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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Comments System Updated

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've recently customized the Comments system here at Banjo's BBS. Hopefully, this will make leaving comments not just easier, but more fun, too! I'm going to do my best to be a lot more responsive to comments here, too, so please do leave your thoughts, ideas, and feedback and I'll do my best to respond to them.

The first change you'll notice is that my 'comments' now have a nice little boarder around them. That's just to make it easier to find my replies and additional ramblings in the comments area.

The second change, and the much more important one, is that when you now go to read the comments on a post, you'll notice a clickable 'Reply' link under each person's comment. Clicking this allows you to post a reply to a single comment, rather than just adding your comment to the bottom of the pile (so to speak), making it easier to form 'discussions' with other posters or to just make it clearer which post you're referencing or who you're talking to (though I still tend to like to put an "@whoever" line at the start of my replies, and suggest you do the same, just in case Google removes this system in the future).

You can see an example of this in the comments area of the recent "Happy Birthday, Aunty Andrea" post, where I have used the new system to 'reply' to several posters' comments there.

If you'd like to try this feature out, please feel free to use this post's comment area... I've added a comment to show you the new 'Reply' option and my 'blog author's boarder' in action.

I trust my more regular commenters will enjoy this new feature and hope it encourages even more readers to leave their thoughts and take part in discussing the art, stories, articles and fantasies that I post here.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Aunty Andrea!

Congratulations to 'Aunty' Andrea Mahoney, Kimberley Kennedy, my old buddy SeeGee and everyone at the amazing 'The Spank Shop' blog, on their recent first birthday!

I'm a huge fan of the Spank Shop stories, but only recently finally got the chance (after many promises... sound familiar?) to start reading Aunty Andrea's awesome blog.

Because of both these reasons, I wanted to do something special: I hope you like the 'birthday card' I made for you all, Aunty!

"Happy Birthday to 'The Spank Shop', from Banjo"

For anyone unfamiliar with Aunty Andrea and 'The Spank Shop'... check out the stories, articles, and fun picture commentaries at www.thespankshop.blogspot.com... and tell 'em Banjo sent you! (you can wish them "happy birthday" here).

And because I'm such a "fan boy", I couldn't help but make the following rendition of the beautiful-but-strict Aunty Andrea as well, as I imagine she might look at first sight to a new client at The Spank Shop, emerging from her 'spanking parlour' doorway to summon them inside for their appointment.

I hope you approve, Aunty!

"Aunty Andrea - Here Comes Aunty!"

I hope the outfit I chose was okay, and that I got your ebony hairbrush right, too; I had to do some research to get the right texture... and the heavy brushes I saw were enough to make a naughty boy nervously clutch his bottom... so heavy and "ouchie" looking!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Guest Story: The Hottest Night Of The Year

By John S MacLeod
(inspired by the artwork 'Valentine’s Heartburn', by Banjo)

“Hey, babe – wassup?” Brandon asked upon walking in the door, being greeted with the sight of his raven-haired girlfriend wearing nothing but perfume and the tiniest of white panties.

“Mmm, I was hoping to coax you into taking me to dinner,” she purred.

“I’d rather stay here,” he smiled, “but if the lady insists... Where did you have in mind?”

“Oh, I don’t know – you could surprise me. Do you have reservations anywhere?”

“In this town?” Half the places didn’t even take reservations and on a weeknight it should be no problem.

“Silly boy... you didn’t forget Valentine’s Day, did you?” Ashley asked in a mock-teasing tone, knowing the answer only too well. “You did, didn’t you? We won’t be able to get in anywhere without reservations...”

“Oh, God, Ashley, I’m sorry...” Brandon told her with real regret – and rising alarm. “I’ve been so busy lately...”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got evening enough planned for both of us,” she reassured him.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guest Art: Motivation (by Sardax)

Proudly presenting... a guest art piece by none other than the famous femdom artist Sardax!

"Motivation", by Sardax... based on "Unexpected Side-Effect", by Banjo!

Okay, let me get this out of the way right now: Sardax is an awesome artist! His work was among the first-ever 'femdom art' I even saw, back when I was in college and bought my first spanking publications. Among these was 'The Governess', a literary journal by and for the sadly-defunct Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society International (who I hope to write more about on this blog someday).

Sardax was one of the artist for this publication, as well as some of their stand-alone illustrated novellas. I fell in love with his art immediately; his female spankers were stunningly beautiful, demanding of worship and obedience; just looking at them - whether college student or tennis player or businesswoman or manor mistress - made me feel like my fantasies had been given life on the page!

I later discovered that while Sardax has done some great spanking artworks, he mostly deals with other aspects of femdom. Thus, stumbling across a new spank-centric art piece by him that I've not seen before is a rare thing, but always a wonderful surprise.

The above was one such surprise, though in more ways than one. See, I didn't find this piece on the web or in a publication, nor was I sent it by a friend or discover it through Sardax' website. It was actually emailed to me by the amazing Sardax himself! Yeah, I reacted in true fanboy "OMG! Squee!" fashion when I got the email from one of my first-ever 'spanko heroes' and an artist who'd influenced me back when I started doing what I do.

