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Monday, 21 November 2011

Flashback: Unexpected Side-Effect

"Unexpected Side-Effect"

Another art post, another hairbrushed young man! This Flashback is by request from an anonymous poster... who remembers this piece from my old group, no doubt.

I like how this spanker turned out; she's young, somewhat "geeky" but cute. I seem to remember that I thought of her as his same-age girlfriend when I made this back in 2003 or so, which still works for me... but she could easily be his step-sister or babysitter (whom he might have a secret 'crush' on!) too. She actually looks a bit younger than him, but (like most girls!) is probably rather more mature for her age than he is!

He's of course in tears (how any spanking should leave a spankee, IMO!) and blushing furiously... though despite his embarrassment, his main concern is clearly still the burning heat that her hairbrush has ignited in his poor backside; throbbing hot cheeks that he continues to frantically rub with both hands... though to no avail, it seems!

As many know, I like playing with the often wildly differing emotions a spanker and spankee feel during the same 'event'. Though both are obviously focused on the poor spankee's unexpected and humiliating uncontrolled erection and cum-spurting, both are very likely thinking very different thoughts about the situation.

Here, our bespectacled, pigtailed young spanker doesn't seem to know whether to gasp in shock or laugh in amusement... she sure didn't expect to see that when she let him up off her lap! He made such an awful fuss about his spanking, too - all that crying and kicking and pleading - and she was sure she was walloping him hard, too! But now look at him, all stiff and naughty, and dripping messily... and all over the leg of her nice new jeans, too! If it wasn't so hilarious, she might be cross with him for that. Gosh, dd he actually like being spanked?! Or are boys really just that silly and lacking in self-control that their little penises get stiff whenever they are that close to a cute girl?

For his part, our hapless young man is in tears and likely very embarrassed about his "reaction". He's confused too: he didn't enjoy his spanking (it certainly wasn't a "playful" or "sexy" one!)... she spanked him hard, and that hairbrush really hurt! So why was he all stiff and drippy "down there"? Was it was all the friction from his wild squirming and wriggling against her denim-clad thighs, as her hard hairbrush was firmly and repeatedly applied to his bouncing bare bottom? Was it being so close to such an admittedly cute and attractive girl - no matter their relationship - that "set him off"? Or did he indeed - even if only on a subconscious level - find some degree of pleasure in his strict and stinging punishment?

For my part, all I can say is (from both memory and personal experience!) that us 'boys' (of all ages) are definitely prone funny physical reactions we just can't consciously control or explain!


  1. Believe me, she's not upset. Okay, possibly she will be if she can't get the stain out of her jeans; good jeans are hard to find. In this moment, though, she's surprised and embarrassed, but also enormously pleased and turned on.

    The thing is, they both look pretty clearly like teenagers to me, and I don't know if you remember being a teenager, but it's terrifying. You don't know how anything works, your libido is running most of your brain and won't explain why it does anything, and you're absolutely convinced that you're hideously unattractive and nobody likes you and probably people think you're gross. (Can you tell I don't miss high school?)

    So what's going through this girl's head right now is she's seeing this boy transformed. His body language is different, he's sobbing adorably, his ass went and changed colors somehow, and now there's this cute erection bobbing around and dripping spooge because she made him lose all control. I guarantee you that what she's thinking is "I DID THAT???" She's feeling a rush of power that starts in the back of her head and shoulders and sweeps straight down to her pussy, which is very tingly and wet all of a sudden.

    Poor guy. She's going to find a LOT of excuses to spank him from now on. Once you get a taste for it, there's no going back...

  2. It seems to be, that this "reaction" came AFTER the spanking, because he is rubbing his red butt. Not only that the ashamed boy got a spanking from a girl, but his body shows, that he liked it and wants more. This would be an interesting case for Dr. Freud.



  3. i can't believe thats possible because i think it gets soft after a hard spanking but i never had a real spanking just playful ones.
    i have to see for myself to believe it

  4. I've always liked this particular image of Banjos. I see the spanker as being a hip young teacher, sort of 'geek chic', and she has just dealt with a naughty student. Her open mouthed reaction to his condition is very sweet.

