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Monday 21 October 2013

Another Year Older

"Happy Birthday Banjo", by Jean-Phillipe Cors (aka JPC, circa 2003)

It was my birthday the other week (October 2nd, to be precise), a fairly uneventful one by even my standards, but birthdays always make me think of spanking (though really, what doesn't?).

I'm sure many a 'vanilla' got their first adult spanking as a birthday tradition/rite of passage/party game, while being naughty at any age on your birthday (complaining about gifts, food, guests, generally acting like an entitled "It's my party!" brat) surely doesn't exempt the birthday boy/girl from a hot red bottom, does it? I still remember (a long time ago now!) turning 21 and receiving a silly over-sized wooden 'birthday card' in the shape of a giant key, which my family and friends all passed around and signed; being a hopeless lifelong spanko, my first thought even then was "I wonder what a birthday spanking with that thing would be like?"

Due to a more busy "real life" these days, this year I didn't get to run a contest or anything fancy this year as I'd considered (since the 2011 one was such fun!), nor have I done a new birthday-themed art piece.

Instead, I wanted to share something very special to me. It was first posted at my old Yahoo group way back in the early 2000's, but I felt it deserved a proud place here on my new blog, where it can be seen and enjoyed by all.

Friday 27 September 2013

Art - Denim Sensations

"Denim Sensations"

Not long ago, I posted this piece and this piece, two artworks dealing with younger spankers... and that's the topic we return to with this piece today.

Being "outnumbered and overpowered" is a big fantasy of mine, especially when accompanied by multiple spankers, and here we see a young man who's found himself in just such a predicament with a trio of smirking girls who appear to be around his own age or only slightly older. From his tearful expression (and rosy red nether-cheeks), it seems like he's getting a good bottom warming indeed; no wonder it's taking help to hold the poor boy still!

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Quick Fantasy - Assignment Due

"Looks like someone might be staying back after school with Miss Hanson..."

I had so much fun writing the expanded "new boy at school's welcome paddling" fantasy that I found my mind wandering onto other similar scenarios. Like this one, below...

It's Friday and you're sitting in your last class for the day, looking forward to the weekend... your first week at your new school has been a rather trying one and it will be good to take a break.

As the last bell rings, your teacher, Miss Hanson, nonchalantly announces that all students are to turn in their assignments before leaving, as they are due today.

What assignment? Your tummy churns; being only here a few days, you didn't even know about any assignment being due, much less have had the chance to have written it!

Nervously, you wait until everyone else has left, each one depositing their papers on Miss Hanson's desk as they pass by and head out the door, until only you and your teacher remain in the classroom.

"Is there something you wanted?" she asks you, raising an eyebrow.

Fantasy - New Student's Welcome Redux

"Miss Hanson's Classroom Rule #1: All spankings are bare, long & hard!"

I've been asked several times if I was going to "finish" the short fantasy piece I wrote here (check out the original post for the background and original art piece). While the original intent was for the reader to fill in the rest with their own imagination, it was requested enough that I decided to try and write a "part two", including the promised Welcome Paddling itself! Of course, I couldn't help but make some new art to go with this too... enjoy!

It's your first day at a new school. You don't know anybody there, so it's a bit scary.

That morning, you sit nervously in the middle row. Nobody talks to you, but you notice a few looking in your direction and then quickly looking away.

Your new uniform is uncomfortable, much more restrictive than the one at your laid-back previous school. The tie around the collar of your crisp white shirt threatens to strangle you, and you fidget and idly tug down the legs of your navy shorts, which seems too far short for your age, while pulling up your white woolen socks, which itch unpleasantly against your calves.

Despite the irritation of your uniform, you have done your best to look presentable; you want to make a good impression on your new teacher and classmates on your first day, and hope that things will go well.

The teacher arrives to the tune of sharply clicking high heels, and you're stunned at how attractive she is: tall with long blonde hair, breasts straining her dark sweater and shapely bare legs shown off by her knee-length cream skirt.

