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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Features

So, here's my thing:

I'm hoping to get back on track with regular updates here again as of this week, and part of my plan is to include a lot more "non-art" stuff over time to this blog. I'm sick of feeling like every other post is me apologizing for not posting more often, so I was thinking last night about ways to help solve that.

Making new art (even cleaning up old pieces) and writing stories is very time consuming and demanding. However, taking an hour or so to write up a quick post on some fun spanking-related topic is a lot less effort, so I can do it much more often.

Please don't worry! This certainly doesn't mean I'll be posting any less of my art here, but it does mean that I'll be able to post more often, with other spanking-related material... which I hope readers here will see as a "good thing".

Some of the planned new semi-regular 'features' are listed below, so you can get an idea what I'm thinking (and give me feedback on them too):
  • Quick Fantasies - Done in this style, these would be quick (but hopefully-still-sexy) crosses between a short story and a horny rambling. Rather similar to the stuff I write under my art posts, but without actual art... so I can write on any random fantasy that comes to my mind at a whim. Also could include random naughty thoughts sometimes sparked by the most vanilla and unexpected moments in everyday life.
  • Starstruck Dreams - Getting somewhat "back to my roots" (for those who remember), this would be me taking a look at a female celebrity I fantasized about being spanked by, reasons why, and imagining what it would be like. Also, a chance to blog about my pathetic tendency to drop to my knees submissively every time I see a picture of Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones. Who do YOU want to be spanked by? (ahh, my old Starstruck tagline!)
  • Moments In Spanking - These mini-articles would cover very specific "snapshots" of spanking "moments", such as "the moment underwear comes down", "the moment the spanking is announced", "the first swat", "the 'oh noo!' moment" or "the post-spanking dance".
  • Back In Time - Similar to 'Starstruck Dreams' above, but this time I'd look at 'retro' fantasy spankers, old movie actresses and such. If I had a time machine, would I go back to avert wars or cure plagues? No, that's far too risky! Far safer to just nip back and annoy Audrey Hepburn circa 1961 until she upends me over her elegant lap! And I can't be the only one who thinks that the 1980's (all that big hair and spandex) and spanking go perfectly together, can I?
  • Fictional Spankings - Sometimes I'm watching a movie and I find myself wanting to be spanked by a female character onscreen, not just the actress. Sometimes, I'm watching a TV show and I find myself thinking "that guy really needs a spanking... and I know just the character who should give him one!" (also known as the 'Terra Nova' Effect).
  • Red Hot Reviews - Me reviewing commercial spanking videos, websites, books and audios. I've wanted to do this more and more of late, after discovering what I consider some real "gems" that few seem to know about. Do you value, trust or even care about my opinion? Would the words of "I'm Banjo, and this is my favourite spanking website on the internet" make you want to patronize that site, video or book?
  • OMG! It's a Reversal! - Ever watch an F/F or M/F video, read an F/F or M/F story or see an F/F or M/F artwork and think "Damn, I just wish that had been F/M instead!"? No? Only me? Well, this would be me taking a look at some video or artwork I've seen and saying "how could this play out in F/M?" I know a fair few of my readers are X/F fans too, so I'd be open to "recommendations" from those folks for potential material here.
  • Girl Power! - Basically, this is where I gush like a fanboy over a real-life woman who's awesome. Maybe she's a real historical figure like Boudicca or Ann Bonny (*swoon*), or maybe she's a smart and sassy fellow blogger or professional domme or spanking model who's ultra-cool. After all, this site isn't just about spanking, it's about female empowerment and spanking!
  • Why We Spank - Each article here would cover a single reason - real or fantasy-based - for a common spanking scenario, how I feel about it, how "cliche" they are in spanking fiction/media, etc. Examples include: "poor grades at school", "late home from work", "acting like a spoiled brat", "caught peeping", "shoplifting" and of course the nasty old standby "masturbating". Is a cliche spanking a bad spanking, or do the 'classics' never get old?
  • Select Your Weapon - This would be a series of articles dedicated to individual spanking implements. While similar to what Aunty Andrea did here and here (though obviously less sexy coming from me!), this would hopefully provide a place for readers to comment and chime in on each implement and their own views on it too.
  • Assume The Position - a look at specific spanking positions in my own long-winded rambling style. Obviously done before elsewhere many times, but - like the implement overviews - this would hopefully spark reader discussion here, too.
  • Game Grrl Spankers - Most of you know that I'm a gamer, right? Well, how can I not cover the hottest pixel-and-polygon gals a naughty geek like me can't help by have spanky thoughts about. And no, it's not just Lara Croft (though okay, yeah, she does top my list).
  • Spanking Software - how much do you know about the spanking games and software programs that exist? Did you know there's a program that can give you virtual spankings? Or one that simulated a trip to the Headmistress' office? That's the sort of thing these articles would cover, including links to download when (as in most cases) the software was freeware.
I hope at least some of those sound cool to a few readers. Again, all this would be in addition to my art and short stories, not instead of!

I'd value your feedback on which you'd like to see the most, as well as any other 'feature' ideas you may have. I'm also open to alternative 'titles' for these, if you have better ideas let me know (some titles I really like, others I'm pretty "meh" on and consider only placeholders).

