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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Brief Note

I just wanted to post a message to say that due to personal family reasons I may not be around for a bit.

I wanted to post this so that folks didn't think I was abandoning my blog again, and most of all as a way to reach out to all my closer friends I email and communicate with privately too... I'm just not in a place to be able to contact everyone individually right now so apologies for this impersonal "blanket" message; you know who you are, and I will be in touch. Your friendship means a lot to me.

As to the blog, I've loved being "back" this past week and getting feedback again. I already set a week's worth of posts up to automatically post here on-schedule, so you may still see new stuff, and I hope you enjoy. Please continue to comment on old and new posts. Please continue to have fun here. I'd hate to dampen any enthusiasm or sense of enjoyment here, I just wanted to tell you why I may not be replying to everything right now.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me back so warmly and kindly on my return, I feel bad about this but I have to prioritize. Yet you - my friends online, my blog readers, those I've met recently and those I've known for many years - are all very special parts of my life, and something I try to never take for granted.

I will be back.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Flashback - Look, Don't Touch

"Look, Don't Touch"
Now this is an old piece! One of the first I ever did, in fact.

I was never really 100% happy with it (yeah, but when am I?) and looking now, it's the lighting (too much shadow) that bothers me most. However, given it's supposed to be set at night in a bar, I suppose it works.

The concept, obviously, is based on the old "look but don't touch" rule any respectable bar, nightclub or even strip club has towards its scantily-clad staff... a rule it seems one of the patrons either forgot or chose to disregard!

Well, clearly the waitresses in this cocktail bar has taken exception to the guy who got a bit "handsy" with her. She's visibly angry, letting out her rage on his rapidly-reddening backside here as he gasps and yelps and sobs like a naughty boy. I don't think she thought twice about shoving him forward over the bar and yanking his trousers and underpants down for a very hard, very public, very humiliating lesson in how not to treat the bar staff!

If he refuses or tries to resist, well, she can always call the manager. Or the police. She can certainly have him banned from the bar (his favourite hang-out) for life. She could even call his wife/significant other for him to explain why he was in a bar groping waitresses at this hour of the night?. Or he can shut up and take his spanking. Yeah, that's what she thought.

Looking at it again now, I especially like the other waitress/bartender and her expression as she watches; she looks rather amused at what's happening. I wonder if this sort of thing occurs often here? Does she 'know' the guy getting spanked, perhaps? Is he a regular customer who often flirts with her and the other girls, and now she's smiling at seeing him finally get what he deserves? Or alternatively (more evily!) she's enjoying the show just because she always thought he had a nice butt and is enjoying seeing it get bared and smacked by her colleague? Either way, from the look on her face, I can almost hear her smugly commenting "Yes, that's really teaching you a lesson, isn't it?"

As to exactly what the events leading up to the blonde waitress' ire and the nature of that certain inappropriate touch were? Well, I see several possibilities...

Perhaps (as I likely originally intended) he's indeed the sort of chauvinistic prick who feels "look, don't touch" doesn't really apply to him, that "those girls are asking for it, dressed like that" and even "what harm is there in a playful pat or pinch on the bottom as they pass? It's all in good fun, right?" In which case, he's finding out exactly what an unwanted "pat on the bottom" feels like... though a lot more (and harder) than just one "playful" slap!

Or perhaps he's not such a villain as he might appear? Perhaps it was actually an accident... brushing against a passing waitress while reaching for a drink? Maybe he just forgot himself in a somewhat tipsy state and gave her an "affectionate" touch without thinking? But is that any excuse? Not for this no-nonsense waitress, it seems! She's had enough of drunk, lecherous customers pawing at her all night, and doesn't want to hear his damn excuses... he's just the final straw tonight! She's going to make an example of this guy! He's going to learn to be more careful with his hands in future! He may say he's sorry now, but she'll make sure he's sobbing out very sincere apologies soon.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, he's actually totally innocent? What if the guy on the other stool is in fact the cad who groped/pinched/smacked the blonde waitress as she leaned over the bar between them? What if she spun around and immediately decided it was the poor fellow on the right who did it, and didn't care to listen to or believe his protests of innocence? If that's the case, no wonder the unspanked guy on the other stool looks shocked - that could have (should have) been him! Meanwhile, some poor random guy who just happened to sit on the wrong stool that night is getting an unwarranted, humiliating, pants-down spanking in front of the whole bar for nothing at all!

