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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mean Maid Month

"Excuse me? What do you mean 'Maids
should be the ones GETTING spanked'?!"
There's something about maids and spankings that go together so perfectly.

Spankings and "schoolgirls/schoolboys" (adults in school uniforms) are a natural pairing due to the real-life history of corporal punishment in schools, but maids and spanking is a bit of a less obvious match that is nonetheless probably the second biggest "costumed spanking" sub-genres I can think of.

Why is it? Maybe the fact that maids (or indeed any domestic employee) were historically "servants", as well as the way society treats domestic chores as "menial" compared to, say, working 18 hours a day in an office (!)? Does this mean that maids and other such domestic staff are thus often seen as "submissive" by their very job nature, and thus ripe for exploring spanking fantasies in a context that is somewhat more believable than many other employer-employee relationships, even in today's modern age? It IS true that servants in the past were indeed subject to corporal punishment by their "masters" and "mistresses" in days gone by...

Of course, this is Banjo's BBS, so I'm always going to see a lot of traditional spanking cliches a bit differently (read: more "femdommy"!). As a straight male, I've always found the "maid fantasy" (attractive young ladies - often stereotypically "French" - dressed in frilly, lacy, black and white uniforms that seem rather impractical for actual maid work) sexy, though as you might expect, usually from a "uniformed ladies are authoritarian... even when said uniforms are skimpy and their roles are as servants"!

Thus, in celebrating Mean Maid Month here at Banjo's BBS, I want to look at the DOMINANT side of female maids.
For example: is it a stretch to imagine that these domestic employees might find themselves in a position to spank their employer's naughty sons (or daughters!)? Perhaps they discovered a secret stash of pornographic magazines under a teenage boy's bed while cleaning? Or perhaps a rude boy thinks that just because his mother is paying the maid, that he can be rude to her and try ordering her around himself? Or maybe a young man is unable to control his hormones around the pretty new maid and finds himself caught peeping at her as she goes about her duties or even changes in her room? Worst of all, what if the maid walked in on him masturbating... possibly even while he is thinking about her!

In such situations, the maid may decide to make a "deal": let me punish you and I won't tell your parents about this. Such a "secret" between maid and boy may even develop into an ongoing "agreement" (or "blackmail", depending on the circumstances, consent and point of view!) for ongoing clandestine discipline sessions. What started as a grudging agreement to accept a spanking from the maid in lieu of his mother being told he was hiding naughty magazines may become a succession of painful secret smackings whenever he and the maid are alone in the house together, as he either finds himself "under her thumb"... or discovers that he rather enjoys the pretty maid's punitive "attentions"!

Alternately, a spanking from the maid may be administered under full authority of her employer. Perhaps because the maid is somehow involved in the offense that needs correcting (for example, some of the above-imagined scenarios)? Or perhaps, the Mistress of the house simply wishes someone (her son or daughter, or even another servant?) punished and tasks the maid to handle the task in her place. This would, after all, either allow said Mistress to relax and just watch... or even just handle more important tasks elsewhere while the hapless spankee is left alone to the mercies of the maid!

(For those interested, I actually depicted a similar scenario to this in my artwork here)

Of course, even if a Mistress (or Master) decides to carry out the punishment themselves, dutiful maids can always "assist" by fetching (by force, if need be!) the spankee and delivering them for discipline, or even helping to restrain/hold down the recipient while their employer administers the spanking, caning, birching, strapping or whatever else they see fit.

That raises the subject of implements that might be found in the hands of spank-happy (or at least, spank-authorized) maids.

To me, a slipper seems a very "domestic" and "maid-suitable" choice, well-suited to bedroom smackings and perhaps those more intimate "agreement" type spankings mentioned earlier, when a maid's palm just isn't enough to get the job done. A slippering from the maid at bedtime is also a scenario where this implement fits wonderfully, IMO; whether said maid has been sent to "deal with" the pajama-clad spankee by their mother perhaps, an impromptu situation such as the previously-mentioned "caught masturbating" shocking bedtime scene, or a secretive visit unsanctioned by anyone else.

