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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

And... I'm back!

"Okay, brat... which one do you want first?"
Thank you for your patience and kind words, folks! It took a little longer to get myself 100% than I thought, but as of today I'm back in the saddle and ready to start this blog going again, and will be catching up on your comments as soon as I can!

As a gift to all who wished me well, here's a quick new artwork I did of the kind of medical "encouragement" that might have prompted me towards an even faster recovery... though anyone who (like me) ever feared a "shot" from a nurse might be a little nervous when presented with the following sight!

Meet Nurse Sophie... she doesn't tolerate any nonsense at her clinic, and she isn't known for being kind, sympathetic or gentle with her patients, either! So what do you think she might be saying here?

A) "Either you take your shots or you get spanked... your choice!"

B) "Since you're being such a baby about taking your shots, you're going to get a spanking as well!"

C) Something else?

Either way, you just know where she plans to administer those dreaded injections... either laying over her knee or bent forward over the exam bed, that needle is going right into in your poor butt!

Which means, if it is after her awful paddle has blistered that same fleshy part of your anatomy... DOUBLE OUCH!


  1. Hi
    Good to see you again. I hope that Nurse Sophie makes home visits.
    Michael M

  2. Banjo, Ever since I first saw some of your art work I have enjoyed looking at them. This one , in the light of my own recent health scare is of particular interest seeing as my Top has informed me my sick note has run out and I can expect a summons to "discuss" my health issues. Methinks my bum is about to be reacquainted with her Ebony hair brush and cane, not necessarily in that order.


  3. "Do you really think you can fool me by feigning illness, young man? This treatment will quickly get you back on your feet!"

  4. Banjo, if young Kimberley had been your nurse she probably would have spanked you and then given you the shot, not to mention taken your temperature the old fashioned way.

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      Sigh... Kimberley in a nurse's outfit? The spanking, shot and humiliating temperature-taking would almost be worth it (but still... "ouch!" and *blush*!)

  5. I think I might pretend to be sick just to have this nurse take care of me. Even if it ment a spanking, a shot, and yes even having my temperature taken the "old fashioned" way. (And hope that she didn't want to give me an enema too.)

  6. This nurse can take my rectal temperature over her knee every day.


  7. I vote for "other". Both the paddling and the shot should be given in the waiting room for all to see... ;-)


  8. "Don't worry: you'll feel a slight prick, but the discomfort will only last a moment. But THEN start worrying: because NEXT you'll feel a devastating WHACK, and the agony will be EXCRUCIATING!" (I imagine that the first words of reassurance, here, will be spoken in a sing-song tone of mock 'bedside manner' - but that the cruel follow-up will be delivered with full-throated menace and malice!)