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Friday, 31 March 2017

Art - The Lady And Her Maids

"The Lady And Her Maids"
It's the end of Mean Maid Month here at Banjo's BBS, and I hope you've enjoyed this little special I drummed up as much as I have. It's been a lot of fun reading and responding to comments here; a huge thanks to everyone who's taken the time to write their thoughts or feedback. It means so much to me and is what keeps me going! I will be responding to the latest ones tomorrow, but since this was the last day of the month, I wanted to get the final themed art piece posted...

As a finale, this is a brand new piece that puts the maids of the month's theme in unison with their Mistress herself... a truly devastating combination for the young man here who has found himself the target of their painful attentions!

Like the previous artwork, this is more than a "candy pink botty stinger" of a spanking. The Mistress (as I will refer to the lady of the house from now on, for the sake of brevity) clearly intends this to be a punishment to remember, and shows no qualms about marking this young man in her choice of implement or level of severity inflicted with it. What's more, she knows that either this punishment will be painful enough that the boy will need to be held down across her lap, or that he is enough of a "wimp" that such restraint will be required regardless.

Being overpowered and held down for any spanking makes the experience a much more humbling and scary one. Even a simple hammerlock (wrist pinned behind one's back) or leg-lock (spanker's leg across the spankee's to prevent kicking) reduces the spankee's control and makes them feel more "dominated", but being totally pinned down or (as seen here) having one's arms and legs held tightly while across someone else's lap makes the spankee totally helpless and vulnerable!

The Mistress' expression shows displeasure at best, or anger at worst. She is definitely focused on spanking the young man she has before her, and seems resolute in her task. There is no doubt in my mind - from her face, to her outfit, to her makeup and jewelry, to her hairstyle, that this is a lady of refinement, wealth and strict expectations of behavior. Crossing this lady is a big mistake!

However, while the spanker herself seems determined and stern, the two maids assisting their Mistress seem far more amused by the situation and their role in it. Both wear what I interpret as rather sadistic and smug smirks... either they are pleased that this particular boy is getting his "comeuppance" (at last?) or simply enjoy watching - and more so, taking part! - in the punishment of a handsome young man.

The maid's outfits, as per the month's theme, are of course frilly, lacy and decidedly sexy. Either this is a "period piece", or Mistress has a taste for the traditional. Alternately, the Mistress could have chosen these uniforms for her attractive maid staff to tease the poor boy(s) in her household... or perhaps even for her own visual (and sapphic!) enjoyment?

For his part, the boy himself has been stripped completely nude, making it clear this is a premeditated punishment on at least some level. Perhaps he was formally ordered to report before the Mistress and slowly undress in front of her and the attending maids? Quite a humiliating prospect, especially he's a rather shy boy and nerve-wracking if he already knows a spanking is coming once he's naked! Or perhaps he was dragged from his room (or bed?) by the maids on Mistress' orders, marched/dragged (by the arms or even ear!) to the parlor where the Mistress awaited, then was forcibly stripped by the two strong maids while he squirmed and struggled in vain resistance?

The choice of implement was one I decided on late in the piece; birchings have always felt like they most belonged in "mistress-servant" scenarios (as in this artwork), but since I wanted this to be an OTK piece, I decided on a short, multi-cane type implement similar to the kind seen here. I've never experienced one personally, but imagine they combine the "multi-switch" aspect of a birch with the sting of a short cane rather cruelly!

One other thing to note is that the boy's position and restraint leads to a rather intimate view for him: his eyes are directly level with the cleavage of the maid holding his wrists! Quite a sight, even through the blur of his tears, no doubt, and one that may lead to a little "problem" pressing against the Mistesss' lap (and expensive dress) even? It's also worth noting that the maid holding his ankles has a rather intimate view too... of HIM! Not only does she have a close-up view of his red, striped squirming bottom, but a rather lewd look at his most private parts between his thighs as he squirms and struggles! This view will increase if the Mistress orders the maid to spread his legs and hold them apart further, should she decide to deliver some especially painful strokes to his inner thighs, too! Ouch! I'm sure these "views" will be a memory both spankee and maid won't forget!

As to why this whole event is taking place... well... both myself and other wonderfully creative posters have already come up with many possible scenarios that might fit here.

Maybe the Mistress is furious with the boy for some offense, and is now punishing him for it? This would certainly fit with both the above scenes of him either being ordered to the parlor in dread or dragged forcibly there by the maids!

Or maybe this is a "scheduled" thrashing of the maintenance kind that occurs once a month (or even week!), to keep him in line and remind him who's boss? In keeping with the latter idea, this would fit especially well if he's unfortunate enough to be the "lowest rung on the ladder"... perhaps he got ideas above his station (trying to order around or torment the maids) and now needs to be reminded that even though the maids are also in Mistress' service, HE is below even THEM!

Perhaps it might tie in with previous comment suggestions of a boy who endures "improprieties" from the maids while the Mistress is out? This could be her response if she finds out (blaming HIM, not them, of course)? Or maybe the result of him finally summoning the courage to "tell" on the sadistic maids' constant spankings and sexual torment behind the Mistress' back... and Mistress shows him that not only does she not have a problem with what they are doing to him, but decides to add a lesson of her own in what she thinks of cowardly tattletales!

