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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Art - Hot Crossed Buns

"Hot Crossed Buns"

Or should that be 'Hot Cropped Buns'?

Please forgive the somewhat rushed nature of this piece; I really wanted to do something for Easter and not have it be as late as I typically am for 'festive' posts!

Obviously a play on the name of the Hot Cross Buns you find in stores over the Easter period, the lame pun was the basis for making this... along with the urge to do a sexy 'Easter Bunny' costumed girl.

Riding crops aren't really a favourite spanking implement of mine; they're a bit too BDSM for my tastes (as most readers know, I far prefer 'domestic' implements like hairbrushes, slippers, wooden spoons and leather belts). However, I felt that not only was the crop needed to pull off the painful 'crossed' marking for this poor spankee's bottom, but it seemed to go with the whole 'bunny girl' costume the spanker is wearing (seriously, search the net for sexy femdom bunny girls and half of them - domme or sub - are holding riding crops!).

The challenge with the spanker's costume here was giving her a bunny outfit that said 'Easter Bunny' not 'Playboy Bunny'. As you can imagine, almost every Poser bunny girl outfit leans towards the latter, so I had to tweak and put something together to give the right 'look'. Hopefully, it works!

An earlier version was a little more 'playful', with her smiling sweetly despite his distress... I finally went with a more no-nonsense expression, however, due to the severity of the thrashing, his reaction, and a desire to stand out from typical 'cute bunny girl' pictures. Here, the message is clear: "Don't mess with the Easter Bunny!"

The decision to put the spankee in his own 'bunny outfit' was a relatively late one, but I feel it adds to the whole 'festive' tone. It can also suggest reasons as to why he's being unmercifully cropped by the Big Blonde Bunny. Perhaps he didn't want to wear the skimpy, silly costume and she's 'persuading' him to rethink his opposition? Perhaps he's her Assistant Bunny Boy and somehow messed up, breaking or losing Easter Eggs or even just turning up late for the Egg Hunt?

Or perhaps he was one of several 'boys' involved in an Easter Egg hunt himself, each one costumed for the festive fun and with the pink-clad sexy Easter Bunny presiding over the event? Perhaps it was a competition, with a prize for the young man who found the most hidden eggs... and a painful penalty thrashing for the boy (i.e. him!) who found the fewest? Now that is a mean idea, I think!


  1. I am guessing that his elder sister caught the young man trying on some of her clothes whilst she was setting up an egg hunt for some neighbour's children. The crop was the only instrument to hand as she is a keen rider.

    1. I like the idea of the "older sister is a keen rider, so has a crop at hand to use". In fact, it gives me an idea for another future pic, too...

  2. If she spanks him a longer more time, his butt has the colour of the easter eggs. A fantastic otk picture.


  3. Lovely fantasy pic Banjo, it doesn't look rushed to me and Mrs Bunny is really cute. Me and my wife have been talking about sexy bunny outfits for AGES and this might give us a few pointers for the outfit (I've seen a few bunny tail butt plugs online too ;)

    Of course for that authentic hot cross bun effect, she'll have to aim a few strikes vertically down his ass crease...

    1. The original concept for this was actually "literal" like that... with Miss Bunny deliberately giving him a blazing hot 'X' of crop-weals across his poor bottom. I thought that was delightfully mean (and painful; all those crop-strokes focused on just two "lines"!).

      The "rushed" nature mean I had to abandon that post-work intention with the more general "thrashed bottom" effect that is more realistic yet a bit less fitting to the title.

  4. Hi there, Banjo. Your 'tweaking' definitely worked here! Like you I'm really a fan of more domestic dress and implements, but you've created something very sexy indeed. It's nice to see a bunny girl (traditionally the subject of a chauvinisitic gaze) in a dominant role. The picure in the background is a nice touch too.

    I tend to leave the 'seasonal' posts to the last minute as well (and then sit up all night trying - and often failing - to get them finished in time!), so I feel your pain. However, this doesn't look rushed to me. It looks great.

    Glad to see you back posting as well - I was afraid we were going to lose you again!

    1. Hey mate! Thanks... I'd love to email/chat with ya again, if we get chance. Great to see your blog still going strong, too!

      As you probably know, I love "role-reversals" and even seeing stereotypical spankee characters into dominant spankers, and typically chauvinistic expectations reversed/overturned.

  5. Or, more likely, knowing your particular predilictions, the "prize" for the boy who found the most eggs is the thrashing he's currently getting over her lap... ;-)

    1. Heh! I may have to post an alternate version with Miss Bunny looking more amused and less angry (that was the earlier concept) for comparison, too! :)

  6. Mistress Bunny looks pretty annoyed, so I'm guessing that she's dishing out a serious ass-whipping rather than a playful one. I'm going with the "Punished Helper" scenario, that the young guy was supposed to be her 'Assistant Bunny' at the Easter Egg Hunt, but instead of supervising the toddlers looking for the eggs, he was flirting with their twentysomething mothers.

    "Okay, Peter Rabbit, why don't you show the ladies how eagerly you can shake that 'Cottontail' of yours for them? Oh, that's very sweetly done, isn't it, girls?"

    I agree that nothing's better than smooth, flat hardwood for strict feminine application to a naughty boyish bare behind, but IMHO an occasional riding crop ass-whipping can be a fun change of pace... --C.K.

    1. I really like that scenario of the "assistant flirting with the mommies rather than working" and getting a thrashing in front of them by his 'Bunny Boss'!

      I agree with you on preference of implements; in fantasy, I far prefer domestic or scholastic items... but since riding crop's scare me in "real life", I do kinda find them sexy in a way, since unlike a lot of other spanky implements I genuinely don't want to be punished with one! If that makes sense?

  7. I too liek the assistant scene and this one is well, hot....ouch that is some spanking she is delivering!

  8. The pic hanging on the woman's wall suggests, perhaps, that her liking for all things 'bunny' extends beyond this festive moment, but I get the impression there's very little 'fluffy' about her! If, on the other hand, it's HIS rabbit pic, then he's obviously a bit of a sissy and deserves everything he gets! Colin

  9. how i know this!!!!!!!!!!
    my "girls in charge" does this every day!
    because..only a well spanked/caned boy-buttock is a goog buttock!
    oh god,they done it sometimes more than good..

  10. Very nice work, I like the stripes on his ass, I have had many like that on mine as well though my GF has me face down on the bed so she can have a longer swing. The girl is beautiful and is providing a nice intense experience that will be remembered for days.