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Monday 21 November 2011

Flashback: Unexpected Side-Effect

"Unexpected Side-Effect"

Another art post, another hairbrushed young man! This Flashback is by request from an anonymous poster... who remembers this piece from my old group, no doubt.

I like how this spanker turned out; she's young, somewhat "geeky" but cute. I seem to remember that I thought of her as his same-age girlfriend when I made this back in 2003 or so, which still works for me... but she could easily be his step-sister or babysitter (whom he might have a secret 'crush' on!) too. She actually looks a bit younger than him, but (like most girls!) is probably rather more mature for her age than he is!

He's of course in tears (how any spanking should leave a spankee, IMO!) and blushing furiously... though despite his embarrassment, his main concern is clearly still the burning heat that her hairbrush has ignited in his poor backside; throbbing hot cheeks that he continues to frantically rub with both hands... though to no avail, it seems!

As many know, I like playing with the often wildly differing emotions a spanker and spankee feel during the same 'event'. Though both are obviously focused on the poor spankee's unexpected and humiliating uncontrolled erection and cum-spurting, both are very likely thinking very different thoughts about the situation.

Here, our bespectacled, pigtailed young spanker doesn't seem to know whether to gasp in shock or laugh in amusement... she sure didn't expect to see that when she let him up off her lap! He made such an awful fuss about his spanking, too - all that crying and kicking and pleading - and she was sure she was walloping him hard, too! But now look at him, all stiff and naughty, and dripping messily... and all over the leg of her nice new jeans, too! If it wasn't so hilarious, she might be cross with him for that. Gosh, dd he actually like being spanked?! Or are boys really just that silly and lacking in self-control that their little penises get stiff whenever they are that close to a cute girl?

For his part, our hapless young man is in tears and likely very embarrassed about his "reaction". He's confused too: he didn't enjoy his spanking (it certainly wasn't a "playful" or "sexy" one!)... she spanked him hard, and that hairbrush really hurt! So why was he all stiff and drippy "down there"? Was it was all the friction from his wild squirming and wriggling against her denim-clad thighs, as her hard hairbrush was firmly and repeatedly applied to his bouncing bare bottom? Was it being so close to such an admittedly cute and attractive girl - no matter their relationship - that "set him off"? Or did he indeed - even if only on a subconscious level - find some degree of pleasure in his strict and stinging punishment?

For my part, all I can say is (from both memory and personal experience!) that us 'boys' (of all ages) are definitely prone funny physical reactions we just can't consciously control or explain!

Birthday 2011: Quick Update

Just a note to those who've written to me asking about the Birthday Contest deadline extension... all entries MUST be in by November 25th!

Don't forget, the prize is a custom artwork by me, on just about any spanking theme you can think of (and I can actually create!).

I've had a few really fun entries, and will announce the winner on the 26th. Thanks for everyone who has sent an entry and to everyone who's been so supportive recently when I was taken ill.

Much more content to come soon, so please keep those comments and feedback and emails coming, folks! It's you guys and gals that inspire me to keep on creating and sharing, and your ideas and feedback that really do help shape what I make!

Art: His Very First Hairbrushing

"His Very First Hairbrushing"

Ahh, the hairbrush!

Is there a more perfect symbol of female spanking authority? Compact, feminine, innocent-looking (to those yet to experience it's authority!) yet exquisitely painful and able to reduce a naughty boy (or girl!) to kicking and tears in mere moments. In my opinion, it's the ultimate 'domestic' spanking implement.

I intend to write a full feature article on this - my favourite (well, love-to-hate, anyway!) - implement, but that may have to wait for when I have more time. For now, I'll have to be content with this new artwork.

With this piece, I wanted to capture the experience of a young man being 'introduced' to it for the very first time. Maybe he's never been spanked at all before, or maybe this is just the first time with the hairbrush? Either way, it's a moment in his life he'll never forget!

As such, I tried to present him having quite a distraught reaction to this particular spanking! Lots of tears, of course - it is a hairbrushing, after all! - but I also wanted to capture the mixed shock and anguish of a "first timer" too... he certainly didn't expect it to hurt this much! I tried for a sense of desperation as well; he knows his spanking is far from over, yet it already burns and stings far beyond what he thought he could handle! He's definitely panicking and fighting against it, with his arm reaching back either to block the blows or even just to beseech his spanker to "Please stop!" or "Not so hard!" or (most likely) "Pleeeease! No more with that brush!"

As for the spanker herself... I see her as perhaps either his step-sister, cousin or babysitter. She seems the perky, spunky, peppy sort normally, but a real meanie when she has a boy across her lap! I rather like her blond pigtails (something of a "cheerleader vibe"?), chunky jewelry (that toe ring just seemed to suit her) and cheeky shorts and crop-top (hands off!), too.

