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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Art - Auntie's Aftercare

"Auntie's Aftercare"

From Merciless Mommies to Authoritarian Aunties!

Most folks know that I'm generally mostly a fan of 'not nice' spankings. That means, spankings that aren't especially 'playful', at least from the point of view of the spankee. A spanking for the spankee's pleasure or enjoyment is a turn-off for me in general. Go figure.

On the other hand, I kinda love the idea of post-spanking 'aftercare', like the sort of thing depicted here!

Here we see a young man who has clearly been soundly hairbrushed. His bottom is aflame; throbbing, hot and very sore indeed. But now that the spanking is over, he is being kindly attended to by his spanker, in a very different role from the one she'd just played as his disciplinarian!

As betrayed by the title, I already had a scenario in mind when I made this piece. She's his Aunt, or perhaps surrogate 'Aunt' (the sort of 'call me Auntie, sweetheart' pretty friend of his mother who makes a hormonal boy's tummy flutter and his pants tighten!). She's just spanked him soundly. But now she's showing him how 'caring' she can be when he's a "good boy" for her, and has him back across her lap for some welcome aftercare and attention!

Why was he spanked? Perhaps he's staying with her for the weekend (or school break?) and has broken a rule, only to discover that unlike Mommy, Auntie smacks bottoms when boys are naughty! Or perhaps she spanked him just because she COULD spank him? With a cute bottom like his, Auntie was just itching to smack him and any excuse (even "It's how I welcome boys to my house, darling"!) would suffice. Or perhaps, if she's indeed a 'surrogate' Auntie (or a very, very naughty one!), she's perhaps even been indulging in some bedroom play with the young man, with his spanking either for her own pleasure as foreplay, or post-coital punishment for failing to measure up to her expected standards! At least all seems forgiven now...

"I know it hurts, sweetie," she'd coo as he whimpers and winces in response to her patting and rubbing, "but Auntie has to spank you hard when you're naughty."

Despite the severity of the spanking (and it was a severe one I think!) the aftercare itself is tender and soothing. Cold, oily cream dolloped on hot red flesh and massaged in with firm, neatly-manicured fingers. The kneading and squeezing of his poor tender buttocks may be rather painful, but it's for his own good, after all! Once properly creamed, he'll be dusted with talcum powder in a childish but caring fashion, the end result like sugar sprinkled atop a wobbly raspberry jelly! Tissues are on hand to clean up any excess lotion, to help try his tears or blow his nose ("Here, blow for Auntie, dear") or perhaps even to mop up any naughty boy 'excitement' if he responds a little too emotionally to his 'aftercare' at her hands!

For his facial expression, I originally wanted to have him sucking his thumb in a very childish manner, but then decided that I wanted to see his mouth formed in a distinctive, round little "oooooh" of gasping, grateful relief despite his tears, as his burning hot buttocks are cooled and soothed by the lotion that's been applied. A kind of eyes closed, mixed-emotions "oooooh, it hurts" but also "ooooh, that feels soooo good, Auntie" expression! Make sense? I hope so!

As for 'Auntie' herself, it's clear from her expression (I hope) that she's pleased with the results of her handiwork, both with the hairbrush and with her lotion and talc. She's most happy and rather entranced with the state of the boy's "yummy red botty" now, or at least that's my intent. Certainly she's having delicious thoughts about what to do with it - and him - next...

The lotion itself? You can't really make out the jar, so I'll have to post a close-up sometime, but it's the amazing "Sissybuns Sore Botty Lotion" that's been used to ease his sting and burn! This fictional brand - and product - may see future use in another art piece or post, too, as it's very popular among those who find themselves frequently spanked and in need of relief!

While usually I think the notion of 'aftercare' is unsuitable for spankings where a lesson needs to really sink in - a boy should be forbidden rubbing and made to endure the burning and stinging without relief, whether as part of corner time or otherwise - the power of an aftercare session can show forgiveness and mend a relationship with the spanker (for example, if the spanking was for offending the spanker, aftercare can say "you're forgiven" in a very tangible way). It can remind the spankee that although the spanking hurt, they are still cared for. It also, perhaps less obviously, has an element of power to it; by soothing a sore bottom they caused, a spanker is saying "See? I can make your bottom feel nice, or I can make it hot and sore... which it is will depend on your behavior, young man!"