Whoever he is and whatever he did or didn't do, when his brisk-but-very-sound public spanking is over, will he sheepishly pull his pants up and sit painfully back on his stool, scurry to the bathroom to cry and cool his poor hot bottom in the sink, or run home with his tail between his legs in utter shame?

It was fun revisiting this piece again, not the sort of scenario I often do, but interesting because I can guess that a lot of other spankos would likely think "sexy costumed waitress" = waitress gets spanked*! Me? I guess my mind went in a different direction without hesitation! While there's certainly a large degree of sexism (and arguably, objectification) inherent in many business that dresses their female employees in skimpy, revealing, intentionally-provocative outfits, I've always felt that - since patrons can do nothing but look (and dream) - these ladies actually maintain a certain degree of power over their male customers. Or maybe that's just my own "anything can be twisted to a F/M dynamic" perspective and how such ladies make me personally feel around them?

Hmm... now I'm thinking that maybe I need to do a follow-up 'restaurant girls' fantasy post?

*Heresy warning! Heresy warning! Awooga! Awooga!

Friday 16 November 2012

Spanking Software - Six-O-Best

For my first Spanking Software article here, I wanted to take a look at the game that started it all for me ten years go.

GeorgeWare's 'Six-O-Best' ('SOB') is a fantastic and fun little spanking game I discovered online, around the year 2002. The original author's website ('The Study') is long since lost to the transitory nature of the internet, but I wanted to make it available and prevent it from being forgotten forever.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Flashback - Caught With His Girlfriend

"Caught With His Girlfriend"

What's more embarrassing than being spanked by your teenage girlfriend? How about being spanked by your teenage girlfriend's mom for "fooling around" in her daughter's bedroom!

This is an old piece of mine, and one of the ones I wish I still had the master files to re-render at a larger size; IMO, it turned out pretty well especially given the old technical issues I faced (slow old computer that frequently crashed trying to render "complex" scenes like this). The scattered clothing was something I really wanted to do, even though "cloth" is hard to pull off in 3D, especially back then)... I really wanted to capture the idea of the guy and his girlfriend shedding their clothes all over the floor as they "heavy petted" (or even more!) on her bed upstairs.

Did they know her mom was home? Maybe, and they were trying to keep as quiet as possible (perhaps an uncontrolled moan or cry is what led to their "discovery"?). Or maybe mom was "out", and they thought they had the house to themselves for a while! Oops, looks like she came home early!

I wanted to leave several "clues" as to the relationship setup here:

Firstly, the daughter - while half-naked and obviously a bit embarrassed at having her mom walk in on her and her boyfriend in such a situation - is actually giggling behind her hand here (it's a bit hard to see at this size, sadly). Almost in spite of herself, she finds the sight of her mother spanking the daylights out of her kicking, pleading, apologizing and totally naked boyfriend rather funny!

Secondly, note the photo on the dresser besides the sports trophy; it's of mom and daughter. They're a close pair with a deep bond; she's "mommy's little princess", and that means that mom is always going to take her side in a situation where her boyfriend might argue that "she asked me to!" or (worse) "she led me on!". Her darling daughter would never "lead a boy on" like that. He must be lying to save his own tail, right?

Of course, the truth may be different. In fact, when I made this I'm pretty sure that was my thinking. She did lead him on. She invited him up to her room that afternoon, despite his concerns of "what if your mom catches us?". She pushed for him to take their relationship further, to undress, to "touch her there" and... well, he's a guy, right? So despite his better judgement, how could he refuse his cute, half-naked, horny (and very persuasive) girlfriend?

The fact that his girlfriend didn't leap to his defense when mommy burst in and dragged him over her lap to show him what happens to boys who mess around with her "innocent little angel" might make him less trusting in the future, true. Still, if she doesn't decide to dump him after this, I suspect she'll be able to continue twisting him around her little finger.

Not that she was ever in any real danger, of course, outside of the embarrassment of her mom walking in on them like that! Her adoring mother doesn't believe in ever spanking "her precious girl" (who is always well behaved and a perfect angel in her eyes). Why would she ever spank her well-behaved darling?

