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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Flashback - I'm Not Your Girlfriend

"I'm Not Your Girlfriend!"
This oldie is reposted here by popular demand; I've had several long-time fans tell me in comments or privately that this was one of their favourites, so I felt it only fair to republish it here.

The idea behind it was that he's got a spanking from his attractive young babysitter, and she's pointing out to him that despite his signs of 'excitement' that she's not interested in him in that way at all! To her, he's just a "little boy" (regardless of their relatively close age, in my mind) and she's "not your girlfriend!" but his babysitter, who can spank his bare backside like she was his mommy or teacher whenever she wants!

This old artwork actually went under several names until I settled on this one. Originally I was going to call it something like "Just a Little Boy", which on reflection suits the piece more (and I think I like it more, too), but I felt that some might mistake the title for meaning he WAS a little boy, rather than that just being how she saw him here. I also entertained the title "Not So Big Now", as a clear sign of her feelings about him AND how he's feeling now, physically and emotionally, after her sound hairbrush spanking.

In the end, though "I'm Not Your Girlfriend!" hopefully says what I wanted it to say: she's not only given him a very sound, very humbling, bare bottom hairbrush spanking over her knee, but she's just shattered any illusions he may have had that this attractive older girl might have been 'interested' in him; that his crush on her since she started babysitting him might be returned someday.

No, she's quite clear: she's "grown up and mature", and he's just some little brat who needs a babysitter!

Perhaps she's been sitting him for a long time, and this is the 'showdown' that's been building for a long time with her increasingly annoyed by his obvious fantasizing about her and fawning over her like a lost puppy?

Or maybe she had no idea, and caught him staring at her legs or boobs with a bulge in his pants, and decided to nip the problem in the bud here and now?

Maybe she's reacting to second-hand information? His parents or her girlfriends might have somehow found out/overheard that he had a crush on her, and the next time she babysat him, she confronted him on it... with her hairbrush providing her closing argument?

Or just maybe she came upstairs when he was supposed to be doing his homework or sleeping, only to find him in a very compromising position, 'enjoying himself' with a yearbook or family picnic photo of her (stolen from somewhere, probably!) in his free hand? I think that would definitely warrant a hard on-the-spot spanking and a need for a lecture on the reality of their relationship!

I kinda imagine him as a rather shy, awkward boy, who usually falls apart around pretty girls. As for her, maybe she's not as "mature" as she thinks (a 'cheerleader' type who boys and parties when she's with her friends), or maybe she really is (a top-of-her-class potential honors student, respected by all for her academic excellence and wisdom), but either way he's waaaay out of his league with her!

I also feel this is his first spanking from her, maybe his first spanking ever? Is it telling that he's only wearing his (pulled down) underpants here? From the looks of it, do you think she has "spanked him soft" or is lifting up his stubborn erection with the back of her brush?

What do you readers think about this situation, and how it might have played out? And how will things move on from here?

How does he feel now that his beloved babysitter crush has blistered his bottom and belittled him? When she leaves him alone tonight, will he collapse on his bed for a heartbroken cry... or a furious bout of masturbation?

How about her? Will she continue to sit for him after this? Will she tell anyone what happened (laughing with all her friends about the "overgrown brat she had to spank" or just informing his mother what happened?) or keep it their private little secret? And if she does sit him again... will she spank him again, too? Does she enjoy spanking him or see it as discipline only?

Maybe she will come to enjoy it, and maybe - just maybe - through that enjoyment she'll come to see him as more than just a naughty brat and as a potential naughty 'boyfriend'; one that can't answer her back or disobey her without fear of a sore red bottom; one that - unlike the other boys she knows - has to do anything she says... or else!

It's certainly possible that his submissiveness to her (born from both her babysitting authority and his desire to please his 'crush') might well give her a rather stimulating sense of power over him... maybe she spoke too soon with that "not your girlfriend" comment after all?


  1. I think she caught him trying to check her out while she was changing or perhaps she caught him jerking off. Either way, she spanked his pervy little ass to complete, humiliating submission.

    And yes, tonight he'll be in danger of carpal tunnel sydrome or tennis elbow from vigorous and repeated masturbation.

    And yes, she'll sit for him again, and he'll have trouble sitting afterwards again and they'll discover they both like it...

  2. 'When she leaves him alone tonight, will he collapse on his bed for a heartbroken cry... or a furious bout of masturbation?'
    Can it be both?
    Getting caught with his pants down over her yearbook photo is my favorite scenario. Although the idea of her overhearing that he likes her and taking it upon herself to crush his dreams has a nicely dominant - if extremely cruel - ring to it!

  3. I see it as he got caught in her panty drawer!

    Hot as heck, thanks

  4. Add on comment, she is hot!


  5. This is one that is both hot and leaves a lot for the imagination.....

  6. I think your idea of the shy awkward boy works best. (maybe reminds me of a younger version of myself, *blush*) She's caught him masturbating while looking at a photo of her, perhaps stolen as you suggested. She's also quite aware of his interest, checking her out time to time. Maybe she even gets a thrill from it, encouraging it by showing some cleavage, etc.

    Upon discovering him engrossed in his secret fantasy goes all babysitter on him, delivering a lecture and a good sound spanking. As time passes though, *things* advance. She remains in charge, continuing to spank, but begins to lead him down a road of mutual satisfaction through female domination. It may be a short lived affair but will remain their secret.

  7. I can see why this old favourite has been much in demand; it's great to see it re-posted. The babysitter's use of the flat side of her hairbrush to lift the confused boy's flaccid penis as she makes clear her disapproval of his arousal is a brilliant 'touch', rendering her authoritative control all the more scary!