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Monday, 27 March 2017

Art - Thrashed By The Maids

"Thrashed By The Maids"

Few spankings are more painful than a caning... except perhaps a double caning!

As Mean Maid Month continues, I bring you a piece that depicts what I see as a truly "nightmarish" ordeal for this young man, as he finds himself on the receiving end of a very sound and severe thrashing at the hands (or rather, canes) of two decidedly cruel (but sexy!) uniformed maids.

This is actually quite an old piece I've updated, re-rendered and retouched. I never made the original public, but it was the first (as I recall) "new" picture I tried after updating my computer and software from my Yahoo Groups posting days and older style of art, dating its origins as early as 2005 or so. I remember being rather thrilled at how much "better" and realistic the whole piece looked... which is funny to me now, as I actually shy away from more recent CG models available in my newest works, since I find myself preferring the slightly more "cartoonish" style models of this era (maybe there's too much of an "uncanny valley" with the very latest photo-realistic ones for my taste?). I also remember looking back on this piece recently and thinking "wow, that's pretty severe... I must've been feeling particularly submissive when I did that one!" *blush*

Anyway, to the artwork itself...

This punishment is certainly, in my mind, a world away from the "candy pink bottom" handspanking of the previous post's pretty maid. The maid duo in this artwork are clearly out to really punish and hurt, with no holding back whatsoever; there's not a bit of the playfulness perhaps suggested in 'The Maid Lends A Hand', I feel, unless it's on a totally sadistic level.

One of the most eye-catching elements to me is the spankee's total nakedness (aside from his skimpy pulled-down underpants), which hopefully makes him seem especially helpless. However, it also possibly suggests a level of premeditation or formality to this punishment scene.

Which brings us to ask why is this poor young man being thrashed by these two formidable-looking blonde maids... and so severely, too?

I won't repeat all the scenario ideas from the last two posts in detail again, as I feel they've been sufficiently covered and many could possibly apply here, too. There are two more general possibilities though that I see could best fit this artwork:

The first setting I thought of was that these two maids have taken it upon themselves - perhaps "fed up" with this young man (the Mistress' son, perhaps?) and his behavior and/or treatment of them, and have dragged him into the study, forcibly stripped him nude, laid him across the chaise lounge here and laid into his helpless bare backside with a pair of canes in angry full force. In such a case, it's possible their employer has no knowledge of these events; the maids either have the authority to cane this boy whenever they feel it necessary (and they feel it is now!) or they have chosen their moment to pounce while the Mistress (or Master, even) is away they have uninterrupted access to the young man they may have wished to "teach a lesson" for quite a while! Especially if he's been treating them disrespectfully... though that will likely change after today!

The second scenario I imagined was that the Mistress has ordered this trio into the study, the young man instructed to report in just his underpants, where the maids are to cane him long and hard as punishment for some specific or non-specific offense he's committed. In this scenario, the Mistress herself may be out, trusting the maids to handle the situation in her absence, or perhaps in another room attending to more important tasks, but still able to hear the sharp thwack-ing of those canes and the recipient's wails and pleas for mercy and forgiveness. A cruel Mistress of the house may even derive pleasure from such sounds... perhaps rather naughtily so, in the privacy of her bedroom! On the other hand, it's entirely possible that the Mistress is just "off camera" in this artwork... sitting comfortably and watching with a satisfied smile as her two maids beat this poor young man soundly at her command. Why, she doesn't even have to lift a finger herself! The privilege of being Lady of the Manor...

From the expressions on the maid's faces and their body language, unlike the previous artwork it doesn't seem like they're in a "fun" kind of mood. Those two maids are either supremely pissed off at this poor young man, or they are sternly resolute in their duty if this is an "ordered by the Mistress" disciplinary action.

From the looks on their faces, I think whatever the scenario's backstory, these two maids have no love lost or pity shown toward the young man they are now mercilessly and severely thrashing!