Or perhaps her daughter actually is going to get punished for this too. After all, she was half naked in the arms of a boy in her own bedroom! Yes, that would call for a severe punishment for the girl... like losing her mobile phone for a few days, no internet for the rest of the week, or even (gasp) not being allowed to go to that big party on the weekend. OMG! Even loving mothers can be "totally unfair" like that! The fact that he'd gladly trade his humiliation and red-hot bottom (that will hurt to sit on for even longer than she'll be without her phone!) for his girlfriend's "awful" punishments is not open to debate.

Regardless of whether she'll be punished or get off scott-free, I suspect that the daughter knowing that she doesn't have to worry about a spanking from mom herself is not only cause for her sexual brazenness compared to his, but also part of why she finds this all rather amusing. Maybe she has a brother who gets spanked, or maybe she's never actually seen a spanking before? In either case, having it happen to her cute boyfriend is certainly something else to witness! Who knows, she might enjoy it so much that she'll end up persuading him to let her spank him too if their relationship continues?

Whether mom will tolerate her keeping him around as a boyfriend, however, is another matter. Even if she does, any social situation which brings the three of them together (such as having him over for dinner or even just picking her up for or bringing her home from a date), will have a very different tone now that he's spent time over her lap. At the very least, the slightest hint of "inappropriate behavior" could see him swiftly turned bare-bottomed over her mom's knee once again!

Is she worth the risk? What do you think? I suspect that with just a sweet smile, a suggestive hip-wiggle or a coy little kiss from her, he'll be back risking his butt upstairs in that same bedroom again soon!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Art - A Heated Discussion

"A Heated Discussion"

I thought long and hard about what best way to announce "I'm Back!" and decided that the best way was with a new OTK artwork, since it's both my favourite position/situation and I know a favourite of many of my readers as well. I'm a particular fan of what I call "squirmy OTK" and I think you can say the term fits here too.

This piece could have easily been called "One-Sided Discussion" or "End Of Discussion" instead, at least as I imagine this scenario playing out.

Being how much I love 'Auntie' scenarios, it should come as no surprise that that's what was in my mind foremost when I made it, though she could easily be a younger 'Mommy' or even girlfriend or wife.

From his expression and body language, I'd say he's pretty much an "amateur" at being spanked, at least with a hairbrush. If not, well... he certainly doesn't take 'em well, does he?

Despite his obvious protests (and very likely pleas), this clearly is a very one-sided discussion taking place: Auntie and her hairbrush have all the negotiating power here, and the sooner he realizes that the better!

I wanted to make her look cross enough to convey that this is a "lecture spanking"... no silent swats here, she's laying down the law as she roasts his bare botty alive!

The title - and my initial idea - suggests that perhaps he's attempted to argue, backtalk or otherwise negotiate or reason with her regarding some disagreement on "adult terms". Not a wise move when Auntie still sees you as a "little boy" despite your age, and when her go-to response to disobedience, disagreement or even just daring to question her authority is to reach for her hard wooden hairbrush! Nothing says "you're not as grown-up as you thought, young man" like being cut off in mid-argument, turned over a firm female lap, and having your bare backside blistered until you're sobbing like a child!

The only thing that belies the concept of "discussion gone wrong" is his state of undress: he's totally nude! Did Auntie strip him of his clothes (as well as his dignity) too before hauling him over her lap? or is the reason for the discussion that she perhaps caught him - already naked - being a very naughty boy in the shower or in his bedroom with a dirty magazine? That would definitely be grounds for a spanking and scolding!

Or is there more formality to this situation than that? Did he backtalk her or push against her rules earlier in the day, and now she's had him strip nude and report for a long, hard, naked bedtime spanking across her knee with the hairbrush as she explains in no uncertain terms who's in charge in this house, and how dissent will be dealt with? Was it something "big", like arguing against her curfew or "no phones or video games after eight o'clock"? Was it something "innocent", like leaving his shoes in the kitchen or forgetting to put the toilet seat down in the bathroom?

Or maybe the poor young man didn't actually do anything wrong at all. Could Auntie have had this spanking planned for him even before he arrived? After he unpacks and takes a hot bath to wash away the dust of the long car ride over, he's summoned by his Auntie (either in his room or hers) and laid across her lap for a shockingly sound hairbrush spanking as she firmly explains the rules of the house to him, not letting up until she's laid out every rule and constraint, until he's sobbing and promising to be good and do as he's told. But while he may seem like a good boy, she wants to be sure from the start that there will be no illusions in his mind that Auntie's rules are not open to discussion.

