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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Art - The First Spank Lands

"The First Spank Lands"

While getting a spanking is always a 'special event', there are several 'key moments' that occur during any spanking.

This can be a moment that holds significance for just one party, such as the moment a spankee finally realizes that despite pleas and protests, this IS going to actually happen. It can also be a moment that is mutually important for both spanker and spankee, such as the moment when the spankee's bottom is fully bared and exposed.

Or the moment when the very first spank of a spanking is delivered!

This piece seeks to capture that special moment in time when the first spank of a spanking lands. Whether a short and sharp lesson or a lengthy bottom-roasting ordeal, every spanking has to start somewhere. Some prefer to start over clothes or underwear, others (like me!) believe all spankings should be bare-bottom right from the start. Regardless, that first spank is the moment that a spanking goes from a possibility to a reality!

Some spankers may prefer to start off fairly lightly, and build intensity as the spanking progresses. Others may prefer to start as they mean to go on, with hard spanks that set the tone for what the spankee can expect to feel during their entire backside-tanning experience.

Some spankers prefer to begin with a handspanking, and move on to implements once the target area is sufficiently red and warm. Others choose to start with their chosen implement (hairbrush, paddle, slipper, spoon, etc.) and make this a shockingly painful experience right from the start!

These factors can change depending on the mood and personality of the spanker; someone 'feeling mean' might decide to shock their spankee with a hard hairbrush onslaught right from spank number one, while a 'kinder' spanker might warm them up first with lighter handspanks. It might also be varied depending on the reason for the spanking, too (the penalty for fighting in school, for example, might be a 'cold caning' - no warmups! - while lesser offenses might see an OTK 'warmup' given first).

For someone who's never been spanked before, this 'first spank' takes on an even more special significance and importance. It is first time this person has even felt a corrective smack on their bottom in their life, so not only is there the shock of the spank itself to deal with, but the shock that they are actually being spanked in the first place to accept! For those who have been spanked before, the impact (so to speak!) may not be as profound, but the sting will be no less intense, and the surprise can be almost as great if they are being spanked by someone they have never been spanked by before (a relatively petite 'Mommy' at home surely spanks with different intensity to an athletic gym teacher at school?) or with an implement they have never felt before (a 'first hairbrush spanking' is almost as memorable as a 'first spanking' itself, I feel!).

Aside from such variations, I decided to depict this epic moment in any spanking as shown above: with a hard hairbrush whack to the bare bottom! This spank, the first of many, instantly produces a reaction from the spankee, of course! And such a reaction provokes one from the spanker themselves, too.

Here, I decided to capture a spanking event between a young lady and a boy possibly not too much younger than she is. The nature of their relationship and the reason for this spanking is open to interpretation and I very much invite everyone to offer their thoughts on the matter!

For my part, when making this artwork, I imagined that the pair were perhaps step-brother and step-sister? Or maybe she was a friend of his older sister? Or perhaps his young babysitter or tutor whom he had a 'crush' on? Or maybe even his girlfriend?

The first spank of a first spanking from someone you have a 'crush' on is a *very* special moment, after all! ;)

Regardless of their relationship, I think it's clear that the reality of being spanked is quite a shock to this poor young man! Maybe he was secretly lusting after a spanking, or maybe he thought them a silly childish punishment that couldn't hurt someone *his* age? Either way, the fact that spankings HURT is being driven home quite powerfully and dramatically here, I think... and this is just the first swat! If the poor boy thinks he can't handle this single first blow, imagine how hard it will be for him to endure the full-length spanking ordeal he no doubt has coming!

For her part, the spanker looks rather pleased with the 'impact' of her first spank here... clearly she is having the desired effect on the boy, hmm? Whether she is enjoying his reaction in a smug "so you thought it wouldn't hurt, huh?" way a smug sister might, or in a "That pained and shocked reaction is so damn hot!" way that a more 'domme' girl might enjoy is also open for interpretation.

