boy of 18 naked from the waist down, watching his teacher of 25 bent over, short white skirt being lifted by Principal Ramirez. Fourteen strikes of the pointer, much like a cane, land upon her ass. Why fourteen? Because the assignment was given two weeks prior. Miss Hanson moans, groans and stutters out as each whip of the pointer strike her bottom leaving deep red marks. You watch all of this in silence still naked from the waist down.

    As suddenly as Ramirez appears, the Principal lays the pointer on the desk and departs. There you stand, face to face with you new teacher, she a bit disheveled, skirt raised, rubbing her bottom. Aware of her state, she lowers her skirt, and looking at you raises the pants from your ankles. As you both leave the classroom, she reaches into her bag, retrieves her cell phone and calls your mother...'He'll be a bit longer than anticipated this evening, if that is alright with you. There are some things I think we need to go over. I know the sudden move in the last semester must be difficult, so I'd like to make his transition go smoothly for him" ..."Oh thank you, Mrs x, it will be my pleasure.


  20. I'm in agreement that Miss Hanson looks like Jeri Ryan, who played a high school teacher in the television drama, "Boston Public"--unfortunately she never was shown paddling any students, although an older (sixtyish) female teacher did so in one episode.

    Realistically, a high school teacher would be expected to repeatedly remind her students of an upcoming assignment's due date, probably even having it written on the blackboard.

    However, I do like the idea of the boy being paddled anyway, bare bottom of course (although that's highly unrealistic even in a school practicing corporal punishment), in front of a couple female pupils who are volunteer 'aides' of Miss Hanson's after school.

    The idea of him also receiving a maternal spanking at home as well, perhaps an OTK hairbrush walloping, PJ bottoms down, as a bedtime 'reminder' to be more diligent, is likewise appealing--with his younger sisters gleefully giggling while watching him get it, supposedly as an 'object lesson,' of course.

    That would be fun... --C.K.

  21. As I read the story, I was excited by the unfairness of Miss Hanson's initial intransigence on the question of the assignment deadline for the new boy, the seeming inevitability of another sadistic paddling; and then, for a moment, I thought it was maybe out of character for her to relent and agree to refer the matter to the Principal Miss Ramirez. Thinking about it further, however, I suspect that Miss Ramirez is a sadist too, and that Miss Hanson well knows it: the Principal will certainly insist that a rule is a rule and that Miss Hanson should give that paddling there and then! Moreover, the unsuccessful case for defence and mitigation will only have made matters worse for the boy. As Miss Hanson has known all along, Miss Ramirez will be annoyed with the boy for having wasted her own and a colleague's time with his feeble, pseudo-legal argument. After his paddling at the hands of his teacher, the Principal will personally put him over her knee and give him follow-up smacks right across the fresh paddle swats! (I felt #2 was too soft an option, but I wanted an otk handspanking to feature somewhere in the scenario!) Everything Brenli suggested about the domestic fall-out I'd happily go along with, too!

  22. In my case I'd have to say that in this particular scenario, I'd have to vote #1. As much as I enjoy various spanking scenarios, I do prefer that the spanking has some level of "fairness"/merit to it, unless it's a "for the fun of it" scenario. In this case, though rules are rules, there really isn't any chance for the student to have completed an assignment he'd never heard about.

  23. In reality, at least here in the not so good USA that paddling would have been deliver by a male Vice-Principal. But in that instance, the student would have had a good view! of Ms. Hanson's shapely posterior along the way. Well worth any temporary discomfort.

  24. Miss Hanson returns with the verdict that the paddling will go ahead. Since I'm going to be paddled anyway, I decide I may as well do something that deserves a paddling, and have a feel of her bottom.

  25. Miss Hansen is presented with a dilemma by the principal; since she has intransigently presented the problem to the principal, without having clarified everything with the new student, she can go ahead and paddle him in the usual manner. However, in front of him, the principal will then paddle her, half the number of "licks" she gave him, the last one on her bare bottom in front of him. The principal gives her an additional option, just drop the whole thing! Regardless, both Miss Hanson and the student must jointly write a paper to the principal's satisfaction incorporating John Rawl's theory on justice as it applies to school CP situations.

  26. I say a handspanking from Ms. Hansen, in front of Ms. Remirez.

    Remirez then gives you a paddling, which is the cost for making an appeal to the principle about school rules. What didn't you read the rules when you arrived?

  27. Spare the rod, spoil the paddle? "Silly boy" sexy teacher,pass out your ass-sign- ment ! Tiffany.

  28. I voted #4, It is a Friday so he should be given the weekend to catch up. Letting it go another week would leave him out of sync with the other students. But since the rule calls for a paddling and he should show initiative her should be given one hard swat on the naked posterior. He will also do corner time pants down, until the teacher goes home. Principal Ramirez will be stopping in to verify his punishment and to scold him.
    I like the comment that an older step sister will be waiting at home. She can reinforce the rule and make sure that he completes the assignment before Monday.