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Monday, 20 May 2013

Flashback - Sting Of The Slipper

"Sting of the Slipper"

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a BIG "hairbrush fan". Or should that be "hairbrush hater"? Ah, the dilemma of being a spankee...

Anyway, just because the brush is my (least!) favourite implement doesn't mean others don't often enter my thoughts and fantasies. Belts are a bit of a fave, due to the "wait until mommy gets home" vibe they give me. Paddles fit school scenarios perfectly in my mind (yes, the cane is awesome too, but for some reason I find the US response tends to win over the UK one 8 out of 10 times in my imagined school days for some reason). Wooden spoons are very "Aussie Mum" implements, I think, and then there are all sorts of "sub-implements" like tawses, bathbrushes, ping-pong bats, riding crops, etc.

But then there's the slipper. Although the term "slippering" often refers to the disciplinary employ of any old piece of footwear (slipper, sneaker/gym shoe, sandal, etc.) the use of an ACTUAL slipper for a spanking enjoys a rather specialized place in my mind and fantasies.

A slipper smacking is - to me - a rather intimate form of chastisement, often maternal and typically involving a bedroom setting. It's not the most painful implement, sure, but it is very stingy (providing the right kind of slipper is used!) and very psychological in its innocence and almost childishness.

Okay, enough preamble... to the art piece!

Here, you might notice the return of the redheaded gal who appeared in several of my "classic" art pieces. I like to think of her as either a girlfriend or "big sister" but she could equally serve as a cousin, friend or young mother, even.

Now I look at this piece again, he does look kinda like he's older or at least bigger than her. That doesn't mean he's not reduced to a flood of tears here, as can be seen; that slipper clearly stings!

On the shelves at the foot of the bed, there's some sort of trophy and a book. Is this his room and his sports trophy and study book? Or her room and the trophy and books are hers? The answer helps decide this pair's relationship, IMO.

Is she a tutor hired to bring up this highschool/college jock's grades (he kinda looks the part for that, I think). Is she his younger cousin, a little bully who bosses him around and calls the shots when they're alone? Is she a friend of his sister's, perhaps, fed up with his leering and rude comments and taking him to task at his sister's invitation? Are they boyfriend and girlfriend, and she's laying down the law about what kind of behavior she considers "acceptable" from her guy? Or maybe this fits the the wonderful scenario Aunty Andrea suggested on my previous post, and she's his sister giving him a discipline walloping at mum's behest, because she's too busy right now to do it herself?

Unlike many of my artworks, he's not being held down or restrained in any way; I often tend to think that a "proper" spanking is nearly impossible to endure without making a big fuss and needing to be held, pinned or even restrained in place. But here, either the power of her authority, fear of worse punishment, or perhaps even a sense that this is "deserved" is keeping him laying face down and as still as he can manage as that slipper WHAPs loudly down across his bare, smarting cheeks. Of course, it's totally likely that long before she's done, he'll be kicking and squirming like a little boy!

After all, there are implements that "thud" (paddles, hairbrushes), implements that "cut" (canes, crops) and implements that "sting" (belts, straps)... slippers STING! They're not a "one swat and you're howling" like a Spencer Paddle or rattan cane. Just one well-delivered hairbrush blow can light a bottom aflame and send a spankee into a state of panic ("Oh my god, that was just swat ONE and I've got forty-nine to go??!!"). But a stingy slippering is more of a "building effect" spanking. Each swat stings and increases the stinging in the recipient's cheeks, increasing until it becomes intolerable! "Okay, I can take this... wait, it's really starting to hurt... oh no, now its REALLY hurting... okay, I want this to stop now... ohmygod! Stop! Stop! Stopppp!"

But a good slippering - the type shown here - is also a LONG slippering!

The fact that he seems rather a big boy, and is being spanked to tears (and he's really sobbing his heart out there, poor thing... that pillow's gonna be soaked!) by such a "wimpy" implement (compared to a big scary belt or paddle or something) will likely make this not just a painful lesson, but a very humbling and humiliating one, too... especially if she IS younger than him, too!

"Honestly, a big strong boy like you crying over a few little smacks from a girl and her slipper!"

It's easy to act like a tough guy when a caning makes you cry... it's a lot harder to justify to a macho ego when it was a lady's carpet slipper that made you beg for mercy!

I did, by the way, notice her nipples are rather visible in this piece if you look closely (yeah, I did... hey, I made this, I have an excuse!). Maybe it's cold in there, or maybe she's enjoying smacking those firm buns of his more than she's letting on?

