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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Art - The Maid Lends A Hand

"The Maid Lends A Hand"

Continuing Mean Maid Month in March 2017...

This piece is my attempt to depict the more "playful" side of maid spankings... at least, from the maid's point of view! Hopefully it's clear that the maid dishing out this spanking is enjoying herself, though whether it's because she's delighting in a new authority to punish, a long-held dream of spanking this particular boy coming true, or simply having fun smacking a cute bare bottom bright stingy pink, is open for interpretation.

The boy is visibly less enthusiastic. He looks rather shocked to me, actually! Either he didn't expect a smacking from the pretty maid to hurt this much (or be this embarrassing), or he had no expectation (or desire) to be spanked like this or by her at all! Again, I'll leave that for you to speculate on.

I made an big effort to color his bottom a rather more vivid "candy pink" than red, as in my mind this palm smacking is all about bright hot pink cheeks and super-sharp sting, as opposed to a more "bruising", deeper "thuddy" paddling, caning or hairbrusing type spanking; the kind of shockingly intense sting that really drives a spankee wild and soon has the poor boy in tears, weeping and pleading for the botty-smacking ordeal to end as he squirms, kicks and bounces about frantically on the maid's stockinged lap, his blazing hot backside wildly gyrating in reaction to the sensation that feels like he's sitting on a hornet's nest!

The maid, however, won't stop until she's satisfied her job is done. Whether this means following the commands of her Mistress or simply upholding her own standard of discipline (or level of enjoyment!) is yet again open to speculation.

As to what has caused this spanking in the first place... as mentioned in my previous post, the maid could be acting under orders, sent to spank this boy for some specific offense, or she could be using her own initiative. Perhaps she caught him "up to no good" (in the various naughty ways boys his age get up to?) and gives him a choice of a spanking from her or being reported to his mother/aunt/guardian for more severe punishment? The maid's smirk here suggests that she is not only pleased with the alternative he picked, but was likely hoping it would be the one selected from the start! I wonder though if the maid has the authority to give such an option, or if her blackmail of this poor boy needs to remain a secret from her employer too?

Or maybe no choice was given; with blanket authority from her Mistress to punish, she simply hauls the offending boy across her lap for a sharp, painful lesson on the spot!

His attire is quite casual, suggesting maybe he's been lounging around the house (in his room, in front of the tv, etc.), or maybe even dragged out of bed for this stinging assault on his tender posterior? Or maybe he was doing chores himself before the maid "interrupted"... either because he was slacking off or not doing a good enough job. I suspect nothing would help educate a young man faster in the skills of "hospital corner" bed-making or careful dusting like having a professional domestic maid "tutor" him on his work with the aid of a strong, firm palm applied to his rear end!

I also made it a point to depict this maid as not just pretty, but a little "cheeky" (or even "naughty") too... she's definitely the type to enjoy authority over others, especially since her job means she herself is under someone else's command normally. Having a boy - no matter the circumstances - that SHE can boss around, spank and torment is a very appealing (if cruel!) notion to such a young lady, I think. And given her relative youth and "cheekiness", there's a good chance she especially relishes having a CUTE young man she finds attractive and possibly even arousing as her "whipping boy" or disciplinary charge, too!

As with all maid spankings, due purely to cliche I am sure, I also can't help but wonder if she is of a different nationality to her spankee... a bubbly French or Swedish young lady or a sassy Spanish or Mexican girl, at the risk of total cliche, perhaps? :)

Regardless, as the house rings with the crisp sound of stinging smacks, I do wonder if this encounter is happening while the pair are home alone (an opportunity seized, perhaps?), or if other maids and servants, or even the Mistress herself, can hear the tearful pleas, sobbing, and smacking... and if they too will be smirking like the maid shown in the artwork...

