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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fan Art - The Emilyverse #1

I was inspired by Emily's alternate universe The Emilyverse since back when she first shared it, and shortly after set about doing some "fan art" based on it. With everything that happened last year, I never got chance to polish them up for posting, but with Emily's permission I will be posting some of them here now.

You should visit the above-linked post and/or Emily's Tumblr site first if you don't know the setup/"rules" for The Emilyverse, but in a nutshell, it's an alternative history where a change in social values and psychology conspired to see relationships take on a more... well... "pervy" twist. In The Emilyverse, it's considered healthy and normal for one partner in a relationship to assume a "parental" role over the other partner. There are varying degrees of this, of course, from "daddy" husbands who just have final say in the household and financial decisions for their "immature" wives, to "mommy" wives who keep their "little" husbands in short pants, restrict them to cartoons and spank them with blistering regularity!

Since this is my blog, I'm obviously going to be drawn to the latter model of relationships, so this first fan art deals with a young husband's new Mommy-Wife, and his obvious adoration of her.

"His New Mommy-Wife: Daytime"

Because this sort of relationship is considered perfectly normal in The Emilyverse, it is common to see a couple out in public like this: a young man and his older wife, her in her crisp, professional business suit and him childishly attired in shorts and a cartoon tee-shirt. A hairbrush ready in her hand in case her "little man" pouts or acts up... public spankings are rather common in the Emilyverse too, I'd imagine!

I really wanted to try and capture their relationship here, with her arm around him in a loving but also rather "possessive" way (he belongs to her!) and him looking lovingly at her as the "mommy he always dreamed of marrying".

Sure, some "Mommy-husband" of this kind are more even-footed in everyday life, with both partners working and equal in their daily routines; both work, both look after the house, but when "Mommy" puts her foot down, her husband has to obey... or his bottom will pay for it and he will not be going out with his friends this weekend!

But there are many couples (like the one I chose to depict here) where the husband is "regressed" to the status of a "little boy", totally submitting to his Mommy-Wife and playing out the Emilyverse-perverted roles of "Mommy" and "her boy" 24/7.

For some, this is the perfect lifestyle in both their eyes: "Mommy" goes to work at the office while he gets to stay home and watch cartoons and play with his Lego. Of course, he'll be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E if his chores aren't done and his toys tidied up when she comes home from work!

Apologies for the lack of posts this month; I've had pretty much no internet access, and what I have had has been dial-up speed... timewarp back to the year 2000! Still, I got some posts written "in advance", so can start posting those next month. Yay!


  1. Love the legs and brush....just hot!


    1. @Ron
      Thanks! I like her legs too... :P

  2. Hi, Banjo!

    Ah, the hairbrush - that most apparently innocent and yet highly-charged of spanking implements. One might almost believe the lady is just carrying it around for the purpose of dealing with tangles (his or hers), if not for his chidish attire and the body language that you've portrayed with a nice degree of subtlety. Those tight little shorts are a great touch too, and if she shows any more leg I expect they'll get even tighter!

    I like the idea of the Emilyverse too, and in a way you have your own version of it in which your pictures are set. I suppose I employ something similar too (the Underliverse?) - a ready-made world where things are much the same as they are in real-life, but with much, much more routine spanking or misbehaving men! :)

    1. @Underling
      As most know, I'm a huge hairbrush fan (my favorite implement of all time), mostly because of its distinctive femininity but also because of the "innocent unless you know what it's used for" nature, too.

      Regarding his shorts: his Mommy-Wife here picks out his clothes for him, of course, and insists that he dress in a way she finds arousing and adorable at all times, even in public. He's likely had several spankings in the past due to "disagreements" over his clothes, I suspect. :)

      "The Underverse" is a pretty awesome name, I think; it's a shame it's already taken. :(

  3. Very nice construction. Why wouldn't he be looking lovingly towards the Woman who steers their relationship. A very hot stinging bottom is often the small price he has to pay for his happiness. Nothing more maternal except maybe a spanking hand than a hairbrush.


    1. @Femsup
      I wanted to make it clear that they're both deeply in love, even though he spends many a night kicking and crying over her lap!

      He absolutely worships the ground she walks on, though sometimes his childishness gets the better of him and he can be selfish and silly, and thus need appropriate "correction".

  4. Great piece Banjo. I love how her expression suggests she very much intends to put that hairbrush to use as soon as possible, where as his loving gaze shows him to be blissfully unaware of the ordeal that is to come. No doubt she will shortly be having a little whisper in his ear that will soon wipe that smile off his face, but then will she wait till she gets home or perhaps find a conveniently placed ladies room or park bench?

    1. @QBuzz
      Thanks! That's kinda how I saw their expressions too. He's thinking "I love you so much!" and she's thinking "I am so looking forward to pulling those little shorts down!" :)

      I love the idea of her whispering her intent to him in advance too, giving him chance to think about it until they get home (or to a convenient location!)

  5. Now, honestly, there are drawbacks and considerations to marrying a guy like that. You have to be prepared to take care of him, so you'd better enjoy the feeling of taking care of someone, looking after his needs. He's never going to be mature enough to take responsibility for himself, so you're going to have to do it. He's going to keep making the same childish mistakes over and over, and while you'll be able to teach him better in some cases, it'll be a constant struggle.

    The truth is, there's a lot more to a successful marriage than just grabbing some cute young guy with a taut body who knows his place and can get it up seven times a night.

    Though goddamn, I've got to admit that's a good start.

    1. @Emily
      I'm sure, in the Emilyverse at least, that the "right types" tend to find each other; those with maternal, mothering instincts hooking up with those who are immature and need a firm hand. Yes, there will be bumps along the road, but (as you say), there are definite advantages for both partners, too. :)

  6. That most maternal (and evocative) of spanking implements, the hairbrush, is on full display here. What naughty boy hasn't experienced its kiss?
    Great fantasy material here, but I can't believe he has no idea why she's carrying the brush, apparently out in public like that. Perhaps he's actually looking forward to it...

    1. @Smuccatelli
      Someone once told me that a boy who hasn't been hairbrushed is a boy who's never been truly spanked. ;)

  7. Lovely and strict. A true spanko's fantasy.

  8. I like that he's wearing a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt, because if any female cartoon superheroes are going to grow up to spank their partners it is those three.

  9. An impressive piece. The way this smart, dominant young woman is looking directly at us with her clear blue eyes is really quite striking. The guy's masculine jaw line is an intriguing counterpoint to his feminised role, as exemplified by that Powerpuff t-shirt; his serene, contented expression suggests he's found complete fulfilment in his submissive relationship to this woman. To quote the lyrics of Depeche Mode's 'Master and Servant': "We'll both be fulfilled at the end of the day..."