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Friday 1 October 2021

Art - Pool Party Paradise

"Pool Party Paradise"

It's been a long time, but I'm hoping this might mark the start of renewed posting. Since this is a "double celebration" of sorts (my first new art post in years and also that this weekend is my birthday) I decided that showing a literal celebration would be fun. So, I present... a spanking pool party where the ladies are very definitely "in charge"!

Here in Australia, things are pretty miserable right now with the pandemic situation, and the weather is all over the place just to rub things in it seems. Thus, an image of a summer pool party seemed like an appropriate (and sexy!) format for such a celebration, to provide us all with some happier times if only in fantasy.

This artwork was actually first started in 2014, back when my computer couldn't render an image this large with so many characters in it; I had to render it in 'sections' and then paste it all together to combine the final image. When I post an artwork that I've done old renders of, I now go back and re-render it with my newer computer as I can do so at higher resolution (things like hair, etc. look much better), however due to how I did the original, I realised that I had lost the old master files for this piece and had to recreate them piece by piece. I'm hoping this "resotration" was worth it.

I actually have a lot of unfinished works in various states on my computer from years ago, art that has never been posted or only shared privately with a select few for feedback, and I would love to "polish them up" and finally post them publically... but if I do, keep in mind that some are fairly old and may not be able to be fully restored to the standard modern render work might be expected to show in terms of quality. Some I simply do not have the original master files for so cannot re-render them (and they contain some rather ugly old textures to my eyes now) but if there is interest, I'd be happy to see what I can do. That said, to be honest, without wanting to sound immodest, when I see a lot of modern rendered art I kind of prefer my own work with older more cartoonish 3D Poser models... new ones that are more photorealistic have a certain "uncanny valley" feel for me that older Victoria 3's and Davids (the names of old Poser models) don't. Just my opinion, though, but it's one reason I've resisted upgrading to high end models (obviously cost is the other, especially in terms of required computing power!).

Regardless, I hope you all enjoy this image. It feels good to be posting art again after a very long break!

One last thing: this past couple of years have been tough on all of us, but if you can spare anything I have a Ko-Fi page now for donations. My art, games, stories and other work has always been free but if you've enjoyed what I've done over the fifteen (!) or more years I've been doing it, please consider dropping me a donation when you can. One day I may have a Patreon or something, but for now I am dependant on your generosity whenever you can help out. Hey, maybe one day I'll quit my job and do spanky stuff full time? Well, one can dream... :)


  1. Welcome back B and what a wonderful post. I love the expression on the lady summoning her man from the pool!

  2. Hi Banjo

    I have a lot of your old originals yet, If I can help you please tell me-


  3. GREAT to see you posting again Banjo. I've always loved your work.

  4. Great to have you back Banjo :)
    Love the new artwork! Public spankings with multiple spankees/spankers are always a delight

  5. Belated happy birthday, Banjo! I haven't read this post on time - I rarely check this website, as the updates are rather infrequent (not complaining, just stating the facts).
    I hope the website will live again - I miss the artworks, the related stories and the exchange of comments> The idea of a pool party where the ladies spank the guys as they please is surely inspiring :-)

  6. Thanks, Banjo!!! Always love your artwork. Nice title for this one...."paradise". You
    always manage to show our kind of paradise!!!! Hope you're well.

  7. Welcome back! I hope it sticks this time.

    And a lovely picture to come back with. I wonder what the blonde in the bottom right has just gotten the boy in the middle in trouble for?

  8. Welcome back, so nice to see you, and yes, by all means we would love to see any of your artwork especially things never before published! Your work is typically great and usually provides such a great take on such fascinating situations

  9. Welcome back Banjo. I miss talking to you. I hope you are doing well and we can talk soon.

  10. Happy belated birthday, Banjo, and it's great to see you back! I know exactly what you mean about the charm of the Poser models you continue to use, and the particular cartoonish style of reality which these create is part of your hallmark! I love this piece with its multiple figures and the busy-ness of what's going on. The cruel, mocking laughter of the girls in the pool and the no-nonsense supremacy of the woman staring down at the young man whose butt is next for a spanking are highlights for me; each male has got or is about to get a painful, humiliating share of personalised spanking attention!