I've kept the write-up for this artwork a little more brief than usual, mainly because I already wrote so much on the subject of "maid spankings" in the main Mean Maid Month post. I am also aware of how few comments are coming in after my initial "return" posts, though... something I find disappointing, but totally understandable if a lot of previous visitors have moved elsewhere due to my inactivity in recent years. A big thanks to those who have been commenting; I read every single one and enjoy your thoughts, fantasies and suggestions immensely!  At any rate, I hope everyone - vocal and silent - are enjoying these posts and artworks! More pieces are lined up to post when I've let this one "sink in"...


  1. Gorgeous - I thought she was a hot Latina maid dishing out a hot bottom! It's a good choice to use her hand as it means she can spank all afternoon without worrying about damaging his poor pampered behind

    1. Given I'm a *massive* fan of Latina ladies, I really like this suggestion and can see it in the character design now so many have pointed it out!

      I find the idea of "just" using her hand by reason that she can spank as long as she wants and make him suffer all afternoon without fear of causing permanent damage very hot, too. :)

  2. The maid character is stunning - a cheeky and a bit mean girl, a tease and this Latino appearance.
    I think this scene is about "unofficial business" - the maid caught the boy doing something incriminating and blackmailed him. Maybe he borrowed one of aunt's cars without permission and damaged it. Or stole some money for party supplies. Or intercepted a letter from college about his falling grades. Anyway - if she reports him, he's in BIG trouble, so he agrees to be spanked by the young maid.
    I believe it's her revenge, she wanted to get for a long time. She is probably angry about the mess he leaves and his orders (bring me this, take that away, iron my shirt etc.). Perhaps also his hormones made him to try to grope her or lift her skirt... So, she enjoys every moment and scolds him for his wrongdoings. The boy appears to make some gestures and try to convince her about something ("I promise, I'll make my bed everyday", "I didn't mean to offend you, I was only joking").
    The above setting implies that they are alone and no one can hear this spanking. However, I'm sure the girl will tell other maids about it, so our hero can expect smirks and innuendos from other girls working in the mansion.

    1. Cheeky, a tease and a bit mean is a perfect description for how I imagined this particular spanker too! LOL! Glad you like her as much as I do (she turned out to be among my favorite spankers I've ever made, I think).

      The idea of this becoming a source of teasing and smirking from the other maids is very sexy... especially if he's a bit of a shy boy already, or has given the other maids a reason to resent his behavior too.

      I also love the suggestion of the maid wanting to spank him for quite some time, and thus relishing the chance when it finally comes!

  3. Yay! And very much worth the wait!

    Initially, I was going to go with the "she caught him misbehaving and has authority to discipline" premise. However, after reading your blurb, I have to say that the "pulled out of bed" suggestion strikes me as more unique, and it definitely fits with the setting and how the two are dressed.

    So, a story has come to me:

    A few weeks ago, the lady of the house instructed the new maid to punish the boy, presumably for an offense that involved her in some way. She found that she loved spanking him, and since then has been hoping for a chance to do it again. Her hopes came to fruition in a wilder fashion than she ever expected when the mistress announced that she (and her husband, if she has one) will be leaving for a couple of weeks, and that the boy's care and discipline will be left in the maid's hands for that duration.

    Yesterday was the maid's first day of having the boy to herself, and he made the mistake of thinking she would be more lenient with discipline than usual, but discovered to his shock and horror that she was just the opposite, and he ended up going to bed with a very hot and sore bottom. The maid, for her part, used that spanking to test both the boy's level of compliance, and his level of arousal, and determined that it was safe for her to push things further.

    So, this morning, just as he was waking up, she pulled him out of bed and over her lap for another - this time completely arbitrary - spanking to relight the fire in his bottom for the brand new day. At this rate, I'd say she doesn't plan for him to be able to sit comfortably at any point during the coming two weeks.

    Was she correct in judging that the boy will let her get away with this, once the boss(es) come home? I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Banjo? Other people?

    1. That's a *really* hot scenario! I really like the idea of the maid seizing the opportunity to go beyond any "reasonable" or "fair" disciplinary authority once left alone with the boy she's charged with. The idea of her being *much* more severe and "spank-happy" without his mother/parents around is both mean and sexy, and I even like the idea that she's using the opportunity to "test" how submissive he is to her (whether by stepping things up to totally unprovoked spankings now, or even maybe in her addition of sexual torment to the mix, too!).

