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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fantasy - New Student's Welcome

"First day at your new school and this is what greets you..."

Okay, so this Quick Fantasy and Art piece are both unexpected, unplanned and totally new! I wrote a quick little information post earlier today, just as a bit of backstory for anyone who might be new here lately, but then decided I wanted to give the post a little piece of decorative art. I nearly reused an old one, then thought "Nah, I'll quickly whip up something new!" Four or so hours later... this piece was the result!

Despite the unplanned nature of the piece, I really enjoyed making it. Of course, as usual when I'm making a new artwork, I immediately started fantasizing and imagining scenarios while working...

I love "welcome spankings". Just the absolute unfairness and "new things are scary anyway" tone, even in the most "friendly" of welcome spankings is something I find a thrilling concept. Any kind, any situational excuse. Welcome to Auntie's House for the weekend. Welcome to Reform School. Welcome to your new overseas host family. Welcome to the new club. Welcome to your new school or class.

That's the scenario that popped into my head as I started working on the concept of "hot teacher with a blackboard welcoming new students to class", to reflect the "newcomers message" I was posting. Pretty soon, the scenario ran away in my mind...

It's your first day at a new school. You don't know anybody there, so it's a bit scary. Your new uniform is uncomfortable, much more restrictive than the one at your laid-back previous school. You really hope your first day goes well!

That morning, you sit nervously in the middle row. Nobody talks to you, but you notice a few looking in your direction and then quickly looking away.

The teacher arrives, and you're stunned at how attractive she is; tall with long blonde hair, breasts straining her dark sweater and gorgeous long, smooth legs shown off by her surprisingly short skirt.

"Good morning, class," she says cheerfully.

"Good morning, Miss," you reply with the others.

You swallow hard as the teacher looks in your direction. "I see we have a new classmate, everyone." With a smile, she gestures. "Stand up and introduce yourself, please."

You obey, still rather nervous.

The teacher smiles and turns to the board, chalk squeaking as she writes. When she moves away, you gasp in horror at the words she has written!

Beneath your name are the words "Welcome Paddling: 30 Swats (on the bare)".

A paddling?! Here?! Now?! For what?! It's your first day! You haven't even been here long enough to get in trouble yet! While you'd heard rumors that the teachers here were allowed to paddle students, you'd expected it was only when they misbehaved!

"It's a school tradition, I'm afraid," the teacher explains when you try to protest, though her smirk belies her rueful tone. "Every new boy who joins after the first day of term gets a Welcome Paddling. Thirty good hard swats, on the bare bottom."

This is unfair! This is crazy! Surely she's joking? You glance around the classroom, but nobody is laughing.

The teacher reaches under her desk and - to your wide-eyed horror - produces a large wooden spanking paddle. It looks formidable and heavy, its smooth surface glistening in the neon light of the classroom as the teacher turns and hefts it in her hands.

She smacks the paddle playfully against her palm, and the sharp crack makes you flinch and wince.

"Ever been paddled before?" she asks, one eyebrow raised in curiosity.

You shake your head, heart pounding in your chest. "N-no, Miss."

Your new teacher smiles wickedly, eyes sparklingly. "Well, then this will be an extra special experience for you, won't it? Your first day here at your new school and your first ever bare-bottom paddling!"

Tears well in your eyes at the thought. You can't believe this is happening! As nervous as you were when you got ready for school this morning, never in your worst nightmares did you imagine your first day starting like this!

"Now, now... chin up! Let's see a brave face!" your new teacher chides teasingly, noting your clear distress. "Be a brave little soldier for us and march up here to the front of the class so I can give you your Welcome Paddling. Once we're done, we can begin today's class."

Your legs feel like jelly as you stumble past the rows of desks to the front of the classroom. The smiling teacher watches you the whole way. When you are finally standing in front of her desk, she waves the paddle towards your waist.

"Pants down, please," she instructs. "It wouldn't be a proper welcome if it's not on the bare!"

"But... but Miss..." you whisper, blushing, eyes downcast shamefully at the toes of her shiny black pumps.

"Oh, alright!" she chuckles. "I know you new boys are sometimes shy and need help..."

With that, she places the paddle on her desk and reaches down to unfasten your school shorts, unsnapping and unzipping them and then sending them southward to form a puddle around your feet with a sharp tug.

"There we go!" she announces. Your back is to the class, but you feel totally exposed, sure that everyone is now staring at the seat of your white cotton underpants!

Walking around from behind her desk, your new teacher picks up the paddle again (up close, it looks even bigger and more terrifying!) and taps it against the desktop in front of you.

