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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Art - Christmas Surprise

"Christmas Surprise"

What's more exciting for boys and girls (of any age) than Christmas? How about a Christmas spanking?

For me, there's something especially thrilling about the idea of getting a spanking at Christmas...

While Christmas is a time where it's traditional for Santa to tally up "naughty and nice" acts throughout the past year, it is also a time where many in families - whatever their ages - face temptation to be a little naughty on the holiday occasion itself.

For younger boys (and some girls, shhh!), such naughtiness might include things like: sneaking a peek at hidden presents (something I can relate to from my childhood... shhh!), harassing relatives for overly-expensive gifts ("But Steve's mom and dad are giving HIM a new iPhone!"), attempting to stay up past (or arguing about) bedtime on Christmas Eve, acting ungrateful when presents are received ("Socks?! Another crap present from Auntie Linda!"), fighting with siblings and cousins over Christmas lunch or dinner (especially if it degenerates into launching peas across the table, not that I'd know anything about that), or being bratty over not enough attention being devoted to them alone.

Those who are older (and should know better!) are not immune to festive naughtiness, either! How many supposed "grown-ups" will drink too much, get into arguments with relatives, lose their temper in the kitchen, shirk the dishes to watch TV, or act *very* inappropriately at the office Christmas party? Not to mention, the temptation to max out one's credit card with post-Christmas sales shopping sprees!

Regardless of age, Christmas is a time ripe for naughtiness and thus deserved spankings. While leniency might be shown in the name of holiday spirit, sometimes a spanking is so necessary that it will no doubt be administered, "Goodwill to All" be damned! Whether this takes place with the brat in question marched to their room (or a spare bedroom, if they're a visitor) for a good dose of bare-bottom corrective medicine, or are turned across a strict lap right then and there in the living room, dining room or kitchen so everyone can witness their festive bottom toasting may vary depending on circumstance, setting, or indeed the spanker's whims!

Of course, in some households, there may well be spankings that are *entirely* undeserved.

I find something tummy-flutteringly mean about the thought of getting an undeserved spanking on Christmas, whether it takes the form of a Christmas Eve bedtime spanking, a Christmas morning "rise and shine" bottom warming, or a Christmas dinnertime rump roasting. If the spanking is administered as part of a festive "ritual", it becomes downright unfair! For example, being spanked and put to bed on Christmas Eve hot and stinging just to ensure there's no sneaking downstairs? Or maybe a family tradition of delivering "fun" smackings to certain guests/family members/partners after gifts and lunch on Christmas day, while everyone else watches? The idea of a ritual "Christmas Spanking Tradition" is not something I've come across often, but it seems like a tradition one may either look forward to or dread... depending on whether they give or receive!

The artwork I've done to celebrate this Christmas could depict many different kinds of spankings, both deserved and undeserved. However, when making it, I'll admit that the latter was on my mind (hence the title)! It was first inspired by several photos of attractive "Mommy" type ladies dressed in sexy festive outfits that combined traditional "sexy Santa" touches with more appropriate-for-home lingerie/sleepwear. This got me thinking about the following scenario...

A young man, still in his pajamas, is met by his mother/stepmother (or maybe his aunt, who he's spending Christmas with?) dressed similarly to this artwork on Christmas morning. It's time to open presents, but Mommy/Auntie has a "surprise" for him: one of his gifts from her is a big wooden spoon, but it's not for cooking with! Instead, the shocked boy is taken across her sexy stockinged lap - pajama pants off - for a Christmas morning bare-bottomed OTK spanking that leaves him bouncing around and howling for mercy! "Merry Christmas, brat!"

The rest of his Christmas will be spent with a hot, stinging and (festively-appropriate) bright red bottom, and teary eyes. Christmas dinner may well require a soft cushion to sit on or might even have to be eaten standing up this year!

Whether this spanking was in any way "called for" (say, he's been acting up for the last few days and thus "had this coming") or if it was just something Mommy/Auntie *really* wanted to do for her own festive enjoyment, I'll leave for you to decide.

Of course, there are alternative scenarios that also fit this artwork. For example, maybe Mommy is playing "Santa" for a boy who might think himself too old for such things... but Mommy-Santa is showing him that being on Santa's "Naughty List" has very real consequences, nonetheless! Likewise, an attempt to open gifts early (or contempt shown for a certain gift when opened) might result in a sore bottom on Christmas morning too.

However, the spanker (whoever she really is) does see much more "amused" and cheerful than angry, don't you think? Whatever he's thinking while kicking and bucking across her lap, she seems to be enjoying his reaction and those little spoon-shaped ovals blossoming across his bottom in such a festive shade of red...

Hmm, maybe she's not related to him at all, but rather a friend of his mother who's much-desired "Christmas gift" was the right to give her friend's handsome teen son a hot crimson bottom?

Regardless, hope you like the artwork, folks... it's great to be back!

