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Friday, 31 March 2017

Art - The Lady And Her Maids

"The Lady And Her Maids"
It's the end of Mean Maid Month here at Banjo's BBS, and I hope you've enjoyed this little special I drummed up as much as I have. It's been a lot of fun reading and responding to comments here; a huge thanks to everyone who's taken the time to write their thoughts or feedback. It means so much to me and is what keeps me going! I will be responding to the latest ones tomorrow, but since this was the last day of the month, I wanted to get the final themed art piece posted...

As a finale, this is a brand new piece that puts the maids of the month's theme in unison with their Mistress herself... a truly devastating combination for the young man here who has found himself the target of their painful attentions!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Art - Thrashed By The Maids

"Thrashed By The Maids"

Few spankings are more painful than a caning... except perhaps a double caning!

As Mean Maid Month continues, I bring you a piece that depicts what I see as a truly "nightmarish" ordeal for this young man, as he finds himself on the receiving end of a very sound and severe thrashing at the hands (or rather, canes) of two decidedly cruel (but sexy!) uniformed maids.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Art - The Maid Lends A Hand

"The Maid Lends A Hand"

Continuing Mean Maid Month in March 2017...

This piece is my attempt to depict the more "playful" side of maid spankings... at least, from the maid's point of view! Hopefully it's clear that the maid dishing out this spanking is enjoying herself, though whether it's because she's delighting in a new authority to punish, a long-held dream of spanking this particular boy coming true, or simply having fun smacking a cute bare bottom bright stingy pink, is open for interpretation.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mean Maid Month

"Excuse me? What do you mean 'Maids
should be the ones GETTING spanked'?!"
There's something about maids and spankings that go together so perfectly.

Spankings and "schoolgirls/schoolboys" (adults in school uniforms) are a natural pairing due to the real-life history of corporal punishment in schools, but maids and spanking is a bit of a less obvious match that is nonetheless probably the second biggest "costumed spanking" sub-genres I can think of.

Why is it? Maybe the fact that maids (or indeed any domestic employee) were historically "servants", as well as the way society treats domestic chores as "menial" compared to, say, working 18 hours a day in an office (!)? Does this mean that maids and other such domestic staff are thus often seen as "submissive" by their very job nature, and thus ripe for exploring spanking fantasies in a context that is somewhat more believable than many other employer-employee relationships, even in today's modern age? It IS true that servants in the past were indeed subject to corporal punishment by their "masters" and "mistresses" in days gone by...

Of course, this is Banjo's BBS, so I'm always going to see a lot of traditional spanking cliches a bit differently (read: more "femdommy"!). As a straight male, I've always found the "maid fantasy" (attractive young ladies - often stereotypically "French" - dressed in frilly, lacy, black and white uniforms that seem rather impractical for actual maid work) sexy, though as you might expect, usually from a "uniformed ladies are authoritarian... even when said uniforms are skimpy and their roles are as servants"!

Thus, in celebrating Mean Maid Month here at Banjo's BBS, I want to look at the DOMINANT side of female maids.