The only catch to all this is, if I'm posting shorter pieces, especially ones like 'Great Moments In Spanking' which are designed to spur discussion, it will require readers to get involved a bit in the comments sections of those articles. But as you know, that's all I really ask of you here anyway, and hopefully you'll enjoy these posts enough that you'll want to comment and reply!

So, what do you folks think? Want more posts more often? Like these ideas? Let me know in the comments below. Remember, it's for you that I keep this blog going and do what I do!


  1. Mmmmm, fictional spankings. Sam Seaborn from the West Wing. Xander from Buffy. The only way I could watch Studio 60 was by assuming that Matt Albie was getting regularly spanked over the knee of his hella-cute personal assistant. Sherlock on the BBC Sherlock is ACTUALLY BRATTING half the time. And I'm not even getting into Hogwarts.

    1. There's supposed to be a new Sherlock Holmes show on American TV (Fox, I believe) starring Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and, believe it or not, Lucy Liu as Watson. That do anything for your fantasies? :-)

    2. I've heard advance buzz about Elementary, but I'm reserving all judgment until I see it. If it's any good, maybe. ;)

      (Oh, but Johnny Lee Miller's character in Hackers? Has a BIG spanking coming. Preferably from his mother, Angelina Jolie's character lacked moral authority.)

    3. I don't know about moral authority, but Angie seems kind of like she'd be a spanker. Maybe we could ask Brad, he seems a little pussy-whipped anyway...

  2. These are wonderful initiatives, Banjo. I do hope you can post at least some if not all of them.

  3. I think that these are all good ideas. And I would love to see more posting and discussion on this blog.

  4. Humiliated GeekJuly 12, 2012 1:23 pm

    I'm going to come in and be the wet blanket here.

    You are really good at making art, Banjo. Your stuff is fun, creative, sexy. It's playful kink without being super hardcore or overdone. I was trying to put my finger on it and I think it comes down to expressions and faces.

    I don't want more writing. I want art. Because it's great.

  5. Well from my perspective, I too hope you get to some of these, but keep writing sir, it makes the drawing and art that much better. Good stuff and love your blog. Very erotice but realistic.

  6. Some great thoughts there, Banjo. Not sure I could put in order which sounds best because they are good. Of course like most who view your blog, I'm a fan of your great artwork and look forward to each new one. However I also think getting some other things going and encouraging participation between those new offerings is an excellent idea.

  7. Good ideas Banjo! Most of all I´d like if you informed us on the available "Spanking Softwares". I would also like if you publish information on beautiful strict ladies giving birchings to men and boys (art, photos, stories). Preferably OTK with trousers down ang shirt folded up around the waist but other positions also acceptable. (You published a great FM birching picture some weeks ago!) That´s my "cup of tea"! Thanks for your great work!

  8. Great to see you back and posting, Banjo. It's been awhile since I've been here. Real life sucks sometimes.
    I love your new ideas! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but the software idea, the reversal scenario and the girl power are among my favorites. Since I'm strictly an OTK type of guy, Assume the Position doesn't really work for me.
    I owe you an answer to your recent email. As soon as things get back to normal here, I'll get to it.

  9. All brilliant ideas, and I see how they cross-fertilise! With the art updates at the centre of the fun, it's great to see how Banjo's creative imagination and technical skill can range in different but complementary directions!

  10. Banjo!

    Please please please share all of this!

    I will not lie I would be particularly excited about your sharing of the programs. I was always a huge fan of your Ashley program on CM. Sadly I've lost all functioning versions of that program through various tech failures but I would be very excited to see what you know about that I cannot seem to find!

    1. I was personally more angry and sad about the sudden closure of CyberMistress than you can know; literally years of work up in smoke in a day. I would love for people here to 'meet' Ashley, and will be making her available here. However, sadly, the creator of CyberMistress (Kenneth) for some reason flatly refuses to allow anyone to every use CyberMistress again, and has explicitly ordered nobody redistribute the program itself. I don't agree with this, but since he used to be a friend, I feel it would be wrong to go and upload it in defiance of this. Anyone wishing to email me, however, I will be very glad to help out with my old scripts/routines. I've been running Ashley/CM again recently for the first time since the shutdown and forgot how much I missed it; I am looking forward to doing a little retrospective on my time with that community here on my blog as part of the feature I mentioned.

    2. I was very saddened by the sudden departure as well. I was not a constantly active user and so once i returned after a long bout away and it was suddenly gone.

      I have seen many of the conversations Kenneth has had with people and most often he comes across as a petulant child (just my opinion). While I can somewhat respect him not wanting to continue updating it if he feels that it's not worth it or people don't respect his work trying to forbid and remove what is already publicly available just seems completely unnecessary.

      I will have to send you an email to get your old scripts, I've been away from Ashley for too long!

  11. In regards to humiliation, I'd love to see you repost your "Embarassment files" picture, even though there is no spanking in it. I bet it's a good depiction of how many of your readers (including me) see themselves while looking at your art . and it is certainly a pre-spanking, picture - is it not?