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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Art - Enjoying His Apology

"Enjoying His Apology"

Apologies for the temporary break; I was unexpectedly occupied this past week. That meant that I missed Cake and Cunnilingus Day (April 14) on the blog again, which I was planning to commemorate this year with new artwork and a post. Hopefully this thematically-suitable art piece will suffice until I can finish the one I was intending to use.

Like - I presume - a lot of subs (male and female), I am quite fond of giving oral sex. There's something very submissive about the act, and I've found it very useful in encouraging partners to be more "dominant", even if they aren't actually spankos. For me personally, it's no good persuading/bribing a woman to spank me if she doesn't enjoy it at all; that's not fun for me, either. But knowing a woman is enjoying the sense of dominance and control that comes from having someone on their knees between her legs as she calls the shots and grab their hair to steer them in the right direction and gets into things enough to even start talking "domme-y"... yeah, that's fun! Spanking is my one great passion (sexual or otherwise), but just having a partner enjoy "taking charge" on any level is, for me, the next best thing.

Okay, ramblings over... on to the art piece!

This piece of art is likely a girlfriend and boyfriend (or even wife and husband). Either they are already in an agreed-upon Domestic Discipline relationship, or this was the first time she decided to "put her foot down" and take her hard wooden hairbrush to her man's bare backside!

Either way, we're now at the aftermath portion of the spanking, with his bottom ablaze and sizzling hot... and her feeling rather hot herself!

The title suggests that this spanking was for some specific "offense" on his part. Perhaps a sexist remark or unfeeling comment made without thinking? We all know boyfriends and husbands are prone to these on occasion, right?

Perhaps it was a missed date or forgotten anniversary... heck, perhaps he forgot it was Cake and Cunnilingus Day and is being "reminded"?

Maybe it was simply poor performance in his "chores" about the house? From the look of them both, it's clear to me that he's the one expected to do most of the housework!

Or maybe if she's a very strict partner, it was for an accidental breakage ("my glass unicorn!") or something minor that slipped his mind? Is forgetting to pick up the milk on the way home a spankable offence? I think so, at least in this house!

Regardless of "why", he's now soundly spanked and feeling quite remorseful (at least at having to be spanked, if not for what he actually did wrong!), he's on his hands and knees giving her a proper apology. Fortunately for him, it looks like she's enjoying it! Otherwise there's always the chance that she'll feel he isn't showing her he's sorry enough, and pull him back up over her lap for a second dose of her hairbrush... ;)

As an aside, I really like how she turned out in this piece. I often spend ages tweaking a lady in my artworks to get her looking "just right", but this one came out wonderfully with little effort, it seemed. She really looks the part of a hot young "babe" to me, someone perhaps a bit spoiled and used to getting her own way... and now not willing to compromise with her partner, either! But I can totally see why he'd be willing to take even the most blistering spankings and bossiest attitude from her, can't you?

But what do you think? Do you see any of the above as likely for this scenario, or does this piece make you imagine other situations and relationships instead?

Perhaps you don't even see them as "partners" at all? Maybe he's her college tutor, "apologizing" for not helping her get that A+ she wanted on her last exam? Maybe she's a spoiled rich pop-star (she has a bit of a young "Brintey-esque" look, I think!), showing an over-eager fanboy how to show her proper respect when he bugs her for an autograph? Maybe she's his new girl-next-door neighbor (or neighbor's daughter!), with a naughty crush on that shy young man next door, who's inexperienced, easily controlled and will do anything to please her...

(keep the comments coming fast, because I've got new updates to post when everyone's had chance to enjoy this one...)


  1. Sorry Banjo, but I don´t like oral sex. So I have to vote with "Dislike"


    1. @Joerg
      No problems. I know some folks like to keep spanking and sex totally separate. There are things I don't like to mix with my spankings too! :)

      I think for me, it's because so much of the "turn on" in actually getting spanked is knowing my spanker is enjoying being the spanker.

      As I said, spanking is always my "number one" kink, but I've found sadly most girls I've known aren't spankos and don't enjoy it... but many DO seem to enjoy taking control sexually in other ways, which to me is better than them doing something they don't enjoy just to make me happy.

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!!! I just love to lick the wife's clitoris with a blazing red and throbbing behind. You are so spot on with the total submissive quality of the situation. This is frequently my punishment for masturbation without permission. Thanks so much for the great blog.


    1. @JayJay
      Thanks, JayJay... and congrats on being a lucky guy in such an awesome relationship! :)

      I'm glad you like my blog; please do keep up the feedback (old or new posts are fair game!). It means a lot to me to know others are enjoying what I do.