"Now, bend over the desk, please," she instructs firmly. "Head down, bottom up. Knees straight, feet together."

You obey, heartbeat now a pounding, deafening roar. As you lean forward against the cool, hard surface of the desk, you notice your hands are trembling.

"You might want to grab hold of the other side of the desk," your teacher suggests casually. "Most first-timers seem to find that helps."

As you reach forward and tightly grip the far edge of the big desk, feeling your backside thrust out towards your watching new classmates, you feel a gentle scratch of fingernails as slender female fingers are hooked into the sides of your underpants' waistband.

"Oh no, Miss!" you gasp, unable to help yourself.

"Oh yes, boy!" comes your teacher's amused reply. You can feel, if not see, her smirk. "Welcome Paddlings - in fact all paddlings at this school - are always given on the bare bottom!"

With that, she peels your cotton underpants down to your knees, causing a wave of gooseflesh to ripple across your quivering buttocks as they are bared to the cool air and gazes of the entire classroom.

"Oooh!" you squeal softly as something hard and cold is pressed against your naked, out-thrust cheeks. The paddle.

"Hold on tight now," your teacher warns. "Welcome paddling or not, if you jump up or move out of position, we start over. Understand?"

You nod fearfully. A tear trickles down your cheek.

"You've got thirty swats to come for your welcome paddling. They're going to be good and hard, and I'm afraid they are going to really hurt! But like I said, it's a school tradition."

Teasingly, the teacher taps the paddle gently against your defenseless bare buttocks, then removes it again.

Your whole body tenses, wincing and screwing your eyes shut as you await what you know is coming.

"Ready?" she asks, but doesn't wait for a reply. You whimper as you hear her swing the huge paddle over her shoulder with a whoosh of air. "Here it comes...!"


Totally unplanned, and written in a rush (so apologies for the rough "stream of consciousness" style!) but hope it was enjoyed.

Oh, and in case anyone's looking at her and wondering: any resemblance to any real person, living or dead, is purely co-incidental. ;)


  1. Where do I sign up...she is stunning and the paddle, well um, she is stunning!

    1. @Ron
      Glad you like her, mate! I'm rather pleased with how she turned out. I think her paddle swats would be equally "stunning" too, though... ouch!

  2. While I think 30 swats on the bare bottom is a little too much, I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of a welcome spanking in fiction. They did actually exist in real life, too. The creator of James Bond Ian Fleming attended a boarding school where new pupils were beaten on arrival as a matter of course.

    1. a tradition which, based on his writing, Mr. Fleming definitely approved of!

    2. @Aunty Andrea
      I would agree that thirty paddle swats is rather excessive for a simple "welcome spanking", Aunty. :( However, I got the impression that this teacher here isn't exactly fair-minded about these things.

      On the other hand, I seem to recall reading about a sorority where "warm welcome" spankings were typical... they even had weekly "paddling nights" were every girl, regardless of behavior, got lined up and paddled!

  3. a terrific and delicious post, Banjo - though my mind wandered off a bit at "Welcome to your new overseas host family." Could be a long year!

    1. @John S MacLeod
      Thanks, John! Like I said, what started as a quick five-minute piece ended up a five hour indulgence, so I'm thrilled this artwork and fantasy piece pushes anyone else's buttons too.

      I REALLY like the "spanked by an overseas host family" type scenarios, mate (I may or may not have mentioned in a previous post) and would love to do more on that subject sometime! Of course, my first instinct is for a western young man under the roof (and over the lap!) of a Japanese 'Host Mother', but I can imagine some other 'overseas' fantasies that would be rather hot too; I bet there are some European 'host mommies' who would be shockingly hard spankers, for example! Then again, for me as an Aussie, even the idea of an American 'host family' spanking is exotic and sexy! :)

      And yes: living overseas with a family who spanks regularly for a whole year would make for a very long (and painful) year, I agree!

  4. I think, this is a boys only class. If this were a mixed class, the boys could get the paddlings from the female classmates, so the teacher has not too much to do. WOW, this would be a nice paddling party for the freshmen. A terrific idea from you Banjo.


    1. @Joerg
      I actually saw this as a "boys only" class too when I was writing this piece. Usually I'm all about mixed classes in school scenarios, with giggling girls who delight in "only boys get spanked" rules and even get turns to give spankings themselves on occasion, but something about this scenario and how the lady in my artwork turned out suggested to me that she's a teacher with all-boy classes who secretly (or not-so-secretly!) delights in dishing out paddlings to all her cute male students. :)

      I do like the idea of a mixed class where the girls "help out teacher" with paddlings, though. "One swat per girl, plus ten from teacher"? In a mixed class of 30 or so students, that seems somewhat "fair" as a welcome party, eh?