"Good morning, class," she says cheerfully.

Friday 2 August 2013

Fan Art - The Emilyverse #2

The second of my "fan arts" for Emily's amazingly hot alternate universe, The Emilyverse (first posted here, and continued at her Tumblr site here). This one is "part two" of the previous artwork, featuring the same couple of Mommy-Wife and "little boy" husband...

"His New Mommy-Wife: Bedtime"

Just because they're madly in love doesn't mean that he won't be given a very sore bottom when he misbehaves. Heck, not just when he misbehaves... many Emilyverse Mommies spank just because they like to spank their cute "little boys". If that seems unfair, well, that's the way they like it!

Like the previous artwork, I wanted this to look almost like the pair were posing for a photograph. Hence his downcast gaze! He may have agreed - even wanted - to live his married life as her "little boy", but he's still embarrassed to be spanked to tears and shown off in such a public manner.

Of course, even when Mommy is angry with him, she still adores her little darling... how can she not, when he looks so adorable in those 'Hello Kitty' undies she bought him and that super cute and funny tee-shirt?

'Hello Kitty' is owned by Sanrio. Used here in parody, with no infringement intended.

A tee-shirt similar to the one this young man is wearing in this piece can be bought from Zazzle here or here. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to make a similar texture to use in future artworks!

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Fan Art - The Emilyverse #1

I was inspired by Emily's alternate universe The Emilyverse since back when she first shared it, and shortly after set about doing some "fan art" based on it. With everything that happened last year, I never got chance to polish them up for posting, but with Emily's permission I will be posting some of them here now.

You should visit the above-linked post and/or Emily's Tumblr site first if you don't know the setup/"rules" for The Emilyverse, but in a nutshell, it's an alternative history where a change in social values and psychology conspired to see relationships take on a more... well... "pervy" twist. In The Emilyverse, it's considered healthy and normal for one partner in a relationship to assume a "parental" role over the other partner. There are varying degrees of this, of course, from "daddy" husbands who just have final say in the household and financial decisions for their "immature" wives, to "mommy" wives who keep their "little" husbands in short pants, restrict them to cartoons and spank them with blistering regularity!

Since this is my blog, I'm obviously going to be drawn to the latter model of relationships, so this first fan art deals with a young husband's new Mommy-Wife, and his obvious adoration of her.

"His New Mommy-Wife: Daytime"

Because this sort of relationship is considered perfectly normal in The Emilyverse, it is common to see a couple out in public like this: a young man and his older wife, her in her crisp, professional business suit and him childishly attired in shorts and a cartoon tee-shirt. A hairbrush ready in her hand in case her "little man" pouts or acts up... public spankings are rather common in the Emilyverse too, I'd imagine!

I really wanted to try and capture their relationship here, with her arm around him in a loving but also rather "possessive" way (he belongs to her!) and him looking lovingly at her as the "mommy he always dreamed of marrying".

Sure, some "Mommy-husband" of this kind are more even-footed in everyday life, with both partners working and equal in their daily routines; both work, both look after the house, but when "Mommy" puts her foot down, her husband has to obey... or his bottom will pay for it and he will not be going out with his friends this weekend!

But there are many couples (like the one I chose to depict here) where the husband is "regressed" to the status of a "little boy", totally submitting to his Mommy-Wife and playing out the Emilyverse-perverted roles of "Mommy" and "her boy" 24/7.

For some, this is the perfect lifestyle in both their eyes: "Mommy" goes to work at the office while he gets to stay home and watch cartoons and play with his Lego. Of course, he'll be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E if his chores aren't done and his toys tidied up when she comes home from work!

Apologies for the lack of posts this month; I've had pretty much no internet access, and what I have had has been dial-up speed... timewarp back to the year 2000! Still, I got some posts written "in advance", so can start posting those next month. Yay!

Thursday 20 June 2013

Art - Auntie's Aftercare

"Auntie's Aftercare"

From Merciless Mommies to Authoritarian Aunties!

