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Friday, 27 July 2012

Art - The Gaijin Exchange Student

So, after the last post (which apparently cost me one Follower!), I decided that today I'd post an artwork I'd done of cute Japanese schoolgirls getting their bottoms smacked.


"The Gaijin Exchange Student"

True, this is indeed inspired by the 'eighteen-but-only-just Japanese schoolgirl' cliche, and of my love of cute Japanese young ladies in general... but me being me, that's going to manifest itself a little differently in my mind compared to what many other spankos might immediately imagine!

This artwork is actually the result of a fantasy I first had when I was in college, when I - like a lot of western twenty-somethings at that age in that time - suddenly discovered the origin of those badly-dubbed morning cartoons I loved as a kid, and with it the weird wonders of Japanese television, comics, food and culture. And, of course, the girls.

In my fantasy, I would be a 'foreign exchange student' in Japan, which back then my brain told me was like every high school anime ever made (only not so many martial arts duels, demons, aliens or mystical goddess harem girls).

Being a "gaijin" (a non-Japanese "outsider" in Japan), it's hard for me to fit in. The language is hard, the culture is different, and all those pretty girls in sailor suits make concentrating in class pretty tough (not to mention having some insane military nut fighting a panda in the next classroom over!).

Pretty soon, I find myself in trouble, and subject to the strict discipline of my (hot female, of course!) Japanese teacher. Maybe because I suck at Japanese? Maybe because I keep screwing up and making cultural faux pas? Maybe I just keep looking at my female classmates' legs in those short pleated skirts?

Whatever the reason, Sensei is angry, and I'm to be punished. You can guess how, right?

Yes, it's a pants-down, bare bottom spanking over strict Sensei's crisply-skirted lap for the poor exchange student.

Hard, hot and very humiliating, in front of a class of giggling Japanese girls (hey, I'm past trying to explain why they're mostly girls; is there any logic in this?). Maybe with her hand, maybe with a ruler or 'stick' (that seems a rather Japanese thing to spank with, for some reason). Whatever she uses, boy does it hurt! Those Japanese women may be petite, but they can really pack a wallop!

As Sensei spanks, I'm sobbing "I'm sorry! Gomennasai! I'm sorry!". Knowing a few more words of Japanese might come in handy when you're over an angry teacher's knee being spanked to tears in front of the class... too bad I wasn't studying harder, eh?

Finally, she lets me up off her lap and scolds me for being such a crybaby as well as a lousy inattentive student and a naughty little ecchi boy. The class hide smiles and laughter behind their hands, as I nod and agree and apologize contritely, ashamed but not wanting to give Sensei reason to spank me any more.

Then comes the 'Japanese twist': instead of corner time, after the spanking I have to stand outside of the classroom in the hallway, pants around my ankles, holding a bucket of water in each hand, until the lesson is over and Sensei comes to fetch me.

Tears still running down my blushing face, I stand alone in the hall, feeling miserable and humiliated, with my bottom on fire and my arms aching from the heavy, water-filled buckets I'm holding. I just want class to end so I can go and lock myself in a toilet stall and rub my poor, throbbing backside!

Except... when class ends and Sensei comes out, she decides that I haven't learned my lesson yet. Maybe I was unable to hold the buckets up the whole time and had to put them down to rest my arms (a "weak boy" as well as a crybaby!)? Maybe she's a sadist who enjoys tormenting foreign students? Maybe she's still in a bad mood because some ridiculous bimbo just got hired as the school nurse?

Whatever her reason, she tells me I'm to stand there until the bell sounds after lunch (kyushoku)... that's thirty minutes!

And so we finally get to the moment seen in my artwork here, where the girls from class saunter over to tease, torment and laugh at the silly "gaijin" from overseas with his sore red bottom - and everything else - on display in the school hallway.

And then, amid all the giggling and bullying and teasing and prodding and poking, just when I thought this day couldn't possibly get any worse...*sproing!*

I am never going to live this down as long as I'm a student here.

. . .

But... they are really kawaii, aren't they?

. . .

I just hope Sensei doesn't come back and see me like this!

(attributed photos copyright Cutie Spankee; if you're an unreformed heretic and like Japanese girls, please pay them a visit!)


  1. Nice artwork - sometimes a glowing bottom and a dollop of humiliation can be as good as the actual spanking!
    Perhaps there was no space at the co-ed school, so he has to spend his exchange program at the all-girls one nearby. I like the idea of a sadistic Japanese teacher who is determined to make the Western boy's life a living hell for the rest of his stay. Although that girl in the middle looks rather 'curious' about his shameless erection, so maybe it won't be all bad!

    1. @QBuzz
      Thanks! I agree... and in reality, while the pain of a spanking fades, the shame of a good 'dollop of humiliation' like this would be always remembered!