A thrashing is certainly the word for this caning, I think, going by the state of the poor young man's bottom and thighs there! Such a criss-cross "grid" of cane stripes would be nothing short of excruciating, not just while it was being delivered - especially when a cane stroke overlaid an existing "tram line" - but those blazing hot weals will likely continue to throb and burn for a good few days afterwards, too. Sitting would be almost impossible in the short term, and very painful for a while longer, especially as the pair of caners here seem to be making sure the backs of his upper thighs are welted almost as severely as his bottom, too! I expect this poor young man will be eating his meals standing up and sleeping on his tummy for the rest of the week.

No doubt he will not be immune to taunting and teasing (not just from these maids and any other staff, but even any mean siblings or cousins, too) as he limps miserably around the house, unable to wear tight pants (or even any pants, perhaps!) while gingerly rubbing his still-sore cheeks constantly in the wake of his agonizing ordeal, either!

The only consolation for the poor spankee that I can even imagine is if the Mistress or the maids themselves forgive and take pity on him. In that case, I'd imagine that even with a very sore, welted bottom and thighs, the thought that these same two sexy maids might choose (or be ordered) to visit him that night as he lays face down on his bed in misery and apply a generous amount of soothing cold cream or lotion to his ravaged rump with their slender fingers and feminine, massaging palms - rubbing and kneading and nursing his poor punished cheeks sensually - is not a thought that would seem unpleasant...


  1. I appreciate the effort that clearly went into this, but its not nearly as much "my thing" as the last one. I tend to prefer it when the spanker(s) seem to be enjoying their work, so this type of scene leaves me cold.

    I'm sure plenty of other Banjoists are enjoying this one, though, and I look forward to your next maid month piece.

    1. Sorry you weren't so keen on this one, though I don't think it can be definitively decided that these two are not enjoying themselves on any level, even if they're not openly smirking or smiling. Anyone who's ever punched a punching bag or pillow in times of stress can surely imagine that a lady (admittedly a rather sadistic one!) might find great "stress relief" or anger management in thrashing a male's bare bottom? Or the joy of getting to work over some guy who's been "asking for it" for a while?

      On a more general note... the irate "mommy's home" after school scene, the angry "bad day at work" wife, the furious aunt who's purse has been stolen, the stroppy teacher who's fed up with classroom backtalk... surely I'm not the only spanko who finds the idea of an *angry* spanking (especially from a beautiful woman) very sexy, am I?

      While in *real life* relationships, "never spank in anger" is probably a good motto, one of my biggest fantasies is of being overpowered and spanked by a furious, sexy lady... whether deserved or not! And I find angry women can be very, very beautiful. :)

    2. Its an interesting question. There are some pieces of yours featuring angry spankers that I do enjoy; in particular, thinking of the "wishing he'd stolen a thicker pair" one. If I had to armchair psychologist myself...

      I guess the reason that one turned me on but this one doesn't is because the visual storytelling of "thicker pair" made it clear that the woman was angry at this specific boy for committing a specific offense, so I can imagine how she'd be getting a sense of satisfaction out of tanning his stolen-panty-adorned butt even if it isn't *fun* for her, per se. The fact that he stole HER panties specifically also neccessitates some level of familiarity between the two, so its easy to imagine that this spanking is the culmination of a longer story.

      In this one, there COULD be a reason that these furious-looking maids might be getting some satisfaction out of caning the boy, but that reason isn't hinted at. Likewise, there's also not much in the picture to suggest what relationship the boy might have with the maids or their employer, so my imagination doesn't have as much to build on.

      I guess its as much a failure of imagination on my own part as anything else. If this scene were, say, a panel in a comic, I might love it, but I'm having trouble imagining the previous "panels" myself.

  2. I definitely prefer the serious and angry spankings which your art is particularly good at portraying. Also, the naked young man aspect really appeals. He's old enough to know better and she's angry when misbehaviour occurs. Total nakedness and carefully placed to maximize the spanking effectiveness are great features of this artwork. Thanks for Mean Maid Month celebrations!!!

  3. Well, it's good to have you back, Banjo.
    And (crossing fingers) this month has been GREAT so far.
    3 Whole Banjo posts. That two of them are artworks is just icing on the cake.

