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Saturday 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate it). I hope you are all doing okay and keeping safe this season. Things have been a bit rough with me lately, but I am okay and pushing on, and hope to have some new art posted soon; I actually have a couple of pieces almost ready to post however time got away from me to get them up for Christmas. Sorry! Again, best wishes and take care all! Thanks for your continued support, prayers, kind words, donations and fun discussions. It really means the world to me to have friends like you folks out there, even halfway around the world lik so many of you are. Always know how much I value and love ya all, even when I'm shoddily absent. :) Cheers, Banjo

Friday 1 October 2021

Art - Pool Party Paradise

"Pool Party Paradise"

It's been a long time, but I'm hoping this might mark the start of renewed posting. Since this is a "double celebration" of sorts (my first new art post in years and also that this weekend is my birthday) I decided that showing a literal celebration would be fun. So, I present... a spanking pool party where the ladies are very definitely "in charge"!

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Game - The StarStruck Clinic, updated to v1.2

A minor update v1.2 for my StarStruck Clinic game. This is just a small patch I realised I had done but never posted! Sorry!

The StarStruck Clinic, v1.2
You can post feedback/comments here on my blog, send them to me via email, or post in the thread here on Anime OTK.

If you enjoy the game, PLEASE consider supporting me via my Ko-Fi page. Every little bit helps!

Game - Life Lessons DX

As you all know, I'm a F/M guy. It's my One True Pairing and I only make F/M art, stories and games. I had to bend that a little when I worked on the game 'SpanQuest DX' since the original allowed all four pairings (F/M, F/F, M/F, M/M) but my focus was still always on F/X.

One of the few X/F games I've ever enjoyed was Kandor994's 2019 'Life Lessons', mostly because I really liked the character of Ali, and the appeal of playing as an "evil" brat trying to avoid rather than get spanked, while getting someone else spanked, was a lot of fun for me.

By Kandor994's own admission, the game was never intended to be more than a "one and done" (for a site contest), with a few minor bugs remaining and some teased content not included. I contacted Kandor994 and asked if they ever planned to continue the game, and they didn't, however they did grant me permission to expand it as I had with Bagool's amazing SpanQuest. I was both thrilled and honored!

Finally, after several years of work, I've got this to the point that I feel it's okay to post.

Although smaller in scale than SQDX, there are a LOT of changes here. Graphical overhauls, new scenarios, extended puzzles, new music, an achievement system, custom menus, "scored" endings, and lots of new characters to meet.

The main thing this does not add are images for the spanking (yes, it's the same old boring "black screen" RPG maker tradition, sorry), something that given the scope of the game is far smaller than SQDX, *may* someday be rectified, but that would require finding an artist to commission, something I don't have time or money to do right now (there have been some kind offers to help, which I really appreciate and am still interested in when life is less chaotic).

While the game is complete and 100% beatable in multiple ways (with win/lose/draw outcomes, to put it simply), there are also some "unfinished content" parts you might notice; the plan is to someday finish those, but the timeframe isn't set. There is a hidden debug mode you can mess around with, but be warned that this will likely break your gameplay.

Please view the game's in-game credits from the menu for a full list of those who's work is part of this game.

Huge thanks and full credit go to Kandor994 for creating this game in the first place, as well as giving permission to continue it. Part of the delay was that while Kandor994 gave permission in 2019, I had been unable to contact them to show my edits and wasn't comfortable posting them without approval. When Kandor994 replied last year, I proceeded into a private beta test and am very thankful for my awesome team of private testers... you know who you are!

For those wondering why this is encrypted, remember that many commercial RPG Maker assets - some of which I have bought and used here - require encryption to protect the assets from redistribution as part of their terms of use. Please respect the creators - and my own - wishes and do not attempt to decrypt or redistrubute the sources. I have edited and made a lot of the resources myself, however, so if you see something you'd like to use in your own game just ask: if it is something I made, I would be happy to share!

Enjoy the game, and the awesomeness that is Ali. The theme of the competition the original Life Lessons was made for was "you play the villain". Now, in LLDX, you can choose: will Ali be good or bad?
Apologies again to my die hard F/M fans that this is X/F only. With enough support, I am very open to making it playable in "F/M mode" someday, but that will take a LOT of work and would really be a major undertaking (the main reason I didn't do it already!).

In any case, a huge thanks again to Kandor994 and all those who have been on the journey with me in testing, developing and inspiring this expanded version of one of my favourite spanking games.

Installation Guide:
Just unpack the archive somewhere (not your Program Files folder!) and run game.exe to play. I included a nice icon if you want to make a desktop shortcut.

You should NOT need to download and install any sort of "RTP" for RPG Maker. Life Lessons DX is meant to be completely standalone. If you have issues, let me know.

Download Links:

Download Life Lessons DX v1.4 (latest)

You can post feedback/comments here on my blog, send them to me via email, or post in the thread here on Anime OTK.

If you enjoy the game, PLEASE consider supporting me via my Ko-Fi page. Every little bit helps!

Game - SpanQuestDX, updated to v1.7.2

At long last, SpanQuestDX is now updated to v1.7.2. Several new scenes and areas have been added, along with copious bugfixes.

Download it HERE!

You can post feedback/comments here on my blog, send them to me via email, or post in the thread here on Anime OTK.

If you enjoy the game, PLEASE consider supporting me via my Ko-Fi page. Every little bit helps!