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Thursday 23 May 2013

Celebrating Mommy Dearest

As someone who was never spanked growing up (by my mother or anyone else!), I've got no "nostalgic" connection to such memories. It is honestly just in the last few years as I've got older that I've come to fall in love with "mommy spanking" scenarios. Indeed, even going back through my old art and stories, you'll notice that most of my earlier work is far more about hot babysitters, stepsisters, classmates, cousins, girlfriends, teachers and authority figures as the spankers. Poor Mommies rarely get a look-in from me back then! For some reason I'm not really sure of, though, I've grown to develop quite a love of "Mommy" spanking scenarios of late. Not perhaps quite as much as much as love as I have for "Aunty" scenarios (whether said "Aunty" is an actual Aunt or not!) but certainly a lot more than I used to.

Of course, when talking about "mommy spanks son" scenarios, were are talking fantasy only; this is not the place to discuss - pro or anti - real-life corporal punishment of children by parents! One cannot deny though that childhood memories of being spanked by firm, loving mothers have created many a spanko, and through them have made the pairing a mainstay of spanking fiction, art and adult fantasy.

"Then And Now", by Paul Michael Davies,
captures how a boy's relationship with his
mother never really changes...
But as I pointed out in a previous editorial, fantasies and reality are very different things; as adults, we can fantasize about a blistering thrashing by our attractive boss or being arrested and sentenced to severe corporal punishment in a foreign country, but that does not mean we want such things to actually happen to us! So too, just because we might fantasize as adults about being young again, and having a sexy no-nonsense Mommy spank us, doesn't mean we're harboring secret lusts for our real mothers or believe that such relationships in real-life are healthy and acceptable.

Now, with such "disclaimers" out of the way...

"Mommy Spankings" are perhaps the cornerstone of the spanking genre. Certainly in F/m or F/f spanking fiction, I'd be very surprised if "mommy gives a spanking" isn't the most frequent basic storyline encountered in writing, far more even than "daddy gives a spanking" when it comes to M/f I suspect. The same goes for spanking art.

In such tales and fantasies, Mother is almost always Head of the Household, or at the very least the parent in charge of discipline. It's an old joke that one of the first rules of writing ageplay femdom is "first, kill the father", but most F/m fiction will find a clever way to put poor dad out of the picture, either permanently (usually death or divorce) or temporarily (absence due to work). Sometimes, daddy is dismissed by simply not being mentioned, to prevent any interference in Mommy's authority and disciplinary role.

Keri Pentauk, of sadly-defunct WhAP!
Magazine, almost singly responsible for
starting my 40s/50's Retro Spanking
Mom fetish.
And in this role, I believe there is no greater icon of female superiority than a strict, no-nonsense Mommy!

Whether a well-dressed Lady of the Manor with maids and butlers at her beck and call, a house-proud housewife of the Fifties, a power-suited, tennis-playing business-Mom of the 80's or a modern busy "Soccer Mom" of today... whatever the time period, "Mommy" is always in charge of discipline and smacked bottoms, at least in my mind!

A mother with her wooden hairbrush (that most maternal of all spanking implements) is for me the quintessential picture of female disciplinary authority. "Mommy Knows Best" is a phrase all boys - young and old - should know well!

In the realm of maternal spanking fantasies, Mommy's word is Law. She rations pocket money and doles out the chores around the house, which her boy(s) must perform satisfactorily or else! Mommy expects a tidy house; beds made, toys tidied, rugs swept and bathrooms cleaned. Failure to do so, either forgetting, neglecting or simply doing a poor job, will mean a spanking. Over Mommy's knee. Long and hard.

With the kitchen as Mommy's domain more than anywhere else in the house, perhaps, it makes sense that she should expect her boy(s) to help her there. Cute little aprons may help keep his clothes clean, even if he finds the frilly things "look silly". Cooking With Mommy can be a bonding experience for a boy and mother, though foolish mistakes such as burning or wasting food or making a mess may see Mommy "cooking" her little darling's buns with the big wooden spoon from the top drawer!

All matters of discipline fall under Mommy's jurisdiction. If her boy(s) use fight or argue, she will settle matters with a spanking for the culprit (and sometimes a spanking for all involved, if there is doubt as to "who started it"!). Bad language will see the potty-mouthed offender marched by the arm by Mommy to the bathroom, to have his mouth washed out with soap. A spanking will follow, often with the soap still bubbling in the now-penitent boy's mouth. Swearing is like a red rag to a bull to most mothers everywhere, it seems, and has been known to provoke severe penalties ranging from "just" excessively long and hard handspankings to bathbrush spankings to agonizing switchings with branches cut from the well-maintained trees in Mommy's garden.

