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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Flashback - The Lady Awaits

"The Lady Awaits"

Following on from the 'lady of the manor' and 'dominant maid' themes of this previous piece and post, I am revisiting this old artwork of mine from long ago; one of my earliest, in fact.

Despite the obvious limitations of the software and models I had to work with, I really like how the two ladies - particularly the maid in the foreground - turned out. The maid's uniform is - IMO - very sexy, and her cleavage just as enticing as that of the more detailed models I've used in more recent years!

My thoughts behind this one, as I recall, were simple: 'you' (the viewer) have been summoned to the Lady of the Manor's study for "correction". The smug maid leads the way, clearly enjoying your nervous expression as she opens the study door to reveal Her Ladyship and her hairbrush!

While the maid his clearly pleased with the whole situation, her fiery-haired Mistress in the study looks decidedly unamused and ready to meter out some serious punishment!

Something in the maid's expression reminds me of comments made on my birching piece earlier: that the maid has some sort of 'relationship' with the spankee (here, the viewer) either explicitly as lovers or rivals... or simply that one may have secret feelings (a 'crush' or perhaps disdain?) for the other.

But what about 'you' here, in this point-of-view piece?

Are you a servant at the Manor; a houseboy, a maid, a stable hand or kitchen scullion? Are you about to receive firm chastisement for a job poorly done... an unmade bed, a dusty mantle, an unswept stable... tsk, tsk! Or perhaps it's a simple case of "behavior unacceptable to your position" ("You were doing what with the stable girl?!").

Or maybe you don't 'work' here... maybe you're a visitor to the manor house? Perhaps a relative of the Mistress - a nephew/niece, perhaps? -  staying there for the week, and now finding yourself in trouble with your imperious, wealthy Aunt and about to get a taste of hard, noisy hairbrush discipline across her skirted lap?

Whoever 'you' are, here, I suspect that the maid seen here will be secretly remaining just outside that closed study door, smiling as she listens to the sounds of sharp, stinging reports of the wooden-backed brush against tender bare skin, her Mistress' scolding voice, and the pleading, tearful sobs of someone being very soundly spanked indeed.

That is unless, of course, Mistress requests the maid's presence in the study, to help hold you down for your spanking...


  1. Well, I of course would be the unfortunate young man's aunt. Ready to assist his unfortunate wife and the much put upon maid in whatever punishment they have decided fit to mete out.

  2. Of course the maid would have to "assist". Whatever else would she be there for? Except maybe to serve as a witness to the young man's humiliating hairbrush spanking and, of course, to take a few photos for her mistress' "punishment album"...

    1. @Smuccatelli
      Punishment album? It's nice to hear they have such a traditional, old-fashioned thing in Her Ladyship's traditional, old-fashioned household.

      These days, most younger girls are probably uploading shaky smartphone videos of the cute new guy at work getting a spanking from their manager Ms Kennery, texting the guy they dated on the weekend to tease him about the strapping he got for 'messing' his pants ("r u still sore babe?"), posting a grinning photo on Facebook of them and their girlfriends holding the huge sorority paddle they all used on the football team after the game last night, or 'Tweeting' their Twitter friends about how their horrid stepbrother just got a rump-roasting from mom: "ZOMG! She used the hairbrush! #spanked #brattybrother".

    2. You didn't really mention the timeframe and the characters look rather old-fashioned. In fact the mistress has a distinct Disney villainess look to her. One can almost picture her buying up every Dalmatian puppy in town...

      Of course, providing the "punishment album" gives the miscreant a concrete reminder of his past indescretions, especially if he gets his own version (to keep!) to remind him of his childish and humiliating comeuppances at "Auntie's" hands and assist him in, uh, ...recreational purposes. I was thinking Polaroid film perhaps.

      Don't know about all that newfangled stuff, but it occurs to me that if something winds up on the interwebs, it's there forever. Those girls might remember digital uploading is a two-way street, and boys might have a Facebook or Twitter account too... ;-)

    3. @Smuccatelli
      I love the idea of her as a Disney villainess (a couple of cartoon 'villainesses' were among my earliest 'crushes' as a kid... *blush*).

      Also love the idea of Auntie sitting down with her darling to 'recap' over the punishment album on occasion, sitting beside her (or on her lap? :P ) and blushing as she recalls each photo's circumstances.

      "Awww! Remember how you kicked SO hard that time, darling?"

      "That was the day you met Mrs Hairbrush, wasn't it? I recall you thought Auntie had done you permanent damage at the time, didn't you?"

      "That was the first time in front of Auntie's friends during afternoon tea, remember? How we all laughed about the little display you put on!"

      Etc. :)

    4. That was pretty much what I had in mind, although I'm sure he would use his personal album in private to "recap" his previous experiences in his own special way. Hope it's not too big or heavy since he'd have to hold in one hand, no doubt (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...).

      Regarding your previous post, uploading things to the interweb offers endless possibilities for humiliation, given the permanent nature of images floating around out there. Imagine a naughty boy given a sound, bare-bottom hairbrushing over Momma's knee and the video of it posted by his revenge-minded sister on YouTube. Then imagine the repercussions for her... (:-O

  3. Houseboy perhaps, or nephew. Similar to the previous piece, the maid has made a point of bending over in front of him, teasing and daring him to look. She knows full well he will be pleasuring himself later in his bedroom, his mind on the forbidden fruit he got an eyeful of. She waits until he has had time to get well into it, then enters his room on the pretense of changing the bed clothing. Too for into it to stop, he continues to completion as she watches, pretending to be shocked. Now of course she runs to tell the lady of the manor where she will soon get to view his bare bottom punishment. Wish I was that guy btw, lol.

  4. Ha! Looks like you and I both had similar ideas running through our heads this past week. Maybe there is something to Jung's ideas of the universal unconcsious, ater all.

    Nicely done piece, too.

  5. My thoughts are self serving of course but perhaps, we were ratted out by the maid for being caught in the maid's room going through her panty drawer! Our Aunt is waiting with her brush and of course the maid will assist.

    I love this one, awesome

  6. I'd like to imagine that I'm the houseboy, here. I'm sold on the Disney allusion, too: I'm thinking of the lady of the house as a narcissistic fairy-story sadist ("Mirror, mirror on the wall / Whose hairbrush is the hardest of them all?"). The maid, on the other hand, looks contemporary - it's her hairstyle - so I can see her as part of the Facebook generation, willing to share piccies of his blistered butt with a domme 'domestic service community'.

  7. The maid is undoubtedly the cetral figure here. I love her outfit and her enjoyment of this situation.
    I prefer to think that the POV character is not a servant but a nephew or other relative to the Lady. Anyway, someone the maid would attend to and address as Sir or Master. Here, she also politely informs him that the Lady awaits and invites him to enter the study. Despite this formal communication, clearly she has the advantage and is the dominating character in this situation.
    I don't think she will be present during the spanking, but I'm sure she will stay close to the door and enjoy listening (perhaps she will reveal later to his embarrassment that she heard everything.
    I also think that the Lady will ask the maid to escort the spanked boy back to his room and that is a really interesting scene. Formal words and gestures (Please step this way, sir) accompanied with gleeful looks at his tears, bottom, possible erection in his pants. And then - Would you like me to bring an ice pack? Some tissues perhaps?

  8. i see the scene different. The victim is a complete stranger. The Dominant maid has spied him on the street, realised he is a submissive and demanded cash from him. he has complied,,,but she now wishes him to be fully taken over, she brings him back to the Spanking parlour where she works....