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Tuesday 26 September 2017

Monday 25 September 2017

Posting Again

Without getting into too much detail, I fell quite ill shortly after posting my last artwork here. It's been tough; I've been sick on and off for the past few months, sometimes just minor, sometimes pretty debilitated, and I've not been able to work as much as I used to, too. I wouldn't mention this at all if not for a comment a while back that viewers here didn't know the exact reason why my posting was quite sporadic at times. So, in the interest of disclosure, now you know a bit more.

Things have been looking brighter of late, but I'm still not 100% and still not back to work full-time (making money short as well), but I have used some of the time stuck at home to dust off some old artworks in need of just minor polishing touches to post, as well as tinkering with some new pieces.

I hope those of you still around enjoy the posts that will be coming up. I've got about three finished pieces to post, and another half-dozen that I'd consider "almost finished" that I'd love to try and get done and posted. I genuinely miss posting and chatting and sharing with you all, either here or on other (mostly now long-gone) spanking sites/forums, so I look forward to any feedback and comments you might have.

In addition to this art, I have been working on a spanky-related project for just under a year now (I mentioned this at the start of my previous post, somewhat cryptically): a "mod" of a fairly well-known and very fun "RPG" spanking video game named "SpanQuest", by a very talented gentleman named Bagool. With his kind permission, I've been allowed to greatly expand this game, both with cosmetic overhauls and with lots of new content. I will be posting my enhanced version of his game - called "SpanQuest DX" here (and cross-posted to Anime OTK, where although I don't post much, the original SpanQuest originated). I know not all my viewers here are "gamers", but I really encourage everyone to give this fun and entertaining game a try... it's very much an "adventure" game in the traditional sense, more about playing a story than solving puzzles and certainly not requiring any "twitch" gamer skills... you don't need to be a master of Dark Souls or anything to play it! As I said, this will be posted soon, and I *very* much need people to test the initial version for bugs and problems. I'll reiterate it at the time, but a huge thanks to Bagool for giving permission to edit and expand his game!

I also have a couple of spanking stories I've been working on, if people are interested in those? My stories seem to get less feedback here than my art, which is fine, but please let me know if you'd like to read more of my fiction efforts. I once considered publishing them as ebooks, but I wouldn't know where to even start finding a publisher for kinky stuff like that!

Finally, I've also been considering starting a Patreon, given my current situation, the fact everyone and his dog has one, and that I've been doing this for around fifteen years and my dreams of a "membership site" never came true... but I don't know a lot about that donation platform, so am not sure how or if that might happen (anyone with experience with Patreon, I'd love to hear from you). I mainly mention this though to make it know that, rest assured, my spanking art will always be posted here for free as it has been. Anything based on optional donations would only be silly extras (letting people pick a future art subject, for example) or focused on a specific, non-art software projects I've been developing. I really imagine any possible Patreon to just be a place for grateful viewers to say "thanks" in a tangible way, purely optional and at any level they wish.

Geez, I've really been doing this for fifteen years?! Going to be the big 4-0 next week... where does the time go? :(

Sunday 14 May 2017

Art - The New Babysitter

"The New Babysitter"

Following a brief hiatus (more on that soon; it's not for negative reasons but due to a combination of real life dullness and a more exciting ongoing project I will talk about soon) we leave the wonderful Mean Maid Month behind and move on to something a bit different...


One of my all-time favorite spanking fantasies. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I never really *had* a babysitter as a kid (not the 'young highschool/college girl/au pair' stereotype, at least)? Maybe because back when I first discovered I was a spanko (rather than just having "funny feelings" about bossy girls as a kid) I was in highschool and thus the peers I had those first truly 'spanky' thoughts about were that perfect 'babysitter age'?

Regardless, it's a theme I love to revisit in any form (art, stories, ageplay videos/audios) so was fun to return to here. I've already done a few art pieces in the past that could be seen as babysitter scenes (such as here and here), but this one is the first I've posted here that was expressly intended to evoke that unique spanking relationship.