Cassie Hunter portrays a young Mommy administering
a bedtime slippering to her "boy" (from the now-
defunct MommyCassie.com). From the marks on his
bottom already, it seems that this is a "follow-up"
spanking for a caning he received at school!
When it is time for punishment, Mommy may carry out the sentence on the spot (often with no regard for her boy's privacy if company is over at the time) or may instead choose to postpone his discipline until evening. The "bedtime spanking" is a genuine favourite of Mommies around the world, it seems, likely for both allowing a boy to stew over his impending hot-bottomed doom and giving her the ability to tuck him into bed and away for the night after punishment. For a boy to sit through dinner, take his bath or shower, and get changed for bed, all with the knowledge that he will be getting a bedtime spanking can be a tummy-churning, nerve-wracking experience; sitting in his room or waiting under the covers to hear Mommy's footsteps ascend the stairs and approach his door will surely have a boy fretting and worrying! Whether his spanking will be by hand, brush or even Mommy's pretty (but very stingy!) slipper may be known ahead, or left to be revealed when she opens his bedroom door. Some Mommies like giving bedtime spankings so much that they even schedule regular ones for their boys, no matter how "good" their behavior! Such Mommies will swear that a regular Friday night spanking, right before bed, does wonders to ensure that their well-behaved boy remains well-behaved!

Mommy keeps a close eye on his studies as well as his home life, of course. Report card night means that Mommy will go over every one of his grades and teacher's comments, tutting and shaking her head disapprovingly as appropriate. Failure to apply himself will almost certainly result in the application of Mommy's Hairbrush across his bare bottom that night, though especially strict Moms may even decide that one spanking is not enough, with a separate one scheduled for every grade below a B (or even below an A, if Mommy is especially strict in her standards!). For a poor-performing student, this might mean getting spanked every single night over the course or a week or more! Certainly encouragement to try harder next term!

Getting in trouble at school or while staying with a friend or relative will almost certainly mean a very angry Mommy awaits the naughty boy at home. Even if he was spanked already for his behavior, such a boy will rarely escape Mommy's Justice too... after all, a mother's touch is important thing! While Mommy's Hairbrush remains the classic implement for maternal disciplinarians, such dire circumstances may call for more drastic measures. A sound bare-bottom strapping with Mommy's Belt while bent over the back of the couch or face down on his bed is something a boy won't soon forget! While the phrase "Just wait until your father gets home" has become a cliche, it is the pronouncement of "Just wait until your mother gets home!" that should most fill a boy with dread and turn his knees to jelly... an angry belt-whipping from Mom will leave him with stripes that last for days!

But while Mommy's formidable place in Spankingland is an iconic and powerful one, I have to admit a special preference and love for the "Stepmother" role. Although a boy's birth mother is a natural choice of disciplinarian for him, the idea of a non-blood-related "Stepmommy" figure in his life takes on an extra element of excitement for me. While I find it hard to imagine the idea of "naughty thoughts" about one's own mother, even in harmless fantasy, an Aunt or Stepmom makes such a taboo both more acceptable and more believable (though that's obviously a personal thing for me).

Kelly Payne, in the movie "Foster Parent";
playing the kind of New Mommy you should
NOT mess with! New Mommy = New Rules!
It is not unheard of or surprising that a hormonal teenage boy might find himself with confused "feelings" over his new pretty Stepmother, nor that these feelings can become even more confusing when said Stepmother assumes authority over him and takes charge of his discipline! The mixed feelings a boy might feel when being taken across his attractive Stepmother's lap for a spanking are a thrilling part of such an adult fantasy for me. Equally so is the idea of a "strange woman" entering his once-familiar family unit, possibly bringing with her different ideas about discipline than his birth parents. The "Wicked Stepmother" is a cliche in fairytales and modern fiction, but I personally can think of few "darker" sexier fantasies than the idea of a cruel, harsh stepmother turning a poor boy's life upside-down and his tender bare bottom red and sore with terrifying monotony! That such an "Evil Stepmother" might even enjoy such harsh and unfair treatment of her poor new stepson makes the fantasy even more taboo and exciting to me. Yeah, you know that's how I roll sometimes!

Even if she's a "Nice Stepmommy", the scenario of her being someone who - unlike perhaps his "old Mommy" is strict and believes in sound spankings makes for a thrilling fantasy, as she seeks to show her new stepson that his past behavior will no longer be tolerated under her roof!

(a scenario not too dissimilar to a favorite of mine, the "Sent to Visit/Stay With His Aunt" fantasy, a lady who has strong pro-corporal punishment views that differ drastically from her sister/his mother!)

