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Friday, 31 October 2014

Art - Sorceress' Apprentice

"Sorceress' Apprentice"

Happy Halloween, everyone... and yes, it's a new artwork at last!

After such a long break in between, I wanted to do something a bit special to say "thanks" to those friends and fans still patiently following this blog. Hence, this piece is 100% brand spanking new (pun intended!). NOBODY has seen this, not even privately, because I spent the last few days making it for today's post! It's 100% Brand New Banjo!

Also, I miss so many actual dates with my "seasonal" posts too that I really wanted to make this one on time. So, enjoy, in the spirit of spooky haunted houses, pumpkin lanterns and cheap plastic skeletons and glow-in-the-dark spanked bottoms!

The idea for this piece just came to me a few days ago, but the subconscious inspiration should be fairly obvious, if not from the props than from the title! Initially, I just thought of a Halloween art piece that featured a "magic spell spanking"... but as I suspended the poor spankee in the air and added the floating spanking brushes, I couldn't resist adding the broom, the buckets, the magical "hands" holding said brushes, etc.

Which makes one interpretation of the storyline behind this scene quite obvious: the spankee is the powerful sorceress' new apprentice, assigned to clean up while his mistress was away somewhere. Maybe he sneakily tried to use her magic spell book to make his chores easier? Or maybe he just did such a poor job of cleaning up that she decided punishment was in order when she got back?

Perhaps he was just helping her prepare a spell or potion, and he made a silly mistake (clumsily spilling an ingredient, messing up an incantation, etc.), making his Magical Mistress angry enough to cast the dreaded "Double Brush" spell on him in her rage?

In any case, I'm pleased how this picture turned out, and especially like how 'The Sorceress' herself looks with her dark robes and silver-streaked hair; sexy but with a touch of menace that would cause any apprentice boy to be at the same time, awestruck and afraid of his incredibly powerful Arcane Mistress! Despite his devotion to her (either heartfelt or purely out of fear!), he knows he has no defense against her ire when it's raised; he'll be magically stripped naked and floating in the air, being vigorously spanked by those evil heavy brushes, even as he's begging forgiveness and sobbing apologies!

And as a final note: ouch! Imagining two magically-controlled hard wooden brushes pounding away at your tender bare bottom away while you flail helplessly in mid-air under an angry sorceress' spell seems an especially scary and severe punishment I think, and one that made me feel the need to spend a bit of extra time refining the "battle damage" of the poor apprentice's smooth round cheeks to be on the more realistic side. But definitely: ouch!

Then again, it IS Halloween, and she does look like she could be a rather *cruel* sorceress as well as a powerful one, don't you think?

Hmm, in that case though, maybe he didn't actually do anything *wrong*, but she needed fresh tears ("tears of a virgin boy"?) as an ingredient for some sort of magical concoction... and as her young apprentice, it's his job to "help" her gather them! Of course, if that was the case, she probably should have put those buckets under his head! I'm sure he'd fill them up quickly before she finally decided to dispel her painful enchantment!

Happy Halloween, folks! I hope you enjoy this little piece as much as I did making it... it was lots of fun to make something new and different!

A footnote: my beloved (giant!) CRT monitor finally died last month, so I'm now having to use a cheap LCD monitor, which is taking some getting used to in terms of colours and contrast when making artwork. So, my apologies if this piece seems a little "off" in terms of lighting or brightness!


  1. Ugh, blogspot keeps eating my comments! I had a long response/analysis to the piece written out, and I don't have the energy to rewrite it. ):

    I'll just say that I like the piece, and that its good to see you active again.

  2. Fantastic to see you posting again, Banjo! A great concept here - and I wonder whether you know, or might in part have been inspired by, a toon Harry Potter piece, which I think was for PalComix, depicting Snape using magical powers in a similar fashion to orchestrate multi-implement spankings to the Hogwarts girls suspended bare-bottom in mid-air! Of course, it's fun to see an F/M variation. Goth babes always set my pulse racing, and my knees trembling... any time of the year! But Halloween is the perfect occasion to enjoy the spectacle of such a one incarnate as an utterly mean and merciless sorceress. I fear I'd have to take up an apprenticeship with her - spellbound -no matter how much the thought makes my buttocks quiver!

  3. Great piece to accompany your reappearance, Banj! A very inspired idea, and beautifully executed. She certainly casts a spell over me!

  4. Love this Banjo, Happy Halloween! Personally I like the idea that the sorceresses' perfectly polite and well-behaved apprentice is enduring this spell in order to gather virgins' tears. And then she will use them to curse the nearby village so that every male spends the entirety of Halloween suspended in the air getting their naked bottoms blistered by twin hairbrushes!

  5. Always nice to see new work from you, dear. Stay safe and well and keep on delighting us all.