Most folks know that I'm generally mostly a fan of 'not nice' spankings. That means, spankings that aren't especially 'playful', at least from the point of view of the spankee. A spanking for the spankee's pleasure or enjoyment is a turn-off for me in general. Go figure.

On the other hand, I kinda love the idea of post-spanking 'aftercare', like the sort of thing depicted here!

Here we see a young man who has clearly been soundly hairbrushed. His bottom is aflame; throbbing, hot and very sore indeed. But now that the spanking is over, he is being kindly attended to by his spanker, in a very different role from the one she'd just played as his disciplinarian!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Wonderful World of the Emilyverse

You may remember the wonderfully imaginative and naughty fantasy world (or "alternate universe") created by Emily and posted here last year. Yeah, who could forget it, right?

Well, Emily has a Tumblr site where she posts awesome captioned images set in the same 'verse, ranging from art to spanking photos to otherwise "vanilla" pics given that pervy Emily twist with the addition of text, creating some wildly creative and sexy scenarios. I would very much recommend that anyone who liked her Guest Fantasy post here visit there and enjoy her work. I am sure that feedback would be greatly appreciated by her, too!

Do be warned that the Emilyverse as shown there deals with all genres of spanking/domination, not just F/m... so you'll have M/f, F/f and M/m images and scenarios too. Of course, all participants are consenting adults in the Emilyverse... though I'm sure some do question their decision to agree to their relationship role when they've been sent to bed with no dinner at six o'clock after a very sound spanking and now hear "Mommy" coming upstairs, wearing her strap-on...

Thursday 23 May 2013

Celebrating Mommy Dearest

As someone who was never spanked growing up (by my mother or anyone else!), I've got no "nostalgic" connection to such memories. It is honestly just in the last few years as I've got older that I've come to fall in love with "mommy spanking" scenarios. Indeed, even going back through my old art and stories, you'll notice that most of my earlier work is far more about hot babysitters, stepsisters, classmates, cousins, girlfriends, teachers and authority figures as the spankers. Poor Mommies rarely get a look-in from me back then! For some reason I'm not really sure of, though, I've grown to develop quite a love of "Mommy" spanking scenarios of late. Not perhaps quite as much as much as love as I have for "Aunty" scenarios (whether said "Aunty" is an actual Aunt or not!) but certainly a lot more than I used to.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Fantasy - New Student's Welcome

"First day at your new school and this is what greets you..."

Okay, so this Quick Fantasy and Art piece are both unexpected, unplanned and totally new! I wrote a quick little information post earlier today, just as a bit of backstory for anyone who might be new here lately, but then decided I wanted to give the post a little piece of decorative art. I nearly reused an old one, then thought "Nah, I'll quickly whip up something new!" Four or so hours later... this piece was the result!

Despite the unplanned nature of the piece, I really enjoyed making it. Of course, as usual when I'm making a new artwork, I immediately started fantasizing and imagining scenarios while working...

I love "welcome spankings". Just the absolute unfairness and "new things are scary anyway" tone, even in the most "friendly" of welcome spankings is something I find a thrilling concept. Any kind, any situational excuse. Welcome to Auntie's House for the weekend. Welcome to Reform School. Welcome to your new overseas host family. Welcome to the new club. Welcome to your new school or class.

That's the scenario that popped into my head as I started working on the concept of "hot teacher with a blackboard welcoming new students to class", to reflect the "newcomers message" I was posting. Pretty soon, the scenario ran away in my mind...

Monday 20 May 2013

A Note For Newcomers

I wanted to clear some things up in light of a recent comment I responded to, without realizing that not everyone here has been around since the beginning of this blog. I often forget that not everyone was there at the beginning with me on MSN, Excite and Yahoo!

Firstly, I personally tend to think of this site as a "website" more than a blog, meaning I expect (or rather, hope) new visitors will go back and read older posts and view older artwork posted here. A lot of people use Blogger as a "journal", which means old posts are pretty much just interesting backstory but nowhere near as important as the latest (current) post.

