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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Flashback - Look, Don't Touch

"Look, Don't Touch"
Now this is an old piece! One of the first I ever did, in fact.

I was never really 100% happy with it (yeah, but when am I?) and looking now, it's the lighting (too much shadow) that bothers me most. However, given it's supposed to be set at night in a bar, I suppose it works.

The concept, obviously, is based on the old "look but don't touch" rule any respectable bar, nightclub or even strip club has towards its scantily-clad staff... a rule it seems one of the patrons either forgot or chose to disregard!

Well, clearly the waitresses in this cocktail bar has taken exception to the guy who got a bit "handsy" with her. She's visibly angry, letting out her rage on his rapidly-reddening backside here as he gasps and yelps and sobs like a naughty boy. I don't think she thought twice about shoving him forward over the bar and yanking his trousers and underpants down for a very hard, very public, very humiliating lesson in how not to treat the bar staff!

If he refuses or tries to resist, well, she can always call the manager. Or the police. She can certainly have him banned from the bar (his favourite hang-out) for life. She could even call his wife/significant other for him to explain why he was in a bar groping waitresses at this hour of the night?. Or he can shut up and take his spanking. Yeah, that's what she thought.

Looking at it again now, I especially like the other waitress/bartender and her expression as she watches; she looks rather amused at what's happening. I wonder if this sort of thing occurs often here? Does she 'know' the guy getting spanked, perhaps? Is he a regular customer who often flirts with her and the other girls, and now she's smiling at seeing him finally get what he deserves? Or alternatively (more evily!) she's enjoying the show just because she always thought he had a nice butt and is enjoying seeing it get bared and smacked by her colleague? Either way, from the look on her face, I can almost hear her smugly commenting "Yes, that's really teaching you a lesson, isn't it?"

As to exactly what the events leading up to the blonde waitress' ire and the nature of that certain inappropriate touch were? Well, I see several possibilities...

Perhaps (as I likely originally intended) he's indeed the sort of chauvinistic prick who feels "look, don't touch" doesn't really apply to him, that "those girls are asking for it, dressed like that" and even "what harm is there in a playful pat or pinch on the bottom as they pass? It's all in good fun, right?" In which case, he's finding out exactly what an unwanted "pat on the bottom" feels like... though a lot more (and harder) than just one "playful" slap!

Or perhaps he's not such a villain as he might appear? Perhaps it was actually an accident... brushing against a passing waitress while reaching for a drink? Maybe he just forgot himself in a somewhat tipsy state and gave her an "affectionate" touch without thinking? But is that any excuse? Not for this no-nonsense waitress, it seems! She's had enough of drunk, lecherous customers pawing at her all night, and doesn't want to hear his damn excuses... he's just the final straw tonight! She's going to make an example of this guy! He's going to learn to be more careful with his hands in future! He may say he's sorry now, but she'll make sure he's sobbing out very sincere apologies soon.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, he's actually totally innocent? What if the guy on the other stool is in fact the cad who groped/pinched/smacked the blonde waitress as she leaned over the bar between them? What if she spun around and immediately decided it was the poor fellow on the right who did it, and didn't care to listen to or believe his protests of innocence? If that's the case, no wonder the unspanked guy on the other stool looks shocked - that could have (should have) been him! Meanwhile, some poor random guy who just happened to sit on the wrong stool that night is getting an unwarranted, humiliating, pants-down spanking in front of the whole bar for nothing at all!

Whoever he is and whatever he did or didn't do, when his brisk-but-very-sound public spanking is over, will he sheepishly pull his pants up and sit painfully back on his stool, scurry to the bathroom to cry and cool his poor hot bottom in the sink, or run home with his tail between his legs in utter shame?

It was fun revisiting this piece again, not the sort of scenario I often do, but interesting because I can guess that a lot of other spankos would likely think "sexy costumed waitress" = waitress gets spanked*! Me? I guess my mind went in a different direction without hesitation! While there's certainly a large degree of sexism (and arguably, objectification) inherent in many business that dresses their female employees in skimpy, revealing, intentionally-provocative outfits, I've always felt that - since patrons can do nothing but look (and dream) - these ladies actually maintain a certain degree of power over their male customers. Or maybe that's just my own "anything can be twisted to a F/M dynamic" perspective and how such ladies make me personally feel around them?

Hmm... now I'm thinking that maybe I need to do a follow-up 'restaurant girls' fantasy post?

*Heresy warning! Heresy warning! Awooga! Awooga!


  1. "I've always felt that - since patrons can do nothing but look (and dream) - these ladies actually maintain a certain degree of power over their male customers..."

    That's true. Unlike some who claim to be feminists but never impute any agency to women (because then there might be some responsibility)I can see both sides here. Sexual power is real, for instance, but it's usually age influenced to such an extent that it starts dropping off rapidly after 34 or so for most women. It's also *mostly* a female power - arguably the Chippendales and rock singers and such are men who have some of it.

    But this power partly depends on the legal and social culture, as well as if there was any economic or social coercion involved. For sexual power to be real power, the woman has to choose to use it , rather than having that choice made for her. That's why I think high -end prostitutes and *sometimes* prostitutes in legal brothels aren't being exploited, whereas streetwalkers almost invariably are. And of course anyone who has been "trafficked" is exploited (whether for labor or sex) but some anti-prostitution people say that all prostitution is trafficking,which I don't believe.

    Anyway, it's a complicated mess, unlike your wonderful artwork.


  2. Very well done, Banjo. Btw, who says women can't deliver a good hand spanking, especially if gloved? I certainly wouldn't.
    -Often123 @ Spanko.net

  3. Nice drawing. Lots to think about. I have been a bit cheeky myself once or twice in lap dancing clubs and emporia like this. A good spanking by a hostess would have sorted me out I am sure.
    Hope the break from transmission is not too difficult for you.

  4. Love it and they are just lovely spankers, very hot, thanks

  5. A strong concept. Despite the surface bravura of men frequenting saucy bars who think it's funny to allow their hands to wander, it's invariably the scantily clad bar girls who are really in control - as this piece clearly shows. I agree that the second girl, looking on with a smirk, is the highlight of the piece. Thanks for reviving it.

  6. I read a fantasy piece once where the patrons of a strip club ended up exchanging clothes with the strippers and waiting on them!

  7. I like the idea of a club where women are patrons. And the males are naked or scantily clad. And where the scantily clad males serve the women food and drink.And submit to their spankings and/or fondlings

    Wives could even bring their husbands along.With the husbands watching meekly as their wives touch and fondle the male waiters rear ends