      As to your question... I can't decide which outcome I find sexier:
      1) He is too embarrassed, afraid, or possible even successfully dominated by the maid in question to "tell" on her when the mistress of the house returns.
      2) He *does* pluck up the courage to tell her... only to either have the maid twist the story (i.e. he "deserved" everything she gave him) and the mistress believe her over him... or the mistress simply approve of the maid's behavior anyway... and perhaps turn the boy across her own knee for a sound hairbrushing as punishment for being a "tattle-tale"! :)

    2. I think that if it gets to the point where they're getting sexual, the boy will choose to keep this under wraps.

    3. Oh, and I'm flattered that you like it so much. I only wish that my flights of fancy could really do justice to your pictures.

  4. Oh, also: I agree with the above posters that she has a Hispanic look to her. This would probably place the scene somewhere in the continental United States, with the boy being the son (grandson? nephew?) of the house's wealthy American owners.

    As for why she's wearing a fetishistic French maid outfit....eh, genre conventions. :3

  5. Very nice. Good mind food - maid catches teenage boy stealing money from Mother's purse and suggest that she deals with it rather that tell.

    1. The more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of the maid spanking "behind mom's back" either by force or blackmail... it adds an extra "forbidden" element and also teases a sexy power exchange of the young man being "trapped" in having to endure such spankings while too scared to tell anyone about them!

  6. I agree that this maid looks Hispanic and that the household is probably a wealthy American one. I'd beg your indulgence in assimilating to this the fantasy on which I've just commented in response to this month's inaugural post on the maid theme:

    "My favourite scenario is where a mother who frequently takes her teenage son over her knee is a busy career woman too, often needing to work late or travel, so she delegates to her maid some duties beyond keeping the house clean - including keeping her son in line with routine bedtime spankings and any other punishments the maid may deem necessary! As mother remarks to the maid when outlining her additional duties, it's true that wearing a French maid's outfit may not be practical for all household chores, but it's important to slip into that skimpy, silky, frilly uniform when dishing out spankings because that's a way of impressing on a punished boy that female authority is female authority even when it's teasing, sexy and hyper-feminine!"

    The maid in the artwork, barely out of her teens herself, relishes any opportunity to hurt and humiliate boys, so her employer's delegation of spanking duties is very welcome. No sooner has the mother set off from home, for a weekend away on business, than the maid strikes... For as long as she's wearing her sexy French maid's outfit she has a justification for spanking the boy - as much and as hard as she likes - because she can always accuse him of casting perverted looks in her direction. This candy-pink botty-stinger of a smacking arises from her "Now, now, you naughty boy!" kind of mood - but who knows what mood she might be in later, when her clean-up of his bedroom has reminded her just how messy and icky a naughty boy can be? What was it his mother had said? "Feel free at any time to make good use of the hairbrush on my dresser"?

    1. I really like the reasoning for the maid's stereotypical "sexy maid" outfit being a deliberate decision designed to frustrate, confuse and sexually control the poor hormonal boy. Though, while I like the suggestion that it is ordered by the mistress of the house (to remind of feminine authority), I also like the alternative of the maid herself making the decision to dress as sexily as possible, knowing the sight of her flouncing around the house dusting and cleaning will seriously torment and tease the poor young son of her mistress, and give her ample reason to smack his bottom (and maybe make him even less likely to resist).

      A "candy-pink botty-stinger" is *such* a perfect line to describe how I imagined this spanking, by the way! Super hot!

  7. Just wanted to drop in and say I'm glad to see you back Banjo. Your F/M art is my favourite on the Internet even going back the 25 years or so I've been looking at spanking smut :)

    This picture is particularly nice. The young spanker is gorgeous. I do like it when your spankers have red, wavy hair :) Perhaps this is a younger version of the woman in your Auntie's aftercare delivering her first spanking and discovering she has both skill in the practice and a deep passion for administering discipline.