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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Art - A Heated Discussion

"A Heated Discussion"

I thought long and hard about what best way to announce "I'm Back!" and decided that the best way was with a new OTK artwork, since it's both my favourite position/situation and I know a favourite of many of my readers as well. I'm a particular fan of what I call "squirmy OTK" and I think you can say the term fits here too.

This piece could have easily been called "One-Sided Discussion" or "End Of Discussion" instead, at least as I imagine this scenario playing out.

Being how much I love 'Auntie' scenarios, it should come as no surprise that that's what was in my mind foremost when I made it, though she could easily be a younger 'Mommy' or even girlfriend or wife.

From his expression and body language, I'd say he's pretty much an "amateur" at being spanked, at least with a hairbrush. If not, well... he certainly doesn't take 'em well, does he?

Despite his obvious protests (and very likely pleas), this clearly is a very one-sided discussion taking place: Auntie and her hairbrush have all the negotiating power here, and the sooner he realizes that the better!

I wanted to make her look cross enough to convey that this is a "lecture spanking"... no silent swats here, she's laying down the law as she roasts his bare botty alive!

The title - and my initial idea - suggests that perhaps he's attempted to argue, backtalk or otherwise negotiate or reason with her regarding some disagreement on "adult terms". Not a wise move when Auntie still sees you as a "little boy" despite your age, and when her go-to response to disobedience, disagreement or even just daring to question her authority is to reach for her hard wooden hairbrush! Nothing says "you're not as grown-up as you thought, young man" like being cut off in mid-argument, turned over a firm female lap, and having your bare backside blistered until you're sobbing like a child!

The only thing that belies the concept of "discussion gone wrong" is his state of undress: he's totally nude! Did Auntie strip him of his clothes (as well as his dignity) too before hauling him over her lap? or is the reason for the discussion that she perhaps caught him - already naked - being a very naughty boy in the shower or in his bedroom with a dirty magazine? That would definitely be grounds for a spanking and scolding!

Or is there more formality to this situation than that? Did he backtalk her or push against her rules earlier in the day, and now she's had him strip nude and report for a long, hard, naked bedtime spanking across her knee with the hairbrush as she explains in no uncertain terms who's in charge in this house, and how dissent will be dealt with? Was it something "big", like arguing against her curfew or "no phones or video games after eight o'clock"? Was it something "innocent", like leaving his shoes in the kitchen or forgetting to put the toilet seat down in the bathroom?

Or maybe the poor young man didn't actually do anything wrong at all. Could Auntie have had this spanking planned for him even before he arrived? After he unpacks and takes a hot bath to wash away the dust of the long car ride over, he's summoned by his Auntie (either in his room or hers) and laid across her lap for a shockingly sound hairbrush spanking as she firmly explains the rules of the house to him, not letting up until she's laid out every rule and constraint, until he's sobbing and promising to be good and do as he's told. But while he may seem like a good boy, she wants to be sure from the start that there will be no illusions in his mind that Auntie's rules are not open to discussion.

Either way, from the look on his face, I'd say he's getting the message and agreeing wholeheartedly!

EDIT: A friend pointed out that the lady in the artwork is rather young looking for an "Auntie". I agree that she could definitely be a girlfriend instead, and the whole "not open to discussion" fits a (IMO) very sexy but strict relationship of that fit too. It would also fit with her outfit, too, which I'll admit is a little "inappropriate" for a responsible Auntie to wear around her nephew... right? On the other hand, maybe she's just a rather young aunt and that's part of the whole reason for the spanking: "Just because I'm closer to your age than your mother's doesn't mean you can disobey me or try to negotiate my rules!" :)


  1. Great to have you back Banjo, Blogger hasn't been the same without your art.
    Love the picture, you've really captured the whole naughty nephew/strict auntie vibe. I can't decide which story I like best, I love the idea of him getting a blistering spanking for something as frivolous as leaving the toilet seat up, but the one about Auntie giving him a welcome spanking to show him who's boss is good too!

  2. Nice revival piece. Welcome back!!

  3. A great piece of art. So many stories in one representation. Good to see you back in form. Michael

  4. Nothing says welcome back like a good old fashioned hairbrush spanking over Aunty's lap.

  5. WOW!! This picture is really completely new to me and I know most of your art over the years. Thanks a lot Banjo.


  6. Er, Joerg, that's because it IS a brand-new piece of art.

    Welcome back, Banjo!


  7. great to see you back again banjo. i keep checking to see the new works. fantastic as usual.