Not so at Banjo's BBS! Here, you might find your favourite artwork is buried in a post from a year ago. The latest posts are just that, the latest. Everything prior - barring a few status update type posts - are as hot (or not, depending on tastes!) as they were when first posted!

Flashback - Sting Of The Slipper

"Sting of the Slipper"

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a BIG "hairbrush fan". Or should that be "hairbrush hater"? Ah, the dilemma of being a spankee...

Anyway, just because the brush is my (least!) favourite implement doesn't mean others don't often enter my thoughts and fantasies. Belts are a bit of a fave, due to the "wait until mommy gets home" vibe they give me. Paddles fit school scenarios perfectly in my mind (yes, the cane is awesome too, but for some reason I find the US response tends to win over the UK one 8 out of 10 times in my imagined school days for some reason). Wooden spoons are very "Aussie Mum" implements, I think, and then there are all sorts of "sub-implements" like tawses, bathbrushes, ping-pong bats, riding crops, etc.

But then there's the slipper. Although the term "slippering" often refers to the disciplinary employ of any old piece of footwear (slipper, sneaker/gym shoe, sandal, etc.) the use of an ACTUAL slipper for a spanking enjoys a rather specialized place in my mind and fantasies.

A slipper smacking is - to me - a rather intimate form of chastisement, often maternal and typically involving a bedroom setting. It's not the most painful implement, sure, but it is very stingy (providing the right kind of slipper is used!) and very psychological in its innocence and almost childishness.

Okay, enough preamble... to the art piece!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Art - Getting Girly-Brushed

"Getting Girly-Brushed"

In the spirit of my inaugural 'Spanker or Spankable? (SoS)' post, comes this new art piece...

Here we have the type of girl who I suspect others might normally think of as a spankee. She's young, possibly late teens to early twenties. She's also a very 'girly' girl, seen here in a very "girly" bedroom where she is currently giving a young man what he perhaps had often derisively called a "girly spanking".

"Only girls get spanked" is what he might have said. Or "being spanked by a girl doesn't hurt" is an even more likely boast.

So, now she's re-educating him with a "Girly-Brushing": her own trademark bare-butt walloping with her chunky pink hairbrush! Think he's changing his mind about being spanked by girls? I think so.

Saturday 20 April 2013

Art - Enjoying His Apology

"Enjoying His Apology"

Apologies for the temporary break; I was unexpectedly occupied this past week. That meant that I missed Cake and Cunnilingus Day (April 14) on the blog again, which I was planning to commemorate this year with new artwork and a post. Hopefully this thematically-suitable art piece will suffice until I can finish the one I was intending to use.

Like - I presume - a lot of subs (male and female), I am quite fond of giving oral sex. There's something very submissive about the act, and I've found it very useful in encouraging partners to be more "dominant", even if they aren't actually spankos. For me personally, it's no good persuading/bribing a woman to spank me if she doesn't enjoy it at all; that's not fun for me, either. But knowing a woman is enjoying the sense of dominance and control that comes from having someone on their knees between her legs as she calls the shots and grab their hair to steer them in the right direction and gets into things enough to even start talking "domme-y"... yeah, that's fun! Spanking is my one great passion (sexual or otherwise), but just having a partner enjoy "taking charge" on any level is, for me, the next best thing.

Okay, ramblings over... on to the art piece!

Friday 5 April 2013

Reasons For Spanking - Pranks and Practical Jokes

Reasons for Spanking (RFS) is a new semi-regular feature/article here on Banjo's BBS, where I take a look at some of the classic/oft-used/cliche "reasons" for getting (or giving!) a spanking.

In beginning this new semi-regular series of short articles, I felt that having just had April Fools' Day for this year, the first "reason" was a no-brainer...

Pranks, whether childhood or adult, are I'm sure a Reason For Spanking that many of my readers can relate to.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Art - Hot Crossed Buns

"Hot Crossed Buns"

Or should that be 'Hot Cropped Buns'?