Please do post relevant comments below, whether about the artwork itself (thoughts, ideas, etc.) or your own Christmas spanking fantasies (or memories!).

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Great to see you back on the blog. Smashing picture. Michael

  2. Hi Banjo,

    do you ever know how I missed your art?


  3. Shawn, my wife a couple of Christmas ago, at her mother's who is a widow, had enough of my attitude, Christmas or not, she took me to the bedroom, spankings are done in private, I was only in my pajamas and they were soon on the floor and she was scolding me like a child. Her mother came in, handed her a present, thought you might want to open this she said with a smile and left. It was a large bath brush, I was over her lap and soon a total mess. Bawling, rubbing, naked, I was taken to the front room, stood facing the wall. She thanked her Mother, her mother said it works really well I see. I was then allowed to wear my pajamas the rest of the day only.

    1. Yeowch! That's the kind of gift that keeps on giving, too... :( Bathbrushes are IMO the *worst*.

  4. Great to see you back after a long absence. Always enjoyed your art.

  5. Great to see you back! Can't really improve on your interpretations of this awesome piece - Perhaps Auntie has convinced him to submit to his undeserved punishment by threatening to reveal his internet history on Facebook?

    1. In this day and age, one should be especially careful of not just their internet browsing history being seen, but of what they might foolishly post on social media, don't you think? I can easily imagine a mother or aunt who stumbles across a young man's Facebook page being quite irate if he's been posting inappropriate things...

  6. Awww, Banjo's back and doing shotas now. What else could a dirty old lady ask?

    1. Glad you like it, Emily, and you know you're my favourite "dirty old lady"... :)

  7. Banjo's back!!!!!!

    I agree that this spanking is definitely being given for the woman's enjoyment, based on her expression and body language. Whatever the boy might have done to "deserve" it was just an excuse for her, and definitely something minor by any sane metric.

    I'm thinking either stepmom, or neighbor lady who's been told to check in while the boy's parents are away for Christmas.

    1. I think you're right about this being an 'excuse' to do what she wants to do to him anyway! :)

      The idea it's a neighbor lady who's been trusted to check on him while his parents are away - and who maybe has had secret lustful spanking fantasies about the young man that she now finally acts on while he's home alone - is a very hot concept, I think!

  8. I think they were having company over for the holiday. The mom had told her son to wear his green top and his red pants. He hates them and besides they are becoming a bit small for him now as he hasn't worn them since last XMAS. So the boy wears his black pants instead. His mom tells him she wanted the other pants as she wanted him green on top and red on the bottom. The boy is argumentative with his mother, but when he begins to realize she is very serious he succumbs and goes to put them on. However mom tells him he can take the black ones off and she has decided his bottom will definitely be red - his bare bottom! The boy is hoping his spanking is over before the doorbell rings as given his current situation, he will be happy to put the red pants on. However his mother may have other ideas as she wishes to make this a memorable XMAS for the naughty boy.

    1. He'll certainly be wearing "red bottoms" for the rest of the day! I love the logic in your scenario, and it sounds so very much like a smartass boy to get spanked over something like this. It's amazing how fast defiance can turn into compliance in the face of an imminent spanking though, hmm?

  9. I get a Christmas Morning vibe from this piece, and a sense that this spanking is part of an annual ritual for the occasion - a good, bare-bottom otk whacking for the young man before he gets to unwrap any presents. He's expected to get himself up out of bed and wait by the tree without any pyjama bottoms until the lady of the house is ready to emerge from the kitchen and wish him a 'Happy Christmas' in her own special style. His messy hair gives him that just-out-of-bed look, and if he hasn't had much sleep it's not for excitement about what Santa Claus might bring him; it's dread of what Santa Mommy certainly does have in store for him! As for Santa Mommy, she has the serene look of a woman who knows that everything is just right for the big day. She's cleaned the spoon she's been using for the Christmas pudding mix, ready for its next job, and only after the young man is weeping inconsolably will she go get properly dressed for the day. Christmas carols ring from the radio, with Santa Mommy adding percussion to the uplifting sound of the organ and the young man providing an improvised descant.

    1. I love the idea of a pre-meditated Christmas morning spanking like that... something to "look forward to" all Christmas Eve! The mental picture of Mommy merrily humming to carols on the radio while a red-bottomed boy weeps in the corner beside the tree and presents is a delightful (if rather mean!) one indeed!

  10. Crimson Kid (C.K.)January 01, 2017 6:59 pm

    In some countries, it was customary for a child who hadn't been particularly well-behaved over the year to find a switch in his/her stocking, meaning that he/she was intended to be given a butt-whipping with it on Christmas morning. (Since I believe this was a western European tradition, it may have pretty much disappeared due to the current disapproval of corporal punishment for children in that area.)

    I'm figuring that the teenage boy in this drawing is being given a Christmas morning spanking by his older stepsister, because one of her mother's gifts to the young woman was full disciplinary authority over her younger stepbrother (as represented physically by the wooden spoon she found in her stocking), and she's gleefully exercising her 'spanking privileges' right away.

