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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flashback - Caught With His Girlfriend

"Caught With His Girlfriend"

What's more embarrassing than being spanked by your teenage girlfriend? How about being spanked by your teenage girlfriend's mom for "fooling around" in her daughter's bedroom!

This is an old piece of mine, and one of the ones I wish I still had the master files to re-render at a larger size; IMO, it turned out pretty well especially given the old technical issues I faced (slow old computer that frequently crashed trying to render "complex" scenes like this). The scattered clothing was something I really wanted to do, even though "cloth" is hard to pull off in 3D, especially back then)... I really wanted to capture the idea of the guy and his girlfriend shedding their clothes all over the floor as they "heavy petted" (or even more!) on her bed upstairs.

Did they know her mom was home? Maybe, and they were trying to keep as quiet as possible (perhaps an uncontrolled moan or cry is what led to their "discovery"?). Or maybe mom was "out", and they thought they had the house to themselves for a while! Oops, looks like she came home early!

I wanted to leave several "clues" as to the relationship setup here:

Firstly, the daughter - while half-naked and obviously a bit embarrassed at having her mom walk in on her and her boyfriend in such a situation - is actually giggling behind her hand here (it's a bit hard to see at this size, sadly). Almost in spite of herself, she finds the sight of her mother spanking the daylights out of her kicking, pleading, apologizing and totally naked boyfriend rather funny!

Secondly, note the photo on the dresser besides the sports trophy; it's of mom and daughter. They're a close pair with a deep bond; she's "mommy's little princess", and that means that mom is always going to take her side in a situation where her boyfriend might argue that "she asked me to!" or (worse) "she led me on!". Her darling daughter would never "lead a boy on" like that. He must be lying to save his own tail, right?

Of course, the truth may be different. In fact, when I made this I'm pretty sure that was my thinking. She did lead him on. She invited him up to her room that afternoon, despite his concerns of "what if your mom catches us?". She pushed for him to take their relationship further, to undress, to "touch her there" and... well, he's a guy, right? So despite his better judgement, how could he refuse his cute, half-naked, horny (and very persuasive) girlfriend?

The fact that his girlfriend didn't leap to his defense when mommy burst in and dragged him over her lap to show him what happens to boys who mess around with her "innocent little angel" might make him less trusting in the future, true. Still, if she doesn't decide to dump him after this, I suspect she'll be able to continue twisting him around her little finger.

Not that she was ever in any real danger, of course, outside of the embarrassment of her mom walking in on them like that! Her adoring mother doesn't believe in ever spanking "her precious girl" (who is always well behaved and a perfect angel in her eyes). Why would she ever spank her well-behaved darling?

Or perhaps her daughter actually is going to get punished for this too. After all, she was half naked in the arms of a boy in her own bedroom! Yes, that would call for a severe punishment for the girl... like losing her mobile phone for a few days, no internet for the rest of the week, or even (gasp) not being allowed to go to that big party on the weekend. OMG! Even loving mothers can be "totally unfair" like that! The fact that he'd gladly trade his humiliation and red-hot bottom (that will hurt to sit on for even longer than she'll be without her phone!) for his girlfriend's "awful" punishments is not open to debate.

Regardless of whether she'll be punished or get off scott-free, I suspect that the daughter knowing that she doesn't have to worry about a spanking from mom herself is not only cause for her sexual brazenness compared to his, but also part of why she finds this all rather amusing. Maybe she has a brother who gets spanked, or maybe she's never actually seen a spanking before? In either case, having it happen to her cute boyfriend is certainly something else to witness! Who knows, she might enjoy it so much that she'll end up persuading him to let her spank him too if their relationship continues?

Whether mom will tolerate her keeping him around as a boyfriend, however, is another matter. Even if she does, any social situation which brings the three of them together (such as having him over for dinner or even just picking her up for or bringing her home from a date), will have a very different tone now that he's spent time over her lap. At the very least, the slightest hint of "inappropriate behavior" could see him swiftly turned bare-bottomed over her mom's knee once again!

Is she worth the risk? What do you think? I suspect that with just a sweet smile, a suggestive hip-wiggle or a coy little kiss from her, he'll be back risking his butt upstairs in that same bedroom again soon!


  1. A full clothed giggling teenage girl would be more humiliated for the spanked naked boy.But this only my opinion.


  2. Count me in as one of your fans. I think anytime another female is present (any age) when a naughty "boy" gets his bare bottom spanked, is exciting. Thanks Banjo

  3. This is a real classic! I always thought it was the boy's mother spanking him, but the real story makes more sense. I like how the mother has a slightly-smug look on her face that suggests she's not exactly horrified at what she's doing. From what you say I imagine she gets lots of practice on her male children, or even her husband...
    Or, as an alternative interpretation, the father of the house will probably be pretty angry when he finds out what his little girl has been doing while he's at work. Perhaps the daughter will get a taste of real discipline after all, but not from her mom...

  4. Or perhaps the daughter is "bait" for her mother's predilictions. She gets to have a little semi-naked fun with a suitable boy and then her mother "catches" them in flagrante delicto and, perhaps with the threat of charging the boy with statutory rape, gets her jollies spanking his bare bottom very, very red. Maybe even more punishment is in store for the unfortunate youth: paddling, strapping, or even the cane.

  5. Nice background story - the idea of "princess" plotting to get her boyfriend in trouble is very hot. I've seen this pic before but never thought about it in such way. I always thought the girl looks shocked and afraid that she is next to be punished.

  6. Amazing story line, now how about the panty neatly folded on the bed? I think mom will tan his hide and she is next !


  7. I agree with Ron. After his bottom has been well and truly roasted I think little Miss 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth' is due a long and painful trip over Mum's lap.

  8. I love contemplating this one. The young buck will have been highly aroused after making out with his girlfriend. It's therefore likely, despite his surprise, that he'll have a fully erect boner pressing tight against the girl's mother's stockinged thigh after he's been hurled down across her lap with a whump! The thought that this may have been a set-up, an erotic conspiracy between the l'il princess and her mom, is, for me, a hotter notion than the alternative (and 'heretical'!) idea the girl is in as much trouble as her bf and will end up in the same position as him.

  9. My mother-in-law walked in on me naked over my wife's knee getting a birthday spanking. She said she too wanted to wish me a happy birthday and my wife said okay and the next thing I knew I was over her knee for round 2. The most humiliating thing for me was getting a spanking on my 50th b'day by a 75 year old woman who was able to hand spank me to tears. markiee

  10. I love the idea that the two of them planned it. The girl's sexual interest in him might be genuine, but she understands that mom has needs as well, and its the least she can do to put her boyfriend's juicy young ass at her disposal. I'm sure this will be the first of many such setups, with the girlfriend keeping him pussy whipped enough to keep coming back for more. Perhaps she'll take to spanking him herself at some point; I can easily imagine a future scene where both women are taking turns holding him down and spanking him.

    Of course, he's probably a bit turned on by the girl's mother himself (what straight man wouldn't be?), though he'd never admit it. Perhaps this is also a contributing factor to his submission and their ability to string him along?