For harsher punishments, the whippy handle of a maid's feather duster would make a very handy and *very* painful implement, I've always thought. Regular style dusters could be applied in the style of a "nursery cane" (i.e. a short cane designed for OTK use) while longer handled dusters could even be used to administer a more traditional bent-over caning-style thrashing. Both long and short duster styles would be capable of leaving nasty raised welts in a no-nonsense maid's hands! Incidentally, I've heard they're a traditional maternal implement in parts of Asia? (I struggled to find an image of a duster handle "caning", to my surprise, F/m or otherwise. If you know of any related pictures, let me know!)

Of course, there is always the hairbrush or the belt... perhaps one owned by the spankee's own mother? And for officially sanctioned punishments where severity is called for, the Mistress may allow the maid to use a birch, cane or tawse in order to administer the ordered thrashing!

Before closing, even though somewhat outside the focus of this post and monthly theme, it would be remiss of me not to look at the "flipside" of femdom maid spankings: that of male "maids" who are subject to strict discipline themselves!

"Serve me my coffee, then go bend over the sofa
arm in the study. I shall be in to cane you shortly."
The "sissy maid" is a fairly common fantasy for both subs and Dommes in femdom and BDSM circles. While forced feminization is not really my "thing", I can certainly appreciate (if that's the right word!) the humiliation of a man being forced to wear a stereotypical "French Maid" style uniform to perform domestic chores. Not only is it something of poetic justice for all the men (myself included!) who lust after sexy "fantasy maids" in such outfits, but those short skirts are frighteningly easy to flip up... meaning a spanking is always just a few seconds away when wearing such attire! Quite a nerve-wracking thought, and it does makes me feel sorry for those poor female maids who ARE spanked regularly; the thought that, at any moment, your skirt can be flipped up to render you "spank-ready"!

Non-feminized "houseboys" serve the same role of domestic servitude equally well, though. To be honest, some of my strongest spanking fantasies during my late teens and early twenties were about being a "houseboy" for a strict lady with exacting standards of service and a preference for corporal punishment as a way of maintaining said standards!

I am obviously not alone in these fantasies, as I still remember reading passages in spanking magazines at that age on the subject (Jennifer Brooks' "Behind The Scene", Retro Systems' "WhAP! Magazine" and AKS Books' "The Governess", most notably), and that a specific Leda video preview ("Katie's New Maid", I believe) had a *very* big impact on me when I saw it in my late teens!

I'm fairly sure that from the point of view of a female dominant, having a cute houseboy or "male maid" around to do the domestic work is a pleasant proposition. I would be interested to know if the fantasy is as common among dominant ladies as it is among submissive males and females? Perhaps if there is demand, I might devote a lengthy post, new art or a story to the subject of "spanked houseboys"? Let me know (here or privately) if that's something you'd like to see, folks! :)

Anyway... March is "Mean Maid Month" at Banjo's BBS, and is all about celebrating "the maid" in F/m (femdom) spanking fantasies and scenarios. Let's celebrate the lesser-seen side of these Domestic Goddesses together!

For now, I'll leave you with some "maid" images to ponder. Feel free to comment on them, or submit your own favorites via email or comment link.

"Is THIS what you were trying to peek
at, you naughty boy? Spank, spank!"

Following the pretty new maid upstairs...
he had no idea what he was in for!

"Bend over the sofa arm, boy!
I've been instructed to punish you!"

"Don't be scared, sweetie. Just pull down
your pants and lay across my lap..."

Afterwards, nursing his red, sore bottom, he
wondered if she'd teased him deliberately...

"Well, I don't HAVE to tell your Mom
about those magazines I found..."

"Oh, SHUSH! If you wake the Mistress with
your silly bawling, you'll REALLY be sorry!"

"Come with me. You're to be
STRAPPED! Mistress' orders!"

"The Mistress is going to CANE you,
boy, and I'M to help hold you down."

"Hey, brat... guess what *I* found hidden
under your bed? You NAUGHTY little boy!"

"Now I COULD tell your Mom about this...
or WE could settle this right here and now?"