But let's not forget other people's Moms as spankers! It is certainly not unheard of for the mother of a boy's friend to spank him during a sleepover or while visiting her house, nor is it improbably to imagine a friend of his Mother's from spanking him for misbehaving while she was visiting. It is not only unlikely that his Mommy would protest such action, but probably that she would in fact invite her friend to take her naughty boy to task (and maybe even watch or help herself).

Clare Fonda, one of my favourite "celebrity spankers" in recent years, and to
me is the perfect fantasy "Mommy", "Stepmommy" or "Mom Next Door".
Into the same category falls those Hot Neighborhood Moms of the kind of ladies seen in shows like Desperate Housewives or Mad Men, who might dish out a spanking to a careless paper boy, to a young man they are charged with babysitting, or to the boy who she's paying to mow her lawns and who just carelessly ran over her flower bed. Or maybe, she's just the type of horny stay-at-home housewife with no boys of her own, but with an eye on that cute teenager next door, inviting him in for a glass of lemonade before "catching" him staring down her (deliberately) low-cut dress and telling him that she won't tell his mother if he takes a spanking from her instead?

Even though rather naughty, I find the idea of such a scenario - or the attractive "best friend's Mom", "Mom's friend" or "Mom next door" - taking a young man across her lap (with or without his own mother's permission!) a fantastically hot situation to imagine!

But regardless of if she's a boy's natural mother, his stepmother, or the mother of a friend, Mommies remain the most common and well-known spanker in fiction. Indeed, these days when someone says the word "spanking", one of the most prominent images that pop into my head is a beautiful, dominant "Mommy" and her trusty hairbrush, smiling and pointing to her lap...

"Get over Mommy's knee, young man!"

This massive, rambling post was originally written to kick off "Merciless Mommies of May", which I had intended to be a month-long thematic series of postings - stories, art, articles - here at Banjo's BBS. Choosing this month because of Mother's Day was a no-brainer! Of course, other events transpired to prevent this Theme Month from going as planned, but I didn't want to waste this partly-written post after devoting so much time to it, so I hope now can serve the joint purposes of allowing readers to leave their comments on their own "Mommy Fantasies" and suggestions, as well as acting as an introduction to upcoming future "Mommy" themed posts to come. This will include things like an semi-regular series on fictional TV/movie Moms whom I have an "affinity" for (read: wish they were real and could spank me!), Quick Fantasies dealing with this timeless spanko role, and even short stories... providing there is enough interest!


  1. Great post and part of the scene you outlined was my life growing up with a loving but strict mom and her sisters as well. I was spanked by both my aunts, my cousin once and mom. My dad travelled the world back then and was not as easy as it is now. Mom ran our house and she spanked anytime we needed it. Some were the more traditional go to her room, she sat on her vanity bench and either on our white underpants or more severe was bare bottom. Other times she would wisk you over her knee and spank you hard and fast.

    I do not do mommy scenes but do aunt and cousin scenes. I am waiting for someone who fits to do a neighbor scene, I grew up with just a hot lady neighbor who I dreamed of spanking me but never happened.

    It is a nice scene when it is domestic like these are and well done.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. @RonThanks, mate. Your life growing up sounds like a spanking movie come true! Funny how we look back on things differently. :P

      Not sure if I prefer "go to Mommy's room for a spanking" or "spanked on the spot", but probably the former, I think... it just has that extra element of dread anticipation and formality along with it (and I've always thought "Mommy's room" was number one on the list of "places to be spanked"!).

      I know where you're coming from with "hot lady neighbor" dreams, though... sigh...

  2. Mommies or mother figures are very important in spanking fiction and I am pleased that you have addressed this, Banjo.

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      They certainly are, Aunty, and I'm sure Aunty Gabrielle would agree... :)

  3. " But while Mommy's formidable place in Spankingland is an iconic and powerful one, I have to admit a special preference and love for the "Stepmother" role. Although a boy's birth mother is a natural choice of disciplinarian for him, the idea of a non-blood-related "Stepmommy" figure in his life takes on an extra element of excitement for me. While I find it hard to imagine the idea of "naughty thoughts" about one's own mother, even in harmless fantasy, an Aunt or Stepmom makes such a taboo both more acceptable and more believable to me (though that's obviously a personal thing for me). "

    NOT so personal!! Again, a view I share with you.
    And as much as I would have hated my "blood-related" Mom to spank me when I was younger, I wonder if I would have been excited or had fantaisies if it was a pretty stepmother.
    I often use the character of the stern Aunt in my pictures too, who is doing the job your Mom should have done before. This little family distance is sometimes necessary in my fantaisies, not sure why.
    Anyway, great article! Covering all areas about the topic

    1. @Alex
      That's how I felt growing up; I never had "spanky thoughts" about my own, real, blood-related mother, but did often think them about other people's (friends) mommies! And the 'evil stepmother' fairytale cliche tended to have the opposite kind of effect on me on imagining myself in such a situation (where's the porn world's F/m spanking "Cinderella" ripoff with hot dominant stepmom and stepsisters? *sigh*).