Friday 31 March 2017

Art - The Lady And Her Maids

"The Lady And Her Maids"
It's the end of Mean Maid Month here at Banjo's BBS, and I hope you've enjoyed this little special I drummed up as much as I have. It's been a lot of fun reading and responding to comments here; a huge thanks to everyone who's taken the time to write their thoughts or feedback. It means so much to me and is what keeps me going! I will be responding to the latest ones tomorrow, but since this was the last day of the month, I wanted to get the final themed art piece posted...

As a finale, this is a brand new piece that puts the maids of the month's theme in unison with their Mistress herself... a truly devastating combination for the young man here who has found himself the target of their painful attentions!

Monday 27 March 2017

Art - Thrashed By The Maids

"Thrashed By The Maids"

Few spankings are more painful than a caning... except perhaps a double caning!

As Mean Maid Month continues, I bring you a piece that depicts what I see as a truly "nightmarish" ordeal for this young man, as he finds himself on the receiving end of a very sound and severe thrashing at the hands (or rather, canes) of two decidedly cruel (but sexy!) uniformed maids.

Saturday 18 March 2017

Art - The Maid Lends A Hand

"The Maid Lends A Hand"

Continuing Mean Maid Month in March 2017...

This piece is my attempt to depict the more "playful" side of maid spankings... at least, from the maid's point of view! Hopefully it's clear that the maid dishing out this spanking is enjoying herself, though whether it's because she's delighting in a new authority to punish, a long-held dream of spanking this particular boy coming true, or simply having fun smacking a cute bare bottom bright stingy pink, is open for interpretation.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Mean Maid Month

"Excuse me? What do you mean 'Maids
should be the ones GETTING spanked'?!"
There's something about maids and spankings that go together so perfectly.

Spankings and "schoolgirls/schoolboys" (adults in school uniforms) are a natural pairing due to the real-life history of corporal punishment in schools, but maids and spanking is a bit of a less obvious match that is nonetheless probably the second biggest "costumed spanking" sub-genres I can think of.

Why is it? Maybe the fact that maids (or indeed any domestic employee) were historically "servants", as well as the way society treats domestic chores as "menial" compared to, say, working 18 hours a day in an office (!)? Does this mean that maids and other such domestic staff are thus often seen as "submissive" by their very job nature, and thus ripe for exploring spanking fantasies in a context that is somewhat more believable than many other employer-employee relationships, even in today's modern age? It IS true that servants in the past were indeed subject to corporal punishment by their "masters" and "mistresses" in days gone by...

Of course, this is Banjo's BBS, so I'm always going to see a lot of traditional spanking cliches a bit differently (read: more "femdommy"!). As a straight male, I've always found the "maid fantasy" (attractive young ladies - often stereotypically "French" - dressed in frilly, lacy, black and white uniforms that seem rather impractical for actual maid work) sexy, though as you might expect, usually from a "uniformed ladies are authoritarian... even when said uniforms are skimpy and their roles are as servants"!

Thus, in celebrating Mean Maid Month here at Banjo's BBS, I want to look at the DOMINANT side of female maids.

Friday 27 January 2017

Australia Day: Hot Down Under

"Hey up there, mister life-guard!"
January 26th is Australia Day here in my home country of Australia, a day to celebrate our country and all it offers. For those in other countries, probably the closest comparison is American Thanksgiving; i.e. it's a secular "appreciate what we have" style holiday that's mostly a time for family celebration and a day off work!

Typical activities include the famous Aussie BBQ (false advertising aside, sausages in bread with ketchup are *far* more common fare than shrimp or prawns), backyard cricket matches with friends, drinking alcohol (!), displaying the Australian flag on your house or person, family picnics in the park, and of course spending a day at the beach (since it's summertime in January here).

Sunday 15 January 2017

Art - The First Spank Lands

"The First Spank Lands"

While getting a spanking is always a 'special event', there are several 'key moments' that occur during any spanking.

This can be a moment that holds significance for just one party, such as the moment a spankee finally realizes that despite pleas and protests, this IS going to actually happen. It can also be a moment that is mutually important for both spanker and spankee, such as the moment when the spankee's bottom is fully bared and exposed.

Or the moment when the very first spank of a spanking is delivered!