Of course, 'aftercare' can also form part of a more sensual and erotic post-spanking enjoyment session for parties in that kind of relationship, too!

On a final note, just because my original scenario portrays this as 'Auntie', there's no reason beside the title that she couldn't be his Stepmommy or even his older girlfriend/wife...

What do you think, though? And what do you think of 'aftercare' scenarios in general?

I'd like to take this chance to thank my friend Seegee (the writer who contributes wonderful stories to Aunty Andrea's awesome blog) for partly inspiring this artwork. He's described spanked bottoms as resembling "raspberry jellies" on a few occasions, and I am sure it was he who at least once described a spanked bottom dusted with talc as a "wobbly raspberry jelly dusted with sugar", which is a delightfully kinky mental image! More importantly, though, the whole 'aftercare' scenario, while far from original or unique to his tales or my own fantasies, was sparked for me in part by several such (shamefully heretical!) scenes in his stories, such as the intensely erotic account of poor Tiffany's post-spanking "creaming" in 'The Spank Shop #4'. That description of "ripe strawberries dusted with sugar" certainly fits my imagined state of the poor boy's botty in this art piece!

Oh, and I also read 'The Spank Shop #16' for the first time the other day and realized that my idea for the boy's face in this art piece is pretty close to how poor Karen's post-spanking, gratefully-allowed-to-rub expression that's described as "eyes closed, lips open and an expression of ecstasy on her tear-streaked face" is a pitch perfect match for my own boy's imagined "soothed with cream" face as well!


  1. Given the environment (bedroom, him nude, her in what appears to be lingerie) I'm inclined to think she might be his not-so-wicked stepmother, younger than his dad and not so much older than he and determined to be an authority figure in his life. He is a bit snotty and disrespectful and she has sought advice/permission from his father about what to do. "Put him over your knee and paddle his bare ass good, that's what!" says Daddy. I think it happened on that very bed and perhaps he walked in on her while she was undressing and she decided to "nip it in the bud", made his strip (to add to his humiliation), commented wryly on his erection and took him over her lap and spanked him mercilessly with that big ol' hairbrush until he was sobbing helplessly. After letting him cry a bit, she helped him up, wiped his tears, blew his nose, noticed with grim satisfaction his now limp penis and stood him in the corner to "think about how things are going to be from now on, young man!" and, finally, called him back to go over her lap again for this "soothing". Of course, given her state of undress and his, I don't know if she's doing him any favors if she wants to stop him from checking her out. He's probably gotten an erection again and he's probably desperately hoping he won't spurt all over her lap before she's done. His Dad might think it's funny or he might give him the belt or something as reinforcement to keep his mind off stepmommy's body but I think that ship has sailed. He's going to be polishing his bayonet as often as he can in the near future, whether it's thinking about stepmommy or thinking about stepmommy's spanking. Another spanko is born...

    1. @Smuccatelli
      I like the idea of her as his sexy, quite young stepmother who feels the needs to "put her foot down" and establish her authority early in their relationship (I'm actually working on a very early draft of a similar story in fact!).

      There's something reallyhot about a spanker who wipes away a spankee's tears, cleans their face and makes you blow their nose after a tearful botty-smacking, I find!

      I also agree that her state of undress is probably not likely to help him with his inappropriate thoughts about her, though!

  2. I very much see this as a young man staying with his pretty, young (hence the lingerie), but stern aunt. He's done something naughty and aunty has to spank, but being a caring aunt, there is time for some soothing and aftercare. It did remind me of similar scenes in Seegee's Spank Shop stories, so thank you very much for referencing them, darling. I'll pass the message on to the author.

