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Friday, 27 January 2017

Australia Day: Hot Down Under

"Hey up there, mister life-guard!"
January 26th is Australia Day here in my home country of Australia, a day to celebrate our country and all it offers. For those in other countries, probably the closest comparison is American Thanksgiving; i.e. it's a secular "appreciate what we have" style holiday that's mostly a time for family celebration and a day off work!

Typical activities include the famous Aussie BBQ (false advertising aside, sausages in bread with ketchup are *far* more common fare than shrimp or prawns), backyard cricket matches with friends, drinking alcohol (!), displaying the Australian flag on your house or person, family picnics in the park, and of course spending a day at the beach (since it's summertime in January here).

Popular attire when indulging in these activities range from swimsuits adorned with the Australian flag to getting one's face (or whole body, if you're feeling especially patriotic/naughty) painted with the aforementioned flag.

It is also very popular for people (especially girls) to get temporary tattoos of things like kangaroos or "Aussie" logos in risque places, as seen in some of the images in this post, like the one opposite.

Incidentally, I always thought it would be unfortunate for such temporary tattoos to be mistaken for a real one by an disapproving parent or partner of the sort who spanks first and asks questions later... don't you think?

Planning their targets? "That guy over there has a really cute bum! Let's spank him next!"

Of course, boisterous celebrations and too much alcohol can lead to trouble for party boys (and girls!) of all ages.

Maybe it's a case of underage drinking that results in a furious parental punishment spanking at the end of the day? Maybe it's an impromptu bottom roasting on the beach in front of amused onlookers for being too loud or annoying other beach-goers? Or maybe it's a more playful smacking behind the sand dunes between a couple looking for a different kind of heat?

"Hey, boys! Wanna celebrate with us? We'll be gentle..."
On that note, the image opposite made me wonder: are these four mischievous-looking young ladies having a rather naughty, alcohol-fueled celebration that will likely end with four sound parental spankings, four tearful and regretful girls and eight hot red cheeks? Or have these four mean teens lured a shy, awkward young man to their backyard "party" only to reveal their wicked spanking intentions to the nervous boy now he's firmly in their clutches ("Get those bathers off, boy! Let's see what you've got down there... before you go over each of our laps to get your bum smacked!")?

Regardless of the reasons and circumstances, an Australia Day spanking will almost certainly end with a certain iconic piece of swimwear crumpled in a puddle on the floor, grass or sand!

And while the wooden spoon has always been my first thought as the quintessentially-Australian spanking implement, there's one world-famous item that can also bring sting to a bare bottom and tears to the eyes that couldn't be more suited to this celebratory day of all things Australian: the humble rubber flip-flop!

Barbequed bottom, anyone? :)

Photo from RealSpankings.
Artwork by Leonardo, from Paddles magazine.


For my fellow Aussies, I just wanted to wish you all a happy Australia Day! For those of you in other parts of the world, please take this time to enjoy a beverage of your choice and raise a glass (or can) in thanks for the good things you have wherever you live.

And remember: even when things seem grim in "real life", there's always your online friends like me who share your spanking passions and who'll post silly things like this to make you smile!


For some extra fun, I've attached some Australia Day 'bums' (that's what we call 'butts' here)... and no, I didn't forget my female visitors! :)

Click on the thumbnails above for bigger versions.

And finally, for those needing further patriotic inspiration (or a reason to visit Australia):

Again, as always, click on the images for bigger versions.

All images in this post, unless otherwise credited, were sourced freely online via image searches.
No copyright infringement intended. If you own any of them and wish them removed, let me know and I'll do so.


  1. I hope you had a great Australia Day, Banjo... your post made me smile on what, here in London, was a routine wintry day! lol re. that Australia-themed flip flop! I can imagine the four bikini-clad party babes you invite us to speculate about, each using that flip-flop to bbq the naked butt of a panicking, bathers-off boy trapped with them in the backyard... their idea of celebration certainly isn't his!

  2. I do relish the thought of there being a certain day of the year where women just prowl the beach looking for spankable boys. Like a sort of genderswapped version of certain Slavic easter traditions, dialed up to a fantastic extreme.

    Australia Day would work well for such an event.

    1. As a fan in general of self-assured, dominant, "predatory" women anyway, I love the mental image of ladies "prowling" the beach on that special day for spankable boys. "Oooh, check out the buns on him!"

      I can also imagine there's a rather hot story somewhere in the concept of a certain day of the year being declared where *all* males are "fair game" to be spanked by *any* lady for *any* reason, for 24 hours... what do others think?