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Friday, 5 April 2013

Reasons For Spanking - Pranks and Practical Jokes

Reasons for Spanking (RFS) is a new semi-regular feature/article here on Banjo's BBS, where I take a look at some of the classic/oft-used/cliche "reasons" for getting (or giving!) a spanking.

In beginning this new semi-regular series of short articles, I felt that having just had April Fools' Day for this year, the first "reason" was a no-brainer...

Pranks, whether childhood or adult, are I'm sure a Reason For Spanking that many of my readers can relate to.

I suspect that the teacher's bottom isn't as sore as the backside of
the student who wrote those blackboard lines, though...

The whole "spanked for a prank or joke that wasn't appreciated or went too far" scenario is not only a mainstay of spanking fiction (most notably, written spanking fiction), but a common source of "early interest"; while far from every adult spanko was spanked as a child, many can trace their "first interest" to an early spanking, and I've noticed that a lot of these experiences tend to be the result of some youthful practical joke gone wrong.

Not to mention that a large amount of old comic strip spankings suffered by the likes of Dennis the Menace and his peers were caused by pranks and tricks played by these fictional brats on their long-suffering parents, teachers and neighbors.

"I know your bottom hurts, Dennis, but you should have
thought of that before you set poor Mister Wilson on
fire, shouldn't you?"

For someone my age, it's less likely they got spanked for a childish practical joke, egged house or thumbtack on teacher's stool, but the danger (or perhaps fantasy) is still there. However, I don't think it needs to be a willfully nasty prank that leads to a spanking, does it?

Sure, the wild teenager who splatters eggs all over a woman's front door on Halloween deserves to be marched over to her house the next morning by his mother so that they can both express their displeasure on his naughty bare bottom (either before he cleans up the mess, after, or both). Sure, the foolish boy at school who wants to make an impression on his classmates and puts a pin on their new young teacher's seat deserves to get a sound bare bottom rulering across her desk in front of his friends. Sure, the brazen boy who telephones his prim and stuffy new lady neighbor to ask her if her "refrigerator is running" deserves to have her recognize his voice and come knocking on his door a few minutes later with hairbrush in hand...

A teenage "window-egger" spanked by the policewoman
who caught him, then forced to clean up the mess? I'm
sure there are communities that would support this...

But what about if it's actually something really minor, and the prankee just has no sense of humour? An innocent little gag or joke ending in a blisteringly severe spanking is rather unfair... but kind of a "hot button" for me, even more than the idea of a "well deserved" prank-caused spanking, I have to admit!

Or how about the idea of a "group prank", where all his friends got away with it, but only he was the one caught... and so had to take the blame (and by blame, I of course mean a very sound spanking!) for it by himself? Being given the a face-down-on-the-bed strapping by his mom or paddle to tears in front of morning assembly at school, even though he was only one of a group of pranksters, or perhaps even "just along for the ride" (either encouraged by the real culprit(s) or just hanging with them to be "cool") sounds very unjust and unfair to me... but it would certainly teach him a lesson in not bowing to peer pressure (or at least, not being in the wrong place at the wrong time!).

Yeah, but what if his friend's mom does?

There is another way that a prank could end in a spanking, though, and that's when it's part of the prank to get someone else spanked!

What if a cruel sister deliberately set her brother up to get spanked by mom, even though he didn't do anything? Or if those mean girls at school framed their class' "teacher's pet" to finally get sent to the principal's office for the paddling or caning he never seemed to earn himself? Or if that girl at work whom he used to date decided to get revenge on her ex by somehow landing him in trouble with his strict boss... the one she knows has a "get spanked or get fired" workplace discipline policy?

Photo Art by the amazing Alex of Embarrassing and Fun

Of course, adults can just as easily be spanked for a taken-too-far joke, especially those living in Domestic Discipline relationships... though anyone foolish enough to prank their 'top' wife or husband is almost certainly looking for a spanking on purpose!

Even those who aren't in such relationships may find themselves someday pushing their partner to the point when they start thinking that a grown adult acting like a bratty child might need the appropriate, physical discipline response...

Playing the old "bucket of water over the door" trick on
your girlfriend should be immediate grounds for a
spanking in any relationship, IMO.

Speaking of childish adults, those folks who host those "Candid Camera/Beadle's About" style shows are surely just asking for an irate prankee to spank the hell out of them in front of their own hidden cameras, don't you think? At least, I always wanted to see that!

Actually, I was really hoping Michelle Rodriguez (swoon!) would've beat Ashton Kutcher's ass on public TV after he 'Punk'd' her on his show. But hey, if that had happened, I'd be off setting up pranks for her myself right now...

Please don't beat me up, Michelle! Um, well, actually... *blush*

(all images sourced freely online and remain the properly of their owners and are used as parody only)
(Dennis the Menace is the creation of Hank Ketcham; no infringement intended)

How "Reasons For Spanking" (and other upcoming similar features) is intended to work: You all read (and hopefully enjoy!) the article, then leave your own thoughts and comments below. Longer comments can be emailed to me, as can any images (or other material) you may feel suit the topic/conversation (even "heretical" stuff is okay, though obviously my personal bias will be F/m). If I get enough interesting feedback and/or material, I'll do a follow-up post on the same RFS in a week or two, kind of a "discussing reader's thoughts/opinions/anecdotes" thing. I'm not sure if this idea will work, but hopefully it might provide another way to make the blog more interactive and fun!

So... have you ever been - or known somebody who was - spanked for a prank gone wrong (or right)? Do you think that a spanking is ever an appropriate response to a major or minor practical joke... or do those inclined to react that way just need to "lighten up"? And do you think April 1st sees a rise in spankings around the world? Have you seen an artwork, photo, movie or story (vanilla or spanko-related) that you feel especially fits this particular "Reason for Spanking"?


  1. Not really, but at the time I WAS worried that I might get one. I was in the kitchen and saw some ketchup and decided to prank my mother with it, pretending to have cut myself badly with one of her carving knives. She almost had a heart attack (literally) and I was loudly scolded by the next-door neighbor whom I ran and summoned in a panic. My mother recovered gradually after some tea and sympathy and I stayed out of the neighbor's way until she left. She sought me out and scolded me again and told me I "wouldn't sit down for a week" if I were her child. I believed her...

  2. I cannot recall a spanking for an April Fool Joke. In the UK we had Mischief Night, just before Bonfire Night in November. On Mischief Night we got up to a lot of Mischief and jolly japes.I was spanked on at least two occasions when our neighbours complained about our mischief and I was caned at least once at School when the Headmaster had a report on our Mischief.

  3. I got a many spankings growing up but none like these but I like the post, well done. Too bad Dennis' mother did not spank him more often, she was actractive!

    1. @Njspank
      I thought exactly the same thing myself when I was looking for spank-suggestive pics of Dennis and his mother!

  4. I always wondered why Dennis wasn't spanked on a regular basis. I know I would have been if I had behaved like him.

  5. My personal favorite, Buster Brown, was almost always spanked for pranks gone wrong. http://www.barnaclepress.com/comics/Buster%20Brown/

    1. @Emily
      I'd never heard of Buster Brown and checked out that site today... wow, not only are those lots of fun, but (at least the early ones) are full of F/m spankings! Buster's mother is a pretty awesome spanker, too! Most of these old comics have Dad as the spanker, so I was pleasantly surprised by this discovery. :)

  6. I was never spanked in real life in my childhood or as an adult, but I have fantasies.The tradition of birthday spanking here in Germany is totally unknown. I remember some Dennis pictures, where he gets a spanking from his mother, because he is rude to Margret. I always wanted to see Margret gives Dennis an otk spanking on his bare bottom.