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Sunday 29 July 2012

Flashback - The Lady Awaits

"The Lady Awaits"

Following on from the 'lady of the manor' and 'dominant maid' themes of this previous piece and post, I am revisiting this old artwork of mine from long ago; one of my earliest, in fact.

Despite the obvious limitations of the software and models I had to work with, I really like how the two ladies - particularly the maid in the foreground - turned out. The maid's uniform is - IMO - very sexy, and her cleavage just as enticing as that of the more detailed models I've used in more recent years!

My thoughts behind this one, as I recall, were simple: 'you' (the viewer) have been summoned to the Lady of the Manor's study for "correction". The smug maid leads the way, clearly enjoying your nervous expression as she opens the study door to reveal Her Ladyship and her hairbrush!

While the maid his clearly pleased with the whole situation, her fiery-haired Mistress in the study looks decidedly unamused and ready to meter out some serious punishment!

Something in the maid's expression reminds me of comments made on my birching piece earlier: that the maid has some sort of 'relationship' with the spankee (here, the viewer) either explicitly as lovers or rivals... or simply that one may have secret feelings (a 'crush' or perhaps disdain?) for the other.

But what about 'you' here, in this point-of-view piece?

Are you a servant at the Manor; a houseboy, a maid, a stable hand or kitchen scullion? Are you about to receive firm chastisement for a job poorly done... an unmade bed, a dusty mantle, an unswept stable... tsk, tsk! Or perhaps it's a simple case of "behavior unacceptable to your position" ("You were doing what with the stable girl?!").

Or maybe you don't 'work' here... maybe you're a visitor to the manor house? Perhaps a relative of the Mistress - a nephew/niece, perhaps? -  staying there for the week, and now finding yourself in trouble with your imperious, wealthy Aunt and about to get a taste of hard, noisy hairbrush discipline across her skirted lap?

Whoever 'you' are, here, I suspect that the maid seen here will be secretly remaining just outside that closed study door, smiling as she listens to the sounds of sharp, stinging reports of the wooden-backed brush against tender bare skin, her Mistress' scolding voice, and the pleading, tearful sobs of someone being very soundly spanked indeed.

That is unless, of course, Mistress requests the maid's presence in the study, to help hold you down for your spanking...

Friday 27 July 2012

Art - The Gaijin Exchange Student

So, after the last post (which apparently cost me one Follower!), I decided that today I'd post an artwork I'd done of cute Japanese schoolgirls getting their bottoms smacked.


"The Gaijin Exchange Student"

True, this is indeed inspired by the 'eighteen-but-only-just Japanese schoolgirl' cliche, and of my love of cute Japanese young ladies in general... but me being me, that's going to manifest itself a little differently in my mind compared to what many other spankos might immediately imagine!

This artwork is actually the result of a fantasy I first had when I was in college, when I - like a lot of western twenty-somethings at that age in that time - suddenly discovered the origin of those badly-dubbed morning cartoons I loved as a kid, and with it the weird wonders of Japanese television, comics, food and culture. And, of course, the girls.

In my fantasy, I would be a 'foreign exchange student' in Japan, which back then my brain told me was like every high school anime ever made (only not so many martial arts duels, demons, aliens or mystical goddess harem girls).

Being a "gaijin" (a non-Japanese "outsider" in Japan), it's hard for me to fit in. The language is hard, the culture is different, and all those pretty girls in sailor suits make concentrating in class pretty tough (not to mention having some insane military nut fighting a panda in the next classroom over!).

Pretty soon, I find myself in trouble, and subject to the strict discipline of my (hot female, of course!) Japanese teacher. Maybe because I suck at Japanese? Maybe because I keep screwing up and making cultural faux pas? Maybe I just keep looking at my female classmates' legs in those short pleated skirts?

Whatever the reason, Sensei is angry, and I'm to be punished. You can guess how, right?

Yes, it's a pants-down, bare bottom spanking over strict Sensei's crisply-skirted lap for the poor exchange student.

Hard, hot and very humiliating, in front of a class of giggling Japanese girls (hey, I'm past trying to explain why they're mostly girls; is there any logic in this?). Maybe with her hand, maybe with a ruler or 'stick' (that seems a rather Japanese thing to spank with, for some reason). Whatever she uses, boy does it hurt! Those Japanese women may be petite, but they can really pack a wallop!