      I like your reasoning as to why he ended up at the all-girls school; in my fantasy/mind now, that's exactly what happened! It even helps explain why the teacher is 'singling him out' so much, and why the girls in his class are both 'picking on him' and 'curious' (though him being non-Japanese may be part of the reason for the latter, too).

      I too love the idea that his new female Japanese teacher is not just annoyed by his behavior, but actually decides to go out of her way to make his stay in their school a miserable one! They'll be no pleasing her, no matter how hard he tries! Somehow, he always gets put on cleaning duty, has his work held to a seemingly much higher standard than his female classmates (even though it's harder for him, being a 'gaijin'!) and always seems to be called on in class by Sensei, even when they both know he doesn't know the answer!

      One time he was five minutes late for school, and his teacher decided the appropriate punishment was to spank him in front of the class at the start of school every morning for a whole week!!!

      Those girls DO seem curious about his naughty erection here, though, don't they? Particularly the middle one. I can see them bullying him into 'bathroom inspections' after a spanking at lunchtime, with evil motives... :P

  2. Do they take female transfer students as well? I would wear a little sailor suit if I got to humble the boys like that! A fair trade.

    1. If I'm not mistaken, those girls in the little sailor suits usually get spanked too. Sure you want to trade? :-)

    2. What??? Spanked??? OMG!
      I suppose I can grit my teeth through a, yuck, spanking, so long as I get to give one after!!!

    3. Shush! Don't ruin my mental image of exchange student Julie in a sailor suit being a 'meanie', spanking and humbling boys! :P

      Besides, in this classroom (and my fantasy), the teacher "most unfairly" seems to never spank the girls. Heck, it seems like the *only* one she keeps spanking and sending out to the hall is that poor foreign boy! Not that the girls seem to mind...

    4. Then you're probably not going to like my take on the gaijin going all "Godzilla" in the classroom and spanking the hell out of the teacher in front of all the little sailors as they enjoy the sight of the sensei getting her skirt lifted and a stout wooden ruler applied to her bare backside from the top of her asscrack to the bottom of her thighs while she's screaming at the top of her voice for the barbarian to desist...

    5. @Smuccatelli
      Well, looking at the exchange student here... I don't think there's any risk of that that happening! Some visiting official from the school board who just happens to look like this or even this could do that maybe, but not that poor wimpy gaijin! Now behave, you filthy heretic, or I won't post any pictures of girls being spanked ever again. :P

  3. Interesting... I would just as soon have seen the actual spanking though.

  4. Wonderful entry, too bad we can't see him over all three laps....or those three young ladies getting their bottoms warmed.

  5. @Smuccatelli & Ron
    While I love to see a good spanking in progress, thinking about your comments made me realize how probably 50% of my art depicts a 'before' or 'after' moment rather than the actual spanking itself. I suspect this is because I really like to tell a story and/or hint at a wider 'narrative' in my work, and with just one image that's not always easy.

    Thus, perhaps, why I am tempted to depict 'before' and 'after' moments more often than 'mid-spanking' moments, as the 'story' can be more easily conveyed.

    Just got me thinking, guys.

  6. You just named most of the anime I used to watch XD Great pic btw ^_^

    1. @Cante
      Glad to know somebody appreciated my nerdiness; it was fun making all the silly obscure references! :P

      Cool to see you here, too; please look back and feel free to comment on any older pieces... nothing's "too old" to revisit, here, and I live for feedback! :D

  7. Now this is my kind of fantasy. Thanks Banjo

    1. My pleasure. Glad to hear it's not just me! :)

  8. Now what if the adult schoolgirls were too want to make his load heavier.But there is no water near.Oh dear they will just have to tell him to close his eyes and he will get a nice surprise.Whilst one strokes him each in turn they also in turn take down their knickers and fill his buckets to the brim.

    If the Sensai comes back and finds even a drop of I would have said water before but liquid now on the floor its over the desk for the stick.


  9. A superbly evocative piece of artwork. The girls to the left and centre seem most curious, and I'm tempted, too, to think it won't be long before they're helping themselves to a good 'feel' (at both ends) and a giggly exchange of comments incomprehensible to him. The girl on the right, no less delighted, seems to be the ringleader. I can imagine her kicking the buckets out of his hands so that they clatter to the floor. Water spills everywhere, diluting evidence of any other enforced spillage! It could be this clatter which attracts the attention of Sensai, making her more furious than ever. But he alone is the object of her ire: the girls lie about the cause of the dropped buckets, attributing it to his weakness and clumsiness. One glance at his erection (recently coaxed by busy schoolgirl hands, though Sensai is not to know this) and the fate of his bottom is sealed: Sensai is reaching for the longest, thickest stick in her collection...

  10. Its a situation that is not going to end any time soon.He is going to have to endure a lot of humiliation and a lot of pain for quite a while yet.