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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Art - American Whup-Ass

"American Whup-Ass"
Hands up who here knows that Banjo is Australian? Hands up if you thought he'd still do something for the 4th of July for his American readers? Now... hands up how many of you thought he'd actually get it posted on or before July 4?

This piece was actually done quite a while back, but has never been posted online until now. I made it for an old friend, now long since lost touch with, based on a comment she made that inspired me to artistic action. In a chat one day, she playfully threatened that whether I'd been spanked in Australia or not was "irrelevant", and that if I ever came to America I would find out what an "American spanking" was like, if an American woman "opened up a can of whup-ass on your buck naked ass!".

I made this piece as a private joke gift as a result. With this artwork, I wanted to capture her playful sense of bravado (and national pride, perhaps?), as well as try and show my idea of what I felt an "American spanking" -at least as she described it - might be like.

Being Australian, this meant of course thinking in silly stereotypes! Thus, here you'll see a big busty blonde lady as the spanker, complete with 'stars and stripes' bikini outfit! I wanted to somewhat capture the look of the wrestling Divas who were rather popular at the time, combined with just a hint of 'bombshell'.

My friend had implied that an "American spanking" would be super-hard, which made me think of that (IMO) most American of implements: the paddle. And what could be more American than a cheesy stars and stripes spanking paddle?

She had also implied that an "American spanking" would be "old-fashioned", and that meant over-the-knee for me. I didn't see a problem with having my athletic spanker model haul my virtual spankee over her lap for the piece with minimal effort on her part.

Thirdly, "buck naked" had been the order of the day. I believe all spankings should be bare bottom, but apparently an "American spanking" would have the spankee totally nude. Really? Okay, done!

Finally, the specific "whup-ass" comment. I can't say I'm particularly fond of the phrase, but since it was part of her original comment and I happened to find a CG texture for a "can of whup-ass" (yes, really!) I couldn't resist. When the can proved too small in the artwork to read the label, I provided a helpful close-up in the right top corner so it can be more clearly seen for what it is.

In due honesty, I still have yet to experience a real "American spanking". I don't know if my silly artwork is even 1% accurate (though my friend got a good laugh out of it, so... mission accomplished!) but it was a fun piece to make nonetheless. I thought, given America's 4th of July weekend has just passed, this would be as good a time as any to finally share this piece with a wider audience.

Looking at it again after all these years, I can't help but think the spanker looks pretty darn hot and definitely suits my idea of an "all-American gal" stereotype. I also like how the spankee - though not intentionally "me"/Banjo (obviously I'd yet to reach my blatant self-insertion phase here) - is clearly reacting with shock to his bottom-reddening: possibly this is his first-ever "American spanking" and/or dose of "whup-ass" too, do you think?

Perhaps (and now I'm looking at the piece with an attempt at context/narrative that I know wasn't intended when I made it), the flag and patriotic paddle and outfit for the spanker is more than just an artist's silliness? Perhaps what we're looking at here is the U.S. entry for an international spanking contest and demonstration, with spanker-and-spankee pairs from around the world taking part? Hmm... spanking as a competition sport? Now there's a fun idea for a future post and/or discussion, don't you think?

As a curious side-note, did any of you have imagined ideas/fantasies about what a spanking from someone of a nationality different from your own might be like when you were younger (or even still today)? Do cliche-but-often-true idiosyncrasies like British canings, French martinet whippings and Australian wooden spoon smackings help shape these preconceptions at all?

And of course finally, for my more patriotic American readers: do you think Banjo would really notice anything special about "an American spanking" or not?


  1. Forgive me, but he seems to sort of be "floating" in mid-air above her lap instead of being draped embarrassingly over it, with his penis firmly clamped between her firm, warm, naked thighs, under her complete control, as he should be. Oops, did I say too much?

    As far as paddles are concerned, I don't know that they're necessarily "American" but spanking as a competitive sport, now THAT'S American! We'll compete over any damn thing!

    1. Great artwork, American wrestling girls certainly got spanked enough times from what I remember so it's nice to see them getting some payback!
      An international spanking competition would be awesome! You could have Clare Fonda and her friends representing the US, the Institute of Discipline girls representing the British, a group of those hardcore dommes from the Russian fetish sites, Lady Lina for Sweden (I think) and...um...that French one?

    2. @Smuccatelli
      Sorry! As I said, I did this one a while ago and I've since lost the related Poser files, so I couldn't re-render or tweak it like I do most of my other older pieces. I'll agree that the spankee-to-lap contact isn't convincing enough; my idea was that he was in "mid-squirm-and-kick" but the lack of shadow and clear contact spoils the image somewhat. I do like how she looks still, though, but on reflection, something about her whole 'look' makes me think she'd be more of an 'OTK-leg-locker', actually!

      I love the idea of an International Spanking Competition. I'd love to see a 'spank off' between ladies like Clare Fonda, Lady Lina, Miss Chloe, etc. My money would probably be on the UK's Cassie Hunter, however... IMO, the closest F/M equivalent to M/F's Dallas! It's a bit sad that I can't name female spankers from every country, though (what about Japan?!).