The actual reason for this "hairbrush indoctrination"? Maybe he pushed his sister/sitter too far and she decided "a good dose of the brush" was long overdue for him? Maybe she's spanked him before but her hand just doesn't seem to be working anymore... so she's decided that it's time to 'graduate' him to the hairbrush? Or maybe she's just bought herself a nice new wooden hairbrush and wants to try it out on him... just because she can?

Whatever the reason, she's certainly burnishing his buns with it though... it doesn't seem like she's going easy on him at all despite this being his first-ever brush-spanking!

I'm actually quite pleased with how the 'battle damage' turned out this time... it looks distinctly sore and more "hairbrush caused" than just general redness you might get from "just" a handspanking. I suspect he'll be having serious trouble sitting down in comfort after this!

Famous spanking artist Jay Em once captioned one of his pictures: "The first brushing is forever". I think this young man would heartily agree with that sentiment, don't you?

Flashback: Trick Or Treat

"Trick Or Treat"

Finishing off the (late!) Halloween theme for this year, this Flashback piece was originally made back in October 2003, if I recall correctly.

I've noticed that most Halloween spanking pictures usually revolve around one of three scenarios:
  1. A 'trick or treater' is spanked by the householder they are visiting (almost always M/F, and usually either because the girl tried to play a 'trick' on the home owner, or just because he's a grumpy old bastard!).
  2. A 'fancy dress party' spanking, usually intended primarily to show off cute costumes (typically M/F but sometimes F/F for sexy costume overload... a good excuse to put a slightly-too-old-for-it girl in a school uniform or cheerleader outfit, too!)
  3.  A 'supernatural' scenario (e.g. a vengeful ghost spanks someone who disturbed them, Great Cthulhu spanks a foolish female investigator, etc.)... though this is fairly rare!
Being that I'm a huge fan of 'role reversals', I decided I wanted to try a variation on Theme #1 fior this piece. Of course, it would be F/M but rather than have the trick or treaters being spanked by the householder, I decided to flip that and have the mischievous trick or treaters bursting in the door and spanking the householder for not giving them any candy!

Sure, these (college age?) girls look a little too old for trick or treating, but I really wanted to use these fun and sexy costumes - Egyptian mummy, devil and witch - for the trio.

Besides, that's probably why this foolish guy refused them candy in the first place! He's quite likely not an unreasonable grump (as most spanko-scenario trick or treat householders seem to be!) but just didn't feel the need to hand out candy he'd saved to kids to these three young ladies on his doorstep, no matter how sexy their costumes were!

Or maybe their revealing costumes were the whole cause of the 'incident'? Maybe the guy made some lewd comment about their choice of dress-ups, or perhaps they just noticed his eyes staring where they shouldn't as he opened the door to them?

Whatever the reason, it's a 'trick' he won't soon forget! The three costumed ladies barge right into his house, outnumbering and overpowering him, then yank down his pants and underwear, pin him down, and proceed to give him a real devil of a spanking then and there!

The only question now is, will the girl in the devil costume be doing all the spanking, or are all three going to "take turns" on his poor butt?

Whatever happens, I'll bet he's much more generous with his candy next Halloween, eh?

P.S. Is it just me, or does the 'devil' girl doing the honors here bear something of a resemblance to the absolutely awesome Dana Kane?

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Dark Matter: Fantasy vs Reality (Halloween Postscript)

I wanted to take this opportunity to follow-up and answer the person who expressed "concern" over my previous post. Given this is (or was!) the season for all things dark and disturbing, I felt this was the perfect time to get this stuff out of the way in the form of a "mini-article".

Everything on this blog is intended as fantasy only. Nothing here is intended to reflect real-life, or a support of any immoral or illegal behavior. Like a lot of folks' spanking fantasies, some of mine are "non-consensual" (I'd be willing to bet a lot of other folks' here are, too). This also sometimes involves aspects that fall under "sex", I'll freely admit, and not always in a loving, caring way. Please understand that this doesn't mean I want or agree with such things in reality.

I tend to shy away from a lot of hardcore BDSM material - especially stuff with an X/F bent - because I personally don't enjoy that... seeing a woman in pain or fear is not something I enjoy. But that doesn't mean I don't understand the fantasies of people who do enjoy imagining such things happening to them. I know a good few lovely and very independent ladies who fantasize about being physically overpowered and spanked - even humiliated - against their will by their husbands, boyfriends and even total strangers... something I can totally understand but would never condone in reality. A past girlfriend of mine once confessed to "kidnap fantasies", but that doesn't mean she wanted to be actually kidnapped!

In a more "vanilla" context. how many of us enjoy horror movies, but would we want that dark stuff to really happen to us or someone else? I've often likened spankos to those who love scary movies and roller-coasters and ghost trains... stuff designed to invoke emotional and physical responses - fear, loss of control, etc. - that any sane person should want to avoid at all costs!