Even more excitingly (something of you might already have noticed, perhaps), the reason he emailed me was to ask if he could post this piece on his website. Why ask me?! Well, because this piece is actually based on one of my artworks! It seems that a fan of my work liked my old art piece 'Unexpected Side-Effect' so much, they commissioned Sardax (THE Sardax! *blush*) to draw an interpretation of the characters in a slightly different scenario.

I was stunned and deeply flattered! I said yes, of course, but worked up the courage to ask if I could perhaps post Sardax' art piece here on my own blog, for everyone else to see too (and me to brag about... LOL!).

So, here it is... Sardax's interpretation of my old 'Unexpected Side-Effect' piece! I'd have never in a million years imagined a pro like him would even know my work existed, much less expect to ever see one of my art pieces (one I actually made not long after discovering the whole world of internet spanko art, websites and communities) honored in this fashion.

Perhaps the most awesome aspect for me is how closely he's based the cute, pigtailed and bespectacled spanker here on my original character (right down to her outfit). Even though it's an old art piece, using older 3D models and software, she's always been (for reasons I can't explain) one of my favourite spankers that I've created in my art. Seeing her here in Sardax form... yeah, it's damn awesome!

Enjoy, everyone! I know I did!

For more awesome Sardax art, he has a membership site at www.sardax.com that's sadly rather light on spanking material, but heavy on beautiful dominant women in a variety of femdom scenarios and roles. He's also available for commercial work and commissions.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Art: Where's My Steak, Bitch?

"Where's My Steak, Bitch?"

Did you know that March 14th was (un)officially 'Steak and a Blowjob Day'?

Even though I'm thus characteristically late, I felt inspired reading about it across the spanking blogverse, and decided to dedicate this art piece to that day.

The amusing, blatant chauvinism of the concept meant that I just couldn't resist 'reversing' the traditional roles; apologies to anyone who may be offended by my portraying the wife/girlfriend character here as a denim-clad, beer-drinking, boybeater-wearing construction worker!

Still, it's not like she asks for much.

After a hard day at work, getting sweaty and grimy, all she wants to do is relax at home with a beer and a cigarette, and a nice steak dinner.

But her pampered, lazy young 'house-hubby' has been slacking off again, it seems. Too busy cleaning the house to have her dinner ready the moment she arrives? Pah! More likely wasting time on the computer, watching tv, or jerking off to his secret stash of porn magazines!

What's worse, tonight he dared present to her - her, the hard-working bread-winner of the household! - a CHICKEN SALAD?!

What was he thinking? Maybe she'd like to try something different?! NO!!! She expects dinner on the table when she gets home! On time! No excuses! And MEAT! Not salad, not some small portion gourmet crap like a fancy restaurant... she wants a big, juicy steak!

Since words don't seem to get through to her silly little house-hubby, though, it seems like a lesson with the carpet slipper is called for... right then and there there in the living room!

Rest assured, he's howling and pleading and promising to make her anything she wants by the time she's done with his red little ass!

Then, stripped naked and his bottom burning, he's sent scurrying to the kitchen (with a parting, hefty SLAP! across his glowing caboose) to fix her dinner... the right dinner, this time! No, don't bother getting dressed again! And he'd better not drip tears on her food, either!

His eyes are still still glistening with tears when he finally brings her the steak she demanded in the first place (now twenty minutes late).

The tray rattles slightly - beer bottles clinking - as he trembles on approach, naked but for a skimpy apron. He knows it would only take her a second to reach out, rip the flimsy garment from him and haul him bodily back over her knee, if she so decided. Her strength - from her physically laborious job - and his comparative weakness - from his idle housebound lifestyle - means he could offer only token resistance at best.

Well, at least the beers are cold, she tells him, accepting the meal with a sneer. He got something right, so maybe he's not totally useless after all?

Still, that steak had better be cooked correctly, and properly seasoned too... or else she'll be taking her thick leather belt to his backside in the bedroom after dinner!

She cuts off a chunk and starts chewing, as he stands there nervously shifting from foot to foot, tears brimming once again as he awaits her verdict of his culinary efforts...

(okay, all decidedly non-PC, I know... but I really felt inspired!)

Well, that's the 'steak' part taken care of, anyway. Now... who wants 'Part 2'. where she shows him what ELSE he needs to do for her when she's had a hard day at work? "Instead of all those excuses and apologies, you might as well put that mouth to good use..."

Oh, and yes... that's my fictional 'Thrash Beer' making a return appearance here!

Art: Valentine's Heartburn (Alternate)

While my spank-obsessed mind rarely jumps straight to strap-on/"pegging" fantasies (though I suspect the right lady may be able to change my mind!), I was unable to get Emily's comment on my recent Valentine's Heartburn artwork out of my head after reading it. It just somehow seemed to "fit" (no pun intended!), so I made the alternate version of the picture below, just for her and like-minded fans.

"Valentine's Heartburn (Alternate Version)"

It's a fairly rushed job, and just a very minor difference, but I couldn't resist!