      There could probably be a 'spankee' category too (did I say that?) with some of the cute-but-ironclad-butt models out there!

    3. @QBuzz
      Come to think of it, you're right about those American Wrestling Divas having 'spanking experience', and they do say the best spankers are often spankees... which means that not only would those gals physically pack a real wallop (seriously, I think almost any 'Diva' - let alone actual female wrestler - could bounce me around the locker room or ring!) but they'd know just how to make it hurt the most, too!

      Needless to say, a 'strap match' with any one of them vs an average wimpy 'fanboy' like me would end in tears... and not hers!

    4. Endart did a 'Strap Match' drawing, but it was FF. Perhaps Ms Whup-ass would count as the FM version

    5. @QBuzz
      I'm definitely going to do an 'American Wrestling Girls' post now, I think!

      As for the 'Strap Match', I remember that EndArt F/F pic! I like to imagine a F/M 'Strap Match' being one where a hapless fan who won a competition faces off against an Amazonian young lady in the ring, and gets thoroughly trounced, stripped and spanked! Or maybe he's some mouthy fan who she challenges to a match to back up his claims that 'women can't wrestle men'... ending with a sound strapping in front of the crowd? Or maybe it's a 'private match' in the locker rooms?

  2. The three stereotypes about Americans that are basically true: We really are, as a people, well-meaning but completely insane. We really are all armed to the teeth. And this place, as all foreigners have come here have said, really is like every ridiculous American movie you've ever seen. It's all true.

    Of course, instead of watching movies you've spent the last ten years downloading American spanking porn videos, so for us to live up to THAT stereotype... well, no, actually, I guess that still basically works.

    Woohoo! USA!

  3. She looks like Stacy Keibler. If this would be real, I could only say "poor George Clooney"


    1. @Joerg
      Stacy Keibler... *sigh* Lucky, lucky George indeed!

      I kinda like the guy, though, so I'm happy she ended up with him and not some meathead wrestler or idiot musician, as one might have expected.

      Also, I'm sure a lot of girls (even a few 'vanilla' ones I know!) probably fantasize about being spanked by George Clooney but it would never surprise me if he was being smacked by Stacy behind closed doors and loving it.

  4. Nice pic agree he looks like he is floating...as for an American spanking, well not sure what that means but it usually warms your bottom soundly.



  5. I wish our Independence Day was more like this...

    New to your blog, but I've seen and admired your art around the internet. Hope to see more from you soon!

    1. @S.N.M.
      Hi and welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here at the new official "Home For Banjo's Stuff". Seriously, please feel free to comment on anything... don't forget to look through all the old posts as there's (IMO) a lot of fun and interesting stuff not to be missed!

  6. Well I would agree with smuccatelli as to how he should be positioned. That being said though it's one heckuva a great fantasy. Can you imagine having your bottom set on fire by this girl? Almost like a modern day Wonder Woman the way she's dressed. His floating appearance might be explained as an attempt to escape her lap. If that's the case though I'm guessing it was futile. She looks quite capable of keeping him in place until she gets what she wants...tears and total submission. Nice one Banjo.

    1. @Marrk
      Thanks, mate! I love the Wonder Woman comparison ("oh yes please" to a WW spanking... but boy would that HURT!)

      Resistance is definitely futile here, I think... "tears and total submission" sum up what I thought she was aiming for too quite perfectly!

  7. Of course we know Mr Banjo is as Ozzie as Kylie's knickers. As Southern Cross as a platypus' bill . . . as Aussie as Waylon Jennings singing "shadow of the gallows" for Mick Jagger playing Ned Kelly. Great image. Now, what's an Australia Day spanking?

    Something like this, perhaps?

    1. @Topspin
      Sorry, you lost me at Kylie's knickers!

      Seriously though, loved the video clip: "That wasn't soft!" LOL! I guess it's official: an 'Australian Spanking' isn't "soft"! Now you know! Who was that lady doing the spanking, though... and what the heck was the auction for they were advertising?!

      I tend to think of an iconic 'Australian Spanking' as being with either the hand (including across the backs of the legs in shorts), the wooden spoon (quintessential 'Aussie Mum'), sandal/flip-flop (on or off the beach) or the belt (for those lengthy over-the-bed leatherings when someone really needs a good lesson). Potential new article, folks?

  8. Young man! You should remember me....this is Kaitie from Southern California. We have talked several times in the past. Yes, I did know you were Australian--plus I KNOW you need your bare bottom paddled bright red for losing contact with me!

    1. @Kaitie
      *blush* I'm sorry, Kaitie. Please email me (my email is everywhere on my blog!) so I can apologize properly, as I don't think I have your current email address anymore. Again, sorry. *blush*

  9. OTK'd by an American Wrestler Girl... a surefire fantasy winner! As a spankee, my one experience of an American spanking was with a pro domme in NYC, over a decade ago: a 'domestic' role play, this was as close to a Leda video scenario as I've ever got. But as a Brit, I'd champion the aforementioned Cassie Hunter to keep the British end up (or up-ended!) in any international F/M OTK competition - a commendation which is also based on painful personal experience! Colin