  8. Glad you're back, amigo. I'd prefer to think Auntie isn't so strict or cruel as to spank him for leaving the toilet seat up. He's clearly done something egregious enough to merit a naked, very hard hairbrushing. Thus, leading up to one of my favorite scenarios: he's either been caught in her panty drawer or caught peeping at her unclothed, which also explains her state of undress. I like how he looks quite young, and, by the state of his behind, learning a lesson he won't soon forget. Of course, that doesn't mean he's been cured of his misbehvior. Yet... ;-)

  9. I like the idea of young Auntie giving her nephew a painful lesson :-)
    The title suits best to the situation where it all started with some discussion/argument. The nephew believes they are equal partners of the discussion or perhaps even thinks he knows better and becomes bossy (the fact his aunt is not much older than him might encourage him). When he crosses the line, the "discussion" takes a slightly different form as the angry auntie rips his clothes off and immediately puts him across her lap. I believe all he can do is to enthusiastically agree with each point she makes while spanking him and to politely suggest that this discussion could be concluded.

  10. Great artwork, Banjo! And it's wonderful to see you back.

    I definitely identify with the Aunty in the picture, and my Evan is a squirmer just like the boy you have drawn (except our size ratio is rather different than you draw). Like you, I love squirming: it means that the boy really doesn't like the spanking. (In practice, however, Evan's squirming sometimes hurts my legs. But I can live with that. The practicalities of spanking!)


  11. Aunty no doubt but wow, nice welcome back with a classic otk brushing, just awesome and hot. Love it.

  12. First of all, welcome back, Banjo! And of course, you come back in style. I can add myself to the list of those who consider this a favorite position/situation, and well done too btw. Personally I would go for the young auntie idea, with perhaps a bit of a taboo nature to their relationship. She may be simply reminding him that he's not too old to be put across her knee, or of what's expected when it's time to "please" auntie and the consequences if he dares to object, or maybe just reenforcing her position of who's in charge. Heck, maybe all of the above. Dang, wish I had an auntie like that.

  13. Ohhhh, obviously it's just an affectionate aunt/nephew birthday spanking--or it started out as one anyway, but then the sixteen-year-old boy protested his thirty-year-old aunt's edict that he had to be attired in his 'birthday suit' for a birthday spanking.

    Once he resisted his aunt's directions, she decided to use the punitive authority that his mother (the aunt's older sister) had granted her to administer a serious disciplinary walloping for disrespect and disobedience. Unfortunately for her nephew, if he doesn't submit to be spanked over her knee in the nude on the woman's instructions, he'll be similarly chastised by both his mother (once she arrives back home) and then his aunt, at his mother's insistence.

    "This could have been [SMACK!!]...A fun, playful handspanking [WHACK!!]...We'd both be giggling over...[CRACK!!]...But you had to be [SPLAT!!]...Close-minded and argumentive [WHAP!!]...So now you're getting the brush [SMACK!!]...As purely a punishment [CRACK!!]...You naughty, disobedient child!!" [WHACK!!] --C.K.

  14. I just discovered this site, although I have been a fan of Banjo's art for years. And this drawing is one of the reasons: young man, bare bottomed, beings hairbrushed until that bottom is crimson!

    All my favorites fantasies - and I have had those fantasies since I was 7 or 8! Never got that kind of spanking until I was past forty, however, but since then have been able to get them reasonably often. Still, the pictures in my head that got me off when I was a kid, and a teen, and a young adult, still do now that I am an old adult, and Banjo has done so many excellent versions - so with me he ranks up there with Sassy Bottoms, Barb, and Jayem for great depictions of using the hairbrush on a naughty boy's bare bottom. Thanks.

  15. A terrific piece. Despite his manly, fully formed physique (he looks almost like a spankee in Franco's art) and her apparent youthfulness, it's still plausible to me that this is an aunt/nephew scenario. She could be a 'cougar' aunt who's doing a great job of keeping herself fit and young-looking: I'll bet that spanking squirmy-kins is one exercise she frequently performs to help keep herself in such good shape!

  16. This is a hot one!

    My interpretation is that the young man has been rather...forward...with the woman's daughter, and she's teaching him exactly how she feels about that. Of course, part of the reason for her objection might be that she wants this bubble-bottomed young man all to herself, and his advances on her daughter both aroused her jealousy and gave her a golden opportunity to spank him for something.

  17. When I graduated from College I flew down to Florida to reward myself with a week at the beach, staying at my "Aunt" Betty's place. She's not really my Aunt, just a friend of my Mom's, perhaps 10 years older than I, who used to babysit me when I was a kid, and she has twin daughters who are seniors in High School.

    But when my flight arrived, my luggage didn't! An hour later I was on the phone at Aunt Betty's, venting my frustration at an unhelpful airline clerk, and I'm afraid my language got a bit coarse and abusive. I could see Betty's daughters, Liz & Ellen, raise eyebrows.

    As I hung up the phone, Aunt Betty said, "You remember what used to happen when you used language like that?"

    How could I forget!? Getting my bare bottom spanked and standing in the corner for everyone to see! And then being treated like a baby the rest of the day, made to dress in diapers & little girl nightie....

    Well I'm glad those days are over, I thought as showered off the grime from the trip. Clean and refreshed I opened the shower door.

    Clothes gone. towel gone. My cell phone, keys, wallet ID... nowhere to be seen! Just Aunt Betty in a sexy black slip, holding a hairbrush as the twins watched, giggling.....