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      Seegee is always a wonderful inspiration for me, Aunty. I'm glad you can see the link (even if he tends towards F/f aftercare, it's a very hot element of a spanking scene, IMO).

      I can think of a few naughty Spank Shop visitors who might wish they'd got some tender aftercare but didn't, too! :P

  3. I totally agree Aunty, great post, thank you and just love his bottom, it really looks like a well brushed bottom, wow. Love it and she is a wonderful Aunty tending to his naughty bottom. Terrific pic, thank you.

    1. @Njspank
      Thanks! I'm very happy with how his botty turned out, too. I wanted it to be a combination of cute, well-spanked and yet also well-soothed. :)

  4. Wow what a terrific piece! His face is a picture - have Auntie's creamy fingers been wandering a bit further than they needed to during his soothing? No doubt she will need those tissues to wipe some sticky mess off her thighs, but the question is will she take this in good humor or pick up her hairbrush and start all over again?!
    I also love smucatelli's idea of his dad giving him a belt whipping when he gets home and undoing all of Auntie's soothing work. She probably won't be happy at this and will give her brother his own taste of the hairbrush next time she visits. Perhaps Mom will get in on the act as well and father and son can experience some side by side spanking and soothing...

    1. @QBuzz
      Thanks, QBuzz! Glad you like it! I spent ages on his face, trying to get the right "expression". I agree on the probability that Auntie's fingers are wandering further than required... she seems the type!

      While I'm not an M/m fan personally, I do find the idea of someone "undoing" all her careful, gentle soothing care... especially with a fearsome belt-whipping! Perhaps his step-mom (if she's his aunt) or his aunt (if she's his step-mom)? :)

  5. Nice one !! : )

    One of my private pics is actually an 'aftercare' scenario. It's a way to explain that the punishment had to be done, but she cares. And it's actually as embarrassing if not more than the actual punishment !

    1. @Alex
      I agree that aftercare, while soothing and much appreciated, can be even more embarrassing than a spanking. There's something so very childish about having to lay there sniffling and cooing while a lady creams and powders your poor sore bare bottom... it's so childish and humbling!

  6. You did excellent work depicting the woman as being older, while still young and fit enough to be extremely sexy and alluring. Strict Aunt, step mom, both suggest a bit of taboo goings on, which is very hot. She could be the cougar type too. She's reminded her boy toy who is in charge in this relationship and now soothes and teases him mercilessly.

    1. @Marrk
      Thanks. That was definitely my intention; whoever she is (I like all your ideas!), she's older than him but still very sexy and enticing to him... even if he shouldn't really be having such thoughts about her!

      Of course, if she's a cougar-type... "boy toys" are nice and fun, but they do need frequent reminding who's in charge!

  7. Let's start with the idea that she's treating his red bottom so well so that she can blister it again all the sooner – a wooden hairbrush can be very drying and if the skin can't stand up to it you have to find alternative activities – or wait! She apparently doesn't want that…

    Fantastic piece of work, Banjo – she is a true beauty from top to toes! And if you've decided that the recipient can't enjoy her spankings, well I guess that's just the price to pay…

    Though I don't have any specific ideas, I do really like the thought that she allows him some sort of temptation but then convinces him he must be spanked for his enjoyment of the illicit pleasure… only to offer it again tomorrow or next week, and he can never bring himself to refuse despite the consequences…


    1. @John
      I have to say that I really, really find the idea of "nursemaiding" a boy's bottom with the primary goal of getting it ready to soundly spank all over again extremely hot!

      Glad you like the piece; I like how she turned out, too.

      Your temptation idea is really hot, too; she's doing it for her own pleasure and knows he can't bring himself to say no, even though her spankings are always first-class ordeals...

  8. Love it. My wife does great aftercare when she has spanked me.


  9. Auntie provides some tender aftercare by powdering her naughty boy's freshly spanked bottom. He seems appreciative of the extra attention, obviously relieved that the searing pain has stopped. He never dreamed a spanking could hurt so much or go on for so long. Peeking in on her and getting caught masturbating left him no choice but to bend over.

