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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Remember Me...?

Hiya, folks!

No long explanations, excuses, promises or statements of intent... but I'm back.

It's been a hectic and trying two years since I was last active online on this blog or indeed anywhere in the spanking community, but circumstances have made me decide to attempt a return (again!).

I've got a fair bit of unpublished, unfinished art I'd love to complete and polish, as well as a few other things, so if you're still around and willing to comment, I'm looking forward to posting and sharing with you all once more.

It's been a long time, so I know many may have moved on as is the nature of the internet, but for those of you still around from the "old days", or those who have maybe stumbled across this blog or my art elsewhere, I hope you stick around. I really want to rekindle this blog and the fun little community that once existed here, but I can only do so with all your help and support. After all, if nobody is commenting than I don't know if anyone is even reading or viewing... and I might as well keep this stuff to myself. As always, the real joy of making art, stories or anything else for me is knowing others relate and enjoy it too. So, you keep watching (and commenting) and I'll keep posting!

Sorry to have been gone so long. I really have missed this place and so many of you I've met through my art (whether via this blog, or previously from other sites like Yahoo Groups or MSN). The internet has changed a lot since I first got online, with many turning to social media like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to stay in touch with a few words or a single picture rather than more traditional, thought-out longer postings like these. I'm an old-fashioned guy, though, so I'll be sticking with what I know and love. I hope you'll stick with me though, as it's been a while!

None of us know how long we have in this life, so here's to making the best of what we have for however long we have.

I hope 2017 is a good one for everyone, and a new start for this blog community, too.



  1. Hi Banjo,

    I hope you remember me too. I was member in the old yahoo Group and I was also a visitor of this site here too. I´ve written some stories and made some art, not as perfect as yours, but I have tried it. Over the years I´ve made more photo manipulations than art, it Looks more realistic.Glad to hear from you again.


    1. I certainly do remember you, Joerg! I still have fond memories of that Starstruck Spanking celebrity group (I've been thinking of posting some of Pukeboy's awesome stories here someday, in fact!), as well as all the other fun times at Yahoo all those years ago. Where does the time go? Regardless, it's awesome to have you here again!

  2. Well, I am really glad that you decided to give this another go. Your art is amazing, and your stories have always been my favorites.

    But there is more to it than that; I actually was only 13, maximum 14, when I first saw your art on that old yahoo group, some ten years ago; I think there was a you-have-to-be-at-least-18 warning thingy that I totally ignored. But anyhow, every time I see your art, it brings back those precious memories; me, a young spanko from a very conservative Middle Eastern country walking my first steps on the road of recognizing that what I was ultimately urging to experience is shared by others; and skilful artist and literary enthusiast others at that; it does do wonders to ease the confusion that a young teen of 'our kind' is swamped with.

    So, I can't thank you enough for your amazing art, you wonderful stories, and even those little polls that was on the old group; which was my first attempt at leaving whatever little mark a single vote for an 'older sister/younger brother' option for ' what do you want the most to see more of?', or something like that, do.

    Thank you very, very much!

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing your story Faryak. I honestly found that really touching and moving to read. Many of have the experience of confusion or "not fitting in" with out kink; even today where alternate sexualities are far more accepted in many parts of the world, being a spanko or into BDSM is still often looked down upon or misunderstood.

      I am so very happy and grateful that my silly stories and artwork all those years ago were able to touch a chord with you and help you in such a way.

      Even though I made it myself, I get wonderful memories of those same years myself whenever I visit this blog or revisit my old works and stories (so many "backstories" to how some of those pieces came to be, friends long gone, etc.)

      Again, thanks for sharing and *please* feel free to comment here as much as you'd like... I'd love to hear your thoughts on certain pieces, etc.

      Oh, and "sister/brother" pairings are kind of a fave of mine too... so expect more on that subject for sure!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Great to see you're back!!! Hope your Holiday Season is full of fun (naughty and
    otherwise). And have a 2017 full of good health, wealth and happiness.

  5. Hey Banjo!

    Long time no see. Glad to see you back and I can't wait to see more of your stuff. BTW, Auntie Andrea of The Spank Shop has left the scene for good, I fear. She said in her last post that she may be back but it's been more than a year and no word from her. Since you're both Aussies, I figure you all know each other, so maybe you can find out...

    1. Thanks, mate! I do believe SeeGee had "real life" stuff he wanted to deal with, hence the shuttering of The Spank Shop (Aunty Andrea is no doubt assisting him in her own wonderful way). I think he may still lurk and post occasionally on other sites, but not the SS anymore, which is a shame (he is still one of my favourite spanking writers ever!), but as I can attest sometimes blogging has to take a back seat to the drudgery of reality. :(

    2. Yes, he's still posting and commenting regularly on the LSF site. Don't know of any others offhand. Like him, I had some RL stuff to deal with too and sort of faded away for awhile and have very communicative. Hope to remedy that soon. Take care, mate!

  6. Banjo! Great to see you back.

    1. Thanks, Brenli! It's good to be back!

  7. Hey Banjo,

    Good and glad to see you becoming active again!
    Your work always has and does trigger me!
    Thank you for all your efforts. I will definitely visit your blog regular if you start publishing again.
    Best regards,


    1. Hey Mart! Awesome to see you over here... would love to hear your comments on various stuff posted. Also, maybe we need to introduce some of the visitors here to our other 'projects'... some might like to visit "The Clinic" someday, if I do a post on it? ;)

  8. Hi Banjo

    Great to see you back, blogging and posting again! Wishing you everything you could hope for in a happy New Year for 2017

    All the best


    1. Thanks, Colin. I wouldn't be here still if it wasn't for your friendship. :)

  9. Fantastic! Discovered you a couple of years ago and then you faded away... I am so looking forward to seeing more of your splendid work. Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks, and hope you enjoy what's coming. Do please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

  10. Good to see you back Banjo! I've been a fan for a long time. Keep up the good work!
    (aka Robert)

    1. Thanks, Robert! Will do, hopefully! Did you know that your avatar's artist is one of my most frequent sources of inspiration for my own artwork when it comes to body poses? Shhh! :)

  11. Great to see you back. I've collected all your great artwork over the years and was despairing that you had retired for good.

    fellow aussie... lurkingcol.

    1. Gone but not forgotten... that always touches me, as I often think of my art as something silly and unimportant compared to that of some of the spanking "greats".

      But yeah, I'm back! :)

  12. Glad you are back. Always a great site in the past and I am sure will be even better in the future.

  13. Tsk Tsk!.. You have been a bad boy!
    Glad to see you are back. I have been offline a long time too.
    Traveling a bunch now that my kids are all grown.
    Looking forward to seeing some new art.. I posted some stories again too. On DA. take care..f

    1. Aren't I always? *blush*
      I've missed ya! Hope you enjoy the new art, and I'm really looking forward to checking out your stories this weekend on DA! :)