As Sensei spanks, I'm sobbing "I'm sorry! Gomennasai! I'm sorry!". Knowing a few more words of Japanese might come in handy when you're over an angry teacher's knee being spanked to tears in front of the class... too bad I wasn't studying harder, eh?

Finally, she lets me up off her lap and scolds me for being such a crybaby as well as a lousy inattentive student and a naughty little ecchi boy. The class hide smiles and laughter behind their hands, as I nod and agree and apologize contritely, ashamed but not wanting to give Sensei reason to spank me any more.

Then comes the 'Japanese twist': instead of corner time, after the spanking I have to stand outside of the classroom in the hallway, pants around my ankles, holding a bucket of water in each hand, until the lesson is over and Sensei comes to fetch me.

Tears still running down my blushing face, I stand alone in the hall, feeling miserable and humiliated, with my bottom on fire and my arms aching from the heavy, water-filled buckets I'm holding. I just want class to end so I can go and lock myself in a toilet stall and rub my poor, throbbing backside!

Except... when class ends and Sensei comes out, she decides that I haven't learned my lesson yet. Maybe I was unable to hold the buckets up the whole time and had to put them down to rest my arms (a "weak boy" as well as a crybaby!)? Maybe she's a sadist who enjoys tormenting foreign students? Maybe she's still in a bad mood because some ridiculous bimbo just got hired as the school nurse?

Whatever her reason, she tells me I'm to stand there until the bell sounds after lunch (kyushoku)... that's thirty minutes!

And so we finally get to the moment seen in my artwork here, where the girls from class saunter over to tease, torment and laugh at the silly "gaijin" from overseas with his sore red bottom - and everything else - on display in the school hallway.

And then, amid all the giggling and bullying and teasing and prodding and poking, just when I thought this day couldn't possibly get any worse...*sproing!*

I am never going to live this down as long as I'm a student here.

. . .

But... they are really kawaii, aren't they?

. . .

I just hope Sensei doesn't come back and see me like this!

(attributed photos copyright Cutie Spankee; if you're an unreformed heretic and like Japanese girls, please pay them a visit!)

Wednesday 25 July 2012

That's Extra Heretical!

This is a Public Service Announcement.

I've started writing up some of the articles I mentioned in this previous post, and it's a lot of fun. However, I wanted to post this short 'warning' first:

See, as I'm always complaining, F/m is by far a less common thing - especially online - than F/f or M/f. That means when I'm looking for pictures on the net to illustrate some point I'm making, show a certain spanking position, or discuss a beloved spanking model, 90% of the 'hits' I get in searches - or just the only pics that even fit - are F/f or M/f ones.

This means that in some of these future articles you may see - gasp! - girls being spanked!

I know, terrible stuff, right? Banjo's BBS has always been among last bastions of strictly F/m-only righteousness. When you hear the name 'Banjo', can you think of a more staunchly devoted, pro-F/m guy online? I've fought (flame) wars for the cause!

Yet, it has come to this... heresy!

Yes, Veronica... I'm as shocked as you are.

If you're so righteously F/m-pure that you don't even know what I'm talking about... take a deep breath, brace yourself and click here for an example of the kind of disgraceful heresy (or here for an example of something extra heretical) that may occasionally assault our sensibilities.

I really hope not to offend any of my readers, and that you will still enjoy the upcoming articles despite this.

I sincerely promise that Banjo's BBS will remain firmly pro-F/m whenever possible; I'm not about to start making X/f art or writing X/f stories, don't worry!

All I ask is that you bear with me in this awkward situation, amid these girls' cute, jiggling, red bare bottoms, and forgive me for the occasional...


(apologies to Girl Spanks GirlCutie Spankee, Spanking Teen Jessica, and the wonderful Veronica Ricci (aka Audrey Tate)).
(additional apologies to Games Workshop... but feel free to send a sexy female Commissar after me!)

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Art - American Whup-Ass

"American Whup-Ass"
Hands up who here knows that Banjo is Australian? Hands up if you thought he'd still do something for the 4th of July for his American readers? Now... hands up how many of you thought he'd actually get it posted on or before July 4?