Incidentally, while I can no longer recall the origin of this early piece. I suspect it was a request to do something with a slipper spanking. Or maybe just a desire to reuse this spanker, or to try out this "camera angle" in a picture. Regardless, I think it came out well for it's age, even though the lack of textures on everything makes me wince at how "early CG" this is, and I remember that subtle lens flare on her watch took ages!

IMO, though, it certainly does nothing to dilute the trepidation one should feel when told "You're getting a slippering!"

Off-topic: this piece and write-up - along with a themed Mother's Day post - was scheduled to be posted last week, but real life unexpectedly interfered. I appreciate your your understanding and patience... well, except for that anonymous asshole in the comments who just wants free art, I guess. The "mommy" piece will be up Tuesday and hopefully part one of a new serialized short story (yes, really!) late next week.


  1. I'm not sure who the girl is, but it seems she's too young to be his mother. It seems logical, given the circumstances and his apparent submission to her, that she's his older sister or cousin. His surrender to her punishment of him (laying facedown on the bed with his pants around his ankles, apparently voluntarily complying) suggests she has some form of "blackmail" on him that would earn him even worse punishment if his mom found out. My usual inclination is to imagine him caught going through her underwear (or perhaps "playing" with it) or peeking at her while she's changing or something. It looks like a girl's bedroom, based on colors and decor, so it's probably her room. Perhaps she wanted to thrash him soundly with taking him over her lap because he's a bit "excited" and she didn't want to exacerbate the situation so she made him lay on the bed and she's using the slipper because it will teach him a lesson without doing so much damage that Mom will notice him wincing visibly when he sits down.

    BTW, I realize now that the large object at the bottom of the pic on the left is part of the headboard of the bed, but the first time I saw it, I thought it was a large butt-plug. Needless to say, that would give a whole new interpretation of the picture and their relationship... ;-)

    1. @Smuccatelli
      The more I look at this picture, the more I agree about being her room (though the trophy made me think of it as his, with him as a star athlete, at first) and the way he's "co-operating" rather than needing to be held in place. Blackmail is definitely a possibility!

      Perhaps she decided he was just too big a boy to take over her lap, and felt face down on the bed would be more comfortable for her?

    2. I kind of prefer MY reason for her spanking him on the bed (it's less potentially embarrassing, not to mention less "messy"). In any case, if you have a nice bed to spank on, there's no issue of him being too big or too tall. The width of the bed will support his upper body or his upper and some of his lower body while he's over her lap. And his position, especially if he has a pillow or two underneath him, elevating his bottom, suggests the use of a belt or strap rather than a slipper. Her angry expression suggests this isn't a "fun" spanking and the slipper is a traditional OTK instrument. The potential scenarios are numerous here and I kind of like Aunty Andrea's suggestion of the tawse here. It could be employed either on the bed or OTK and would really have him soaking that pillow with tears and mucus.

    3. i like it but there is somthing called diaper position like in an art called hot date i hope i can see it

  2. You've done better work my friend

    1. @Anonymous
      Considering I did this in 2003, I'd hope so, "my friend".

    2. So sorry.....did not realize that. Did not intend to mean it was poor work, just I think the "mean teen" waa more arousing. Haed to equal or top that one, especially all the stories/scenarios.

    3. @Anonymous
      Thanks for clearing that up. To be honest, I was more annoyed because I thought your comment was from the rude jerk in another comment post who was complaining I didn't update fast enough to suit his schedule. Was having a lousy weekend looking after a sick loved one and that was the last thing I wanted to hear.

      I don't have a problem with someone saying "I prefer picture X that you did" in a polite way (example: I know my good mate Joerg doesn't like my more overtly "sexual" pics as much! LOL!). I certainly feel that way about a lot of my work myself, and I would definitely consider some pieces I've done "better" than others. I am always interested too which pictures strike a chord with folks more than others; often I have been told "X is my favourite picture of yours ever" and I'm like "Really? I kinda think that one sucks!" :)

      One last point... I still find "One Mean Teen" amazingly hot myself to this day, and I made it! If you ever want to chat about that one in detail or suggest similar storylines/art ideas, feel free to email me any time, mate!

  3. I tend to see her as a babysitter or maybe a young aunt. Not a great fan of the slipper for giving spankings, although I have used them. I'm more of a hairbrush or paddle spanker, especially a paddle that is small enough to be used otk. I also rather like a nice thick two tailed tawse, those really make the tears flow and the legs kick. Have you ever done a tawsing picture, Banjo?