    Auntie smiles with satisfaction. His tears are real, as is his humiliation. Greasing her thighs before bending him over had been a stroke of genius. Like she said, if he couldn't control his monkey, she would just have to do it for him.

    So she used some tissue to clean his mess while she scolded him for being a dirty little boy.

    1. @Sparky
      I love your thoughts on the pair's different emotional states and thoughts here. I really wanted to capture his feeling of relief that it's finally over (like you, I think this was an especially long spanking), and his enjoyment of the cooling, tender aftercare now being administered.

  10. Banjo, missing you. Here are some ideas...boy gets chased down by a neighbor. Another is a favorite theme of mine- being forcibly stripped by a stronger girl and spanked bare. Another is when a boy is picking on his younger sister or neighbor and neighbor's older sister steps and gives him spanking while younger girls watch and mock him.

    1. @Anonymous
      As you might know from my previous works, I love "chased down and spanked" scenarios. I also really like the idea of a "big sis" stepping in on behalf of a younger sis he was picking or somehow maligned and giving him an absolute roasting right in front of her!

  11. I wonder if this isn't a boy who just got a long well deserved session for procrastinating on something he said he would do. Or perhaps something he said he would do alot better. Perhaps this is a boy who does something that pleases his strict aunt. Lets say for example he makes wonderful art work that brings his Aunt much joy. But instead of doing the art work that he promised his sweet and very loving Aunt he wasted time looking at naughty sites. Well his Auntie found this out by checking over his internet browsing history and well she was quite irritated. Of course there was no other remedy but to make sure that she spanked him long and hard as he suffered noisily over her knee. She would have to give special attention to that sit spot and even thighs, including inner thighs, until he was a truly repentant boy. Being the loving and sensible Auntie that she was she would of course want to rub lots of healing cream on his bottom all the time warning him that if he did not finish what she knew she could or would he would be awaiting another brushing just like this each and every week until it was done and she saw real improvement from him. Just a fantasy I like. By the way Banjo Great great sight and posts though I sincerely hope you do have a real Auntie who is disappointed that you have not posted for over a month. Just saying.

    1. @Rabid Bedlam
      My favourite comment of the month! Thanks for the kind words and fun post... and for making me smile! :) Sadly, no... but if I did, I suspect there would be far less wait between posts... *sigh*

  12. Hi..just began getting 'aftercare' from my 'auntie'....there is nothing like it!!!!....she also rubs lotion onto my reddened bottom as she's spanking/slippering it....really is wonderful....

  13. A wonderfully atmospheric piece. I wonder whether it would be all the more erotic if, during these after-care ministrations, Auntie just refused to acknowledge the reality of the erection he'll have no doubt grown against her smooth, shapely thighs. She's sensuous but clinical in her applications of cream, lotions and powder, expertly following an after-care routine without deviation: if the young man, to his shame, becomes erect during the process, it would perhaps be beneath her as his Auntie to respond with anything other than a slight "Tsk! Tsk!"; the superior disdain implicit in her ignoring his tumescence would add enormously to his humiliation. She privately regards erections as all part of the naughtiness of boys in general, an endemic naughtiness which means that, no matter how hard her nephew may try to be good, he'll never be far away from his next hard spanking!

  14. I got so many wonderful images in my head of dreams and desires i have of being spanked now, as a child and in the future.
    My first thought was that this was me in the picture getting what i have bin asking for my entire life.
    A loving aunt perhaps not related but with whom i have a strong connection took me into her bedroom and asked me to strip entirely for a long and painfull and exiting spanking that leaves me crying, feeling so safe and loved.
    After a long talk with me sobbing and expressing my gratitude i feel the cold lube dripping into my butthole while my aunties fingers penetrating me.
    My erection grows painful and after a while i am ordered to start kissing and sucking her toes working my way up to her drenched panties.
    Kissing and licking her tasty pussy while tears still running down my cheeks with my bruised and sore bottom high in the air just as she likes it to be..