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Friday, 2 August 2013

Fan Art - The Emilyverse #2

The second of my "fan arts" for Emily's amazingly hot alternate universe, The Emilyverse (first posted here, and continued at her Tumblr site here). This one is "part two" of the previous artwork, featuring the same couple of Mommy-Wife and "little boy" husband...

"His New Mommy-Wife: Bedtime"

Just because they're madly in love doesn't mean that he won't be given a very sore bottom when he misbehaves. Heck, not just when he misbehaves... many Emilyverse Mommies spank just because they like to spank their cute "little boys". If that seems unfair, well, that's the way they like it!

Like the previous artwork, I wanted this to look almost like the pair were posing for a photograph. Hence his downcast gaze! He may have agreed - even wanted - to live his married life as her "little boy", but he's still embarrassed to be spanked to tears and shown off in such a public manner.

Of course, even when Mommy is angry with him, she still adores her little darling... how can she not, when he looks so adorable in those 'Hello Kitty' undies she bought him and that super cute and funny tee-shirt?

'Hello Kitty' is owned by Sanrio. Used here in parody, with no infringement intended.

A tee-shirt similar to the one this young man is wearing in this piece can be bought from Zazzle here or here. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to make a similar texture to use in future artworks!


  1. I don't see this a "public" scene, as I can't imagine, even in the "Emilyverse", a "dommy mommy" appearing in public in such a revealing outfit. The boy looks as if reality is setting in and he knows he's gonna get a hard hairbrushing over his Mommy/Wife's lap. If I were him, I'd focus on the aftermath, because I think it may involve proving what a cunning linguist he is...

    1. @Smuccatelli
      I agree that this is more of a private bedroom moment. He definitely knows what he's in for now! I do think you're right that the aftermath might involve him using his mouth for more than talking... ;)

  2. I like the posing idea, but what is the photo for? Perhaps one of those dreaded annual newsletters, with the 'bedtime' pic going out to all their friends and family who are aware of what goes on in their relationship, and the 'daytime' one for those who aren't. Of course, as the years go by there will probably be less and less need for the vanilla option!

    1. @QBuzz
      I love that idea! I wasn't really sure on the whole "photo" thing, except that the piece looked rather posed suggesting that. But the idea of them sending this pic out to their friends and relatives is pretty neat!

      Either that or it's a photo for a magazine article about happy female-led marriages in these modern, enlightened times. Mommy-Wife and the photographer picked the pose and clothing together (much to his shame!).

  3. I believe I should have enjoyed a marriage like this from the get go.

    1. @Michael M
      I would have been married long ago if I'd found a wife like her... :)

  4. Well the way I might see it is that while he may know he is a boy and loves the attention, toys, and play time, who likes it when the hard reality comes in. This won't be a few love taps but rather one of his mommy's blistering spankings that leave him a blubbering mess. Oh make no mistake he deserves it but he is embarrassed and quite worried about what is to come. I look forward to seeing the next installment though I hope it is after effects of the long session that he so desperately needs.

    1. @Rabid Bedlam
      I definitely saw him as a young guy who relishes the playtime, toys, and lack of a need to truly "grow up" that Emilyverse has given him. On the other hand, he is very prone to childish mistakes and his Mommy-Wife spanks very hard indeed... "a blubbering mess" is a fitting description, I think! No matter how many times it happens, he still gets embarrassed and worried... but he knows deep down that he wouldn't trade this relationship for the world.

  5. I love it....and wish it were me and my Auntie.....awesome

  6. great drawing and a cute story. Yes, I wish it was me as well.

  7. I do get a strong impression of a pose for a photograph, so I'm wondering, as well, what the context of the photo could be. I'm reminded, a little, of the fetish clubs in our real 'verse to which kinky couples can go, dressed up, to party and play among likeminded folk (although typically such clubs have a gothic/BDSM vibe rather than the domestic/regressive spanko orientation involved here). Couples sometimes pose for club photographers - or there may be photographers inside the club who sell portraits to subjects for their own private use or sharing. Perhaps this piccie was taken at a Club Emilyverse!

  8. Love the panties he's wearing, are those hello kitty? Renee Z.