In reality, any spanking or BDSM practiced should always be safe, sane and consensual. Real rape or abuse is never "okay" or "fun". However, our imaginations (as both subs and doms), are sometimes a bit "darker". I hope folks are able to understand - and maybe even relate to - that.

Please don't think I'm overreacting to one single comment; I just want to make this stuff clear before this blog goes any further. As I said, often my fantasies (and thus, my art and stories) will stray into the "non-consensual" side of spanking and sex, and I want to clear the air before anything else causes controversy or concern.

So, if fantasy depictions of things that should not happen in real life bother you, please "look away". Don't worry, I won't be posting child porn or extreme brutality or anything genuinely horrible like that. But if the idea of a female police officer abusing her authority to unjustly strip-search and thrash a prisoner, or the idea of a cruel "aunt" spanking a young man under her roof every night just because she can, or the idea of a female boss who sexually harasses her employees and spanks them when they complain... if these are the sort of fantasies or make-believe scenarios that offend, then this blog is probably not for you.

As an aside, I think this is an interesting topic for those of us involved in spanking, BDSM and related sexuality, and invite discussion if you'd like... but I do ask you keep things polite and considerate.

Art: Preparing To Pounce

"Preparing To Pounce"

A belated happy Halloween to everyone! Though I missed the actual date, I wanted to celebrate the thrills and chills of the night with this new artwork.

It's a little different from both content and theme of much of my art; an attempt to create something with more of a "dark" atmosphere.

This night, you'll find no ghosts or goblins... just two evil-minded "tough gal" bullies, out on the prowl amid the dimly lit city streets in the worst part of town.

They've been drinking, but not to excess. They prefer to keep their senses sharp for what they have planned. And indeed they have made plans for tonight!

Across the street, their intended victim is spotted leaving a grocery store; a young man with very cute buns in tight blue jeans... a college student, perhaps? The pair exchange smiles. That's him. He's the one, they agree.

They follow him home, keeping in the shadows and avoiding his gaze whenever he peers back over his shoulder anxiously. Does he know he's being followed? Probably not; just naturally timid, they decide. Good. More fun for them. They like the shy and timid ones the best.

As he reaches his apartment building, one readies the handcuffs they brought with them. The other produces the wicked wooden paddle; a mean, home-made affair, drilled through with holes to increase the sting. A sudden realization: they forgot the gag! Ah, no matter... one can soon be improvised from an item of their victim's clothing. They've done it before, after all.

The pair watch the nervous young man fish out his keys and fumble for the lock. He clearly doesn't like being out alone at this time of night. The two women smile, both thinking the same thing: he should be worried. After all, anybody could be lurking out here!

Anybody... such as two sadistic street chicks, hiding in the shadows, just around the corner of his building. A pair of cruel bullies waiting to rush him the moment he gets the door open, to clamp a strong hand over his mouth and bundle him inside, to snap icy-cold handcuffs around his wrists and drag him into his own apartment for a long, painful night of cruel spanking fun.

Fun for them, anyway. Very likely not for him... not that they care. They intend to enjoy themselves at his expense. He can plead, beg and cry all he wants (muffled through his makeshift gag, of course)... that just increases their amusement, anyway.

Oh, they'll let him go when the sun comes up. Probably. But he won't tell anybody what happened. He won't dare, because they'll tell him: if he does, they'll be back!

There's a sharp clink. He has the door open. Time for them to make their move...

Happy (belated) Halloween, folks! Pleasant dreams.

Oh, and if the above fantasy is too dark for you, here's an alternative... it's Halloween - "trick or treat" time - and the foolhardy young man depicted is returning home after egging these girls' apartment window (hence the shopping bag)... boy, did he he mess with the wrong girls in the wrong neighborhood!

And... I'm back!

"Okay, brat... which one do you want first?"
Thank you for your patience and kind words, folks! It took a little longer to get myself 100% than I thought, but as of today I'm back in the saddle and ready to start this blog going again, and will be catching up on your comments as soon as I can!

As a gift to all who wished me well, here's a quick new artwork I did of the kind of medical "encouragement" that might have prompted me towards an even faster recovery... though anyone who (like me) ever feared a "shot" from a nurse might be a little nervous when presented with the following sight!

Meet Nurse Sophie... she doesn't tolerate any nonsense at her clinic, and she isn't known for being kind, sympathetic or gentle with her patients, either! So what do you think she might be saying here?

A) "Either you take your shots or you get spanked... your choice!"

B) "Since you're being such a baby about taking your shots, you're going to get a spanking as well!"

C) Something else?

Either way, you just know where she plans to administer those dreaded injections... either laying over her knee or bent forward over the exam bed, that needle is going right into in your poor butt!

Which means, if it is after her awful paddle has blistered that same fleshy part of your anatomy... DOUBLE OUCH!