  3. I don't have a particular "scenario" in mind here, could be any of the ones you mentioned. I'd just like to point out a couple of caveats: she should have her skirt hiked up and her legs in the air or hooked over his shoulders (so much easier to access the vajayjay that way) and he shouldn't have his arms behind him (you really need to be able to use your fingers to spread her labia and really "get in there" nice and deep and bury your face between her legs. Actually, having her on her back in bed and laying on the bed while you're munching that carpet is more supportive and comfortable. But maybe that's just me... ;-)

    1. @Smuccatelli
      You can't see it, but his other hand IS up on the couch (promise!). The other hand SHOULD be, but his poor bottom is so sore he keeps having to reach back and rub it. :(

      As for her position: well, this is more of an "impromptu" moment. Though I like the dominant look/feel of "him on his knees, her towering above", I've got a WIP of a "laying on the bed" piece you might like too...

      The skirt is both a Poser limitation and I kinda liked the idea of him having his head up her skirt here; again, impromptu moment rather than planned bedroom session. Plus, having her skirt down protects her "modesty" from the viewer better. :)

      Oh, and if he's having trouble pleasing her due to position, that's HIS fault, not hers... ;)

    2. Um, not really. If she wants the maximum pleasure from his oral attentions, she'll want to accomodate him as much as possible. Otherwise, it's just about dominance. Of course, that may be what had in mind in the first place, no? ;-)

    3. @Smuccatelli
      Not saying that's right, just that's how SHE probably sees it. Accomodate HIM? Bah! "If I'm not getting maximum pleasure, you're doing something wrong!"

      (kinda like a lot of guys who think "if I just fuck away hard and fast, surely she'll think I'm the best lover ever"!)

      Of course, unlike us guys, a woman - particularly one holding a hairbrush, is never wrong... ;)

  4. I like it have been in that situation many times with my wife.

  5. I'd have to say they are a couple, it's just rather icky if they're not. After doing such a good job on his bottom, she deserves a little come down time.

  6. Amazing, and very hot. Yes I see this as a couple and he did not complete all his chores but is a caring and loving partner. So she made the decision to spank him but good with her brush but then reward him and herself with some lovely and wonderful oral pleasure....nothing hotter than bringing a loved one to that place with a steamed and roasted bottom. Very nice.

  7. Great pic, I love it when you spanking artists do something a little more 'explicit'. Her outfit reminds me of the classic cheerleader type, perhaps she is a dominant alpha bitch holding her own tryouts for her harem of suitably submissive high school sweethearts. I'm sure she can have even the studliest jock wrapped round her little finger (and between her legs) after a long hard hairbrush session.
    Also I love her wristwatch, I have quite a fetish for those! Her toe rings and painted nails are quite nice too, maybe her subby had a little suck on those as well?

    1. @QBuzz
      I liked yours and John's "spoiled and bitchy" suggestions so much, I added a new tag! :)

      Can definitely see her as a manipulative "mean girl" cheerleader Queen Bee alpha girl, QBuzz!

      I'm glad you noticed the jewelry... the toe ring and thumb right were last-minute additions but I thought they suited her!

  8. yes, I expect she's quite spoiled, and why shouldn't she be? No doubt she draws a lot of attention - and from her outfit, she wants to! Still, I'm with Auntie Andrea, I hope they're a couple. In any case, a great piece of work!

    Since you have posts-in-waiting I won't phrase this as a request but I find the elegant and intelligent-looking "It's Spankie Time, Sweetie" woman to be the sexiest - though I know you have an entire "stable" of spankers all demanding screen time...


    1. @John S MacLeod
      Heh, I'm rather in love with how the "Spankie Time" woman (a.k.a. "Evil Auntie") came out too, and have often thought about re-using her again (she originally appeared here, of course). Be careful what you wish for... :)

  9. Banjo, I've done this and it's amazingly hot. If that's what the lady wishes, then that tongue had better keep moving.

    1. @Often123
      Exactly... SHE'S the boss, right? :)

  10. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the great comments and feedback on this piece... it's active discussion like that which keeps me posting and sharing, and I really appreciate it!

    Keep 'em coming (don't be afraid to comment on 'old' posts... one of the flaws of a blog rather than a website is the tendency only to view the newest posts as 'relevant') and I'll keep the new stuff coming too.

    In fact, there's a new art piece I'm polishing up that I suspect a few regulars here might like... ;)

  11. Although giving oral sex is not necessarily a submissive act, I do agree that for me at least there is something very submissive about it. I also agree it can bring out a dominant side in some women. One former partner in particular swore she didn't have a dominant bone in her body. However, put me on my knees in front of her, my head between her legs and she would gain a definite sense of empowerment. Over time this led to her dominating me across her lap as well. I still miss her btw :)
    Good artwork Banjo, and great storyline.

  12. I would really love to be in this situation. I think that there is a relationship between the two and not just a "quickie".

  13. This is Banjo's best piece so far. Logical conclusion to a female-spanks-male relationship