Apologies to those who prefer "100% Pure Spanking Only"... but there's always still the original version.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Scenario (Spankers Only!): Forbidden Lust

You are a teacher (college or high school), and find yourself attracted to one of your students. You're not sure what it is about them, but you find yourself having distinctly inappropriate thoughts... including daydreaming about keeping them after class and baring their bottoms for a good hard spanking! This student of your desires is most likely:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Art: Emily Spanks Banjo

At long last...

With Emily's kind permission, I am proud to present the artwork I made as a prize for her, for winning my 2011 Banjo's Birthday Competition.

Emily's winning short story can be found here (with the runner-up entries here).

The promised prize was a custom artwork of the winner's choice; pretty much anything they wanted and that I could create. Emily somewhat surprised me by requesting an artwork of her spanking me... pants down and over her knee in front of my computer desk, for being so slack in running the competition and my site!!!

Both flattered and genuinely nervous, I wanted to really make this piece live up to her expectations, and worked with her through several drafts of both the customized 'Emily' model seen in the piece, and of the art piece itself.

And here it is:

"Emily Visits Banjo"

I really wanted to make it a depiction of how she imagined this scenario might look in real life, while adhering to Emily's guidelines: I'm still semi-clothed - pants pulled down - to show that this isn't a sexual spanking but a punishment one. The hairbrush is cracking down very hard, too, as the spanking moves past the point of real tears and heartfelt apologies. Our Heroic Spanker is wearing a satisfied smirk, pleased to be delivering Justice upon this poor lazy artist! And for Banjo's part... a hard lesson is being learned!

On finally completing and sending it, I was thrilled that Emily liked her gift so much! However, you might be thinking "Wait, the competition was in October! That was four months ago!" Yes, I know, and so did Emily. Having already scolded me once for the competition results delay, I was informed that punishment was in order for procrastinating and keeping both her and my readers from seeing her artwork. A second piece was demanded, and this one was to be special: an aftermath picture of me in the corner, post-spanking from Emily, with my bottom blazing and crying face red with shame... and sucking my thumb like a little boy.

I have to say, making and posting this second picture was pretty embarrassing... not just because I knew why I was having to make and show it, but because it's one thing to render myself being spanked, but another to create a picture of myself in such a humiliating pose!

"Emily Visits Banjo: Aftermath"

There's something very humbling about the idea of being spanked so soundly it reverts one to the mindset of a sobbing, thumb-sucking little boy! I am happy to report that Emily gave her stamp of approval to my 'punishment assignment' piece as well, though.

Thanks again to all who entered the competition, and a special thanks to Emily... for her friendship, inspiration and for not letting me get away with my bad habits and procrastination; I'm so very glad you liked the final artworks you waited so long for.

I hope everyone else enjoys them too.

That Time Of The Month

Just a quick update I thought I'd better make, to let everyone know a small but important detail about my 'real life' situation and this site. No, nothing bad! But this is something most of my close friends know, but likely not general knowledge.

In Australia, internet service providers and data allowances are pretty "backwater", compared to some other first-world countries. We pay a lot for a little, most of the time. One such issue is that almost every ISP imposes "caps" on data uploads and downloads, meaning that if you use more than your contract is for (say, 20GB) in a month, you either get charged extra or have your internet speed throttled to (very) sub-dialup speeds. In my case, it's the latter.

All this means is that sometimes, rarely but possibly, near the end of every month I might trip this limit and basically lose the use of the internet. Normally, I'm careful enough, but last month I ran out a good week before the end of February. Hence, for example, why my new Valentine's Day art piece didn't get posted until now.

It's no biggie, and almost will never be relevant, but just something I wanted to make known in case a promised update or something doesn't show up in the last days of a month, so nobody got worried!

Art: Valentine's Heartburn

"Valentine's Heartburn"

Concluding the Valentine's Day theme (here and here) for this year, this new piece is dedicated to all the romantics out there like Emily and Aunty Andrea.

Unlike some of my artworks, this piece was more about the final image concept than any deeper 'backstory'. I wanted to do a picture of a scantily-clad couple in the aftermath of a Valentine's Day spanking... her relaxed, and him distressingly aflamed! The heart-pattern marks and paddle was my idea to add an extra 'playful' and romantic touch.

Looking at it now, I wonder if the spanking was for failing to please her with his Valentine's Day gift (chocolates and a teddybear instead of expensive clothes or jewelry!?) or as a "thank you" for those gifts and his kindness.

Perhaps she wanted to let him prove his devotion: "If you love me that much, sweetheart, you'll let me 'brand' your bottom for you!"?

Either way, that cute teddybear bearing the "I Love You" message is notably placed near to his tearful face for him to look up at. Whether this is her reminding him of how much she loves him despite how much his bottom is now burning (or because of it!), or just an ironic and rather mean co-incidence... I'm not decided.

And what is she thinking about here, as she regards that chocolate box and listens to him sobbing behind her? Is she just going to ignore him and eat those chocolates, or is she contemplating paying further attention to her red-bottomed Valentine, to lovingly help him forget his pain and tears?

Whatever the reasons behind this scenario, he'll be wearing her 'heart' on his bottom for a few days! A visible reminder of their Valentine's Day celebrations... and of their unique but devoted relationship.

Deep down, I'm a romantic at heart too.