As always, I welcome your feedback, thoughts and imaginings on this piece, from comments on the artwork to possible scenarios and variations it inspires you to imagine, or even similar fantasies or experiences you've had.

As the final art piece for Mean Maid Month (something I hope might perhaps become a regular March fixture here, even if future ones aren't quite as "epic"), I really hope you've enjoyed this little celebration. If you have favorite maid-themed photos or images (spanking-specific or otherwise), a memorable scene from movies or TV shows, or sexy maid-themed stories, I welcome you to share them with me (you can always email them to me if that's easiest). If I get enough, I might even post some (with permission) as a finale here.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the cruel, cheeky, sexy maids of March here at Banjo's BBS!

Oh, but if you're sick of maids or they just aren't your "thing", don't worry... there's more art and posts to come on other themes too!


  1. The Mean Maid topic is very interesting, if the two maids gets their turn too. A spanking from three attractive women and in the nude yet. It would be more humiliated if the two maids spanks two boys otk face to face, so they must hear their screaming.

    For the next Topic I would to see Role Reversals. Perhaps a schoolgirl spanks her naughty teacher. I hope to see more of your fantastic stuff.


  2. The Mistress is definitely unhappy with the situation, and the maids are definitely happy with it. I think I'm going to go with your "the maids have been unfairly spanking and sexually torturing the boy during the mistress' absence" explanation. The Mistress doesn't believe a word of what the boy told her about the maids' behavior, and now he's getting a blistering punishment in front of those very same grinning, gloating tormentresses.

    The fetishy looking costumes could either be for the Mistress' benefit (I doubt she would have them dress that way to satisfy the boy's gaze rather than her own), or it could just be down to the porno-logic of the setting. In this world, that's just how maid uniforms look. Its not considered unprofessional or unusual.

    I do wonder if these maids will continue using the boy for their sadistic pleasures now that the boss lady is home (though I imagine they'll have to be more subtle about it), or if things will go back to normal aside from the occasional knowing smirk or double edged comment until they next have the place and the boy to themselves.

    Thanks for Mean Maid Month, Banjo, and thanks for being back online in general! Can't wait to see what other arts you have in store for us, maid related or otherwise.

  3. Banjo, this piece is a hot composition, with all the details working in the ways on which you've commented: thank you! That short, multi-cane type implement does indeed look very painful! I think that an aspect of this which I particularly enjoy is how the boy is captured by the female gaze from three different perspectives, with the symmetry of the maids' looking from either end, topped by the Mistress's overview. I love your riff on the intimate view enjoyed by the dark-haired maid, and how the boy's private parts will be even more exposed to her gaze if the Mistress demands that he spreads his legs further apart for spanking to his inner thighs. I get from the Mistress's expression an attitude of unflustered, implacable determination to inflict pain, rather than fury, and the smug smirking of the maids is unquestionably a highlight. The blonde maid's sadism in thrusting her heaving bosom so close to the teary-eyed view of the suffering boy, wiring his mind to equate agony with sexual arousal, is very hot - as is the thought than any mid-spanking 'misbehaviour' on his part that this might induce, stirring against the expensively-dressed lap of the Mistress, might truly incur the Mistress's wrath!

    I'm almost tempted to offer a leftfield interpretation of the scenario, in which the porno-logic of the choice of fetish maids' costumes has an 'in-world' explanation. The three women each exude such sadistic confidence that I wonder whether they actually have parity of status, rather than two being subordinate to the other. Perhaps they are the boy's three aunties, entertaining themselves for the evening in a costumed 'role play' designed to cause him sexual confusion as well as agony, and switching roles/costumes from one instalment of his spanking to the next - or if they are, instead, two aunties and his (step)mother, so we can't tell, here, whether it's the (step)mother taking her turn to be Mistress, or taking her turn to be the maid who thrusts a frilly-fringed maternal bosom in his face, or taking her turn her turn to be the maid observing (with tut-tutting mock disapproval) the vagaries of his familiar boy-bits' misbehaviour. Perhaps the evening began with the three women (whoever they really are) explaining to him that they have their own special cos-play plan for celebrating with him the climax of 'Mean Maid Month' (cossies for them; nudity for him)!

  4. Wow Banjo this is a great conclusion to a great month - the blonde Mistress is absolutely gorgeous! As she looks quite young I thought the boy might actually be her husband (the young master of the house) getting shown that this is certainly a household run by the ladies! Maids are such a classic fantasy but artwork of them is actually comparatively rare, especially in femdom scenarios, so this has been much appreciated :)

  5. Another great artwork of the Mean Maid Month :-)
    It corresponds to one of my fantasies I described under another post - the one about mean maids scheming to et a servant boy into trouble by teasing & distracting him, sabotaging his work, reporting on his failures (which includes false accusations of course).
    So, it looks like they managed to frame him. He tries to explain that he is innocent, but the Mistress obviously doesn't believe him and delivers additional punishment for lying. And to make things worse, the maids who caused this unfair spanking are assisting the Mistress and take the opportunity to arouse him sexually, which will probably get him into further trouble!