    "Get used to this kind of bare-bottom blistering, little brother, because it's going to happen to you on a very regular basis from now on, you can count on me for that!" --C.K.

    1. I often thought of what it might be like to excitedly hurry to open your stocking on Christmas morning... only to find - with horror - a switch inside, and realize the reason for it!

      But what *better* Christmas gift could there be for a sister than full spanking rights over her bratty brother(s)? :)

      Incidentally, I *always* love your vivid descriptions and wonderful spanking dialog, CK (it's why I love your stories so much!).

  11. I agree that "Mrs. Claus" is enjoying the situation far more than the naughty boy. I'm thinking that she's an old college chum of Mommy's who's recently come back into her life. Mom's never been a believer in spankings and Junior has for some time been "spank-curious" as well as having a bit of a crush on "Aunt Linda" who, although his Mum's age, is considerably more well-preserved and occupies a prominent place in the boy's masturbatory fantasies. Acting up a bit in front of their guest, whether consciously or sub-consciously, Linda convinces Mum to let her satisfy the boy's curiosity (at least regarding hard, humiliating, bare-bottom spankings, if not a view of Linda's magnificently naked body) and paddle his ass with the gift she brought for Mum. Junior gets what he wanted, at least partially and spends Christmas morning bare and red-bottomed in front of his grinning Auntie and Mum and several times nursing his sore, red bottom (along with his hard cock) in the bathroom. Later, Linda mentions she's going to take Mum (and Junior) hairbrush shopping on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day for you Commonwealth types). Junior is glum but after a very gentle, "reminder" spanking at bedtime over Linda's bare thighs that night, she promises him a very exciting time the next night while allowing him to rub his embarrassing erection against her warm, firm lap, finishing up with some solid, sharp smacks that make him yelp a bit then letting him slide off her lap, trying not to expose his painfully hard penis while she smirks at him. Face as red as his freshly spanked bottom, he pulls up his pajama bottoms as she gives him a rub and a not-so-innocent kiss on the mouth and a hug, allowing him to grind against her just a bit before she leaves. He is looking forward to Boxing Day even more now, reasoning he will get more time over those luscious thighs and then some "cuddle time" and a rub with some hand cream on his sore bottom from his Mum, who will watch and enjoy his predicament. Later, he will risk the Mother of All Spankings while trying to catch Aunt Linda in the shower. Maybe she'll see him and let him see her and even give him a hand job! Of course, it goes without saying that he'll sleep on his stomach while grinding his cock against his pillow. Whether he dreams of a naked Linda or a naked spanking FROM Linda is a matter for conjecture...

    1. Wow, what a hot and awesome scenario! Glad I could help inspire it with this piece, but it almost deserves to be a short story all it's own!

      As someone who's had a 'crush' on older ladies (mother's friends, teachers, etc.) as a teen, I can sympathize with the boy in your scenario! Love the way Aunt Linda here uses his mixed emotions and hormones to take him across her knee more than once, too!

      That sensual bedtime scene, complete with that sexily-inappropriate kiss after his goodnight spanking, is super hot, too!

      The hairbrush shopping trip is an awesome mental image, too (can just imagine Aunt Linda leading him around the mall on Boxing Day amid other shoppers, calmly explaining to sales girls what they are shopping for and why!).

      I also like to think Aunt Linda left the bathroom door open slightly while showering on purpose, knowing somebody might try to take a peek and give her cause to administer a truly serious and severe bottom beating as punishment! I like to think that she will later that evening walk in while *he* is showering or changing to give him that firm handjob, though... ;)

      Yeah, somehow, I think that if Mom hoped to 'cure' him of his spanking curiosity with Linda's help, it's had the opposite effect (and on Linda too!).

    2. I may do a "complete" story on that theme soon. As I said, I've been out of action pretty much for some time. It could be a sort of reintroduction to writing for me. As an aside, what do you think of more sexual activity in the story? Or do you just think the story should involve only spanking and humiliation? If you like, we could discuss it at my Gmail addy too...

  12. love it. missing yuour drawings for so long. good to see you are back again.

    1. Thanks, Tommy... it means a lot to me that a great artist like you misses my silly attempts!

  13. I admit - I gave up and stopped checking this site. Glad to see you're back, I hope you'll stay for a bit longer.
    The auntie in the drawing is obviously enjoying the situation. And as it's an Xmas family reunion, she probably has a few more nephews to spank this morning. Their behaviour is not relevant - she will always find a reason for punishment. It's her house and her rules...

    1. I hope to, Robertc!

      I like the idea of Auntie having several nephews to spank on Christmas morning... perhaps a line is forming, anxiously waiting their turn?

      "Her house, her rules" is a motto I do love in many contexts... :)

    2. I rather imagined her barging in to each nephew's room, perhaps waking him up, then after "dealing with him" heading to the next room etc. However the idea of Xmas spanking line is exciting as well...