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Monday, 21 November 2011

Flashback: Trick Or Treat

"Trick Or Treat"

Finishing off the (late!) Halloween theme for this year, this Flashback piece was originally made back in October 2003, if I recall correctly.

I've noticed that most Halloween spanking pictures usually revolve around one of three scenarios:
  1. A 'trick or treater' is spanked by the householder they are visiting (almost always M/F, and usually either because the girl tried to play a 'trick' on the home owner, or just because he's a grumpy old bastard!).
  2. A 'fancy dress party' spanking, usually intended primarily to show off cute costumes (typically M/F but sometimes F/F for sexy costume overload... a good excuse to put a slightly-too-old-for-it girl in a school uniform or cheerleader outfit, too!)
  3.  A 'supernatural' scenario (e.g. a vengeful ghost spanks someone who disturbed them, Great Cthulhu spanks a foolish female investigator, etc.)... though this is fairly rare!
Being that I'm a huge fan of 'role reversals', I decided I wanted to try a variation on Theme #1 fior this piece. Of course, it would be F/M but rather than have the trick or treaters being spanked by the householder, I decided to flip that and have the mischievous trick or treaters bursting in the door and spanking the householder for not giving them any candy!

Sure, these (college age?) girls look a little too old for trick or treating, but I really wanted to use these fun and sexy costumes - Egyptian mummy, devil and witch - for the trio.

Besides, that's probably why this foolish guy refused them candy in the first place! He's quite likely not an unreasonable grump (as most spanko-scenario trick or treat householders seem to be!) but just didn't feel the need to hand out candy he'd saved to kids to these three young ladies on his doorstep, no matter how sexy their costumes were!

Or maybe their revealing costumes were the whole cause of the 'incident'? Maybe the guy made some lewd comment about their choice of dress-ups, or perhaps they just noticed his eyes staring where they shouldn't as he opened the door to them?

Whatever the reason, it's a 'trick' he won't soon forget! The three costumed ladies barge right into his house, outnumbering and overpowering him, then yank down his pants and underwear, pin him down, and proceed to give him a real devil of a spanking then and there!

The only question now is, will the girl in the devil costume be doing all the spanking, or are all three going to "take turns" on his poor butt?

Whatever happens, I'll bet he's much more generous with his candy next Halloween, eh?

P.S. Is it just me, or does the 'devil' girl doing the honors here bear something of a resemblance to the absolutely awesome Dana Kane?


  1. My goodness that 'devil' is turning the naughty trick or treaters bottom the same shade of red as her costume!

  2. My guess is - if they spank men for staring where they shouldn't, they don't have to take turns spanking this one. A lot of neighbourhood guys they'll probably visit later are available to miss Witch and miss Mummy!

    Great idea with this role-reversal.

  3. I love this pic...something about the woman holding his hair, and the smiles on their faces...

    I always love more than one spanker ganging up. Such fun!

    Humiliated Geek

  4. I love the 'scenario reversal' concept which identifies the trick-or-treaters as the spankers, college-age girls who have busted their way in and overpowered the hapless householder. The Egyptian Mummy's smug smile and the willowy authority of the red-haired Witch grasping his hair and wrist are, for me, both highlights of this piece. I agree that they will take their turns before the night is out, spanking other men in the neighbourhood just as hard - and whether or not there’s candy on offer!