I wonder if, given the youth and attractiveness of the spanker, this foolish young man deliberately 'earned' this spanking (or even requested it!) or if it was wholly initiated by the spanker? Perhaps this is something *she* wanted to do for a long time, either out of kinky lust or honest frustration with his bratty behavior? What do you think?

Finally, the posters on the wall were a late addition, but one I really like. Deliberately chosen for their content, they suggest one of two things in my mind:
1) This is *his* bedroom and he has a lust for powerful, dominant women (Lara Croft, Wonder Women, etc.)... so this spanking is a case of 'be careful what you wish for'!
2) This is *her* bedroom and *she* idolizes strong, powerful women as role-models, thus becoming quite a 'take charge' young lady herself and relishes having a 'naughty boy' under her control!

Hope you all enjoy the artwork, and please leave your thoughts, comments, ideas, alternate scenarios and suggestions in the comments below!

NOTE: This artwork actually originates from 2011, done for my own amusement but never made public (as it was still 'unfinished'). I was therefore surprised to see it turn up posted in a random Russian gallery a year or so ago! I can only guess how it ended up getting 'leaked'; those reading this who are longtime friends that remember me showing this to you, I *know* it wasn't you. Because once something is on the internet it cannot be removed, I am posting the original rough 2011 version here.


  1. Nice to see you are posting on a more regular basis, Banjo.

    I agree there are a number of special turning points in a spanking regimen. These dictate the tenor and impact of the discipline.

    1) removal of the underpants

    I think a boy will always think he can talk his way out of it until his underpants come down. My boys always became somber and quiet after that point.

    2) the first hit

    As you have depicted so beautifully, the first hit let's the boy understand that you are serious and he knows for sure who is in control. The boy in the pic looks somewhat surprised as I think boys usually tell themselves that they have had their last spanking...until of course they have been bad and it is time for his next one.

    3) when the boy cries

    No matter how big a boy is, he will usually give in and begin to weep at some point during his spanking. It is very emotional for them and a great turning point in his attitude. I would love to see a drawing of the same pair with the boy shedding some tears.

    4) the spanking dance

    This is a great relief to the boy knowing his spanking has concluded and a delight to the female spanker watching his willy bounce around until the boy becomes selfconscious and stops dancing.

    5) corner time with legs spread and hands on head

    It's always important to slow a boy down and give him time to think. I have found that boys are always most well behaved in this position.

    Glad you're back. Please let me know if I have left anything out.

  2. I agree, this scenario fairly shouts "big sister/step-sister" spanks little brother/step-brother" or perhaps cousin spanks younger cousin after several years of "priming the pump" so to speak. In either case, the boy is "asking for it", not necessarily verbally and, as the look on his face indicates, is NOT prepared for. Perhaps an earlier (maybe MUCH earlier) "patty cakes" hand spanking when he was a little boy led him to believe it would be much more pleasant. Whatever he did to get spanked, he's discovering that this one is going to be real, for better or worse. I like to think it's his older babysitter (older now. she hasn't babysat him for some years and he's remembering the time she spanked him on the seat of his pajamas and how "funny" it made him feel rubbing against her lap. She wants to disabuse him of the notion that it will be "fun" and she does. She WILL make him cry as she knows that's the only way to make it "real" (he will, like all boys, struggle to be brave and not bawl like a baby but she knows that it's necessary to "break" him and show him that, no matter what he thinks, or how tough he thinks he is, that he's just a naughty little boy and will be spanked to utter, sobbing, submission over her strong, no-nonsense female lap. I also think it's HIS bedroom and he'll get to enjoy Lara and WW as he frantically rubs his sizzling, paddled bottom in front of her (after he "does the dance" for her and she smirks at the sight of his flopping, bobbing young cock while he gyrates in pain). After corner time, she invites him to sit gingerly on her lap while she comforts and cuddles him, wiping his eyes and blowing his nose, scolding him for his misbehavior and warning him that this was just a beginning and the next one, if there IS a next one, will be worse. He is hugely embarrassed (and she amused) by his unwanted throbbing hard-on and she suggested he "take care of that" in the bathroom. It doesn't take long, of course and his loud groans are quite audible to her. He is surprised to see her at the door and hurriedly (and painfully) pulls his pants up to see her reach for a jar of cold cream for his battered bottom. She takes him over her lap again as she gently pulls his underpants down and gently soothes his steaming bottom with the cream. More loud groans of pleasure escape his lips as she rubs and, like boys of that age tend to do, he becomes erect again. She, of course, feels it and angrily slaps his tender cheeks several times hard. He howls and squirms off her lap, rubbing fiercely and heedless of his freshly stiff weiner, backs away from her, fresh tears on his face. Incensed, she tells him "what a little pervert" he is and how she's ashamed of him. She throws the jar at him, picks up her hairbrush, glares at him and stalks out of his room angrily. Rubbing his bottom desperately and squeezing his knees together, he looks at Lara Croft on the wall and already an idea forms in his dirty, little mind. He has never been more embarrassed and humiliated in his life. And never more horny. He returns to the bathroom, makes sure the door is firmly locked, steps out of his briefs and picks up some hand lotion. Looking it the mirror at his teary, red, puffy face and jutting, rock-hard erection, he squirts some lotion on his palm and closes his eyes and imagines...

