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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Art: Preparing To Pounce

"Preparing To Pounce"

A belated happy Halloween to everyone! Though I missed the actual date, I wanted to celebrate the thrills and chills of the night with this new artwork.

It's a little different from both content and theme of much of my art; an attempt to create something with more of a "dark" atmosphere.

This night, you'll find no ghosts or goblins... just two evil-minded "tough gal" bullies, out on the prowl amid the dimly lit city streets in the worst part of town.

They've been drinking, but not to excess. They prefer to keep their senses sharp for what they have planned. And indeed they have made plans for tonight!

Across the street, their intended victim is spotted leaving a grocery store; a young man with very cute buns in tight blue jeans... a college student, perhaps? The pair exchange smiles. That's him. He's the one, they agree.

They follow him home, keeping in the shadows and avoiding his gaze whenever he peers back over his shoulder anxiously. Does he know he's being followed? Probably not; just naturally timid, they decide. Good. More fun for them. They like the shy and timid ones the best.

As he reaches his apartment building, one readies the handcuffs they brought with them. The other produces the wicked wooden paddle; a mean, home-made affair, drilled through with holes to increase the sting. A sudden realization: they forgot the gag! Ah, no matter... one can soon be improvised from an item of their victim's clothing. They've done it before, after all.

The pair watch the nervous young man fish out his keys and fumble for the lock. He clearly doesn't like being out alone at this time of night. The two women smile, both thinking the same thing: he should be worried. After all, anybody could be lurking out here!

Anybody... such as two sadistic street chicks, hiding in the shadows, just around the corner of his building. A pair of cruel bullies waiting to rush him the moment he gets the door open, to clamp a strong hand over his mouth and bundle him inside, to snap icy-cold handcuffs around his wrists and drag him into his own apartment for a long, painful night of cruel spanking fun.

Fun for them, anyway. Very likely not for him... not that they care. They intend to enjoy themselves at his expense. He can plead, beg and cry all he wants (muffled through his makeshift gag, of course)... that just increases their amusement, anyway.

Oh, they'll let him go when the sun comes up. Probably. But he won't tell anybody what happened. He won't dare, because they'll tell him: if he does, they'll be back!

There's a sharp clink. He has the door open. Time for them to make their move...

Happy (belated) Halloween, folks! Pleasant dreams.

Oh, and if the above fantasy is too dark for you, here's an alternative... it's Halloween - "trick or treat" time - and the foolhardy young man depicted is returning home after egging these girls' apartment window (hence the shopping bag)... boy, did he he mess with the wrong girls in the wrong neighborhood!


  1. If it wasn't for Banjo, there would be no OTTO. Literally!
    I hope the young man gets everything that he probably deserves - especially that "cruel spanking fun" part. Great tableau!

  2. I like your art and I like this picture.
    But two things:
    For one, this looks more "cute" than scary. It's obvious they don't intend to do anything horrible to him in the sense of human horror or the stuff we think about when we think of witches and ghosts on Halloween.
    For two, what you've described is two girl bullies who intend to repeatedly assault someone. At least you didn't include any actual sex toys as some femdom arts are want to do. At least you aren't depicting a rape as "fun", but then many people don't seem to think men can be raped or sexually assaulted in any way.

    Please don't misunderstand. I like the drawing even though I think it fails to "scare". I sorta view it as prankish and when I saw it without your description I rather had it in my mind that they knew the guy.It's the way you described it that I find problematic, though this doesn't mean I dislike you as a person. Personally, I hope those girls pick on the wrong person one day and end up on the other end of the paddle.


  3. They ARE going to assault him (strip him, cuff him, immobilize him and paddle his ass red). Why? Because he likes it that way. They all know each other and this is a regular fantasy role-play game that they all indulge in...


  4. If these two women are strangers about to ambush the guy, the fear factor is somewhat diminished for me by their resemblance (intended or otherwise) to Posh Spice and Scary Spice - half of the 90s Brit Pop girl band, The Spice Girls! They're certainly sexy, but, in the spirit of The Spice Girls, if they're scary at all it's only in a playful way. Actually, I prefer to think of these characters as all known to each other - ghetto tourists who are renting a downtown apartment together in a slumming-it equivalent of 'Friends'. The bored domme girls, having sent Jock Butt-Boy out to shop for groceries, decide to jump him for their own amusement as he returns from his errand. Whatever the scenario, the outcome for him will be a thoroughly beaten bottom!

  5. Personally I prefer the original story than the alternative. I also think it was better before "censoring" :-) (I believe first version included more details on the assault, a phrase how the girls enjoy that the guy is shy and feeling insecure etc.).

    I don't like stuff like bondage, strap-ons, chains in stories and drawings, but this one does not cross the line and I find it really exciting.

    It is obvious to me that it's a fantasy. Fantasy that could be implemented in real life only as role-playing of agreed scenario by consenting adults or not at all.

    However, interpreting the artwork like this one that it depicts such roleplaying (as 2 above posts suggest) is not to my liking. If these characters roleplay it's because they share a given fantasy. And I prefer to focus on such original fantasy than on its implementation (renting rooms, changing outfits etc.).

  6. I totally see where you're coming from, robertc. My leaning away from a pure 'kidnap' interpretation towards an idea that these characters may in some way be indulging 'role play' fun is perhaps explained by the caricature Spice Girls costumes - the girls look more like fancy-dress partygoers than genuine street sadists with criminal intent. That's not censorship, merely an account of my overall response to the piece. But in a way I'd prefer to go with the fantasy of an assault on the guy by spanko-sadistic strangers. For me, the piece would have to be darker still to make that really work.

  7. @Colin
    My mention of "censoring" was about re-editing the artwork's commentary by Banjo himself, I was not referring to your idea. Oh, and the word was used with quotation marks and a smile - it was a joke, not serious criticism.

    I also have to admit that association between those chicks and Spice Girls is a brilliant idea. I'm quite sure there's a lot of guys dreaming about being spanked by Spice Girls :-)

  8. @Colin You know my Spice fantasies, mate... but any similarity here is purely accidental (or subliminal... LOL!).

    @Robertc It seems you and I think a lot alike in terms of what we like in spanking fantasies, mate. :) I have to admit that I enjoyed writing the "storyline" for this pic, as well as imagining the scenario as I made it.

    If you seriously thought the original "uncensored" ( :P ) version was better, I am - now, after thinking this whole incident through and reading the related comments - quite happy to restore it if you and others prefer. I was a bit taken aback by the comment I got, I admit, and perhaps was overly concerned with others' opinions and acted hastily (blame past incidents elsewhere with other "touchy" folks!).

  9. *shivers*....I love spanking bullies! I thought this was great!

  10. @Banjo
    I feel honored :-) Unfortunately I'm not a skilled artist to transform fantasies into artwork, so all I can do is to make a comment or suggestion from time to time.
    I'm glad the "dark matter" incident is over. I expressed my opinion which version I prefer, it's up to you which one will be posted.

  11. @Robertc
    I've restored this post to the original 'meaner' form... enjoy, and thanks again for the comments!

  12. @Banjo
    Thanks! I definitely prefer this version. Down with censorship and political correctness! :-)

  13. There ought to be a follow-up artwork done on this which actually depicts the ensuing spanking.

    1. @Anonymous
      I haven't thought about this pic in ages, and didn't plan on revisiting it (partly due to the unexpected "controversy" it raised), but with Halloween approaching again and your comment inspiring a couple of ideas, I might need to do that! Be warned: I don't see it being a very 'lighthearted' event for him, though... :(