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Friday, 16 November 2012

Spanking Software - Six-O-Best

For my first Spanking Software article here, I wanted to take a look at the game that started it all for me ten years go.

GeorgeWare's 'Six-O-Best' ('SOB') is a fantastic and fun little spanking game I discovered online, around the year 2002. The original author's website ('The Study') is long since lost to the transitory nature of the internet, but I wanted to make it available and prevent it from being forgotten forever.


'Six-O'Best' simulates the classic "visit to the head's study" scenario common in many scholastic spanking fantasies. When the program begins, you will be told the name of your Headmistress (or Headmaster), and you can listen to the poor student before you taking his/her "licks" while you nervously await your turn.

The game's first screen... arriving for your appointment!

One of the coolest things about 'Six-O-Best' is how customizable it is. The game's options allow you to set whether your Head will be male or female (or randomly either), for example. It will also let you specify which implements will be used, both primary and secondary (for when the Head is feeling "merciful"!).

Selecting the primary implement. Crap, which is the least painful?!

Selecting the secondary implement. That little paddle looks absolutely horrid!
The options and customization screens even include neat little historical/cultural tidbits on the various CP implements featured, which are great fun to read.

A short lesson on the "large paddle", a North American favourite!
Anyway, back to the game itself. Your first action must be to select a "Grade" (or class, or year level, depending on scholastic terminology in your neck of the woods). This will (gulp!) determine severity levels so choose carefully... big boys and girls get big mean spankings at this school!

Once you've selected your class, you will need to enter your name... correctly! This is one strict game, so pay attention and follow all directions as you are told!

"Consequences of failure are severe? Yeah, right!" (famous last words!)
Don't forget your pupil number! Answer honestly and obediently! This little visit to the Head is going to be painful enough as it is without making things worse on yourself!

At least it wasn't long division.
If the Head is feeling generous, they may give you a chance to reduce your punishment by answering a maths problem or performing a similar task. This is not a given, however! If the Head isn't in the mood, you won't get the chance... it's full punishment for you!

Don't let the early 90's-era graphics fool you... this is scarier than Doom 3!
There are several ways the game will decide on your punishment strokes, the method above ("slots") and the method below ("dominoes"). It will also take into account your answers to any questions asked, success or failure in solving any problems given, and even past visits (repeat offenders get extra spankings... just like real life).

Guess I should be glad I'm not in the 5th or 6th Grade?
Finally, the moment of truth will arrive... time to bend over the Head's big old desk and take your medicine!

Five swats over pants? Well, I guess that's not too bad...

Depending on the various factors mentioned above, you may have to take all your strokes with the primary implement, or you may (mercifully?) be allowed to receive some with the secondary implement instead.

Three swats with the hand? How generous, Miss!

Strokes may be bare-bottomed or over clothes. They may be firm but fair, or they may be bun-bustingly hard. You will take each one, and you will not leave that office until the Head is done with your sentence.

Normally you're looking at a dozen or so swats, but sometimes, just sometimes, the Head might just flip out and decide to give you a one-hundred stroke epic walloping! Consider that fair warning.

Oh, one last thing... did you see that 'Fire Alarm' button in the screenshots? That's the "quit" button for quick exits, but don't think that's a way to escape your fate. After all, what would happen if the fire alarm went off just before your real school punishment? Yeah, you'd be back in the Head's office the following day... and they might just decide to add extra!


Six-O-Best was not only the first spanking software I ever came across, it remains one of the best despite its age.

Sure, there are sadly no "pretty graphics", no pictures of sexy strict school mistresses wielding whippy canes and glaring ominously over spectacle rims at you. The default sound effects are fairly crappy and unrecognizable. The game gets rather repetitive after a few plays.

Yet 'Six-O-Best' does what it sets out to do well: capturing the anticipation and dread (and often unfairness) of that classic spanko fantasy "sent to the Head's office for a spanking" fantastically, especially given it was made over ten years ago. As long as you're willing to suspend disbelief and use your imagination to fill in the blanks, 'Six-O-Best' can be a fun experience, whether you self-spank the punishment you're given or just imagine it.

Personally, I'd love to see a modern 'remake' complete with sexy pictures, a nicer interface and more customization options. Hey, if they can remake 'X-COM'...?


As I mentioned above, the sounds that come with the game are pretty lackluster, and was the one thing I wasn't keen on about the game even in 2002. Thus, in true Banjo "if you don't like it, fix it yourself" style, I put together an 'Improved Implement Sound Pack' that will replace the default sounds with new, slightly "juicier" (IMO) ones.

Running the Game:

Note that if you want to try and download and run this, the game was made in the early 2000's, when Windows XP was the most popular operating system in use and 64-bit systems were unheard of. Even back then, this program was mainly designed for use on Windows 95/98/2000 (you'll definitely recognize that distinctive 'Win9x look' if you remember it), so it wasn't even 'state of the art' back then!

Thus, I can't promise this will work on anyone's specific computer system, especially if it's not even Windows (e.g. Linux or Apple). I have run SOB myself on my own Windows 7 x64 setup, and apart from not always ending/closing correctly, it seems to work (and remember past sessions) just fine. Your mileage may vary, though, so be warned! I can't really offer tech support, either, as I didn't create this program or have access to the original code/resources.

If you have trouble, you might want to look at setting up a Windows 98 or XP "virtual machine" (search the net if you don't know what that is) to try 'Six-O-Best' out..

Even though it might not even run for some people, I wanted to make this program available, as I feel too much work went into it (and it's too much fun!) to allow it to disappear into obscurity.

If you do get it running, feel free to post a comment here about how your own little "trip to the head's study" went!

'Six-O-Best' is the creation and property of GeorgeWare. No infringement on their work is intended. I am making it available here since the original free website source is long since gone. If the program author wishes this download removed, please contact me and I will do so.


  1. Very interesting, thank you. Wow, can't wait to give it a try.

  2. That sort of game in general is a real blast from the past, Banjo. Showing your age there, dear.

  3. That looks... more fun than expected. Too bad that in ten years of trying I've never gotten it to work on a Mac.

  4. Link for Banjo's 'Improved Implement Sound Pack' is broken. At least for me.

  5. I downloaded the game, of course, and got totally turned on by being ordered about by a mechanical school marm. Thanks for the link...:)

    - OTTO

  6. The improvement pack is forbidden, broken?

  7. Hi Banjo, the links aren't working for me - been searching for this for YEARS!!
    Could you re-upload them, pretty please?


  8. any possibility that these programs are at a mirror site. above links are broken. Thanks Spyder 998

  9. cant seem to download anymore???

  10. I can't download them either but I think I have six-o-the-best somewhere, I seem to remember playing it and the other link for banjo's sounds gives a 403 error broken

  11. Hey everyone! Apologies for not doing so sooner, but I've finally updated the links so you (hopefully!) should be able to download this classic program again! If it doesn't just download the zip file straight away, click the download arrow (top right) on the Google Drive page that comes up to save to your computer.

    No promises it works on modern hardware still, but at least it's now available once more.

  12. Hi all,
    I've made an android version of this game, you can find it on the play store by searching for 'The Heads Office'