This piece was actually done quite a while back, but has never been posted online until now. I made it for an old friend, now long since lost touch with, based on a comment she made that inspired me to artistic action. In a chat one day, she playfully threatened that whether I'd been spanked in Australia or not was "irrelevant", and that if I ever came to America I would find out what an "American spanking" was like, if an American woman "opened up a can of whup-ass on your buck naked ass!".

I made this piece as a private joke gift as a result. With this artwork, I wanted to capture her playful sense of bravado (and national pride, perhaps?), as well as try and show my idea of what I felt an "American spanking" -at least as she described it - might be like.

Being Australian, this meant of course thinking in silly stereotypes! Thus, here you'll see a big busty blonde lady as the spanker, complete with 'stars and stripes' bikini outfit! I wanted to somewhat capture the look of the wrestling Divas who were rather popular at the time, combined with just a hint of 'bombshell'.

My friend had implied that an "American spanking" would be super-hard, which made me think of that (IMO) most American of implements: the paddle. And what could be more American than a cheesy stars and stripes spanking paddle?

She had also implied that an "American spanking" would be "old-fashioned", and that meant over-the-knee for me. I didn't see a problem with having my athletic spanker model haul my virtual spankee over her lap for the piece with minimal effort on her part.

Thirdly, "buck naked" had been the order of the day. I believe all spankings should be bare bottom, but apparently an "American spanking" would have the spankee totally nude. Really? Okay, done!

Finally, the specific "whup-ass" comment. I can't say I'm particularly fond of the phrase, but since it was part of her original comment and I happened to find a CG texture for a "can of whup-ass" (yes, really!) I couldn't resist. When the can proved too small in the artwork to read the label, I provided a helpful close-up in the right top corner so it can be more clearly seen for what it is.

In due honesty, I still have yet to experience a real "American spanking". I don't know if my silly artwork is even 1% accurate (though my friend got a good laugh out of it, so... mission accomplished!) but it was a fun piece to make nonetheless. I thought, given America's 4th of July weekend has just passed, this would be as good a time as any to finally share this piece with a wider audience.

Looking at it again after all these years, I can't help but think the spanker looks pretty darn hot and definitely suits my idea of an "all-American gal" stereotype. I also like how the spankee - though not intentionally "me"/Banjo (obviously I'd yet to reach my blatant self-insertion phase here) - is clearly reacting with shock to his bottom-reddening: possibly this is his first-ever "American spanking" and/or dose of "whup-ass" too, do you think?

Perhaps (and now I'm looking at the piece with an attempt at context/narrative that I know wasn't intended when I made it), the flag and patriotic paddle and outfit for the spanker is more than just an artist's silliness? Perhaps what we're looking at here is the U.S. entry for an international spanking contest and demonstration, with spanker-and-spankee pairs from around the world taking part? Hmm... spanking as a competition sport? Now there's a fun idea for a future post and/or discussion, don't you think?

As a curious side-note, did any of you have imagined ideas/fantasies about what a spanking from someone of a nationality different from your own might be like when you were younger (or even still today)? Do cliche-but-often-true idiosyncrasies like British canings, French martinet whippings and Australian wooden spoon smackings help shape these preconceptions at all?

And of course finally, for my more patriotic American readers: do you think Banjo would really notice anything special about "an American spanking" or not?

New Features

So, here's my thing:

I'm hoping to get back on track with regular updates here again as of this week, and part of my plan is to include a lot more "non-art" stuff over time to this blog. I'm sick of feeling like every other post is me apologizing for not posting more often, so I was thinking last night about ways to help solve that.

Making new art (even cleaning up old pieces) and writing stories is very time consuming and demanding. However, taking an hour or so to write up a quick post on some fun spanking-related topic is a lot less effort, so I can do it much more often.

Please don't worry! This certainly doesn't mean I'll be posting any less of my art here, but it does mean that I'll be able to post more often, with other spanking-related material... which I hope readers here will see as a "good thing".