Please forgive the somewhat rushed nature of this piece; I really wanted to do something for Easter and not have it be as late as I typically am for 'festive' posts!

Obviously a play on the name of the Hot Cross Buns you find in stores over the Easter period, the lame pun was the basis for making this... along with the urge to do a sexy 'Easter Bunny' costumed girl.

Monday 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and that cute Easter Bunny left you lots of yummy chocolate eggs!

"What's that, you cheeky scamp? Can I show you my 'Easter Eggs'?
Oooh, naughty naughty! Bunny spank!"

But don't eat too much chocolatey goodness in one go, naughty boys and girls, or the Easter Bunny will have to pay you a second visit... to spank you!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Flashback - One Mean Teen

"One Mean Teen"

This piece is an oldie. You might even recognize the spanker, as variations of her appeared a few times in my earlier works. In this piece, though, she's a bit younger than usual; I envisioned her in her late teens, but her youth doesn't make her any less of a formidable spanker, as you can see!

Since my early youthful spanking fantasies, I have always been a bit besotted with the idea of 'teen spankers', such as babysitters (one of my favourite fantasies growing up), sisters, friends' sisters, cousins, classmates or even girlfriends. The idea of a boy being spanked by a girl close to his own age yet who is still totally 'dominant' over him is as much of a 'hot button' for me as the more traditional 'Auntie' spanking fantasy, for some reason.

I wonder if it had to do with my own teenage sexual urges? I was often confused when I was younger that I found myself inexplicably attracted to the more 'mean girl' types at school; that 'bitch' everyone else hated was the one I found often gave me 'funny feelings' I couldn't explain! Also, as I got older, I realized that while my friends were usually dreaming about winning the heart of (and making out with) that pretty girl sitting across the classroom, I was instead mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to be spanked to tears by her!

But enough embarrassing self-analysis for now; let's move on to the art piece...

Sunday 24 March 2013

Art - Summer Scorcher

"Summer Scorcher"

Here in Australia, we've recently had something of a heat wave. For me, for some reason, hot days always make me feel more 'spanky' than cold ones, which is ironic considering that spanking is probably the best way in the world to keep warm (for both parties!).

In this piece, I suspect the woman here is someone tends to finds herself feeling more 'spanky' when the weather is warm too... though in her case, it's likely that a hot summer's day makes her palm itch! No doubt the sight of young men in skimpy clothes or swimsuits during such weather doesn't help reduce her special 'itch' either...

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Reports of my demise... you know the rest...

Yeah, I know. It's been a long road... a LOT longer than expected. I won't go into great details suffice to say I'm tentatively "back" as of this week. I was hoping that would be the case after Christmas, but with sick family recovering (so thankfully) yet needing care, I've had to prioritize looking after then until they could cope better by themselves.

Still, is it any surprise that it was an old female friend sending me a 'scolding' email that finally brought me back?

Thus, this coming weekend, there will be several new posts going up, including hopefully a (much-delayed) book review, some art (new and 'flashback') and a couple of features I hope folks find fun (or at least, interesting). I've even been working on a story I'm thinking of posting, though I'm a bit nervous that it might be too 'mean' for some folks' tastes!

As to the future of this blog... I had a bunch of content almost ready to go before everything hit the fan late last year, so my hope is that I can at least get those posts and pieces finished up and out for you to enjoy.

I will likely space them out a day or so apart, to give people time to comment (and of course notice there are actually new posts again!), but yeah... new stuff is on the way. About time, eh?

I hope the spanko and blogging worlds have been well since I've been offline (I've not only been absent from my blog, but from the whole frakin' blogsphere!), and hope all my friends and readers are doing well too.

I'd also like to thank my long-time close online friends who've given me space and time to sort things out. As much as I've missed you, I really needed that break... though I look forward to hopefully resuming correspondence, friendship and - of course - this blog, for 2013.

I've a lot to catch up on, and a lot to comment on too. For everyone who's stuck around... I hope this will be fun again for both of us!

Here's to 2013 being a better year, and a much more spanky one, too!