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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Art - The Perfect Gift

"The Perfect Gift"

I hope to fill out this description more in the next day or so, but I just couldn't let Christmas pass without an art posting. I actually did this one a while back as a private Christmas card for a few friends, but am making it public (with a few touch-ups/tweaks) here for the first time.

For now, whether this image is from the point of view of the clearly-amused lady in the Santa-ette outfit or the spanked naked young man... whether "The Perfect Gift" here is referring to the bow-adorned hairbrush on the chair, the young man himself, or the intense fireside spanking that just took place... whether this is Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning... well, that's all up to you to decide.

Hope you like it... and again, have a wonderful and safe Christmas, everyone!


  1. Brilliant - Merry Christmas to you.

  2. I like it. I once wrote a story where a boy got a hairbrush as a Christmas present, or, more accurately, his mom got it and gave it to him, if you know what I mean and I think you do...

  3. thanks Banjo. I hope yours was wonderful also. i love the expression on the woman. she knows she has done a good job of warming his bottom. with a brush like that , that was a give me..

  4. Merry Christmas to all. A very nice picture, but it would be more humiliated for the boy, if the woman is a younger girl in the boys age, who gets permission for the first time to spank the boy with the gifted hairbrush.


  5. I did leave a reply for this earlier, darling, but Blogger seems to have eaten it. This is lovely. I think it's an exchange of presents on Christmas Eve. The fetchingly dressed young lady has received a gorgeous hairbrush and she has rewarded her young man with a pair of bright red bottom cheeks.

  6. Welcome back Banjo. Wonderful drawing, it looks like he's been a very naughty boy this year judging my the color of his bottom and the size of the stocking above the fireplace! Maybe now he can approach Christmas with a clear conscience, starting with getting on his knees and giving Mrs Claus the first of her many Christmas 'gifts'.

    PS that's a lovely thick and leathery belt around her waist, I wouldn't mind a taste of that!

  7. Welcome, wow, not sure what is hotter, his bottom, her or the brush, amazing one, classic and so realistic, lucky boy!

  8. And this would have been the perfect gift for me too. Welcome back and have a happy New Year

  9. She looks like the kind of lady who would keep his bottom blushing for the full twelve days of Christmas! Happy New Year!

  10. Hi Banjo,

    It's been nearly two months and Blogger hasn't deleted you again. Keep up the good work!


  11. Hope you had a GREAT Christmas Banjo :)

    I think the picture is titled "The Perfect Gift" because the little boy in the corner got the bow tied hairbrush as a Christmas gift from his Mommy and then she used it on him and has him in the corner to think about the spanking he just got to help welcome Christmas and now she is going to give her little girl a belting and put her in the corner next to help welcome in Christmas for her as well :P