  3. BTW, the link to the original pic (from 2011) doesn't work for me. Do I need another account?

    1. Sorry, should work now. Keep in mind I'd rather that version be "forgotten" as it was just a test render really (note even the render difference in the spanker's hair!).

  4. I saw this as a girlfriend convincing her man to indulge her long-held spanking fantasies. Her expression seems to say 'ooh this is every bit as good as I thought it'd be'!

  5. The girl is for sure me at age sixteen. The boy is a fifteen-year-old brother's friend who can't seem to keep his eyes off me. I seduce him. I tell him I find him cute. I tell him that I really enjoy spanking boys. That if he does this for me, I might consider doing something nice for him. I keep my word. After blistering his butt he gets a quick peek at my tits. Same time next week, Banjo? Maybe a bit more from me next time?

  6. That's another really excellent fantasy. Although I would suggest he'd likely more appreciate a handy (and it would likely ensure continued compliance to whatever you wanted to do). Of course that depends on whose fantasy we're talking about; his or yours... ;-)

  7. She had long been looking for an excuse to take her young step brother across her knee. Knowing that he was harboring what he assumed was a secret crush on her she baited him into peeping on her as she dressed; her bedroom door left open just enough. Feigning shock and outrage over his voyeuristic actions she issued an ultimatum. "Either I tell our folks about this or we take care of things right here and now." Choosing what he thought would be the lesser of two evils he submitted. After all, he thought, how much could it hurt?

    My wife has a hairbrush quite similar to the one she is holding and I can tell you from experience the expression on my face when that first spank lands no doubt mirrors the expression on his. You captured that well Banjo.


  8. Another great concept and art piece - thanks for sharing! I'd go with the step-sister/step-brother scenario, in his bedroom, perhaps with step-sis deliberately having given herself a Lara Croft plait for the occasion - humiliating him over his comics/gaming/posters-fuelled masturbatory obsession with tough amazon women, by 'becoming' Lara herself and teaching him that grubby perversion earns him thundercrack hairbrush-bruising from the get-go!

  9. I think she is his sister's friend or some other older girl he knows from the neighbourhood. He fancies her and fantasizes about her and she is aware of that. The girl clearly likes to take charge and dominate boys (as the role models posted in her bedroom might suggest).
    She makes him a promise that he'll get what he wants (see her naked? grope her? get a handjob?) if he proves to be tough. Tough means to get a spanking and "take it like a man". The boy is reluctant but finally agrees (thinking about his prize). And now, with the first spank he realizes he won't be able to take it like a man. Therefore, the girl will have her fun giving him a long and painful hairbrush spanking and afterwards she'll tell him he didn't prove himself and there is no prize for him :-(