  5. Wow! That's quite a tittilating scenario! And I can imagine the progression of his spanking, growing more and more severe, him crying, then howling in pain, struggling to hold on to the desk, her warning him about moving, then "starting over" when he jumps up after three or four swats, her warning him again and pushing him back down and telling him to count the swats out loud and finally, when it's over, her helping him to stand up and helping him pull his pants up over his swollen bottom and back to his desk, rubbing his back gently and him noticing through his teary eyes that none of his classmates seem to be smirking or enjoying his predicament.

    BTW, she looks a lot to me like the actress Jeri Ryan ("Seven of Nine" on Star Trek). I'm sure all of her students have trouble with their "little heads" in class as well as their big heads.

    1. @Smuccatelli
      Wow, that's pretty much exactly how I imagined it progressing, too (I stopped when I did to allow everyone to imagine their own paddling and reactions, though).

      Thirty swats is already pretty harsh, especially given he hasn't actually done anything to "earn" this besides just being "the new boy"... but he's very likely to get even more than that if he jumps up or moves too much (and considering this is his first paddling, I think that's likely). He'd better hold on tight, because I don't think she's the type to "go easy" on a fusspot crybaby, either!

      I suspect that many of his classmates have been under that awful paddle themselves on occasion, so they know it's no laughing matter! Although his new teacher seems to be smirking as she helps him up and guides him back to his desk...

      I also think that the poor new boy is going to be quite confused many nights now at home in his bed, both terrified of his new teacher and her paddle, yet also - being a typical hormonal boy - unable to keep from thinking naughty things about her despite his mixed feelings and very sore bottom. Still, he just can't help but imagine her as he reaches under his sheets... resistance is futile. :)

    2. Of COURSE he's going to polish his bayonet later, whether he's thinking about his spanking or his bodacious teacher, or both. He's probably going to imagine being over her lap getting his bare bottom spanked and rubbing against her skirt or even her bare thighs and hoping he won't have an "accident" on her lap.

    3. @Smuccatelli
      I love the idea of him being confused yet turned on to the point of violent masturbation at the thought of the teacher who made his poor bottom so very sore!

      My favourite 'heartthrob teacher' scenario, though, has a student with a huge crush on his hot teacher and a 'fantasy sex life' with her while alone and safe in his warm bed most nights... and then he finally getting spanked by his 'crush' at school, and how that affects his fantasies and nightly naughty sessions! He'd certainly see his fantasy figure teacher in a new light once she'd pulled his pants down and roasted his bare bottom!

  6. i had quite a few lady teachers that gave very serious spankings after school. none were quite as good looking as this one though although a few were older by about 10 years came very close. I think i would have had to visit this teacher for lots of discipline sessions.

    1. @Tommyspt
      I've always had fantasies about being kept after class for a serious spanking session. I actually had a teacher at school who was even hotter than my imaginary teacher here, whom I had very mixed feelings about... generally, I couldn't stand her as she was very, very strict and bossy and nasty to me, and yet I used to dream constantly of her being even more mean and keeping me back after class one day for a bottom blistering spanking! Yeah, it was kinda confusing growing up a spanko sometimes! :)

  7. I love stories like this where the lady in charge is so strict and no-nonsense with her charges, yet it's also obvious just how much she enjoys roasting their innocent bare behinds - and they can't do anything about it except bend over when she orders

    1. @QBuzz
      I think that's what I love the most re-reading this rather rambling piece I did! Like you, I love the idea of a dominant lady who spanks and who is a totally no-nonsense, zero tolerance disciplinarian and yet clearly enjoys (even "gets off"!) on walloping her charges, even (or especially!) if they're innocent and undeserving of such treatment. The whole "it's unfair and she knows it but you have to take it anyway" is a major hot button for me. :)

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Banjo's impromptu story to accompany this piece, but for me the artwork suggests the 'meta-scenario' of a commercial adult spanking party, catering to submissive clients, with the hostess in role as teacher. I see it that way because she has, somehow, the rather seasoned, brittle look of a professional domme; and because the chalked-up 'welcome' message has the sort of in-your-face 'whacko!' style which typifies the tone of many such parties! A great addition!

    1. @Colin
      I need to frequent some of those parties, I think! Ah, to live in the UK... :)