      I agree on the 'family distance' point too; for me, an estranged Aunty or "call me Aunty" friend-of-the-family (the was I know some girls have 'not-really-my-Uncle' fantasies) is a frequently imagined scenario for me.

      Thanks for the praise and I'm glad you enjoyed my ramblings here! (your pictures are awesome, mate!) :)

    2. Sorry, should be "the way I know" not "the was I know"! Oops!

    3. F/M cinderella appeals to me. The princess needs to spank him as well though, or the ending will be rather disappointing to the target audience.

  4. Well, you've pretty much covered ALL the "Mommy" fantasies and their various permutations (damn you!) and I've pretty much had them all (except for the "stepmother" ones because the idea of my dad marrying someone else was pretty much unthinkable for me).

    My first spanking fantasy was of my own "Mommy" pulling me over her knee after first pulling my pants down and soundly spanking my little, bare bottom 'til I was bawling loudly and then letting me up to dance and rub my scorched buns. My second one was her doing that in front of some of my friends or neighbors or relatives so they could witness my embarrassing, childish punishment.

    Certainly, "Mommy" spankings have been a cornerstone of my spanking fantasies ever since.

    1. @Smuccatelli
      My youthful 'stepmother' fantasies are precisely to avoid imagining being spanked by my own mother and rather some other hot, strange (probably really mean and spank-happy) older lady who barged into my life and roasted my poor bottom far too frequently! :)

      Considering you got not just spanked by your own Mommy, but spanked in front of friends too (gulp!), no wonder you wound up a spanko, mate! ;)

  5. Getting spanked my the matriarch of the house...a great fantasy, especially when the unfortunate male is getting punished again after being spanked at school!

    1. @QBuzz
      Yes, some Mommies are very strict like that, aren't they? Spanked at school = spanked at home! That's the rule, and no appeals! Even if the at-school spanking was a particularly severe one, I can't see Mommy letting you off the hook if she has that rule under her roof! :(

  6. As a fellow 'Stepmother' enthusiast I couldn't agree more. The fount of many of my own fantasies.


    1. @Hall2226
      You're right there, mate! As I said in a response to another comment, the 'evil stepmother' trope had a rather unintended... um... 'effect' on me growing up! LOL!

  7. An erudite and comprehensive essay on the subject, and one with which I completely agree. Your choices of image to illustrate the essay include some of the most noteworthy spanking models to have graced the scene - all convincing in role as Mommy! Among the many interesting points you make is how F/m 'Mommy spanks' story writers tend to use various excuses to remove the father figure from the narrative, or at least to sideline him. I'm always slightly turned off by the moments of stark realism introduced, for example, with the explanation that he's died, or has had to leave his family to work abroad: these, for me, have the effect of puncturing the fantasy, momentarily. I prefer an hermetically sealed F/m fantasy where the father figure is just absent - without explanation - and where, indeed, he isn't mentioned at all.

    1. @Colin
      As a writer, I'm always torn between my desire to keep things 'F/m Pure' (hey, I'm the one who jokingly refers to non-F/m as 'heresy', right?) and 'world building' when it comes to stories and scenarios. Sometimes it's easy to just not mention a male authority figure and the tale or situation is fine for it (for example, this post pretty much never mentions 'Daddy'). On the other hand, sometimes a story pretty much demands explaining the absence of a father-figure to make narrative sense, at least in my anally-retentive "thinks too much about the backstory most of the time" mind. :)

  8. Wasn't mom that spanked growing up...my aunt was our surrogate mother...hand or slipper....and female mneighbours/mothers were not adverse to teaching us error of our ways.....had a mate who's father remarried....his stepmom was very strict but fair....we were all threatened with going over knee...never happened but 40 yrs later i still have the vision of her slipper standing in doorway, hands on hips....waiting.....

  9. like the thought of strict stepmom standing in doorway slipper in hand myself, don't see enough of it

  10. Great conversation!
    As for the father always being "out of the picture" somehow, I actually like
    visual of Mom bare bottom blistering her naughty boy, perhaps with Dad in
    the background looking knowingly remorseful of his sons predicament.... the look on his face says he tool has spent time over "Mommy/Wife's knee.
    It also adds to the notion of her dominant role as the ONLY no nonsense disciplinarian these" boys" need. Fully capable, in complete charge, and as strict
    as she desires.

  11. It was time when boys had good discipline