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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Wonderful World of the Emilyverse

You may remember the wonderfully imaginative and naughty fantasy world (or "alternate universe") created by Emily and posted here last year. Yeah, who could forget it, right?

Well, Emily has a Tumblr site where she posts awesome captioned images set in the same 'verse, ranging from art to spanking photos to otherwise "vanilla" pics given that pervy Emily twist with the addition of text, creating some wildly creative and sexy scenarios. I would very much recommend that anyone who liked her Guest Fantasy post here visit there and enjoy her work. I am sure that feedback would be greatly appreciated by her, too!

Do be warned that the Emilyverse as shown there deals with all genres of spanking/domination, not just F/m... so you'll have M/f, F/f and M/m images and scenarios too. Of course, all participants are consenting adults in the Emilyverse... though I'm sure some do question their decision to agree to their relationship role when they've been sent to bed with no dinner at six o'clock after a very sound spanking and now hear "Mommy" coming upstairs, wearing her strap-on...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Celebrating Mommy Dearest

As someone who was never spanked growing up (by my mother or anyone else!), I've got no "nostalgic" connection to such memories. It is honestly just in the last few years as I've got older that I've come to fall in love with "mommy spanking" scenarios. Indeed, even going back through my old art and stories, you'll notice that most of my earlier work is far more about hot babysitters, stepsisters, classmates, cousins, girlfriends, teachers and authority figures as the spankers. Poor Mommies rarely get a look-in from me back then! For some reason I'm not really sure of, though, I've grown to develop quite a love of "Mommy" spanking scenarios of late. Not perhaps quite as much as much as love as I have for "Aunty" scenarios (whether said "Aunty" is an actual Aunt or not!) but certainly a lot more than I used to.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fantasy - New Student's Welcome

"First day at your new school and this is what greets you..."

Okay, so this Quick Fantasy and Art piece are both unexpected, unplanned and totally new! I wrote a quick little information post earlier today, just as a bit of backstory for anyone who might be new here lately, but then decided I wanted to give the post a little piece of decorative art. I nearly reused an old one, then thought "Nah, I'll quickly whip up something new!" Four or so hours later... this piece was the result!

Despite the unplanned nature of the piece, I really enjoyed making it. Of course, as usual when I'm making a new artwork, I immediately started fantasizing and imagining scenarios while working...

I love "welcome spankings". Just the absolute unfairness and "new things are scary anyway" tone, even in the most "friendly" of welcome spankings is something I find a thrilling concept. Any kind, any situational excuse. Welcome to Auntie's House for the weekend. Welcome to Reform School. Welcome to your new overseas host family. Welcome to the new club. Welcome to your new school or class.

That's the scenario that popped into my head as I started working on the concept of "hot teacher with a blackboard welcoming new students to class", to reflect the "newcomers message" I was posting. Pretty soon, the scenario ran away in my mind...

Monday, 20 May 2013

A Note For Newcomers

I wanted to clear some things up in light of a recent comment I responded to, without realizing that not everyone here has been around since the beginning of this blog. I often forget that not everyone was there at the beginning with me on MSN, Excite and Yahoo!

Firstly, I personally tend to think of this site as a "website" more than a blog, meaning I expect (or rather, hope) new visitors will go back and read older posts and view older artwork posted here. A lot of people use Blogger as a "journal", which means old posts are pretty much just interesting backstory but nowhere near as important as the latest (current) post.

Not so at Banjo's BBS! Here, you might find your favourite artwork is buried in a post from a year ago. The latest posts are just that, the latest. Everything prior - barring a few status update type posts - are as hot (or not, depending on tastes!) as they were when first posted!

Flashback - Sting Of The Slipper

"Sting of the Slipper"

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a BIG "hairbrush fan". Or should that be "hairbrush hater"? Ah, the dilemma of being a spankee...

Anyway, just because the brush is my (least!) favourite implement doesn't mean others don't often enter my thoughts and fantasies. Belts are a bit of a fave, due to the "wait until mommy gets home" vibe they give me. Paddles fit school scenarios perfectly in my mind (yes, the cane is awesome too, but for some reason I find the US response tends to win over the UK one 8 out of 10 times in my imagined school days for some reason). Wooden spoons are very "Aussie Mum" implements, I think, and then there are all sorts of "sub-implements" like tawses, bathbrushes, ping-pong bats, riding crops, etc.

But then there's the slipper. Although the term "slippering" often refers to the disciplinary employ of any old piece of footwear (slipper, sneaker/gym shoe, sandal, etc.) the use of an ACTUAL slipper for a spanking enjoys a rather specialized place in my mind and fantasies.

A slipper smacking is - to me - a rather intimate form of chastisement, often maternal and typically involving a bedroom setting. It's not the most painful implement, sure, but it is very stingy (providing the right kind of slipper is used!) and very psychological in its innocence and almost childishness.

Okay, enough preamble... to the art piece!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Art - Getting Girly-Brushed

"Getting Girly-Brushed"

In the spirit of my inaugural 'Spanker or Spankable? (SoS)' post, comes this new art piece...

Here we have the type of girl who I suspect others might normally think of as a spankee. She's young, possibly late teens to early twenties. She's also a very 'girly' girl, seen here in a very "girly" bedroom where she is currently giving a young man what he perhaps had often derisively called a "girly spanking".

"Only girls get spanked" is what he might have said. Or "being spanked by a girl doesn't hurt" is an even more likely boast.

So, now she's re-educating him with a "Girly-Brushing": her own trademark bare-butt walloping with her chunky pink hairbrush! Think he's changing his mind about being spanked by girls? I think so.