"Strip and lay face down on the bed! I'm
going to cane you with my duster handle!"

"So, it's just the two of us, alone at last? I've
been waiting for this moment..."

Click on any of the thumbnails above for bigger versions.

Finally, a humorous comparison between the "fantasy" and "reality" of modern maids:
Fantasy maids...
Real-life maids!
Both types can probably spank just as hard, though!

Again, thanks to all my readers and fans who've stuck with me during bad times and "posting droughts". I hope you're enjoying the new posts and what is still to come. I know most of you tend to prefer my artwork posts over these "article" pieces (judging from the disparity in comments between those different types of posts) but this is just an "introduction" to the theme for the month that I wanted to get done first, to get everyone thinking about scenarios and ideas. I've already got *four* artworks ready to post for this month, the first of which I intend to post tomorrow or the next day, once people have had chance to read and comment on this article. Remember, the more comments I get, the more encouraged I am to post quickly. That's just how I work. :P


  1. What's that you say? Banjo wants comments? :)

    Maids (and houseboys) have long been a favorite fantasy genre of mine. All sorts of pairings, but of course you'd prefer to hear about the F/M ones. "Maid spanks the masters' son/a junior household servant" is of course a classic.

    Another one I enjoy is a houseboy who's been hired at least as much for the sadistic pleasure of the mistress as for the actual housework he does. Especially if he had no idea what he was getting into. I even had one especially naughty fantasy scenario where this happens, but then the mistress' late teenaged daughter independently has the same idea, and both ladies of the house spank and abuse the houseboy (the daughter undoubtedly keeping it a secret from her mother. If things get sexual between either of them and the boy, they both would keep that secret too, and he'd probably be terrified of the consequences of letting them "find out" about each other's sexual use of him and what the consequences might be for him).

    A particular favorite of mine involves this big, gothic castle on a cliff, with a beautiful noble lady ruling a big household with an iron fist. There's a strict hierarchy beneath her, with senior servants and guards punishing their juniors just as they in turn are beholden to her ladyship. When she punishes a senior servant, they usually find a junior to take it out on shortly afterward. Naturally, some adorable, put-upon house or kitchen boy would find himself at the bottom of the ladder, with some sexy, sadistic maids directly above him who delight in having someone beneath themselves to punish at will.

    I look forward to whatever you post this month! Four new art pieces is an exciting prospect. Perhaps something will inspire me.

    1. I *adore* your "mother and daughter* scenario/fantasy idea! So very hot, especially the idea of each not knowing what the other is doing to the poor boy, and him being caught between them in their sadistic whims! Usually I'm not a huge fan of sex in spanking scenarios as it often (in films and stories) gives too much "agency" and power to the spankee... but I think that touch here really adds to the kinky and scary nature of the scenario, with one or both parties using their authority over the boy to coerce him into sexually satisfying them (or else they just sexually torment him) and him being scared the other might find out!

      More generally, any scenario where a houseboy finds himself under the discipline of a lady who hired him for her own sadistic pleasures as much as his domestic servitude is a win for me! As most know, my favorite spankees are shy, easily-dominated types of young men, so that really fits for me.

      I smiled reading about your hot gothic castle scenario. Not only is it very sexy (one of the few times I'll entertain F/f spankings is in a situation like this: where the spankee can then take her anger out on some poor male afterwards!) in its own right, but - and I'd forgotten this until now - the *very first* proper spanking story I ever read (pre-internet, from an adult CD-ROM collection of adult erotic BBS/Usenet stories) was about a man who tracked down his ex-girlfriend and found himself enslaved as the lowest "rung" in a manor with a hierarchy very similar to the one you describe! Made me very nostalgic!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Wish blogspot let you edit comments...

      Glad you liked my fantasy scenarios there. The castle one in particular is something I got from a dream years and years ago, and still keep meaning to turn into a story. Do you happen to remember the name of the usenet story? Sounds like it could be up my alley.