  5. I agree with Joerg and Emily. He LIKED it, even tho it hurt like hell at the time and his physical reaction proves it. The overwhelming feeling of being physically dominated and submitting to it is very powerful.
    And she is just beginning to know her power and the feeling of being turned on by it.
    He will most certainly be over her knee again soon... ;-)


  6. I don't know about the reaction to the spanking, however I do know that I get this way reading, looking at drawings and or Pics, or just thinking about getting a spanking on my naughty bare bottom. Thanks Banjo

  7. When receiving a painful spanking, I find it 'hard' to sustain an erection (if you'll excuse the pun) and impossible to ejaculate. I might mentally appreciate the eroticism of the situation if I find the spanker attractive, but, for me, that’s as far as it goes during the heat of the spanking itself. Only later on, when basking in the after-glow, do I have the capacity for intense physical arousal - all the better if shared with the woman who spanked me. However, like naughtybob46, I'm often turned on by the kind of spanking art and fiction which depicts the arousal and climax of a spankee during his spanking, as part of the fantasy: I subscribe enthusiastically to erect-penis-pressed-against-womanly-thigh fetishism, even though a severe spanking is, in (my) reality, more likely than not to cause immediate wilting and softness! It's fun to see this intriguing artwork again!

  8. "I don't know about the reaction to the spanking, however I do know that I get this way reading, looking at drawings and or Pics, or just thinking about getting a spanking on my naughty bare bottom."

    Well, yeah... ;-p


  9. she obviously did not spank him hard enough if his arrousal did not go away after a few smacks. it must have been a for fun spanking.

  10. Neighborhood spanking for peaking in her window would be my story line. Now he got the brushing of his life, thinking about what he saw thru the window, then as he stands up he looks into those eyesn sees those hot breast and the thin waist...up he goes, natural reaction when one is brushed by a hottie like this!!


  11. Thanks for bringing this one back. I understand those who say it isn't possible, but it's kind of like how I got off my first time ever. I admit that one was more playful than hurtful, and a lot of movement & friction was involved. Also I was young and brimming over with spunk. It never happened again, but I never forgot it either, and it sure shaped me. BTW, I love the girl/woman in the picture and her pleased/shocked reaction.

  12. A striking difference compared to other artworks. Most of them include self-confident ladies who know how to spank and enjoy it (and I love such attitude!).
    This girl is blushing, looks shocked and a bit shy. Looks like she doesn't have any experience as a spanker.
    My storyline would be that she's an assistant teacher or some kind of prefect. She was either ordered by her supervisor to spank this boy or she followed the rules about punishments. She is shocked and somehow excited about how easily she could make him cry and plead. Then the side effect is revealed which doubles her excitement...

  13. I agree with robertc ,that the young lady looks very shy.Thats what makes this one of my new favorites by Banjo. I like the idea of a shy, "bookworm" type of young lady discovering the pleasure of dominating her husband/boyfriend.And the idea of her turning the tables in her relationship with him , by converting her cocky boyfriend/husband into an obedient househusband/servant.While she becomes more and more confident

    I love the sweet "nerdiness" of the girl

  14. This one brings back a lot of memories for me of my first spanking by a girlfriend many moons ago.
    i was wearing only a pair of briefs similar to the ones our spankee was wearing when she announced I was in for a spanking.
    She took mr totally by surprise and my biggest concern was how I was going to hide the huge erection in my tiny briefs.
    Luckily for me she was wearing a mini skirt and I'm sure she had a look of surprise when she felt it after I went over her lap.
    Also in my favour was the absence of a hairbrush.....but she did a fine jib with her palm !

  15. Still one of my favorites

  16. You are right Banjo, we share the exact same beautiful deviant ideas : )
    I'm adding you in my faves

  17. I saw this drawing and immediately wondered how you had read me mind. I was fully erect when I got my first ever adult spanking and was extremely embarrassed when I stood up and she saw me this way. Her only comment was "I didn't spank you long or hard enough. Get back over my knee!" When I was still this way after the second application of her hand to my bare bottom, she commented, "Now I understand."

    This drawing is what might have happened had she continued. I wish she had.

    That was decades before the internet allowed me to discover that I was not alone or insane. It was an incredible experience.