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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Wonderful World of the Emilyverse

You may remember the wonderfully imaginative and naughty fantasy world (or "alternate universe") created by Emily and posted here last year. Yeah, who could forget it, right?

Well, Emily has a Tumblr site where she posts awesome captioned images set in the same 'verse, ranging from art to spanking photos to otherwise "vanilla" pics given that pervy Emily twist with the addition of text, creating some wildly creative and sexy scenarios. I would very much recommend that anyone who liked her Guest Fantasy post here visit there and enjoy her work. I am sure that feedback would be greatly appreciated by her, too!

Do be warned that the Emilyverse as shown there deals with all genres of spanking/domination, not just F/m... so you'll have M/f, F/f and M/m images and scenarios too. Of course, all participants are consenting adults in the Emilyverse... though I'm sure some do question their decision to agree to their relationship role when they've been sent to bed with no dinner at six o'clock after a very sound spanking and now hear "Mommy" coming upstairs, wearing her strap-on...


  1. I'm surprised there are no comments on this. These are some of the better captioned photos I've seen. Perhaps it's that she uses some photos where the subjects do not look like stereotypical models?
    Whatever. I particularly like the one with the recently married wife sitting on the couch hearing her wife open the door with the bottom caption, "Some spouses learn faster than others".

  2. Thanks for posting this, Banjo. I was familiar with Emily's site but had not visited for some time. It was good to see what she's added as well as revisit some previous posts. She has a good eye for photos/art and much like yourself, quite a way with words. Perhaps you can persuade her to contribute another story to go along with some new artwork. With like minds, the two of you do great work together.

  3. I'm so glad people like my perverted little hobby. I really should get around to doing some more photos; that one of the cute boy getting spanked has been up top FOREVER. (http://emilyverse.tumblr.com/image/45847519847) Seriously, though, is that not the most perfectly bratty expression you have ever seen?

    1. @Emily
      You know I ADORE your pervy mind and projects, Emily! :) Would love to see more of your pic captions for the Emilyverse, as that specific poor boy HAS been getting spanked for such a long time now!

  4. For sure, a polysexual spanking universe - and I have to admit that the M/m pics and scenarios are outside my personal range of interest. But the captions are a delight. I know how long it takes to get a caption just right for a picture, and Emily shows great skill and creativity in this regard. Thanks for sharing, and I'll make a point of checking in regularly.

  5. Banjo buddy-missing your great work. Could you please do some of the theme " older sister's friend" or "friend's older sister" please?

    1. @Anonymous
      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! I love that theme, and will definitely be doing more on it soon! How about "ganged up on by multiple sisters' friends" as a teaser? :P Also, if you ever want to discuss that (or any other) theme or suggest stuff, feel free to drop me an email, as I love chatting with "like minds"!

    2. Great idea....and yes I shall email you. I have lots of ideas!

    3. @Anonymous
      Please do... I'd love to discuss your ideas more!

  6. Hey! How about friend's sister trapping boy in a wrestling match and forcibly slowly stripping him, while mocking him. Then spanking him with a big,smile on her face and more mocking like " this will teach you to be a sassy little brat"

    1. @Anonymous
      I can imagine his friend's sister as having been just itching to get her hands on him for a while now. Finally alone together, she overpowers and spanks him like she's always wanted to, making him promise not to tell his sister (or mom) or she'll make up all sorts of awful stories to get him in even worse trouble!