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Monday, 20 May 2013

A Note For Newcomers

I wanted to clear some things up in light of a recent comment I responded to, without realizing that not everyone here has been around since the beginning of this blog. I often forget that not everyone was there at the beginning with me on MSN, Excite and Yahoo!

Firstly, I personally tend to think of this site as a "website" more than a blog, meaning I expect (or rather, hope) new visitors will go back and read older posts and view older artwork posted here. A lot of people use Blogger as a "journal", which means old posts are pretty much just interesting backstory but nowhere near as important as the latest (current) post.

Not so at Banjo's BBS! Here, you might find your favourite artwork is buried in a post from a year ago. The latest posts are just that, the latest. Everything prior - barring a few status update type posts - are as hot (or not, depending on tastes!) as they were when first posted!

I read every comment I get, so never be afraid to post your thoughts on an "old" art piece. I'm as interested to know what you have to say about "His Very First Hairbrushing", "Caning Under The Influence", "Knowing He's Next" or "Workout Whacking" as I am to discuss newer posts like "A Heated Discussion", "New Teacher's First Day" or "Summer Scorcher".

Folks who've been here since Day One have seen and commented on those before, but newcomers should never be afraid to check out old posts here... there's no such thing as "nercro posting" at Banjo's BBS!

The main thing I wanted to point out to newcomers, though, was clarification about something there may be misunderstandings about:

When I post art here, it is not always "brand new". If a piece is marked "Flashback", it's an artwork I posted at my old Yahoo group from back in 2002-2007 or so. That's why those artworks are 400x400 pixels while my newer ones are 600x800; I was working in much lower resolutions with a slower computer and older software back then. For most of these "Flashback" pieces, I've since lost the original files, so the only improvements I can make to them is slight tweaking/cleanup work at most.

Very few "Flashback" pieces are going to be great quality if only because of the technical limitations of early 2000's Poser models/software. Most I now feel myself are rather embarrassingly primitive, especially since many were done when I was first learning to make 3D art and learning the software.

On the other hand, there are a couple of my old pieces that I personally still love today, like "Swimsuit Struggle" (one of the last "old" ones I did, and a future Flashback plan), "One Mean Teen" or "Supervised Surfing" (still love the gal in that one!).

Even though they're dated, I do still intend to post all the ancient pics I did all those years ago, because they are what got me started. Just keep in mind that they're gonna be a bit more low-tech than any newer artworks not labeled as Flashbacks, as those are either entirely new or at the least never posted anywhere publicly online until now. So (I hope) most of those will be better quality than the stuff made ten years ago! :)

So, new folks and old fans who've not visited for a while, take some time to flip back through the older posts here and to compare some Flashbacks with my newer stuff. Leave comments, suggest new scenarios for pieces or discuss those suggested by old works. This is supposed to be a place to enjoy yourself, so have fun!

For my part, I find it interesting looking back and seeing how my skills changed and improved over the years, and yet how some of those old pieces push hot buttons that newer ones don't even manage!

This was meant to be a quick "info dump" post, but I decided I wanted to add a little image for it. Well, that turned out to be me spending the next four hours or so making the one you see here... apologies that it wasn't included with the rest of the post to begin with! I actually really enjoyed making it, and will be re-posting it at full-size shortly, along with the mental ramblings its impromptu creation inspired! This does mean I've decided to bump my Mothers' Day post forward a day to give everyone time to enjoy and comment on the unplanned Fantasy/Art post, but since it's already a week late, I didn't think that would be a big issue!


  1. The lads joining the class (they are always a year younger than he Female members of the class) experience not just the pain of a spanking but the love and cuddles of the teacher. She wants to foster an atmosphere of love and care in her class exemplified by her strict punishment of them.


  2. I'm a huge fan of the 'Flashback' pieces. It's great fun to see them re-released in this blog, where at last they're getting - some of them - the analytical commentary and discussion they merit. On the other hand, brand new ladies - like this mistress welcoming the class's latest joiners - are striking (in more sense than one!) and turn my knees to jelly!

    1. @Colin
      Thanks! It's something I really enjoy, not just posting a final "definitive" version of these old works, but having chance to revisit them and think back on making them all those years ago, as well as seeing how they make me feel now!