Either way, from the look on his face, I'd say he's getting the message and agreeing wholeheartedly!

EDIT: A friend pointed out that the lady in the artwork is rather young looking for an "Auntie". I agree that she could definitely be a girlfriend instead, and the whole "not open to discussion" fits a (IMO) very sexy but strict relationship of that fit too. It would also fit with her outfit, too, which I'll admit is a little "inappropriate" for a responsible Auntie to wear around her nephew... right? On the other hand, maybe she's just a rather young aunt and that's part of the whole reason for the spanking: "Just because I'm closer to your age than your mother's doesn't mean you can disobey me or try to negotiate my rules!" :)

Reboot Celebration (Bottom)Bash!

Yes, it's true! I'm back!

Sure, I missed my blog's one-year birthday (that was September 5th!). Sure, I missed my OWN birthday (that was October 2nd!). But better late than never, right?

(famous last words of the nervous young man coming home past curfew?)

It was a bumpy road, and I was nervous even as I published yesterday's post, that Blogger might decide "yeah, delete that blog again for having the audacity to post!". But it's still here, touch paddle-wood, and thus so am I.

I needed the break, after events in my "real life" and all the stress of Google/Blogger's deletions. I needed to refresh and reassess things. One of the things I reassessed was how much I missed this blog and all your comments. So, if you can hang around, if you can keep on commenting and letting me know you're out there and this isn't for nothing, I'll keep on blogging with what you want to see, read and enjoy. As I've always said, I do this for you.

For missing those milestone dates above, and for being away so long with so little explanation, I can only apologize. Hopefully, bringing this blog back and finally making good on my promises of not just new art, but new fun original content of other sorts as well.

I made the artwork below as a very special gift for a good friend a while back (which might explain the level of self-inflicted severity! *blush*), so I hope they won't mind me sharing it here in this form, but it feels like a fitting statement on my being gone for so long.

"A Very Sorry Little Banjo"

Also, this piece does kind of look like how imagine the aftermath of a "Celebration Bottom-Bash" as well. All about the celebration (and celebrators), no regard for the bottom being "bashed"? Or maybe just the result of a celebration like this?

In all seriousness, I'm genuinely touched and honored to know that there are still folks out there who want to see my art and read my ramblings. The idea of having "fans" still seems odd to me after all these years.

Anyway, let this week's "rebirth" and celebration begin!

Monday 12 November 2012

Banjo's BBS 2.0 - Back4Real2Morrow

Yup. No kidding.

I'm back tomorrow... Google-willing, anyway. :)

It's been a while and a long road back, but I hope to see you all then. I'll try and make it worth your while if you stick around!

Things to come over the next week or so, starting with tomorrow's "Celebration (Bottom)Bash":
  • New Art (yes, really!)
  • Some of the long-promised "feature" articles (at last!)
  • Banjo's Birthday Report
  • Love Our Lurkers Day (belated!)
  • Unbiased reviews and unpaid fanboy gushing
  • A new competition!
  • Celebrity (and other) fantasies
  • A return to the Emilyverse (*gulp!*)
  • And maybe... new fiction? (no promises on that one, though!)
Hey, if I can't make this site look the bestest ever, I can still make the content decent, right?

Oh, you want some hints on actual content? Here's a few themes to muse on and wonder about...
  • Culture shock in Japan
  • A very hot summer job
  • Teacher's pet
  • Weekend at Auntie's
  • Half-term hell
  • Superhero spanking
  • Latin heat
  • New sheriff in town
  • Video Game Grrls rule
  • Angry, sexy, crazy?
Plus several classic art "blasts from the past", too, retouched, re-rendered and reposted.

Thanks again for your patience... hope to see you at the party!


Note: after using them since I started on Yahoo, CJB.net have discontinued their URL redirect service, which has broken every single URL on my art from then until now. Until I can find a new service and update ALL my stuff, please use this blog address banjosbbs.blogspot.com or (as a backup in case of Google-woes), my old Yahoo Group groups.yahoo.com/group/banjos_bbs. Sorry for the inconvenience.