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Thursday 18 January 2018

Game - SpanQuestDX

A while ago here, I posted about a project I'd been working on for (now) just over a year: a "mod"of a fairly well-known spanking video game called 'SpanQuest'. This game was made by a guy named Bagool, and was released on the 'Anime OTK' website for free around 2015-2016 (if I recall correctly) before he moved on to work on a sequel (which is he is currently funding via Patreon here).

I discovered the game around the end of 2016 and fell in love with it. As someone who's been a gamer all his life, and an ardent spanko, I loved the combination of spanking and what we gamers call an "RPG" (role-playing game) genre video game with a high fantasy (think "Lord of the Rings") setting. I myself have worked on several spanking video games and programs (of various sizes) over the years, some that got released and many that didn't, and I know the work that goes into such a project. I also know how rare it is that one ever gets completed, so I was thrilled to be able to play SpanQuest from start to finish... and that it was an awesome game! Especially awesome IMO was that it allowed the player to play as either a "sub" or "dom" character (and either male or female, too). Most spanking games, either by target audience, whim of the designer, or the nature of making the player "active" instead of "passive" casts the player as a spanker seeking to spank others. In SpanQuest, you could either try and spank as many characters as you could, or choose more submissive (or bratty!) options and get spanked by them instead. For someone like me who far prefers to play a spankee than a spanker, this really made the game stand out and was a load of fun!

After Bagool had moved on to the sequel, there were still one or two bugs left in the original SpanQuest. The game was made with an engine called 'RPG Maker', and as I had a fair amount of experience with various editions of this engine over the years, I decided I'd fix those few bugs and offer to post my patch for the game. However, once I started work on "patching" those few minor bugs and fixing typos, I found myself tweaking more and more, until finally I was unable to resist the urge to not just fix a few minor bugs and errors, but to start adding new content too. At first, this was just a case of giving the player (at that point, myself) more options, such as in situations where the player could only continue in the game by spanking someone I changed it so there was also a "get spanked" alternative solution. Having enjoyed the story and world Bagool had created for the game, I also found myself wanting to add to it, by adding new story elements, characters and "quests". Finally, as someone who works a lot with the RPG Maker VX engine the game was made with, I recognized a lot of the stock graphics used and wanted to expand on this to give the game a more unique and polished visual look; this ranged from creating new sprite-based artwork for maps and characters, to revamping a lot of "events" within the game to look nicer and - especially - creating new portraits for the various characters in the game who used stock portraits rather than custom ones. Oh, and I also added some custom scripting to the game to make the experience of playing it more unique and fun, such as counters that track how often you spank or get spanked and how "dom" or "sub" your choices are, a "quest log" to track your progress, better crafting systems, custom menus, nicer text displays with nameplates for characters, and many other little tweaks. In other words, what started as an attempt to create a small unofficial bugfix patch became pretty much a "remaster" of the entire game!

After a few months, it became clear that the only way to distribute this mod would be to redistribute the entire game, so I contacted Bagool to tell him what I'd been up to, show him my progress and ask permission to make this public; at worst, he'd say now and I'd had a blast editing and learning new tricks, and had a bunch of custom graphics made I could use in a future project of my own (or share with the RPG Maker community, which is very large indeed, and always grateful for new resources). Thankfully, Bagool was impressed with what I'd done and gave his blessing for me to make my efforts public when I felt they were ready, and even assisted with finding new bugs I'd created in my huge retooling of his original game.

With my health issues that I've discussed here previously, however, coupled with the business of "real life" workloads, the progress proved slower than I thought. Also, due to my obsessive and perfectionist nature, I found myself always having just "one more thing" to either fix or add.

Finally, though, at the end of 2017, I felt the modified game was in a state that it could be shared publicly, even if it meant the first players might find bugs I would need to fix. However, a minor health scare happened shortly before my birthday, which when combined with Christmas, set me further back. It was only when I had another scare last week that I decided that I wanted to get this game released (not to be dramatic, but if for no other reason than if anything ever happened to me, lest over a year of hard work go unseen forever). So, I wrote back to Bagool the other day, did some final bug testing and packaged up the first official public release of 'SpanQuestDX' (the DX stands for "deluxe") and am posting it here (and on Anime OTK) today.