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      I always imagined you'd be a very intimate slipper-spanker, Aunty. I should have guessed that a bedtime hairbrushing would be more your style! :)

      I definitely agree with your preference for the hairbrush or paddle, and especially the OTK use of either (though there's something to be said for the "tradition" of a formal over-the-desk, schoolboy-style paddling, I think, too).

      I never used to think twice about the tawse, to be honest, until I read a series of spanking stories that featured it heavily and it completely changed my outlook. Although I'd still somewhat favor the belt for its "everyday-ness", I have really come to love when the tawse shows up in a story, picture or video (I've not felt one for real, of course!). Love your description of their effect, too... do you use them often at the Shop?

      And let me see what I can do about a tawse picture for you, Aunty...

  4. For me, this is the perfect younger sister/older brother topic. He is much to tall to go over her knee, so she spanks him on the bed. Looking in her face, she seems to be very angry about him.Perhaps she got permission from the parents to punish him, whenever she believe he need it.


    1. @Joerg
      The more I look, the more I think that IS the reason he's on the bed. He looks to be a rather big boy, after all. I think the sister angle fits well, and I do like the idea it might be with mom's permission! :)

      Although, it could also be a case of semi-blackmail where she's only not going to tell mom (who'd surely hairbrush him severely!) what he did if he agrees to take his punishment from her instead!

    2. my guess is that the semi-blackmail is not the his fear of mom's hairbrush (though that might contribute) but his absolute mortification of anyone else finding out what he did (maybe she interrupted his stroke session?)...

  5. while I personally prefer the thought of a sandal applied otk (particularly a wooden one) - as you say, very intimate - this is a great pic for a young slippering!

    my hope is that she's not yet holding him down or kneeling on his back because, despite his tears and redness, she's just getting warmed up. His shorts are stretched but he's not kicking yet... perhaps some of those tears are just shame.

    As for her prominent nipples (hey, you asked!), it may be partially the exertion and the lack of bra to mask the effect... the feeling of power, having such complete control... the "danger" of doing something one or both of their moms would probably object to... along with the perfectly understandable reaction to the nearness to a male with his pants down - a male which, on some level, her relationship to has an element of intimacy...

    1. @John S MacLeod
      I think you're right about the tears, mate. Sure, it stings, but probably mostly right now he's crying from shame/embarrassment (or because he already knows that the sting he feels now is nothing compared to what's to come!).

      I can totally imagine this spanking ending with her having to kneel up on his back on the bed as he writhes and howls while she finishes up his slippering with gusto!

      Thoughtful musings on her prominent nipples, there, too! :) I think you're spot-on about the combined effect of everything being to blame.

      (and - no matter how angry she is - he does have really nice buns, she's perhaps thinking?).

  6. Ouch, hurts just looking at the pic but love it, nice bottom warming.

    1. @Ron
      I know what you mean... I imagine this is a particularly hard slippering, too (given he's not OTK and she has the advantage of height for her swings, standing over him).

  7. I'm going to go against consensus again but I always thought he was her boyfriend (or young husband who can't let his college sporting achievements go). It's his face - despite his tears there's a certain look of horniness and arousal that suggests he's getting something he's always dreamed about. I've probably had that look on my face many a time!

  8. I'm persuaded by QBuzz's reading here... I'd go with girlfriend or young wife. I really like, as well, the absolute power she's wielding over him, without the need for physical restraint: her relatively diminutive size makes that power seem all the more awesome... psychological, disciplinary and probably also sexual. Oh, and the rotund part of the headboard in the foreground is inspiring me to review Banjo's artworks in search of phallic symbolism (intended or otherwise!) As for slipperings, they're definitely not an easy option: I know from painful experience just how much they can sting!

  9. I loved this draw you made some time ago because it reminded me so much the implement which was most used on me. I don't think my mom ever owned a pair that was not used on my bottom one day or another. This draw has been one of my fav on the web for a long time so thank you very much! Finally if i wanted to be precise, I'd say a decent slippering should be pictured with the spanker wearing the other slipper but that's a matter of tastes! Anyway you're definitely making art to me and i'll be glad if you keep on.
    regards from France

  10. Love the artwork...could be neighbours daughter who caught him spying on her....love the ladies slipper....really builds up to teaching lasting soreness....seems to leave a deep lasting redness but has to be used for longer Than most implements....no complaints from me!!!...thanks banjo...

  11. Love Women spanking men with slipper/sneakers, nice drawing