      I like sweet, shy boys being spanked myself quite a bit. As a spanko author though, its a tricky kind of character to write about. Passive protagonists tend to be frustrating for the reader, so I'm always struggling to make the boy shy and submissive toward the spanker(s) while keeping him an active and engaging character. Its a difficult balance to pull off.

      That brings me back to your issue with sex in spanking scenarios. I actually don't agree that sex between the spanker and spankee necessarily gives the latter any more agency, regardless of how active or passive a character he might be overall. If anything, I see it as further empowerment of the spankER. She does whatever she wants. Not having sex with a cute boy when you have him at your mercy seems more like self-denial than dominance.

  2. One milder variation is the spanked male doing housework in an apron.

    I enjoy all your postings, Banjo, including both article pieces and artwork -- I'll be celebrating Australia Day and Mean Male Month in future years!!!

    On the subject of men put in aprons by dominant females for after spanking chores and some corner time -- might be a natural following to your Hairbrush Dance or Heated Discussion artwork. A young adult male is being trained for long-term service by a girl friend or future wife.

    Thanks again, Banjo. And so glad to see you back -- I missed you. Happy to see you continue with your interest and hope you'll post as you find comfortable. This is an interest we share with you and your art and writing is the best I've seen. Always worth waiting for!!!! Much appreciated.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and welcome... it's good to be back and I really appreciate the comments and fellowship of folks like yourself. Very happy to hear someone who enjoys the articles as much as the art... I know my art is why a lot are here and appreciate it so much, but I have a lot of fun writing the articles and other "silly" pieces too!

      Oh, if you like "put in an apron" type domestic scenarios, I am working on polishing up an artwork on that subject for a future posting... :)

      I can't decide which I find hotter: the idea of a man being "aproned" and put to domestic work after a sound, humbling spanking... or an aproned "houseboy" or "house husband" being disciplined with a spanking for failing in his domestic duties. Chicken or egg? :)

    2. Chicken or egg? Two sides of the same coin but not exactly identical. Each possibility is great. The apron will stand out if the young man is naked and
      well humbled in either case. I like the aspect of the naked boyfriend being trained for marriage and properly disciplined when he hasn't served to her high standards.

  3. I have several favourite stories/fantasies about maids and all of them were to some extent mentioned by Banjo:
    1. A young man lives in a manor of his aunt, stepmother or some guardian who believes in corporal discipline. The maids have opportunity to assist when she punishes him. It is especially embarassing if he had previously tried to boss around the maids.
    2. A similar setting plus the maids blackmail the young man about revealing his misconducts which would result in his caning. If he chooses the alternative, the maids spank him themselves, getting their revenge and a lot of fun.
    3. A young boy works as a servant/houseboy in strict lady's manor. He is punished by the head servant or the lady herself for his mistakes and negligence. The young maids tease him, distract him, sabotage his work etc. to get him in trouble and spanked, so they can hear or see his punishment.

    1. Love those fantasies! Picking a favorite is hard, but maybe if I had to, number 3? I just love the whole idea of those mean young maids all ganging up to scheme, tease and sabotage the poor houseboy's work so he's always getting unfairly spanked!

  4. What an awesome range of fantasy scenarios to contemplate on this theme! Thanks, Banjo, for stimulating the imagination with some naughty thoughts, and pictorial triggers to help! My favourite scenario is where a mother who frequently takes her teenage son over her knee is a busy career woman too, often needing to work late or travel, so she delegates to her maid some duties beyond keeping the house clean - including keeping her son in line with routine bedtime spankings and any other punishments the maid may deem necessary! As mother remarks to the maid when outlining her additional duties, it's true that wearing a French maid's outfit may not be practical for all household chores, but it's important to slip into that skimpy, silky, frilly uniform when dishing out spankings because that's a way of impressing on a punished boy that female authority is female authority even when it's teasing, sexy and hyper-feminine!

    1. I really like the idea of a busy career woman who delegates her son's spankings to a maid... I wonder if she deliberately chooses a young and pretty maid for the task, or if she is a bit maternally ignorant of the consequences of charging a sexily-attired young lady to give her boy these rather intimate bare-bottom bedtime spankings? :)