    That being said, as someone who has followed you since 2004 or thereabouts (discovered your Yahoo group) it is frustrating. Since you never even hint at your private life (for some reason you don't even deign to mention if you have a sickness), we'll be getting into your blog, anticpating questions and discussions and artwork, and then...BOOM. Gone. Not a peep or even a hint. And this has happened for years at a time more than once. While I'm sure your reasons are GOOD , it's very hard to build blogging comment sections when the guy running the blog is prone to unexplained long absenses, with no warnings, and no hints on if he will return ever. The longer you stick around, generally, the more comments and attention you will get.

    Anyway, I HOPE that didn't come off as an attack. View it more as frustration, with the lack of information being the most acute part.

    Regardless, love you art, and you do angry ladies so very well indeeed. In this case, I shudder for the young man. I tend to like cuddles and forgiveness, but in this case I think those maids are going to either leave him in his bed (where he will cry himself to sleep) or put him , nose-first in the corner. And I'm sure their parting words, in this case, will either be a 'straighten out' type of threat or a bit of (could be good natured if they forgive him or mean if not)taunting.

    Please be well, and looking forward to more Banjo...


  4. Hi Banjo. I'm really enjoying 'Mean Maid Month' and the different perspectives you're offering and stimulating through your artwork and comments. I share in Clarence's love of your art, though I'd differ if there's any suggestion that you owe it to followers to explain or even address your periods of absence. Whatever you share is free, a generous celebration - and your freedom to come and go as you please, without obligation, is the corollary of that essential fact. The volume of responses may rise and fall in consequence but I, for one, feel no frustration at casting an occasional weather eye on this blog during times of inactivity (if only to pore over past posts), and I'm delighted to participate whenever you're posting anew and responses are snowballing again!

    I'm interested in your reflections on the different generations of Poser models you've used. Personally, I find each generation thrilling, though I know what you mean about the special appeal of the more cartoonish iterations. What unifies your oeuvre is the spirit of it - a distinctive creative enthusiasm for all things spanko F/M!

    I appreciate the drama in the double caning piece, and the fantasies suggested by this are certainly exciting. I'm wondering whether the young man is a delivery boy who dared to knock at the front door rather than at the tradesman's entrance. The mistress of the household has decided that the best way to teach this boy his place is to set the maids on him. Ideas above his station? Too good for the servants' hall? Very well, then. "Rose, Violet... take this impertinent rascal up to the drawing room, remove his clothing and give him the thrashing he so richly deserves!" As for the maids' obvious ire? They are due to have the afternoon off, and now they'll be late for the omnibus into town. (I know this riff is more 'Upstairs Downstairs' than either the modern stylings of the maids' hair in the artwork or the kinkiness of their costumes really allow, but I couldn't resist it!)

  5. Got to love an angry thrashing :D I actually saw this as a sequel to Maid Lends A Hand (the boys are just similar enough?) It reminds me of a fantasy by Strict Julie actually - perhaps the Latina maid and the boy enjoyed the afternoon-long spanking a little too much and were caught in bed by the mistress of the house, who ordered her son to be severely thrashed in her chaise longue by her two senuor senior maids Rose and Violet. That'll teach him to fraternise with the lower orders! And god only knows what the master of the house is doing to punish the naughty maid in the next room...

  6. A very different spanking scene than the previous (much more "serious" and painful) but also a great one! I'm not sure which one I find more exciting:
    1. That the maids are angry & furious and take their revenge on the boy for some undisclosed wrongdoing
    2. That they are cold, professional disciplinarians executing Mistress' orders to punish her naughty nephew.
    Both scenarios have their advantages :-)

    By the way, there is also another explanation of their attitude. If this caning is in front of the Mistress (and perhaps other witnesses as well), the maids are supposed to follow orders and proceed with the caning - not to show any emotions, no matter whether it's compassion or enjoyment. So they remain stone-faced, as they don't want to get into trouble themselves. However, when the caning is over and the Mistress not around, everything is possible - teasing, applying a lotion, inspecting his caned bottom (and other body parts)...