Some of the planned new semi-regular 'features' are listed below, so you can get an idea what I'm thinking (and give me feedback on them too):
  • Quick Fantasies - Done in this style, these would be quick (but hopefully-still-sexy) crosses between a short story and a horny rambling. Rather similar to the stuff I write under my art posts, but without actual art... so I can write on any random fantasy that comes to my mind at a whim. Also could include random naughty thoughts sometimes sparked by the most vanilla and unexpected moments in everyday life.
  • Starstruck Dreams - Getting somewhat "back to my roots" (for those who remember), this would be me taking a look at a female celebrity I fantasized about being spanked by, reasons why, and imagining what it would be like. Also, a chance to blog about my pathetic tendency to drop to my knees submissively every time I see a picture of Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones. Who do YOU want to be spanked by? (ahh, my old Starstruck tagline!)
  • Moments In Spanking - These mini-articles would cover very specific "snapshots" of spanking "moments", such as "the moment underwear comes down", "the moment the spanking is announced", "the first swat", "the 'oh noo!' moment" or "the post-spanking dance".
  • Back In Time - Similar to 'Starstruck Dreams' above, but this time I'd look at 'retro' fantasy spankers, old movie actresses and such. If I had a time machine, would I go back to avert wars or cure plagues? No, that's far too risky! Far safer to just nip back and annoy Audrey Hepburn circa 1961 until she upends me over her elegant lap! And I can't be the only one who thinks that the 1980's (all that big hair and spandex) and spanking go perfectly together, can I?
  • Fictional Spankings - Sometimes I'm watching a movie and I find myself wanting to be spanked by a female character onscreen, not just the actress. Sometimes, I'm watching a TV show and I find myself thinking "that guy really needs a spanking... and I know just the character who should give him one!" (also known as the 'Terra Nova' Effect).
  • Red Hot Reviews - Me reviewing commercial spanking videos, websites, books and audios. I've wanted to do this more and more of late, after discovering what I consider some real "gems" that few seem to know about. Do you value, trust or even care about my opinion? Would the words of "I'm Banjo, and this is my favourite spanking website on the internet" make you want to patronize that site, video or book?
  • OMG! It's a Reversal! - Ever watch an F/F or M/F video, read an F/F or M/F story or see an F/F or M/F artwork and think "Damn, I just wish that had been F/M instead!"? No? Only me? Well, this would be me taking a look at some video or artwork I've seen and saying "how could this play out in F/M?" I know a fair few of my readers are X/F fans too, so I'd be open to "recommendations" from those folks for potential material here.
  • Girl Power! - Basically, this is where I gush like a fanboy over a real-life woman who's awesome. Maybe she's a real historical figure like Boudicca or Ann Bonny (*swoon*), or maybe she's a smart and sassy fellow blogger or professional domme or spanking model who's ultra-cool. After all, this site isn't just about spanking, it's about female empowerment and spanking!
  • Why We Spank - Each article here would cover a single reason - real or fantasy-based - for a common spanking scenario, how I feel about it, how "cliche" they are in spanking fiction/media, etc. Examples include: "poor grades at school", "late home from work", "acting like a spoiled brat", "caught peeping", "shoplifting" and of course the nasty old standby "masturbating". Is a cliche spanking a bad spanking, or do the 'classics' never get old?
  • Select Your Weapon - This would be a series of articles dedicated to individual spanking implements. While similar to what Aunty Andrea did here and here (though obviously less sexy coming from me!), this would hopefully provide a place for readers to comment and chime in on each implement and their own views on it too.
  • Assume The Position - a look at specific spanking positions in my own long-winded rambling style. Obviously done before elsewhere many times, but - like the implement overviews - this would hopefully spark reader discussion here, too.
  • Game Grrl Spankers - Most of you know that I'm a gamer, right? Well, how can I not cover the hottest pixel-and-polygon gals a naughty geek like me can't help by have spanky thoughts about. And no, it's not just Lara Croft (though okay, yeah, she does top my list).
  • Spanking Software - how much do you know about the spanking games and software programs that exist? Did you know there's a program that can give you virtual spankings? Or one that simulated a trip to the Headmistress' office? That's the sort of thing these articles would cover, including links to download when (as in most cases) the software was freeware.
I hope at least some of those sound cool to a few readers. Again, all this would be in addition to my art and short stories, not instead of!

I'd value your feedback on which you'd like to see the most, as well as any other 'feature' ideas you may have. I'm also open to alternative 'titles' for these, if you have better ideas let me know (some titles I really like, others I'm pretty "meh" on and consider only placeholders).