As I said in my previous post, I know not all my viewers here are "gamers", but I really encourage everyone to give this fun and entertaining game a try. It's very much an "adventure" game in the traditional sense, more about playing a story than solving puzzles or fighting monsters (there's no combat in the game, unlike most RPGs) and certainly doesn't requiring any "twitch" gamer skills... you don't need to be a master of 'Super Mario Bros' or 'Dark Souls' to play it!

Again, this is the first official release, and very few people have played this besides me, so I very much appreciate feedback on the game and reports of any bugs you might encounter. You can post feedback here on my blog, via private email (see my "About" page) or on this thread on Anime OTK (I rarely post/visit there, but will be keeping up with that thread).

Now... download the game below and give it a shot! And join me in giving a huge thanks to Bagool for his generous permission to mess with his wonderful original game so much!

Download Links:


Important Note #1: If you have played the original version of SpanQuestDX before, do not use an existing savegame with SpanQuestDX or it will crash!

Important Note #2: this is the first "official" release of SpanQuestDX. Bagool actually posted one of my early test builds that I sent him to Anime OTK when he hadn't heard back from me after several months, and feared something bad had happened to me given I'd mentioned wanting to see the game released if that was ever the case (I was in rather poor heath during that email exchange, and likely was being overly dramatic!). I am thankful to Bagool for this, but I ask that if you happened to download this early SpanQuestDX version (I don't know what version number was on it, but it will be dated in the readme as early in 2017) then *PLEASE* delete it from your hard drive and download/install this new version instead!  I am honestly very embarrassed to think of that messy, buggy unfinished test version floating around anywhere at all, much less being played!


  1. I think it's great that someone has continued to work on this game - this was always one of my favorite spanking RPGs on AnimeOTK, and I think you've done excellent work expanding on it.

    If I can make a suggestion, there's something from the original game I've always been disappointed wasn't elaborated upon. When you ask to spank Cosmina, and she spanks you to teach you your place, she comments that "Honestly, as if you had what it took to pull me over your knee. Not that it's impossible but..."

    To me, that suggests that she WOULD be open to it in the right (rare) circumstances. Would you be willing to write a scene where the player spanks her, either for punishment (find some misdeed she's committed) or for mutual pleasure?

    (And yes, I know you can use the Rod of Subjugation, but that's mind control, and she forgets about it immediately afterwards, so it's not what I'm looking for. I want her to submit to a spanking, either out of guilt or desire)

  2. I wanted to say thank you for continuing the work on this game. It an amazing RPG. Your content fits amazingly well. Thank you Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much! Really glad you're enjoying it!

  3. Hey there. I have downloaded your game and am having problems with the spanking segments. When I have done them I get no imagery associated with the scene. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. It may be that you're expecting artwork where there is sadly none (when spanking someone, you get a black background with just dialog/text?). Due to the nature and style of the game, there's not a lot of what you'd call "spanking art" in this; the "sexy bits" are more about the interactivity, storyline, situations and characters. Sorry if anyone expected otherwise, but remember this is a heavily revised version of someone else's game, not something I started from scratch. The only way to add more art would be for me to create it myself, and I feel my rendered style might clash with the look and style of the game.

  4. Hey, I downloaded the game and I love it. I notice one bug where if you try to take an item in matron's house while she isn't there she still talks to you.

    There are some other things that might be bugs but I can't tell if they're mistakes, incomplete puzzles, or just puzzles I haven't solved yet.

    I'm also wondering how time is supposed to pass in the game.

  5. Just downloaded, how do I save my progress so I don't have to start all over?

  6. Hello. I've got some problems resolving some quests. (Got Stuck).
    Is there a guide for the game... Thanks.