The only catch to all this is, if I'm posting shorter pieces, especially ones like 'Great Moments In Spanking' which are designed to spur discussion, it will require readers to get involved a bit in the comments sections of those articles. But as you know, that's all I really ask of you here anyway, and hopefully you'll enjoy these posts enough that you'll want to comment and reply!

So, what do you folks think? Want more posts more often? Like these ideas? Let me know in the comments below. Remember, it's for you that I keep this blog going and do what I do!

Flashback - I'm Not Your Girlfriend

"I'm Not Your Girlfriend!"
This oldie is reposted here by popular demand; I've had several long-time fans tell me in comments or privately that this was one of their favourites, so I felt it only fair to republish it here.

The idea behind it was that he's got a spanking from his attractive young babysitter, and she's pointing out to him that despite his signs of 'excitement' that she's not interested in him in that way at all! To her, he's just a "little boy" (regardless of their relatively close age, in my mind) and she's "not your girlfriend!" but his babysitter, who can spank his bare backside like she was his mommy or teacher whenever she wants!

This old artwork actually went under several names until I settled on this one. Originally I was going to call it something like "Just a Little Boy", which on reflection suits the piece more (and I think I like it more, too), but I felt that some might mistake the title for meaning he WAS a little boy, rather than that just being how she saw him here. I also entertained the title "Not So Big Now", as a clear sign of her feelings about him AND how he's feeling now, physically and emotionally, after her sound hairbrush spanking.

In the end, though "I'm Not Your Girlfriend!" hopefully says what I wanted it to say: she's not only given him a very sound, very humbling, bare bottom hairbrush spanking over her knee, but she's just shattered any illusions he may have had that this attractive older girl might have been 'interested' in him; that his crush on her since she started babysitting him might be returned someday.

No, she's quite clear: she's "grown up and mature", and he's just some little brat who needs a babysitter!

Perhaps she's been sitting him for a long time, and this is the 'showdown' that's been building for a long time with her increasingly annoyed by his obvious fantasizing about her and fawning over her like a lost puppy?

Or maybe she had no idea, and caught him staring at her legs or boobs with a bulge in his pants, and decided to nip the problem in the bud here and now?

Maybe she's reacting to second-hand information? His parents or her girlfriends might have somehow found out/overheard that he had a crush on her, and the next time she babysat him, she confronted him on it... with her hairbrush providing her closing argument?

Or just maybe she came upstairs when he was supposed to be doing his homework or sleeping, only to find him in a very compromising position, 'enjoying himself' with a yearbook or family picnic photo of her (stolen from somewhere, probably!) in his free hand? I think that would definitely warrant a hard on-the-spot spanking and a need for a lecture on the reality of their relationship!

I kinda imagine him as a rather shy, awkward boy, who usually falls apart around pretty girls. As for her, maybe she's not as "mature" as she thinks (a 'cheerleader' type who boys and parties when she's with her friends), or maybe she really is (a top-of-her-class potential honors student, respected by all for her academic excellence and wisdom), but either way he's waaaay out of his league with her!

I also feel this is his first spanking from her, maybe his first spanking ever? Is it telling that he's only wearing his (pulled down) underpants here? From the looks of it, do you think she has "spanked him soft" or is lifting up his stubborn erection with the back of her brush?

What do you readers think about this situation, and how it might have played out? And how will things move on from here?

How does he feel now that his beloved babysitter crush has blistered his bottom and belittled him? When she leaves him alone tonight, will he collapse on his bed for a heartbroken cry... or a furious bout of masturbation?

How about her? Will she continue to sit for him after this? Will she tell anyone what happened (laughing with all her friends about the "overgrown brat she had to spank" or just informing his mother what happened?) or keep it their private little secret? And if she does sit him again... will she spank him again, too? Does she enjoy spanking him or see it as discipline only?

Maybe she will come to enjoy it, and maybe - just maybe - through that enjoyment she'll come to see him as more than just a naughty brat and as a potential naughty 'boyfriend'; one that can't answer her back or disobey her without fear of a sore red bottom; one that - unlike the other boys she knows - has to do anything she says... or else!

It's certainly possible that his submissiveness to her (born from both her babysitting authority and his desire to please his 'crush') might well give her a rather stimulating sense of power over him... maybe she spoke too soon with that "not your girlfriend" comment after all?